15 Hairstyles with Bangs for an Ultimate Gorgeous Look


Bangs are special. They are unique and have the power of instantly transforming your look to a completely new version of yourself? You can either get them done naturally on your hair, or you can also go for fake bangs for the win. In any way, they are sure to look totally banging, pun intended. With bangs styles being on the increase, it is time we explore some amazing bangs hairstyles that you can try out. But before that, let us get deep into more about bangs.

15 Hairstyles with Bangs for an Ultimate Gorgeous Look

What are Bangs Actually?

bangs are basically short-cropped sections of the hair that fall across the forehead and over the scalp’s front. They can be done in many different styles, such as bangs that begin from the middle of the forehead or bangs that begin from just the forehead. Usually, most bangs last up to the length of the eyebrows and do not tend to go longer than that. In some cases, the bangs may be extra long, and they are also worn as side-swept bangs instead of just hanging them on the forehead as it may cover a major part of your face as well as eyes.

What are the Different kinds of Bangs?

There are long bangs and short bangs. There are blunt bangs and soft bangs, and there are many more such bangs types, but the ones just mentioned are the most common kind of bangs. Ideally, each kind of bangs listed above is suited to a specific hairstyle, and as a result, every kind is versatile from the other in many ways. Some bangs make your face look elongated while others help to make your face look smaller. Some accentuate your face by working on the roundness factor, while some bangs serve to make your face look much more bubblier. Soft bangs can add volume to your hair while blunt bangs help to give you a shaggy and edgy look. In any case, bangs are amazing and worth getting.

Different Types of Bangs According to the Shape of your Face

  • Round face – Side bangs and blunt bangs are best suited if you have a round face as it will help to cover a significant portion of your cheeks and thus eliminate the chubbiness.
  • Square face– Versatile bangs help to make your square shaped face look more defined and edgy, especially at the jawline.
  • Heart face – Crescent-shaped fringes and bangs work really well when you have a face shaped like a heart. Short and wispy layered bangs are also quite suitable.
  • Oval face – Soft bangs are ideal for an oval-shaped face as this will make your face look rounder and not too elongated. Long medium bangs also go well with oval-shaped faces.
  • Long face – For those of you who have a long face, side bangs that are angled will do the magic.

All this information is sufficient enough for you to decide exactly what type of bangs hairstyle you would need. So look no further and go through our list of 15 bangs hairstyles for you.

Cute and Wavy Fringes

Hairstyles with Bangs

Alexis Bledel looks absolutely stunning in this short bobbed hairstyle that also features wispy bangs. The hair has been styled in a wavy texture, which gives it a kind of messy look. The hair has not been tied and instead is simply falling across the face, which does a brilliant job of framing the face at all the right angles. Her bangs begin from the middle of the head itself, which makes the forehead also look much bigger.

Medium Bangs for Long Hair

Hairstyles with Bangs

This is a great hairstyle that would look really well on those who have long hair with enough and medium texture. The bangs are long and start from the center of the head, and some layers on the sides of the face have been messily pulled out to create this look. Overall, this is a very casually put together hairstyle, thus making it a very fun one too without the sophistication of other high-end hairstyles that are sometimes seen sported by celebrities.

Short Shag Hairstyle

Hairstyles with Bangs

A bob hairstyle is just right enough to project all of the volume of your hair without making it look too made up. And this hairstyle here is one such blonde look in which the hair has been grown out in a shaggy manner which allows to retain the volume. The hairstyle is quite a sharp one too, which creates a space for more definition and shaping at the jawline area. And the bangs here complement this hairstyle so well that at first glance you would totally think of it as a whole part of this style and not just a separate one.

Long Layered Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

A classic look that you can create with a tied up hair updo, this is perfect for when you just need to tie up all of your hair in style and not concentrate on anything else. This hairstyle lets you do that in style as on the front; the hair has been swept to both sides in long layered bangs, the length of which keeps increasing as we go down and extends beyond the ears. The rest of the hair too has simply been tied up into a high bun and your edgy and cool look is ready.

Long Shaggy Hairstyle with Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

This look could go down as the ultimate shag hairstyle, and that is quite evident if you just take a look at it. Minimal styling has been done to present the hair perfectly and instead it has been embraced in all of its natural yet charming look. The length of the hair is medium and extends past the shoulders and the fringes here too have been done in cropped wispy fringes that contribute to the overall shagginess of the look.

Faux Bangs and Bun Updo

Hairstyles with Bangs

Well, you’ve surely heard about the term ‘fake bangs for the win’ since many people have been trying out faux bongs to change their look. Faux bangs have been hugely trending among celebrities and influencers on Instagram, and it is only right that we list one such hairstyle here too. It is quite a dramatic look as the hair that has been tied up tightly in a high bun updo is complemented very well with a long side swept faux bangs that is totally looking stunning.

Short Curly Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs look just as great on curly hair as they do on sleek and straight hair. In fact, you can create a more fun and lively look with curly hair as in cases of straight hair being styled with bangs, there are chances that your hairstyle looks very sophisticated in itself. There is nothing better than embracing your lovely curly wavy hair in all of its natural beauty and charm and this hairstyle would definitely help you to achieve that.

Short and Simple Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

Now, this look is one that is as simple and natural as it can get. It is great for wearing to all kinds of events to be it weddings, parties, meetings or even just a casual outing when you need a cute and adorable hairstyle that will totally steal everyone’s attention. The bangs are short and cute and paired with a simple updo where all of the hair has been firmly tied back up. The bangs have also been cut in a choppy, sparse, and asymmetrical manner, which is really face defining.

Thick Parted Curtain Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

This curtain parted bangs hairstyle is ideal for when you need a hairstyle that is great enough to flaunt all your volume in the perfect way. The front hair is kept in a style curtain parted bangs. It is also a very cool retro hairstyle that can be combined with your modern haircut to give it an overall glam look without making it look too made up. The slight partition in the middle reveals a part of the forehead in a very adorable manner.

Blunt Blonde Bob

Hairstyles with Bangs

A blonde look that reveals the stark whiteness or to more precisely say yellowness, in all its glory and beauty. The hair has been maintained as a short and round bob, which is great at flaunting the features of your face without making it look too elongated. And coming to the bangs that have been styled as short and blunt bangs, they surely add a touch of glam to this bob hairstyle without even putting in any effort. This is a unique hairstyle and one that is not seen sported always. If you see closely, you can also notice that along with the short blunt bangs, few long pieces have also been added in to this hairstyle.

Cropped Bob with Long Fringe

Hairstyles with Bangs

This is another shaggy hairstyle in which the bob, as well as the long fringes, are all of the same length that technically it all looks like part of a whole hairstyle. But the difference is that, while the hair has been maintained as a short and round bob, the long fringes are totally a different part of it and they just blend in together with the rest of the hair. The round bob does a brilliant job of framing the face in the perfect way instead of making it look elongated.

Sexy Up Bun with Curly Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

How adorable is this hairstyle which features lovely curly ringlets that fall beautifully all across the face? It looks simply stunning, in its natural charm. This is why there is always an emphasis on embracing your hair in the natural way it is, be it sleek, curly, or straight because you can do wonders with it. The hair is of short length and has been kind of messily tied up into a huge bun on the top while some asymmetrically placed fringes can also be seen on the front.

Short Wavy Hair with Long Fringe

Hairstyles with Bangs

Wavy hair like this is almost every girl’s dream, and you will be happy to know that while not everyone is born with naturally wavy hair, these days it is easy to achieve them with the right product and styling. And this is why you should definitely check out this hairstyle because those beachy waves that Mila Kunis is seen wearing, is pure perfection. A little reminder that the kore texture you have, the more prettier your hair will look. To complete it off, the hairstyle also sports long bangs on the front.

Fine Shaggy Hair

Hairstyles with Bangs

Not only is this hairstyle suited for those who have thin, or fine hair, we can also admit to the fact that this is one of the finest hairstyles that has been created. Sure the hair looks shaggy and messy but this hairstyle is definitely a work of art and looks very aesthetic too. The hair has been cropped in many asymmetric layers which is essential to create a shaggy look like this. You can also use texturizing or volumizing spray if you want to add some more definition to your look. The bangs too have been cut in a similar manner, complementing the overall hairstyle.

Long Side Swept Bangs

Hairstyles with Bangs

This is one of those looks that resembles a mid-length wavy-cut hairstyle, where the hair is not necessarily cropped into many layers, but simply given a curly effect at its existing length in-order to create the wavy look. The length of this bob is quite short and falls just a little below the ears. And the highlight of this look is totally the long bangs that have been very casually side swept this making it a very cool and retro hairstyle. The subtle layering that has been done on the bottom ends of the hair also help to add in some texture.

And with that, the list of modern new bangs hairstyles ends here. Bangs surely are a whole game changer as they can change your entire look, and this is the primary reason why they are associated with a major change that is happening in your life. So, if you are looking forward to that mew chapter in your life, do it in style with the help of the bangs hairstyles listed here. Even if you are simply just looking for a hair makeover, bangs may be the answer.

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