Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

25 Stylish Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Women ages like wine. As they get older, they become more and more beautiful and elegant. Hairstyles play a crucial role in their beauty. It is not just about some style which you think will look good on you. It is also about what suits your personality. Hairstyles can speak a lot about you. It is one of those elements that give your first impression to another person, even before interacting with them.

Growing age does not imply that you have to stick to some specific hairstyles. There is a whole ocean of options available from which you can choose which hairstyles you want to have. You can even customize your own styles.

Over the years, celebrities, irrespective of their ages, have experimented a lot with their hair. You can always look at those experiments and try something to see if any of them are suiting your face and personality.

You don’t need to have something very flashy to gain some compliments. It can be something simple yet elegant, which can work its magic on you and bring out your character. And that should be your aim while searching for the right hairstyle for yourself, something elegant, interesting, and face-flattering.

While styling your hair, you should not only concentrate on how good your hair is looking, but you should also think about the health of your hair. Before deciding on a particular hairstyle, think about whether this will be healthy, depending on the volume and the texture of your hair. Like, if your hair is too dry, then doing some hairstyle, which will involve a lot of curling and waves using heat from blow dryers or styling irons, may affect your hair and make it drier.

Hence considering all the factors, finding a perfect hairstyle that will match your natural hair texture with hair color and will also be suitable for your face and healthy for your hair can involve a bit of research. To help you in the process, we have made a list of different hairstyles based on different hair lengths and textures. Check the list, and I am sure you will find one which will suit your preference.

25 Stylish Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Bob Haircut with Fringes

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you are above 65 or 70 years, and a definite fan of short hair, you should try this once. For this, you will need a very short hair length, just above your neck, and a bob hair cut with some small fringes which will fall on your forehead.

This style would be perfect if you have blond hair, and to make it more stylish, you can color the roots of the hair at the top of your head with a darker shade of brown and then make it look like the color has faded.

It is face-flattering and will conveniently hide your wrinkles.

Messy Wavy Bob

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Most older women prefer short length hair, especially jaw length, not to draw much attention to the imperfections of their faces. Here is another hairstyle to serve that purpose.

This look suits better if you have voluminous hair so that there are more scopes of making messy waves. It further enhances the volume of the hair.

Not only it hides the wrinkles around your eyes, but you can also flaunt your stylish earrings with this haircut, as it does not cover the ears completely.

Short Pixie Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you are above 50 years and looking for a not-so-serious, playful hairstyle, you can opt for this one.

This haircut extends up to your neck level and creates a messy nest-like look at the back. The layers are not chopped at perfect lengths, and that’s what makes it look so casually stylish. The messy layers add texture to your hair. However, it does not includes any bangs in the front and thus keeps your face clear of any hair.

You can try different shades of blondes with this hairstyle.

Loose Symmetrical Waves

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you have medium length, which can reach up to your chest and look for some stylish hairstyles for attending a party, this one can be a good option for you.

Part your hair exactly from the middle, and style the entire length of your hair in long loose waves so that they will fall symmetrically on each side of your face. The waves very nicely surround the face.

You can also color the roots of the hair around the middle-parting a darker shade like black to make it look more stylish.

Grey Pixie with Front Layers

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Of you are above 60 years and a fan of the Pixie cut, then here is one that you should definitely check.

If you have voluminous hair and you are not against having a whole lot of hair falling on your face, then you can try this one.

Especially if you already have a head full of grey hair, then have this Pixie cut with a lot of layers at the front side and part your hair at either extreme left or extreme right, and let the layers cover your forehead and an eye.

Back Brushed Long Pixie

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This hairstyle is completely opposite to the previous one.

Its most prominent feature is that your face will remain clear of any hair, and it will not hide any of your facial features. So, if you are a fan of back brushing your hair, and even a strand of hair on your face irritates you, then this one is for you.

This is a very sophisticated formal look that you can pull off at any business party. Or if you are the boss in your business, then this hairstyle will surely bring some weightage to your look and help you bring out your superior personality.

Curly Gray Blonde Bob

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This bob haircut will surely bring out the fun in your personality. Or maybe if you are a fun grandma with short hair, then this can be your look.

If curly hair suits and you like to have a messy hairstyle, then you can take a chance with this one.

This hairstyle will look good on a short ear-length bob haircut, which will not cover your ears entirely. Thus, it will frame your face nicely, and you will also be able to flaunt your flunky earrings, which will go with this look.

Mixed Colored Feathered Hair

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you have medium length straight hair till your neck level, then this look can suit you.

The feathered layers bring a chic look and give a texture to your straight hair. Moreover, the mixture of blonde hair with dark brown shades creates depth into the hairstyle and allows you to flaunt the haircut. However, the short layer cuts at the front may cover a little bit of your face.

It will look good even if you have a fine or medium volume of hair.

Gray Stacked Bob Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Here is another formal look suitable for your business parties or your workplace, with a little bit of style merged into it.

This bob haircut is done so that the length of the layers gradually increases as it moves towards the front. The parting of the hair has to be done on either extreme right or extreme left to enjoy the increasing layers.

This haircut gives a stylish look to your otherwise plain straight hair.

Braided Bun

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you have short hair and you are looking for a quick hairstyle to go with a long gown, then have a look at this one.

It is a simple style where you have to form a bun with close-knitted braids, and then you have to fold it up, and now you are done with the braided bun.

This one is really a classic hairstyle for older women above 50 or 60 years, perfect for a marriage ceremony or any evening party.

Shaggy Bob Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you think that you have reached the age where you no longer care about neatly trimmed hair, and now you are looking for something more like a carefree style, then this shaggy style will definitely please you.

Firstly having a bob haircut and then creating loose waves on the layers, especially on the surface ones, will lead you to this hairstyle.

It looks good if you have jaw-length hair. It will cover your hair completely, and some of the waves will fall lightly on the side of your face, framing it nicely.

Long Side Pixie Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you are a fan of the Pixie cut, then you can check this one. It gives more of a boyish look.

The most prominent characteristic features of this haircut are its long layers that are present on the sides. These long side layers cover the upper portion of your face, especially the side on which the layers are longer. Moreover, if you have some gray hair peeking from the black ones, it adds more to the look.

This hairstyle makes your hair look more voluminous.

Symmetrical Lob Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Here is another hairstyle for older women, which perfectly goes with any formal clothing. It mostly suits those women who have a narrow face.

The lob is the middle length between the short bob cut and the long hair. This length usually reached till the shoulders.

Thus it very nicely frames their face structure and makes their facial features more prominent.

Also, if you like fringes, then it goes perfectly with this haircut. The bangs will cover your whole forehead and thus conveniently hides the wrinkles there.

It is perfect for those with thin hair.

Long Layered Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

We have covered a lot of hairstyles for short hair. However, many senior women out there have long hair, and they do not plan to cut them short. So, here is one haircut for styling your long hair.

It is a simple haircut in which the hair strands are cut in layers. However, in the simplicity of this style lies its elegance.

You can carry this look with any type of clothing, and it is also suitable for any occasion, be it a formal gown party or a casual date night with your partner.

Blunt Lob Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This is another lob cut, but it is slightly different than the previous one.

This blunt cut is also very simple and is suitable for shoulder-length hair. With a few simple strokes of a styling iron on the hair strands in the front, you can make them bend a little inward.

Do a proper middle parting so that the hair is in equal proportion on each side. This hairstyle frames the face nicely and completely covers the ears.

This haircut is perfect for fine hair, which is not too thick.

Half Way Curls

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This one is more about styling your hair than having a haircut.

If you are a proud owner of some long honey blonde hair and in search of a hairstyle specifically for a party, then this one may seem interesting to you.

Part your hair from the middle and keep equal portions on each side, then use your curling iron to make some beachy curls by rolling only half of your hair length on the curling rod.

Thus, the curls that you have spiraled out on the lower portion of the har will sit nicely all around the shoulder, while the hair on the upper portion will remain straight.

Side Swept Pixie Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

Just like so many Pixie haircuts we have seen before, this one is also one of them.  Pixie is so common that we have seen any celebrities experimenting with Pixies in various styles through the ages.

This one here has frontal bangs covering the forehead, and the side layers on one side are longer than the other ones.

This style looks better if you can mix some darker shades of brown in between your blonde hair. It is a perfect Pixie style for women having fine hair, not much thick hair.

Blunt Cut with Bangs

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This one is a perfect example of a blunt haircut.

All women are not comfortable showing the wrinkles that start to appear on their faces with growing age, so they start looking for hairstyles, which will hide all those wrinkles.

This hairstyle fully serves that purpose.

The blunt haircut on the jaw level hair bends all the hair ends inward using a little bit of heat, and thus forms a perfect frame for your face, and the bangs completely cover the upper portion of your face. Hence your face will remain fully guarded.

Boy Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This one is a plain and simple boys’ cut hair, with a minimum amount of hair present on your head. If you are into such looks, then you can check this one out.

In this case, not only will your face remain clear of hair, but it will not even reach the ear levels.

This haircut allows flaunting your facial structure completely without hiding anything.

Straight Lob Cut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

So far, we have seen various curly and wavy hairstyles done on bob cut, but now, here is one stylish haircut done on straight hair.

The process is fairly simple. The hair should be parted in such a way that the larger portion of your hair should lie on your right side.

While the hair on the left side is being kept completely straight, the hair on the right side can be given an outward blunt look by applying some heat from the blow dryer.

As it is a lob cut, so the layers of hair will reach only up to your shoulder.

Curly Shag Haircut

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

In this shoulder-length haircut, the layers are at different levels. It is not by any means symmetrically cut. Also, there will be some small fringes at the front of your head.

After giving your hair a shaggy cut, you can curl the hair logs in your own way, and thus, you will get this messy curly hairstyle.

It looks better on red hair and is perfect for any woman around 60 years. This look does not give a serious impression about the person; rather, it brings out the youthfulness in the women.

Back Swept Punky Pixie

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

So far, we have seen many Pixie cuts, each one in different styles. Here is another one for you with another style.

This punky style will have almost the whole volume of hair at the top of your head, and the sides will be neatly trimmed. There will be minimal hair on both sides. The hair at the top will be swept backward, and thus your whole face will be clearly visible without any hindrance caused by the hair strands.

If you want this punky style, then best have salt and pepper color hair, and you will have a glamorous look with this color combination.

Classy Pinned Up Bun

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

This top bun is different from all the usual ones that we see. In this classy hairstyle, you will have to sweep all the hair together tightly at the back of your head, pin it up, and then make a top bun from the middle of your head.

This look will work at any formal party, and if you have some shades of dark brown mixed with your blonde hair, then the color combination will make this style perfect.

Also, if you are one of those women who is proud of her facial structure and does not like to hide, then this hairstyle is definitely for you.

Curls with One-Sided Fringes

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

If you have shoulder-length hair, then here is a style that you can try.

The hair should be proportionately more on the right side than on the left and then make spiral-like curls on them. The curls should be more from your ear towards the bottom, not on the hair above your ears.

In addition to this, some fringes on your right-side forehead, which will fall lightly over your eyelids, will add more beauty to the look.

This hairstyle will look perfect on a brown-black shade of hair.

Wavy Layers with Wispy Bangs

Hairstyle for Older Women 2021

It is a carefree youthful style for senior women with nape length hair.

Create light beachy waves on your asymmetrical layers, which will fall loosely around your face, and the feather-like fringes will cover your forehead.

If you have a high forehead, then these fringes will conveniently cover it up, and the side layers will also hide the wrinkles around your eyes. However, this style will cover your ears completely, so you can make it work even without an earring. 


We have tried to cover all types of hairstyles possible, from pixie cut to feather cut and bob cut to layer cut. Also, there are styles for straight hair as well as curly wavy hair.

There can be multiple styles that can be done on one person’s hair, so there is no limit to the number of hairstyles available. Hence, it is not possible to cover all. However, we have handpicked some special ones which are easy to perform and can be done quickly without many hazards, from the innumerable options available.

I hope that this article has helped you find the perfect hairstyle for yourself, which is not only face-flattering but also healthy for your hair.

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