30 Coolest and Boldest Choppy Hairstyles for Women

Bob needs no introduction nowadays. Sporting a bob is extremely trendy and gives you a cool and fashionable look.

You have a wide range of styles that you can wear while sporting a bob. And every style has its own unique signature that will definitely blow people’s minds away. Choppiness truly complements texture, and a textured haircut is the simplest way to gain more interest when it concerned to hairstyles for a shorter length.

So all you style conscious women out there here we present you some of the coolest and boldest choppy hairstyles for your interests and inspirations.


30 Coolest and Boldest Choppy Hairstyles for Women

A Line Bob with Bangs

Combine a bob with bangs to get a gorgeous looking hairstyle. There are many different types of bobs, one of the most popular one being the A line bob.

With this style, the hair on the back of your head is cut in the shape of an A. Combine it with bangs and gets an appealing look.

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Angled Bob with Blunt Bangs

Another kind of bob is the angled bob which gives the bearer a look that is cute and also when carried with grace is suitable for the workplace.

If you feel that the angled bob is too rigid for you, then spice up the style by adding blunt bangs to the mix.

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Blonde Bob with Pastel Hues

Want to try out a new color on your bob. Go for the pastel color. This color works wonders when combined with blonde hair.

Your style becomes the center of attention. If you love setting new trends, then this style should be your first choice. Use the color pastel intelligently to get a gorgeous look.

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Blonde Chopped Bob

Sporting a blonde bob has its own aura of beauty around it. Chop your hair into a bob and go blonde. This is the ultimate look that a person can wear.

If you are looking for a new and trendy look, then this style should be your go to style. Sport this look with confidence and be the center of attraction in a crowd.

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Bob with Blunt Ends

If you are a fan of the normal bob, then go for blunt ends. Blunt ends give you a neat and clean look that is best suited for the workplace.

One advantage of this look is that it suits every face frame. Blunt ends with a bob is a style that is simple and yet elegant.

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Chin Length Blonde Bob

You can sport a bob of various lengths; you can either chop it up real short or sport a chin length bob. Usually, coloring your hair blonde and sporting a chin length bob should give you a chic and fashionable look.

This look is suitable for both your workplace and a party. Additionally, add a few hair accessories to magnify your charm.

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Choppy Bob with Lilac Highlights

Lilac is the new color in town. Coloring a streak of your hair lilac gives your style a complete makeover. If you want to take it up a notch, go for a choppy bob and then color a streak of your hair lilac.

This will give an innovative look that will definitely turn many heads in your direction.

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Choppy Bob with One Sided Long Bangs

Sporting a bob gives you numerous options for styling your hair. Although, sporting a bob is an amazing style on its own, there are many things you can do to add to this charm.

One such option is to go for one-sided long bangs with a choppy bob. This style is a definite dazzler. The long bangs will enhance your look while the bob gives you a chic and trendy style.

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Choppy Bob with Soft Textured Hair

Having a soft textured hair is a boon. It gives you a sleek and wavy look that is one of the most sought after looks. You will definitely feel good about your hair as it feels soft and smooth.

Along with a choppy bob, you will dazzle people with your style. This style is appropriate for workplace as well as any special occasion.

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Choppy Layered Bob with Wavy Hair

Having layers in your hair magnifies the beauty of your style. In fact, having layers in your bob will definitely give you an amazing look that is both mesmerizing and unique.

Additionally, go for a wavy hair to enhance and attract more attention to your layered hair.

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Choppy Sun-Kissed Bob

If you are looking for a new and fun filled style, then you should definitely try out choppy sun kissed bob. This style is relatively new in the fashion industry and usually works wonders when paired with casual wear.

So be bold and try this new look, you will definitely fall in love with this style.

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Collarbone Lob with Bangs

Having your hair cut in a lob is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. In a collarbone lob you restrict the length of your hair till your collarbone.

Sporting fringes with this style ups your beauty quotient and also gives you a unique and refreshing look. Go for this look if you are in the mood to try something new with your hair.

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Layered Blonde Bob

A layered bob is always better than a normal bob. It gives us the extra charm that we are looking for in hair styles.

The combination of the layered bob with blonde hair is the ultimate combo and it extremely popular among the common folk. It is exceptionally easy to style and gives you a fantastic look.

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Layered Choppy Bob

If you are not a big fan of wavy hair and would rather have a messy hairdo, then choppy bob is the right choice for you. Go for a layered cut.

This will definitely add a few extra points to your style quotient. Layered choppy bob gives a messy yet desirable look and due to this reason, this look is extremely famous.

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Long Bob with Balayage Highlights

Balayage style is relatively new, however, this style has been gaining popularity quickly. We see many people go for this style because it is unique and new.

One advantage of this style is that it works well for people with short and long hair. If you have short hair, then go for a long bob with the balayage highlights.

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Long Bob with Light Brown Balayage

If you love trying out different styles and colors on your hair, then this style will definitely be one of your favorites.

Brown is a popular choice when people want to color their hair and additionally, there are different shades of brown that you can try. If you are sporting or want to sport a long bob, then combine it with light brown balayage.

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Loose Waved Bob

Sporting a bob is definitely an advantage. You get a plethora of styles that you can try when you sport a bob, one of them being loose waves.

Waves give your hair a look of royalty and create an aura of magnificence around you. Additionally, you can add hair accessories like a head band or pins to perfect this look.

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Medium Layered Choppy Bob

Layers and bob is one combination that is breadth taking and is extremely popular. Go for a medium layered bob as it will definitely give you a unique look that is beautiful and elegant.

Layers give your style a huge push forward while the choppy bob gives your style a look of cool and charm.

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Messy Style

Usually, people avoid a messy hairstyle as they feel that it conveys unprofessional ism. However, messy style is in fashion with many youngsters opting for this style.

Messy style gives you a fun loving and trending look. Additionally, we see many people sporting this look for their workplace too.

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Platinum Blonde Bob

Looking for an innovative style? Want to try a new look? Then go platinum. This is the new color that is rocking the fashion industry. Just take a streak of your hair and color it platinum.

This color suits people with blonde hair as the two colors complement each other and give the bearer an unforgettable look.

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Shag Layered Bob

Shag layers are extremely popular. In this style, people cut their hair into layers of various lengths. This look is extremely fashionable with many celebrities experimenting with this style.

This is one style that is suitable for many occasions and also suits all hair types, be it long or short or medium length hair.

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Shaggy Bob

If you love a layered cut, then you will also love a shaggy bob. Here, you hair is cut in layers, with the bearer having the full volume of their hair on the crown and with the layers tapering into bags to the sides.

This is an innovative style that is easy to maintain and amazing to sport.

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Side Part Straight Bob

If you are looking for a style that is hassle free and easy to maintain, go for a straight bob. It is extremely simple and gives you a look of elegance.

To spice up your style, go for a side partition. Usually, people use hair pins to keep the hair in place. Additionally, with the use of hair pins, you can come up with innovative ways to style your side parted bob.

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Side Parted Blonde Bob

Parting your hair to the side is extremely popular and also does not take a lot of time to style. That is why it is extremely popular, especially with the older generation.

Having blonde hair is an advantage if you are looking to go for a side partition, as the two go well together. Also, add a few hair accessories to the mix to give you a gorgeous look.

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Side Swept Short Bob

Sweeping your hair to the side always gives the bearer a gorgeous look. However, this style goes well with people having a short bob.

Usually, if you want a messy look, you just sweep your hair to the side. However, if you want a neat and clean look, then you should pin up your hair to the side.

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Sophia Bush Choppy Bob

All of us know Sophia Bush from her excellent performance in the hit TV series One Tree Hill and recently in Chicago PD. However, her hair style also made the news with many people complimenting her for her amazing hair style.

Sport this look if you want to get a cool and trendy style. It is guaranteed that you will receive a few jealous looks from your peers on sporting this look.

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Straight Bob with Layers

If you want to go for a simple style that does not involve a lot of hard work, then straight bob is the one for you. To bring a bit of elegance to this style, combine it with layers.

Layers enhance your look and give you an authoritative and strict look. Usually, this look needs a lot of maintenance, you have to constantly monitor the length of your waves and keep it in check.

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Stunning Bob with a Choppy Fringe

Fringes have always been a thing of beauty and when used correctly, will definitely give you a mind blowing look. Fringes go well with a bob.

The bob in itself is an amazing style and adding fringes to the mix, gives you an authentic look that has the right mix of beauty, elegance and charm.

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Subtle Curled Bob

If you love styles that are subtle and yet trendy, go for a curled bob. Curls give your hair a bouncy feel and a bob gives you a fashionable look.

So if you love sporting a bob and are looking for styles that go well with a bob, then curls should be your first choice. Additionally, this style also gives your hair a voluminous look.

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Wavy Bob

Having wavy hair is loved by everybody. However, people think that it is not possible to sport waves when they have short hair. They are far from the truth.

A wavy bob is the most trending style. This look gives you a royal feel and your hair feels sooth and silky on touch. So get out there and sport a wavy bob.

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This adorable haircuts above are chic and cute, ideal for any day when you just want to go out and have some fun! So try it and believe it.