5 Key Facts to Know about FUE Hair Transplant

300,000 products exist for hair loss treatment in the world — and that is more than of any other disease. Are they efficient? We don’t know. But we know that there is a method that provides a 98% guarantee. It’s FUE hair transplant. And today we’d love to point its key features.

New trend

Probably, you’ve noticed how Wayne Rooney, an English professional football player, is playing games with wind tickling the hair or how Elon Musk, a tech entrepreneur and engineer, who has had a new look suddenly. A lot of other celebrities do a hair transplant, not feeling shame.

And now you can easily do it as well.

How it works

The hair on the temporal region or back of the head doesn’t fall out if a man has common pattern baldness. This hair will be the donor’s material for the transplant.

A hair transplant specialist extracts hair follicle from this area → these follicles called graft are sorted → the grafts, which can contain a different number of hairs according to individual’s needs, are transplanted.

It is less traumatic than earlier FUT transplant as far as it doesn’t require cutting of the back part of the head. During FUE, a doctor makes tiny holes in the recipient’s area with a special hand-held device.

The process is manual. Specialist create as many holes as many grafts will be transplanted.

It’s interesting to note the newly transplanted hair stay in the skin not with the help of any additional support but with their natural ‘glue’ — fibrin, which is a protein involved in the clotting of blood.



Hair transplant experts promise their patients almost 100% success rate. If we are talking about terms — the hair will start to grow in 2-3 months, in about a year you can enjoy your new look. It’s fabulous, isn’t it?


In 2019, the hair transplant is affordable for everyone. According to, an aggregator website of medical centers worldwide, the price for FUE hair transplant ranges between $1,000 and $10,300 across the globe.

The lowest prices can be found in India (the average price is $1,000). FUE hair transplant in Turkey is about $1,850 on average, the highest FUE hair transplant are in Switzerland (the average cost is approximately $9,000) and in the USA ($9,500).

How to choose a clinic

Demand for hair transplant is increasing dramatically. According to recent statistics of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, around 635,000 hair transplantations are carried out per year — which is more than the whole population of Montenegro.

To cope with this interest, more and more medical facilities invite a patient to undergo the transplant. To make a safe choice, follow these easy tips:

  1. Make sure a medical center has certificates for providing the procedure.
  2. Learn the doctor’s CV and pay attention to the relevant experience.
  3. Study your doctor’s before & after photos.
  4. Compare the prices for FUE transplant with offers in different clinics.
  5. Let the medical team explain you the whole procedure step by step.
  6. Ask for the guarantee, and do not hesitate to ask any questions on the process and result.

And keep in mind that at this time your hair loss is up to you, not nature. Cheers!

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