Trending Hair Colors

5 Trending Hair Colors in 2021

As the reality of the pandemic hits harder, a lot of people are slowly adjusting to it. But they are doing it by engaging in activities that distract their minds from deaths left at the trails of the virus. They do this by varying certain things that make up their appearance such as getting new clothes, dyeing new hair, getting new tattoos, and so on. Trendier is the switching up with hair. Several types of cool hair trends can be attempted right now.

Last year was all about the winter haircuts and hairstyles. The styles and tone were influenced by the pandemic and so were done pretty in-house and low-cost. This year, with people fitting into the scheme of lockdowns, both hair-owners and hairstylists are paying close attention to certain hair colors that are already in vogue. Checking through opinions of hairstylists on Collected Reviews, the following is a list of 5 trending hair colors in 2021.

1. Pastel Balayage

Pastel Balayage

Best described as lucent dreaming by most customers on online shopping reviews, this hair color combines pastel tones and vivid hues to create something bright and lively without committing too much to bleach. The color works perfectly on your hair so that you feel sun-kissed. It sheds off shades of dimension and pop that make you look both exquisite and ready to take the world into your hand.

2. Shades of Red

Shades of Red

Red is a bright and calling color. It draws and calls attention to itself. It contains details that make it very noticeable. Even when mixed with other colors, you would hardly not notice the shade of red no matter how small in proportion it is.  Because red can be customized to improve hairstyling, it is considered one of the best hair colors for 2021.

3. Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights

With more people intending minimalism, chunky highlights are gradually becoming the darling of nearly everyone. Once adopted but forgotten, the comeback is not unexpected. It takes only the primary colors and hues for chunky highlights to be made. It requires toning only about 1 to 2 inches wide in contrast with your natural hair color.

4. Winter Hair Colors

Winter Hair Colors

Although trended last year, the winter exploits continue into 2021. Winterizing includes making tweaks to the current shade of your hair with added ribbons to enable a dimension that makes your hair look richer and bolder. To make this happen, gloss your hair with marigold, peach, or apricot colors and witness the deeper tone and effect your hair gives off with added layers of excessive colors.

5. Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez

Ever combined ash with gold? The blend is amazing and unreal. Ash serving as a toner, reflecting warmth and coolness, combined with gold which itself is bright and luxurious, produces what is known as Sand Tropez. Sand Tropez as your hair color serves you an appearance that is both mysterious and luxuriant at once.

Bottom Line

Either your hair color is laid back or kicked up, there is no doubt a change is most needed at this time. You want to look your best to keep your mind off grim realities and also be reminded you are first human before anything else.

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