7 Vegan Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

Vegans are those people who avoid animal products like – red and white meats, fish, prawns, other water creatures, eggs, dairy products, honey, and cochineal (insect products). They are more indulged in fruits, vegetables, pulses, herbs, loaves of bread and rice, nuts and seeds, virgin olive oil, and flaxseed, busting foods with vegetable protein and fiber carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and good fats. Vegans basically believe in no harm to animals or any creatures, even if it is small like a honeybee. According to the studies, Vegans are the healthiest, or in other words, vegans have better heart health and have less chance of having certain diseases. Vegans also avoid household or personal products made from animal skin or flesh, such as leather, wool, and fur.

What are Vegan Foods?

Vegan food includes fiber, vitamin, carbohydrates, and minerals, i.e., only plant-based foods. Since vegan foods are quite trending nowadays, there are foods in the market like a vegan hot dog, ice-creams, cheese, non-dairy yogurts, and vegan mayonnaise vegans can enjoy. But the main important foods that are preferred more like

  • Fruits – such as apples, bananas, melons, berries, citrus fruits, and pears. Fruits contain lots of nutrients that are essential for health and skin.
  • Vegetables – all the fresh vegetables like green leaves, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, spinach, peas, mushrooms, sprouts, cucumbers, cauliflower, peppers, summer squash. Root veggies such as potatoes, acorn squash, and sweet potatoes contain good carbs.
  • Nutriments – vegan protein sources are beans, tempeh, tofu, and chickpeas.
  • Staples like – edamame, seitan, and green peas.
  • Whole grains – whole grains include farro, oats, brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa, Kamut, and spelt.
  • Herbs, spices, and oils – basil, oregano, garlic, thyme, mint, cinnamon, sage, rosemary, and nutmeg are herbs and spices—oils like avocados, avocado oil, extra virgin oil, olive oil, and walnut.

How do Vegan Foods help for Healthy and Strong hair?

The majority of veganism consumes fresh and protein-based foods, so there is a high chance of having good health with some other benefits. One of the benefits is strong and healthy hair. A vegan diet helps for having healthy and strong hair in such ways:-

  • Lowers cholesterol – as cholesterol levels are an important indicator of health, but low cholesterol contributes to a high level of hair falls. As per the studies, cholesterol (8) produces Androgens, affecting hair fall and scalp issues. Vegans consume protein-based diets that tend to have lower serum cholesterol. This is very likely because of less consumption of fats and cholesterols.
  • Reduces inflammation – those people who are suffering from severe hair fall, the problem might be sensitivity to DHT, which occurs at hair follicles. This sensitivity leads to miniaturization that causes excessive hair fall shedding and balding, and if not treated, the problem can lead to permanent baldness. For the solution, studies recommend reducing inflammation to combat AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) hair loss. The vegan diet includes proteins and vitamins that have been shown to reduce inflammation.
  • Blood Pressure Reduction – men and women from AGA are at a higher risk of suffering from high blood pressure. Genes of an individual also affect hair fall, but what most effect is hypertension (high blood pressure). Studies reveal that a vegan diet reduces 75% hypertension compared to a non-vegetarian or vegetarian diet. The vegan food also strengthens hair from the root as its high level of contains proteins.
  • Uphold Sugar Level – meat and other water creatures contain high-level sugar in it and consuming it causes many of the causes of the problem related to sugar. For elders or 40+ people, it is said that the diseases caused by sugar are very harmful; that is why doctors suggest for the vegan diet. Diets full of fiber rich food, low in fats and sodium are ideal for people suffering diabetics. As it is said that, people with diabetics suffer from extreme hair fall because of the consumption of medicines, a vegan diet helps to control the sugar level in a body.

7 Vegan Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair

1. Almonds

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Almonds are a rich source of omega fatty acids and vitamins A, D, B1, B2, and B6. These promote healthily and required blood flow over the body, which leads to hair growth. The regular intakes of almonds prevent hair fall and inflammation, makes hair soft, strong, and shiny. Not only consuming almonds are beneficial but also messaging with almond oil is also beneficial. It moisturizes and nourishes the scalp to reduce flakiness, prevents hair strands from damage caused by pollution or hair styling treatments, and softens them.

If you want to consume raw almonds, soak 5-6 almonds in water overnight, and consume it in the morning before breakfast. You can ingest raw almonds daily. Massage your scalp with almond oil once in a week for better results.

2. Hemp Seeds

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Hemp seed is originated from the Sativa plant, which is known for several health benefits. Generally, in the market, the hemp seed oil is available, and people use the oil for benefits. Hemp seed oil helps in moisturizing hair scalp but is different from other oils. Even if the weather is cold or dry, the oil perfectly nourishes scalp. Omega fatty and stearic acid present in hemp seed help prevent hair breakage, stimulate hair growth, and nourish the scalp.

Applying the hemp seed oil twice in a week results in fast hair growth, and the result will be better if you message regularly with the oil.

3. Spinach

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Spinach is very rich in iron and vitamins A, B, and C, which plays a vital role in boosting hair health. As iron is good for red blood cells, it nourishes the inner scalp and produces new healthier hair. The antioxidants present in spinach prevents hair fall and ensures that the scalp is healthy and clean. Vitamin B helps to increase keratin and collagen levels.

You can use spinach as a:

  • Smoothie – blended smoothie with bananas or papaya is very delicious and healthy. Consuming smoothie every morning in breakfast pays effective results.
  • Boiled spinach – if the smoothie is not your type, you can ingest boiled spinach with bread or nuts. A nutrient snack for the evening, and it also beat hunger.
  • Variety of dish – you can add spinach with various recipes and consume delicious meals with plenty of nutrients.

4. Legumes

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Legumes contain fiber, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin B, and iron. They are naturally low in fat, practically free of saturated fat and cholesterol. Legumes include beans and lentils that are highly recommended for people who are suffering from biotin deficiency. It helps in repairing and re-growth of damaged hair; it also smoothens hair thoroughly. Legumes are available in beans, red kidney beans, pinto, soy nuts, edamame, and other beans types.

Legumes can be consumed by soups, pureed beans as a dip and spread, salads, snacks like soya chunks. You can ingest legumes daily but not at night; it might affect the stomach.

5. Lentils

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Lentils are rich in folic acids necessary for restoring the health of red blood cells, which supply oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. The lentils renewals hair growth and split ends. Lentils are also rich in iron, vitamin B, protein, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. It helps for good circulation to the scalp and hair follicles and helps for faster cell renewal and strong hair.

You can ingest lentils once every day, which is good for your hair and body health.

You can consume lentils as:

  • Soup – you can ingest lentils in the form of soup mixed with different vegetables and spices.
  • Sidekicks – consumption of lentils as sidekick can be with bread or brown rice. A very delicious combination that can lighten your meal.
  • Sweets – lentils are not only for savory dishes but also for sweets, which blend lentils with some nuts, oats, spices, and dry fruits. Cookies, rosy pudding, or pies lentils fit in every recipe.

6. Acai

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Acai is rich omega 3, 6, and 9 with vitamins B, C, and E. The omega fatty acids and vitamin C nourish the scalp, hydrate the scalp, and protect it by creating a barrier against pollution and hair styling products. Acai is not full of Vitamin B but is enough essentials to keep hair strong. Eventually, Acai helps strengthen hair, reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and fight free radicals.

Usually, raw Acai berries are not available in the market, but they blend with shampoos and conditioners. Alternatively, if you have Acai berries, blend them with mils and ingest like a smoothie.

If you are using Acai as shampoo, use it once in a week and check whether the shampoo/conditioner has Acai berries or oil as its main ingredients. If consuming raw Acai berries, ingest every morning without lapse.

7. Avocado

Vegan Foods for Healthy Hair

Avocado is loaded with vitamin A, B6, D, E, protein, amino acids, folic acid, iron, and magnesium. It moisturizes hair, encourages hair growth, protects from damage and dryness, works on hair shine, and renews hair damage. Avocado also strengthens individual hair strands. As avocado is full of nutrients, it nourishes the scalp fully.

You can use avocado as a massage oil, fruit, and hair mask; all three ways are available in the market. Massage avocado oil twice a week, hair mask can also be used twice a week, and you can consume fruit every morning in breakfast with bread and milk/juice.

You can easily consume these vegan foods to keep your hair healthy.