8 Fresh Haircut Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a momentous milestone for those who choose to go down the road of matrimony. It signifies your commitment to a lifetime with your significant other—’til death do you part. It also serves to celebrate your love for each other and allows your family and friends to rejoice with you as well.

As such, it’s no wonder that you’d want to look your best when you walk down the aisle and as you say your vows. You should do your research on styling tips for your big day to help you decide whether to wear a tie or bow tie or none, as well as to find the right shoes. 

Moreover, you might also want to get a fresh haircut or hairstyle for your big day to complete your dapper look. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Pompadour

This hairstyle is actually named after Madame de Pompadour, who was the mistress of France’s King Louis XV. When talking about the modern pomp, though, it’s Elvis Presley who immediately pops to mind with his iconic slicked-back look with high volume on top. (1)

The pompadour’s appeal is in its versatility. It can look both classic and modern at the same time, which is perfect for formal events, especially your wedding. You also have full control over how much volume you want on top, depending on what looks best for your face shape.

2. Side part

Another classic cut is the side part. It’s characterized by the distinctive parting of the hair, either on the left or right side of the scalp. This style is popular for various occasions because of its versatility, since you can do it with long or short hair. It’s also relatively low maintenance, which is great if you don’t want something too elaborate for your big day.

3. Fade

A fade haircut is also a versatile option. You can choose from several variations, such as razor, temp, burst, flat top, and high top. It’s called a fade because of the gradual cutting of the hair of the back and sides to make your mane shorter as it goes closer to your neck.

Although some barbers refer to this cut as a taper, a fade haircut typically blends down to the skin. Meanwhile, the former leaves very short hairs on the nape. (2)

4. Undercut

If you want something that’s edgy, your best bet would be to go for an undercut. If you’re a fan of Peaky Blinders, this is the style that you see on Arthur Shelby.

This high-contrast hairstyle leaves the hair long at the top and is completed by buzzed-short sides and back. Square and diamond-shaped faces would benefit from the undercut because it softens the angles of your face.

5. Ivy League

An Ivy League hairstyle is named as such because of its popularity among top universities like Princeton and Harvard. It’s actually a type of crew cut that tapers the hair on the sides and has a longer hair length on top. The longer length at the top of the head gives you the option to brush it back or comb it into a neat side part.

6. Buzz cut

For an even edgier look, you can go all the way and shave off your hair. You may notice that the buzz cut is the favored hairstyle of military men. This is because of its no-nonsense look, which enables you to cool down faster and see better since there aren’t any bangs to impair vision.

This cut is so low-maintenance that you can even do it yourself. Or you can use it as a sweet moment and have your significant another shave off your hair for you.

Haircut for Wedding Day

7. Man bun

On the other hand, if you have shoulder-length hair or longer, you can rock the man-bun look. This is also a versatile hairstyle since you can do a messy bun or a slick and sophisticated one. It largely depends on whether you want to look laid back or formal on your big day.

8. Ponytail

Another option for those with long hair is to do a simple ponytail. It keeps your hair from getting in the way of your face and vision while allowing you to maintain your mane. It’s also an understated hairstyle for the straightforward groom.


Your wedding is one of the most memorable events you can have in life. That’s why you should strive to look your best so you can look back in the future and relive the love and joy that you felt during your big day. Check out these haircut ideas to help you decide on the best style for your wedding.


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