Best Hair Clippers for Men

10 Best Hair Clippers for Men 2021 – The Ultimate Guide & Review

Styling has become a passion for everyone nowadays. Earlier, this was restricted to women, but now men too have set up their legs in this field to be more fashionable. Many devices are made, especially for men, to achieve this. When everyone is busy in this world, there is hardly any time is left for such activities. Hence the technology has also paced up to catch uphold of this busy world so that they can achieve the maximum with less time being consumed. Such an invention is, too, with the case of the hair clipper. A hair clipper is a tool to cut the hair. The principle behind hair clippers is simply related to a pair of scissors but are different in their original working.

Uses of Hair Trimmer

  • Can be used to cut long hair short.
  • Trim hair in different textures, patterns, artworks, and looks.
  • They are great alternatives to scissors.
  • You can also trim the edges of the hair while keeping its length longer.
  • Easily trim the hair on different parts like head, beard, mustache, sideburns, goatee, ear, necklines, etc.
  • Cut in various lengths using guard combs.

Types of Hair Clipper

1. Manual Hair Clipper

They are operated manually using hands. The clipper consists of a pair of sharp blades that are held closer to each other. The bottom part of the clipper consists of two handles that need to be squeezed or pressed harder between the fingers to operate the clipper when the hair gets caught between the blades. They can be used anywhere and are easily transportable since it needs only mechanical energy to work upon. These devices are losing their gems now.

2. Electrical Hair Clipper

Technological advancements have gradually replaced the use of manual clippers by the electrical hair clippers. The electric force drives these clippers. Some common parts of electrical hair clippers include motor, blades, clipper guards, etc.

How Does an Electric Hair Clipper Works?

The electric hair clipper consists of a motor that is powered by electricity. As soon as the electric source is provided either through rechargeable batteries or by a direct power outlet, the motor starts to work. It lead the blades on the top portion of the clipper to rub against each other, allowing the hair to get cut when it (hair) comes between the blades.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hair Clipper

  • Motor

Like every ship has a captain to control and guide the ship, in the same fashion, the hair clippers do have the motor that determines its efficiency to work with precision and to its full potential. A more powerful motor with less size is the ideal one for a hair clipper. There are basically three types of motor blades are available, which are rotary, pivot, magnetic, which would be discussed at the end of this guide.

  • Blade

The blades are the main accessory that cuts the hair. A good quality blade ensures that no pulling of hair occurs. Plus, it will cause no harm to the scalp or skins while cutting the hair. Sharpened blades will glide through the hair to cut it smoothly. Self-sharpening blades are the best one since they are long-lasting, and you will not require changing them frequently. They possess the capacity to remain sharp due to the blades being rubbed against each other.

  • Corded or Cordless

This factor needs to be considered whether you are buying it for home use or professional. Corded clippers are mostly recommended for professional hair cutters, such as barbers or stylists. The main advantage of this type of hair clipper is that they will not run out power since there is a continuous supply of power from the outlet. This helps professionals who have plenty of clients coming for hair grooming and can use it for an extended period. The length of the cord should also be considered so that they can be used away from the outlet freely.

Cordless clippers are best for self-use at homes as they will provide hassle-free cutting due to the cords being absent. They are rechargeable. Since a self user needs to cut their hair by themselves, so the cords can provide some difficulties while cutting at different angles.

  • Accessories

A hair clipper provided with most of the accessories will make your job done easier. This will also help you to prevent you from buying the required materials separately. The most common accessories include clipper guards, blade oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, storage case, etc.

  • Ergonomics

Hair clippers with a good grip of its body by hand can easily maneuver and cut the hair. The design of the body must be anti-slippery. Moreover, a ribbed design can ensure a perfect grip by allowing the clipper to stay in your hands firmly.

  • Cutting Length Settings

A wide range of cutting choices in length helps you to easily choose the style you want and the length of hair that needs to be cut. Usually, this can be seen in the case of different guide combs having lengths to customize as per the convenience and needs. This makes the clipper flexible to use for different areas for the body where you want close cutting and longer cuts.

10 Best Hair Clippers for Men

1. Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip (#8148)

Best Hair Clippers for Men

The name ‘5-star magic clip’ itself is an indication of the quality and versatility of the product. The blade is indeed magic to offer superior speed and deliver a sharp performance.

Zero overlapped 2161 blades prevent the skin abrasions from being caused. The ability to zero overlaps enhances the feature of the blades to be closer together to provide a close cut, and at the same time, not that much close to allow the guard blade to touch or overlap over the cutting blade. This cordless clipper is intended for professional use only.

The staggered tooth of the blade and an adjustable taper lever are beneficial when it comes to blending, fading, and creates texture while cutting. 90+ minute runtime per single charge is another peculiarity of this product, which is due to its lithium-ion battery technology.

The heavy and powerful rotary motor cuts the hair like a breeze. It can cut even the thickest of the hair with ease. The Wahl 5 star magic clips come with all the accessories that you need to have for precision cutting. 8 attachment guides can be clicked on to the clipper to customize the cutting length. 


  • Long battery life with lithium-ion.
  • Zero overlapped blades with the staggered tooth.
  • An adjustable taper level to enhance cutting precision.
  • Lightweight (484 g).
  • Cordless giving freedom to cut in any angles.


  • The clipper is not waterproof.

2. Andis T Outliner Hair Trimmer

Best Hair Clippers for Men

The iconic Andis T outliner is made especially to achieve outlining, shaving, and fading of hair of heads and beards.  The magnetic motor with 7200 strokes per minute is highly powerful and ideal for dry shaving. You don’t have to worry about the clipper becoming noisy since the motor runs quietly. Moreover, it runs cool with less heat produced in the motor.

The carbon steel T shaped blade lasts up to five times longer when compared to regular steel blades and allows the longer hair to get caught into the blade faster. Close cutting with detailed shaving can be achieved from these blades. Plus, the blades are coated with a chrome finish to prevent rust formation and stay sharper for a longer period.

Metal loops are provided at the base of the hair clipper to hang securely when not in use for easy storage and space-saving. The switch buttons are ergonomically designed for easy use. To start the clipper, you just need to move the switch position to the right and to stop the clipper, move back it to its original position. The ribbed contoured housing will fit comfortably and are tiny, so they get the hold of your hands with ease.

The cord is 8 feet in length and is enough to stretch out into distances.  The clipper is water-resistant, and the head of the clipper is washable. The trimming range and the zero gaping can be adjusted.  Précised trimming work can be done in areas such as around the ears, mustaches, goatees, neck, sideburns, etc.


  • T shaped blade for outlining, detailing, and fading.
  • Powerful, quiet, cool magnetic motor.
  • Ergonomically designed switch button and body for easy use.
  • Can be used professionally or in homes.
  • Better control and speed.
  • 45-minute battery runtime.


  • You may require buying many of the accessories separately since they are not included in the kit. The kit only contains a clipper, blade oil, and charging cord along with the manual.

3. Wahl Lithium Ion Plus #9818

Best Hair Clippers for Men

Become a professional beard trimmer at home by this multi grooming Wahl Lithium Ion Plus Hair clipper. Besides having so many features, the thing that attracts the most about this hair clipper is its shiny steel silver body, which gives a top look to the product.

The hair clipper is equipped with four interchangeable heads that have their own functions to handle the hair on different parts of the body. If you are looking for an ‘all in one’ set that can do most of the hair-cutting for you, then this is the best choice.

T shaped blade trimmer head has self-sharpening blades to do haircuts on larger areas, fading, detailing, and outlining. The detail shaver head can be attached to the clipper body if you want to get a super close cleaned shaving done on areas such as the face. A smaller detail trimmer head allows for precision trimming and cutting a small amount of hair for forming designs on the hair of necklines, goatees, mustaches, beards, etc. to obtain a well-groomed look you want. Unwanted hair on the nose, ears, or brows can be trimmed by using the narrow nose/ear trimmer head.

The lithium-ion battery helps to charge up the clipper quickly. The long battery life of up to 4 hours on a full charge will not disappoint you with the quick running out of charges while using. The hair clipper kit is loaded with plenty of accessories to choose between various cuttings you want to have.

Seven long hair combs are included ranging from 6mm to 25 mm. The stubble combs are five in number, which can be used to personalize cutting lengths ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm. These combs are well built with rounded end teeth to easily pass through the hair without causing any harm to the skin.


  • LED indicator is hidden behind the power button of the hair clipper, which flashes blue while charging. The indicator will also flash to remind you when a 15% charge is left.
  • Power of lithium and the body of steel makes this a versatile hair clipper.
  • Four interchangeable heads to personalize your cutting.
  • Steel body attracts less dust to the clipper.
  • A carry case is included to store your clipper and its accessories in one place.
  • Red-colored travel plug can be inserted at the bottom of the clipper to lock the power button. This ensures that while traveling, the power button doesn’t turn on accidentally and run the blades to damage the materials packed along with the clipper inside the luggage bag.
  • Blade oil, beard comb, cleaning brush, long combs, stubble combs, power adapter are the accessories that you get while purchasing it.


  • Smooth surface makes the clipper slightly slippery to touch.
  • The plastic made combs are not reliable.
  • Not meant for washing with water.
  • Blades in zero size are so sharp that it can cause cuts if not properly used.

4. Wahl Clipper Elite Pro #79602

Best Hair Clippers for Men

 One of the best trimmers of Wahl Brand is this Wahl Clipper Elite Pro. They are known for their performance and sheer quality. The ground blades are self-sharpening and can cut the hair with a 40% faster rate. The durable and powerful motor gives out 15% more power to the hair clipper to grant superior performance. They cut the hair effortlessly.

If guide combs are not used, then the blade of the clipper can cut as closer to 0.8 mm. Are suitable for all types of haircuts, including crop, buzz, family cuts, etc. The corded clipper can cut all the hair types with the finest accuracy. The premium quality can be visible in the case of the accessories too. They are not made of cheap plastics just to increase the list in the accessory category. The guide combs are 70% stronger than the existing other Wahl combs. The base of the guide combs is provided with a stainless steel attachment clip to fix the comb just by simply clicking on to the back of the clipper blade head.

The guide combs are numbers from 0.5 to 8, which will let you customize the length between 1.5 mm to 25 mm. They are exclusively made for home use and can cut the coarse hair from any length. Since it is a corded clipper and a continuous supply of power is there, it won’t run out of power, especially when you need it for longer periods.

A taper lever has been included in one of the sides to adjust the closeness of cuts. For closer cut, you will need to move it up and vice versa for longer cuts. The clipper comes with 21 accessories, which include a large nylon barbers cape that can be worn before cutting to keep off the hair from your clothes.

Two storage cases are included in the kit, one large premium case for keeping the clippers and its accessories; the other one is the small nylon bag to store the guide combs separately so that they won’t get damaged. A large styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, and scissors with a protective cover are added to enhance your hair cutting.


  • The guide combs are specially built with its nameplate large enough to see the comb size with clarity.
  • Complete haircutting kit with 21 accessories.
  • Taper lever to adjust the closeness.
  • 8 feet power cord gives enough length to cut comfortably.
  • The clipper can be easily operated.
  • Attachment clips are made of stainless steel; don’t have to worry about corrosion.
  • Lifetime warranty for the clipper and 5 years warranty for the blades.


  • Heavy (1.18 kg).
  • They are made for USA outlets only.

5. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Best Hair Clippers for Men

Multicolour Remington Shortcut Pro is designed solely for self hair cut that too by investing a very short time. This uniquely designed clipper can fit wholly in the palm of your hand to easily maneuver hard to reach areas such as the back of your heard, around your ears, neckline, sideburns, etc. without pulling the hair. They can be used corded or cordless as per your convenience.

The blade of the clipper is steel made, having the property to resist rust; moreover, the blades are curved, which is indeed a revolution and help to gently move through the uneven surfaces and outlines of the head. Blades’ being wider (2.5 inches) helps to cut larger portions of hair within a single stroke. Hence within a limited time frame and with few strokes, you can cut the hair of the desired area.

The clipper is 100% washable; you don’t need to worry about cleaning. Just clean it under the running water after use. And you can detach the blades out easily from the clipper by pushing its ends from the back of the clipper. Once the blade gets detached, you can clean that too separately in the running water. With this clipper in your hand, you don’t need to go to barber shops to groom your hair, thereby saving them time and money. The flat edges made above the clipper catch most of the hair from the back and sides. A lithium-ion battery does the job easier with its high performance.


  • Non-slip grip for easy holding in hand.
  • Universal voltage of 100-240 V- you can carry it anywhere across the world.
  • Nine length adjusting guard combs (1.5 mm to 15 mm) in the accessories list.
  • Extra-wide curved steel blade.
  • Perfect for the head.
  • Waterproof design, hence are washable.


  • Plastic made attachments look cheap.

6. Wahl Peanut Classic #8685

Best Hair Clippers for Men

Peanut shaped hair clipper is designed for professional use only. Don’t underestimate the power of this miniature-sized clipper. Even though it is small in size, it possesses all the capability to work efficiently like other hair clippers.

The powerful motor is rotary and is highly suggested for use by professional barbers and stylists.  This two in one device can be used as a clipper to cut long hair or as a trimmer to trim short hair. The device is corded with its cord having 7 feet length, which enough to cut the hair of your client from different angles. Plus, such a long cord prevents from being staying close to the outlet, thus providing freedom of movement against working around the wire.

Lightweight, compact, and slim body style makes the handling of the clipper easier. The accessories include four attachment guide combs, oil, a cleaning brush, red blade guard. The clipper cum trimmer can be used for lining and artwork on the hair.


  • Compact- weighing only 4 ounces and length is 4 inches.
  • Adjustable cutting length from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
  • Rotary motor with 5,500 spm.
  • Great for beard trimming and styling.
  • Blades can be detached for cleaning.


  • Since they are smaller in size, some users say that it vibrates a bit while using.

7. Wahl Cordless #79600-2101

Best Hair Clippers for Men

 The Lithium-ion Wahl Cordless clipper is known for its high battery life. The kit comes with a pack of two, one of which is a clipper, and the other one is a smaller trimmer for a detailed cut. The clipper can be used for cutting longer hair, drawing artworks on beards and head hair, fading, outlining, and buzzing.

The trimmer can clean up areas around the sideburn, around the ears, and back of the head. An LED indicator is there to show the charging mode. The battery provides a 2x run time and 15-minute quick charge.

The heavy-duty motor with 50% more power helps in improving cutting performance for even and smoother cut. This cordless rechargeable clipper works continuously for 2 hours when fully charged. The self-sharpening steel blade stays sharper for a longer time, thereby reducing the need for changing the blades within a few uses. The taper lever can adjust the blade cutting heights.

Without usage, the clipper can hold the charge up to 1 year, so you don’t need to worry about the power loss during storage. The clipper can reach harder to reach areas with ease. Ten clipper guards along with left ear taper and right ear taper add to uplift the performance of the clippers.

Two hair clips to hold the hair, styling comb, barber comb, scissors, brush, cape, and oil are added to the accessory list to do everything by yourself at homes that you would want the barber to do.


  • Smart LED acts as a charging indicator.
  • Adjust the blending by taper lever.
  • 15-minute fast charging to get instant power.
  • Pack of 2- clipper and small trimmer.
  • 28 pieces accessory kit.


  • They are made only for USA outlets.

8. Wahl Balding Clipper #8110

Best Hair Clippers for Men

Wahl has been successful in incorporating new technologies and advances in its each clipper. Such an experienced brand was sure to come back with and introduce this exceptional product.

As the name indicates, ‘The Wahl Balding clipper’ is solely made for balding the head hair. Get the cleanest balding with this unique cordless hair clipper. The powerful electromagnetic motor owns twice the speed when compared with pivot motors and are best for continuous operation. Its V5000 oscillating armature motor operates at 120 volts per hertz is known for its reliability and durability.

The surgical quality steel blades are sharp enough to provide super close cutting and will slice your hair smoothly. The blades have fine tooth and are coated with chrome to make it rust-resistant. The cutting width of the blade is about 40 mm and a length of 0.4 mm, which will cut the hair even close to the scalp.

Two attachment combs with cutting length 1.5 mm and 4.5 mm can be used as per convenience. They are perfect for outlining, full head hair removal, buzzing without much effort.


  • V5000 Robust electromagnetic motor.
  • 6×0 balding blades.
  • 8-foot cord.
  • Zero overlaps blades for a close cut.
  • Glossy outer design (red).
  • Even cut and ideal for outlining and fading


  • Heavy to hold.
  • Must be careful while cutting as blade are much sharper.

9. Wahl Peanut # 8655-200

Best Hair Clippers for Men

The Wahl Peanut is the number 1 selling hair clipper in the USA. The reason is highlighted by their feature that makes it to be one of the most trusted products. The professional clipper comes with a beautiful black designed body that is ribbed to grasp the clipper firmly with the hands.

This multi grooming product can be used as a clipper and trimmer. The clipper is miniature but posses all the capacity of a full-sized clipper. The compact rotary model will cut all types of hair with accuracy.

The clipper is lightweight (113.4), even though made of sturdy material. Accessories consist of a finger-ring which can be attached at the base of the clipper to permit holding it easily without allowing any accidental drops. Four trimming guide combs are included to facilitate the job done with ease.

Blade guard can be put up on the blades to cover it up. These sleek design models are cozy to use and require very little maintenance.


  • 7-foot chemical resistant cord.
  • Non-slip finger-ring.
  • Lightweight and peanut-shaped miniature model.
  • Cutting, as well as trimming of the hair, can be done.
  • Blades can be easily separated from the clipper body.
  • Great beard trimmer.


  • Requires frequent lubrication (adding of oil) between each haircut.

10. Oster Fast Feed 76023-510

Best Hair Clippers for Men

Buy with confidence to achieve the desired cut by this versatile Oster Fast Feed hair clipper. By all means, it is a fast working clipper and saves time. The robust pivot motor clipper is 2 times powerful than the magnetic motor.

An adjusting lever has been installed to easily adjust the cutting length of the blade and switch it from the shortest to the longest cutting length. What must be noted about this clipper is that it can cut the wet hair apart from the dry hair.

The steel blade can be adjusted as close as 000 to provide ultra-close cutting to 1 to give medium close cutting. You can cut the hair or make any patterns on the hair without worrying about the clipper to get heated up.

This whisper-quiet motor is corded with 8 feet long cord. The textured housing supplies with easy grip. Four guide combs (6 mm, 9.5 mm, 13 mm, blending) are included to shift to different cutting modes. Very little maintenance is required, and the clipper accessories are equipped with oil and brush for cleaning. The clipper is durable and aids in all-day cutting without lagging in performance.


  • Powerful pivot motor clipper.
  • Adjustable blade cutting length.
  • Quality clipper with the least maintenance required.
  • Whisper-quiet motor.
  • Lightweight clipper for easy hold.


  • Guards are difficult to put on the clipper.

Types of Motor in an Electric Hair Clipper

  • Rotary Motors

In these types of motor, the power of the motor is equal to the blade speed. That means if you have a powerful motor, then the blade speed of such clipper would be high.  This is the only motor with multiple speeds. The disadvantage of this product is that the motor gets heated easily.

  • Magnetic Motor

The electromagnetic motors (universal motor) are reliable and have a high speed with less movable parts. They are often lightweight, simple, and compact. The drawbacks of this motor are that they are prone to tears with usage.

  • Pivot Motor

Even though they are powerful motors but lacks high-speed blades, they are twice more powerful than magnetic motors and can cut both wet and dry thick, coarse hair. Quiet motors and are long-lasting.

What Material is Used to Make Blades in the Clipper?

Different types of material are available for making blades in a clipper. The most common is the steel blade. They are strong and sharp and are made rust-resistant by adding a layer of chrome. Carbon blades are self-sharpening and require less maintenance. Ceramic blades have the property of not getting heated up easily with prolonged usage. But its limitation is that they are easily broken and expensive to replace the blades. Titanium blades are of top quality but are highly expensive.

Types of Blades Used in a Clipper

  • Single Surface Moving Blade

These kinds of blades consist of one set of the stationary blade and another set of moving blade. The moving blade takes the hair and passes it towards the stationary blades to get cut in between.

  • Dual set of Moving Blade

In this, both the top set and bottom set blade layers move, due to which cutting is made easier. These two blades move in opposite directions, and the blades are self-sharpening as well.

What is the Difference between Hair Clippers and Trimmers?

Even though both are used for cutting and trimming of the hair, they possess slight differences in them. The main difference to be noted between the two of them is that the hair clippers are designed to cut long hair, whereas trimmers are designed to trim an already short hair. Usually, trimmers don’t come with many attachments, whereas the clippers do. Trimmers have thin blades when compared to clippers. For obtaining 5 o clock, shade trimmers are best. Clippers can be used for fading, outlining, blending purposes.

How to Maintain Hair Clippers?

Though the device comes with a tag of long-lasting usage and durability, it is necessary to maintain it from your side so that the device doesn’t get damaged. Lubricating the device and using aerosol clipper spray are some of the methods to maintain the device for its smooth functionality. The clipper spray act as a cooler for a blade, disinfectant, cleaner, and rust-preventer. Hence spraying it after every usage help to keep away from germs.

  • Putting Oil into the Blade

The oil acts as a lubricant to reduce friction between the blades when the clipper is running. Place a few drops of oil into the middle of the blade and then to its sides. Keep the clipper blade side facing down so that the oil doesn’t sweep to reach the motor. While oiling, turn the clipper on so that the oil gets evenly distributed over the sides of the blades. Then wipe off excess oil with a cloth. Never try to over oil the blades as it can reach the motor to cause damage.

  • Tuning

In some cases, the motor comes out of its tune to produce noise. This is because the clipper moves out of its high resonance frequency due to the vibration of the motor. To fix this, a screw is provided at the sides of the hair clipper. You just need to turn the screw either clockwise or anticlockwise to re-tune the motor.

How to Self Cut Hair Using Hair Clipper?

  • Whenever you buy a new hair clipper, the first thing that you require is to familiarize yourself with the hair clipper. This includes knowing its functions, how to start/power on, how to add attachments. Read the manual thoroughly.
  • Once you have understood about its working, make arrangements for cutting off your hair. This preparation process includes wearing of capes or laying some sheets on the floor so as keep the hair in one place.
  • Wash your hair and dry it before proceeding to cut. Never let the wet hair for cutting since most of the clippers are not meant for wet hair.
  • The procedure for cutting your hair depends on the style that you want to achieve. Always try to cut against the direction of hair growth.
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