Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

7 Best Razors for Shaving Your Head 2021 Buying Guide

Are you a bald guy? Are you in search of that one necessity grooming product to keep your head smooth?

If it’s a yes, a razor to shave your head is your companion most of the time. Clippers can also be an option for getting that close head shave as possible, but nothing can ever replace the sensation of shaving your head with a razor blade. As it is a very sensitive part of your body, shaving your head requires a good quality razor. Now every guy has his personal opinion for describing a razor blade from the many varieties available in the market. You invest once in a razor as it will prevent you from razor burns and bumps on your head even if you are a newbie balding the head.

How to Choose a Razor for Shaving Your Head?

No of Blades

It is found that a single razor blade can make you get rid of your extra hair present on the head. However, it hardly matters, and if you’re in search of a razor for a smooth shave, a tool with 4 or 5 blades is excellent. You should regularly change razor if you have sensitive skin as the sharp blades may cause mild injuries during shaving.

Power Consumption

Electric shavers can be classified into three major types according to power dissipation:

  • Battery-Powered: Not commonly used for daily use and Low-efficiency
  • Charging: Can be utilized up to one hour of charge
  • Corded Razors: These razors are not practically preferred by most of the men as it creates difficulty due to tangling cords while shaving


Dry shaving effects causing fewer injuries and cuts than wet shaving as the blade of this electric shaver doesn’t come into contact with the skin-saving you from nicks. Dry shaver gives faster performance than wet, but also wet shaving produces a closer shave and is handy for those men who do prefer shaving in the shower.


Any good quality razor will last for years if it is properly cleaned and maintained. The latest shavers are available in the market support all these anti-rusting features along with a simple wash of holding the razor under running water for a few minutes.

Ease to Handle

If it feels light and spontaneous in your hand, it will be more comfortable for you to learn to use the razor effectively initially. Easy razors are so simple that it can be just taken out of the box, and shaving can be done to achieve good results. However, Medium and Difficult head-shaving razors require little experience and get the best results and closest shave.

In this article, the top 10 best razors to shave your head while offering a close shave is explained in detail.

Take a look and grab the best razor for shaving the head from the list below!

7 Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

1. ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

The ATX Starter Pack is an ideal giveaway for any head shaver and an excellent start to the HeadBlade shaving operation. This kit incorporates HeadBlade ATX All-Terrain razor, a 5oz bottle of HeadSlick shave cream along with a pack of four-blade replacement cartridges. HeadSlick is water-soluble, delivering it easy to wash the blades after use while the shaving cream leaves a cooling and delightful sensation after every single stroke of the shave.

ATX razor reduces the knowledge arch for anyone who previously used a traditional razor available in the market. On adapter and four replacement

cartridges per pack make ATX’s Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit a favorite choice for a head-shaving razor by most of the crowd. It is intended for total novices and performs the method of shaving your head without causing any minor injuries, nicks, or cuts. Some kits offer sub-part parts; ATX has assured each accessory is of high quality, indicating shaving your head like an expert at your convenience with a collection of excellent features. It can also be given as a great gift for head shaving to close friends and family. The option of refilling blades is also available, and as the HeadSlick is water-soluble, it’s simple to wash after use. Additionally, the shaving cream provides a fabulous, no odor lather making the entire method easier and safer with less maintenance required for the product.


  • Low maintenance
  • Blades can be refilled
  • Water Soluble


  • Heavy design

2. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

Gillette claims it gives a more intimate and cozy shave die to its close spacing of blades to reduce the pressure. The Fusion5 is easy to hold in hand, and the other blade on the end of the cartridge makes trimming sideburns. Gillette fixes this with the Fusion5 the problem of its earlier version about the head being too big for precision work while maneuvering tight and delicate areas. The micro-pulses are stronger, allowing it to glide more easily across the face. For those who normally use non-powered razors, the high-frequency vibrations of the shaver do not decrease the friction and make shaving more relaxed.

The handle is wider, and the grip is easy to hold, making it more extraordinary to use during the entire process. The Fusion ProGlide power delivers gentle vibration relaxing the skin as available in other Gillette razors too. And the blades come with improved lubrastrip, that oils as you travel through the body and aids shaving super convenient. There is a micro comb to guide your hair to the blade to achieve a very close shave. Also, there is a precision trimmer on the back to get rid of those spots or unwanted hair. The quality of the razor is exceptionally great and comes with 5 refill durable blades for several months. An automatic shut-off feature is used to notify the user when running out of charge with a battery indicator.


  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • 5 flexible blades and durable
  • Precision trimmer and guide comb


  • Cannot be used on sensitive skin

3. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

Gillette Mach3 is the best blend of a close shave and a comfortable grip available in the market today. It is especially sold for men but suitable for anyone who requires to shave their face despite different skin and hair type. Gillette’s Mach3 cartridge razor system is uniquely designed with three stainless steel blades on a pivoting head on a circular handle for easy removal of whiskers too. The razor feels comfortable to use and solid to grip, and the three-blade cartridges free hair and lather effectively.

One of the highlights of this product from Gillette it, the blades use DLC (Diamond Like Coating), making them unusually tough and sharp enough to obtain close shave. The lubrastrip function, as mentioned in the above Fusion5 model, helps the razor slide along with your head, and this shaver possesses a spring-mounted restraint system that naturally accommodates various types of skin. This made the whole process of shaving your head amazingly easy and convenient. The ergonomic grip handle strips are designed to guarantee a good feel for every single stroke. It offers a smooth and efficient experience even for beginners because of the Micro protective fins to gently smooth down the skin. The sharpness of triple blades along with the pivoting head is an exceptional feature, and the main reason behind people attracted to this product. Additionally, the open architecture system delivers easy maintenance of the Mach Shaver.


  • Tough and precise blades
  • DLC system
  • Smooth and clean shave


  • Not Durable

4. Wahl Professional 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver/Shaper

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

Wahl 5 star rechargeable shaver is an excellent shaver claimed for both expert and non-professional usage. This cordless tool is designed to give the user satisfaction during the trimming process as the robust electromagnetic engine offers a rate twice the swivel motors. If you are searching for a balding Clipper that allows a quick, precise trimming of beard, this Wahl Professional is sure to be added n your collection. It also comes with many other styling accessory tools to give up a glam look, which includes:

  • Wide attachment combs and cleaning brush
  • Hair Oil and blade guard
  • User Manual to help the beginners

Attachment combs are responsible for maintaining the length of hair as per your needs while the high precision blades of the clipper remain sharp for a long time providing ease of use. The oil and cleansing brush available in the kit helps in increasing the life of the clipper by keeping it in good condition without spending many costs. Another major advantage is it is easily portable and can be carried anywhere at any time by just loading the battery and removing the cord. Furthermore, the sharp edges are set to zero-cover to deliver a close shave without affecting skin inflammations. The sturdy electric motor and sharpened blades deliver an exceptional performance, which makes it responsible for the precision and gentle cut of your hair.


  • Longlasting
  • Suggested by experts for a professional finish
  • Recommended for home use


  • The cover may fall down

5. Parker 96R Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

Parker 96R is a classic butterfly strong razor offering pleasure to shave with a recently redesigned head pointing to the blade. The textured handle ensures a secure grip giving a smooth shave as per your style. Along with these features, a longer-sized handle is the specialty of parker 96R double edge safety razor for shaving your head with ease. Each blade is molded by hand, using an excellent plating method that delivers a sleek finish.

Parker’s long handle provides you a great blend of control and path, which is great for shaving your head of different shapes. It is designed for additional grip, and the alloy support offers a solid, long-lasting structure that feels spacious and firm. The great quality of the blades with double-edged properties is made of stainless steel. This razor from the brand is considered a tool with an excellent grip to hold in your palm while shaving your head.

As there are multiple brands selling razors for several blades, You can use 5 different blades that come along with the initial package, which lasts for months if used properly and maintained well. However, the razor is not recommended for beginners as it can lead to injuries without prior experience and proper technique.


  • Durable
  • Precise and quality blades
  • Double edge safety razor


  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

As the name suggests, Merkur’s long-handled safety razor is a razor intended to save your day by shaving quickly and safely. The creators decided on an all-metal design with a chrome finish giving the product a bright and bold look. This chrome covering acts as a protective layer for the metal frame, blocking it from corroding, which indicates the usage and storage of the razor should take place in the humid conditions. The Merkur long handle safety razor is produced with minimal blade appearance, a closed comb design, and is comparatively lightweight than other above-mentioned shavers. All these peculiarities together make it a clear safety razor perfect for beginners, also discovering the best methods of wet shaving.

The chrome plating preserves the entire unit from rust while adding beauty and the chipping is essentially a certain process. The cross knurling pattern is fancied and enjoyed by most users since it provides a decent grip service during the shaving. You can choose the Merkur 180 (23c) long handle safety razor, which also offers 1 stainless steel blade to start the shaving head. The smooth blade is durable for a long time and is easy to clean after the use. You should practice rinsing the shaver after use because wiping it can cause the risk of cutting yourself because of the sharp blades.


  • 4-inch long handle
  • Chrome finishing plate design
  • Rust-resistant and durable blades


  • Screw holding may rust
  • The handle cannot be managed properly at times

7. Schick Hydro Sense Hydrate Razors

Best Razors for Shaving Your Head

A unique razor to auto-adjusts based on how you shave your head, supporting off if you’re employing too much stress, then this product can be your choice. Schick Hydro sense hydrate razors come with vibrant patterns that make it fit for both households and offices too for men keeping a beard, mustache, or sideburns. The purpose of shaping and styling can be achieved by this tool as it is designed by easy to use a non-bulky blade. An exclusive round shaver head design is a special feature of the tool as it deviates completely in providing a whole new form with this One Blade Model.

A narrow black colored body in the middle and radiant green on the sides with an on/off button at the center is the design model of the shaver. As it has utilized all the latest shaving technology, this fast-moving shaver blade works around instantly within minutes. An inbuilt dual protection system prevents your skin from any minor injuries or cuts. The OneBlade’s head has covered metal blades for conveniently sliding over the skin softly and smoothly.


  • Gives extra moisture to the skin
  • Durable
  • Sharp and good quality blades


  • Cannot be used for close shaving purposes


Are Razors Safe to Shave Your Head?

Safety razors can manage longer hair than disposable and cartridge razors, but the best shave is offered by whirring your hair with electric clippers. It is recommended to shave your head with a guard if your hair is a lighter color to blends into your scalp evenly rather than preferring no guard. You can leave a little bit more hair on your head to make it easier for you to see the regions you’ve already shaved. It is advisable to use a safety razor to shave your head, unlike using a traditional razor while shaving your beard. A maximum of 5-7 face shaves can be obtained from an individual razor, but it is desirable repeatedly to practice using a fresh, clean blade every time you shave your head.

Tips to Take Care of a Bald Head

One of the confident beliefs about most of the people going bald is less hair means less maintenance. However, this is not the truth as the scalp should be taken immense care. Below are some of the tips to take care of your bald head

  1. Trim down the extra hair with electric clippers.
  2. Cleaning your head with soap and water daily.
  3. Apply shave lather or other creams to your full scalp.
  4. Shave with a fresh razor using even and long strokes.
  5. Take appropriate care while shaving around the ears.
  6. Rinse away any free hair and excess shaving lotion.
  7. Drape a wet towel on your head for a few minutes after the shaving.
  8. Apply a moisturizer or post-shaving cream to moisten the skin

How to Shave Your Head?


Scrub your head with shaving cream to flake the skin without drying it out as electric shavers do not use water during the removal of hair.


Rub all the areas thoroughly with the soap or lotion to determine your hair follicles’ path while shaving for the best results.

Electric Razor

Start using your electric razor by placing it flat on your skin and move it slowly in the appropriate direction of your skin. Change the directions at regular periods to arrive at all the regions of your head. Stand in front of a mirror and move your hands over any sections to notice any extra strands left out to remove. Repeat saving nicely till you complete the entire head by the same process.


You can rub any moisturizing body lotion over your head to not leave your skin dry or oily while getting a smooth finish to the entire process of shaving.

How are Head Shavers Different from Body or other Shavers?

Head razors are designed for more comfortable to shave your head. They have a compact design with a handle that gives more power when shaving around the curvatures of the scalp. You can use a head shaver in other areas, including your face, legs, and underarms. However, facial hair is different from the hair on your head as they are often thicker and grainier, demanding some adjustments compared to shaving the head with ease. When using a razor on your face, pressure should be applied very gently, and there is no need to press hard on your skin. The trimming of beards may pull on the hair and cause the risk of irritation, especially when used on sensitive skin. You should also rinse the blade frequently after using it on your facial hair or other body parts. The thicker hair may readily seal the cartridge, which will lead to inflammation.

Are 3 Blade or 5 Blade Razors Better?

Multi-blade razors that come with 3-blades or 5-blades don’t make enough of a difference. In a safety razor, the first blade hooks your hair follicles and removes it up; the second blade is responsible for cutting it trimming off, while the third blade serves as a backup to ensure no extra hair is left. According to experts, as you add more no blades, there are chances of experiencing skin irritation, razor wound, ingrown hair, and scratches. It is advisable not to use more than two blades if you want to avoid nicks. Hence, it is recommended to choose a 3 blade razor and stick to it if you do not face any difficulty. However, if there is trouble to hold the earlier mentioned 3 blade razor, you can switch to 5 blade razor and continue using it.

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