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Hair Care

Our hair needs proper care for proper growth. Hair care mostly dwells on hygiene and cosmetology. Hair care routines vary depending on an individual’s care. Well; today our hair care tips revolve around three main categories, namely:

  • Tips for washing our hair
  • Tips for Drying our hair
  • Tips for brushing our hair

Surprisingly, numerous people have been washing their hair wrongly without their knowledge. Start off by oiling your entire hair before washing it. Massage your scalp and hair a few minutes before jumping into the bathroom. This pre-conditions your hair. Use either lukewarm or cool water when washing your hair. Hot water can easily damage your hair. Apply shampoo on your hair when washing it. Lastly, avoid regularly washing your hair.

Did you know you can ruin your hair when drying it? As a result, you should be mindful of how you dry your hair. Consider using a microfiber towel instead of the commonly used terrycloth towels. Terrycloth towels increase the possibility of tangling your hair and can make it break. Moving on, have the habit of blow drying your hair when it is at least 70% dry. This reduces the possibility of the head damaging your hair.

Lastly, we have tips for brushing our hair. Have a habit of detangling your hair while in the shower. Use a wide toothed comb on your conditioned hair to detangle your hair. During this process, your hair is soft and less painful. Be cautious on the comb you use on your hair. Inquire which comb suits the length and type of your hair or you risk damaging your hair. Lastly, you should detangle your hair from the ends towards the scalp. This is the simplest and easy way of avoiding more knots on your head.