Common Causes for Hair Loss

 While it is considered normal to lose a certain amount of hair every day, shedding more than usual is cause for concern. Hair loss can be particularly stressful for men due to the visible nature of their hair loss, as well as the social and emotional impact on their self-image. While there are several shampoos and remedies that claim hair loss prevention and hair loss growth, most of them do not work. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge about the cause of the problem. In fact, Patricks Australia, one of the leading dealers of men’s hair care and grooming products, states that five out of ten men do not wish to learn the root cause for their hair loss.

This article explores some of the common causes for hair loss with the goal of educating men and helping them combat their hair loss.

Medical Conditions

While this is not common, some underlying medical conditions may result in sudden hair loss. Conditions like ringworm or thyroid can result in a hormonal imbalance, which could result in the loss of hair. However, Patricks Australia says that one should not panic if there is just hair loss, because there will be other symptoms if the cause of the hair loss is an underlying condition.

Extreme Stress

It is scientifically proven that stress causes hair loss. Stress and anxiety can result in poor blood circulation which can affect hair follicles. It can also lead to inflammation in the scalp which may cause irritation to the scalp leading to hair loss. It is also estimated that men who are more stressed about their work or lack of sleep are more prone to hair loss. Some experts state that a relaxing shower with a hair loss shampoo every week could reduce both the stress and the hair loss.

Hair Loss3

Lifestyle Choices

Hair thinning and hair loss have been linked to improper diets that lack protein, iron or other key vitamins. Therefore, the inclusion of high-fat fast food could also be to blame for loss of hair. In addition, some rapid weight gain or weight loss also results in some deficiencies that result in hair loss. Another important point to note is that smoking has been linked to accelerate male pattern baldness. So, it is important to think about one’s lifestyle choices and get the eating habits in check before beginning to worry about hair loss.

Improper Hair care

Many people, especially men, start taking care of their hair only when they notice hair loss. While there are hair loss shampoo that can stop hair loss swiftly, Patricks Australia that it is important to take proper care of one’s hair on a regular basis. By using proper hair care products, men can pre-emptivelyhair stop hair loss. Another important point to note is that one should use a moisturising conditioner to keep hair well nourished.

While this list does not encompass all the different causes for hair loss, it provides a brief overview of the most common causes with the hope of educating men about hair loss and hair loss prevention.