Curly Girl Method and Other Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

Curly hair is always an object of pride or even envy, but many people do not realize how much effort it takes to make it look lively and gorgeous. Curly hair requires a unique approach, as it is believed to have a scaly structure (if you look under a microscope). Because of that, curly hair is less protected from heat, wind, cold, dry air, and the effects of aggressive styling products.

To reduce the harmful impact of environmental factors on your hair, you need to establish a proper hair care routine and get in the habit of nourishing it properly. With a little help from Scissor Tech, we’ve prepared the list of the most effective methods of taking care of curly hair alongside some professional tips to maintain its healthy condition.

Following the Curly Girl Method (CGM)

The Curly Girl Method was initially described in Lorraine Massey’s book Curly Girl: The Handbook a decade ago but has gained popularity and acquired some modifications over time. The CGM approach allows you to limit your hair products arsenal to just three or four items, eliminating the need for using heat styling. CGM keeps your hair hydrated and makes your curls smoother while stopping strands from fluffing.

Let’s deal with things to avoid first. These include shampooing, using terry cloth towels, combs or brushes, and heat styling appliances, as well as sulfates, alcohol, not water-soluble silicones, and fragrances in your hair care products.

Before you move to CGM, though, wash your hair with sulfate-free clarifying shampoo for the last time to cleanse your hair and scalp from silicones, oils, dirt, and the remains of hairstyling products. The whole method requires sticking to no-poo and co-washing (washing your hair with moisturizing conditioners) instead of using shampoo.

Curly Hair2

Here are quick and easy steps to follow the Curly Girl Method:

  1. Wash your scalp using a conditioner and massage it gently with rubbing movements (avoid using fingernails).
  2. Distribute the moisturizing conditioner on the whole length of your hair, using your fingers as a comb. Cutting dead ends in advance will allow you to avoid tangling at this point. Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then rinse the hair with lukewarm water, leaving some product on the driest parts like ends.
  3. Appy moisturizing products to wet hair. You can stick to your leave-in conditioner, use some oils after it, and opt for some additional hair gels, creams, lotions, or mouses, but make sure to choose them according to your curl type.
  4. Help your curls form by twisting individual strands around your finger.
  5. Wrap your hair in a t-shirt or microfibre towel to remove the excess liquid. Plopping your hair will also allow you to minimize the drying time.
  6. Let your hair air dry, but if you have to blow dry it, make sure to use a diffuser and still let at least 20% of your hair air dry.
  7. Look in the mirror and enjoy the beauty of your hair.

And that’s it! To make the results sustainable, stick to such a hair washing routine and repeat it regularly as your hair requires it. Make sure to allocate enough time and let your hair adjust to new haircare from two to six weeks after you first try CGM. It is essential, as, after a long time of using harmful shampoo, hair needs some time to regain its health and strengths.

Essential Hair Care Routine for Curly Hair

If for any reason, you are not sure about switching entirely to the Curly Girl Method, we have prepared some essential tips that will help you maintain your curly hair at its best. 

Stop Combing Your Curly Hair

Curly hair does not need to be combed, especially when it is dry. The comb will break the curls and increase shagginess, turning you into a dandelion. You can brush it only in a wet state, after greasing them with a conditioner. You can do it with your hands or with a comb with very wide teeth.

Choose Masks Wisely

Curly hair needs to be hydrated, but be careful with hair masks. Use them only according to the application methods described on the container. You may want to give up masks if you have thin curls or increased activity of the sebaceous glands – there is a risk of weighing down the strands.

Curly Hair3

Protect Your Hair During the Sleep

There are several ways to keep your hairstyle for three or four days when you do not wash your hair. The first one is to try and protect the curls during sleep. The easiest way to prevent your hair from flattening is to switch to a satin or silk pillowcase. 

The second one is more optimal for long hair – you can use the pineapple method before going to bed: collect the hair in a ponytail on the crown of your head. You can also braid your hair or buy a protective cap.


Curly hair requires some special techniques to keep it healthy and look impressive. One of the most popular methods today is the Curly Girl Method, based on co-washing and eliminating blow-drying your hair. Depending on the type of curls you have, it may provide both immediate and extended results, although it should detoxify your hair and make it significantly softer.

However, such an approach may seem too intensive for some people, so it is essential to learn some general tips and hacks on taking care of your curly hair. In addition to the ways mentioned above, it’s crucial that you find a reliable hairdresser. 

Only by leaving your hair in the safest hands (and scissors) possible, you may ensure it will always look astonishing.