Curly Girl Method – The Whole and Sole Guide

It is a known fact that curly hair is excessively prone to dryness, frizziness, damage, and breakage due to their fragile nature. Loraine Massey is the author of Curly Girl: The Handbook, which is the best selling novel for women and even men to care for their curly hair. Now, what is this curly girl method? This is all about loving your curls, embracing them, and avoiding anything and everything that messes with the natural curling pattern of your hair. She also coined the term co-washing, which involves ditching shampoos and just sticking with the conditioner for hydrated curls. This method is all about the dos and don’ts that comes with treating your curly hair. Use cleansing ingredients – Cocamidopropyl betaine & decyl poly glucose, emollients like oils, proteins, moisturizers, and styling gel ingredients for moisturization.

Avoiding silicone and sulfate products that rip out the moisture in hair is essential. Also, avoiding combs, brushes, and styling tools are stressed as extremely crucial in this method to make your curls more tame-friendly. This method stresses the importance of retaining the natural oils of your hair. Keeping your hair moisturized by ditching all the dryness and frizz inducing products and sticking onto only conditioners, oils and serums are emphasized as sebum from the scalp has a tough time in reaching the hair shaft and engaging in hydration of hair for curly hair, unlike straight hair. This is why curly hair is mostly fragile and dry.

Will the Curly Girl Method Work on all Curls?

Curly Girl Method

Curly hair has a whole lot of patterns strictly ranging from waves to Afro curls. Curly girl method can be personalized and customized for every single curly hair type depending upon the curls. Your hair is basically a mixture of at least two different textures. For instance, your hair can be straight at the crown and wavy at the temples. Thus, its important to realize what works for you the best in terms of hair care.

Steps for Curly Girl Method:

  • Preparing Your Curls:

The foremost step in the Curly Girl method is preparing your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove silicone, oil, dirt, hair product build-ups, and flakes from your hair. Take a dollop of shampoo in your hands and rub your palms against each other. Now massage your scalp using your fingertips. The main job of shampoos is cleansing your hair, and you have to make sure your hair is free of all kinds of product build-up, dandruff, flakes, dirt, and residue before proceeding with this method. Also, you will be going “no-poo” after this, and hence cleansing your hair before that is absolutely essential.

Silicone can be removed by both sulfate-free and sulfate-containing shampoos. However, using a sulfate-containing shampoo is better as it is more effective for the last wash.

  • Never Touch Your Shampoo Again :

Shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can be excessively damaging for curly hair making them frizzy, dry, and uncooperative.

If you are having a hard time going “no-poo” stick to a more gentle shampoo which is sulfate-free. Shampoos contain detergents, and using them on your hair makes you get rid of natural oils of hair and scalp.

  • Sticking to Silicone Free Conditioners and Hair Products:

Curly Girl Method

A moisturizing conditioner for moisturizing your scalp and a leave-in conditioner for hydrating your curls is essential. Any serums, mousses, and gels should be used only if they are free of silicone. Avoid products with alcohol and stick to clarifying shampoos that are sulfate-free as much as possible.

  • Get Your Hair Trimmed:

Trim your hair to get rid of split-ends and breakage.


Steps for Curly Girl Routine

Once you are done with the preparatory phase, you can start your Curly Girl routine.

Scalp Wash with Conditioner:

Curly Girl Method

Wet your hair in the shower and massage your scalp using your fingers by rubbing a dollop of conditioner against your palms to remove dirt, product residue, flakes, dust, and dandruff. Rinse your scalp to remove the conditioner. You may do this once, twice, or even every day in a week.

  • Apply the Conditioner Through Your Hair:

Use hands or a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair and spread your conditioner. Let your conditioner sit for at least five minutes to keep your curls moisturized. Untangle your hair while dry hair induces frizz and damages them.

  • Rinse Your Hair:

Curly Girl Method

Rinse your hair finally with cold water as this helps in locking the moisture in your hair and decreases the frizziness of your hair. Rinsing with cold water also promotes shine in your hair. Leave some conditioner in the ends of your hair for moisturized curls.

  • Apply Products for Your Hair:

Products are more required for curly hair than straight hair. Curly hair needs products to tame and add definition to the curls. You can add products to your hair when it is soaking wet. Emulsify the products by rubbing them against your palm and rake them into your hair by sectioning.

Try using products that are designed for your curl type as they work better. Use a leave-in conditioner to decrease frizz and use gels and curl creams to add definition to your curls.

Use products like oils, creams, and conditioners in whichever order you prefer. Scrunch your hair by cupping it in your palms and scrunching in an upward motion. You can also twist your curls around a finger to add definition.

  • Dry Using a T-Shirt:

Curly Girl Method

Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair and remove excess moisture as the conventional towels are harsh on delicate curly hair.

You can decrease the drying time of your hair by switching to plopping. It involves spreading a microfiber towel or t-shirt onto a flat surface and bending over by positioning your hair in the cloth. Keep your head in contact with the cloth, drape the back portion of the t-shirt or microfiber towel over your head. Twist the sides of the cloth and clip them at your neck’s base. Remove the cloth after 15-30 minutes. Use gel to remove frizz after plopping.

  • Dry Your Hair :

Air dry is mostly recommended. However, if you are in a hurry to dry your hair, always attach a diffuser to your blow-dryer to avoid frizz and use lower temperatures. Scrunch your hair while using a blow-dryer to define your curls. You can stop scrunching when your hair is 50% dry.

Next comes the most important part of maintaining the curls.

  • Find a Stylist:

Curly Girl Method

Not all stylists are experienced enough in cutting curly hair, and it is always better to ask your stylist about their experience in trimming curly hair and the products that will be used on your hair for the same. Cutting layers or any kind of hair cut on curly hair requires skill and make sure your stylist has them.

Having your hair ends trimmed once in every four to six months is highly essential to maintain a split-ends free hair. You can go with a half-inch or quarter-inch trim. Long rounded layers that look more amazing on them than short layers on curly hair.

Curly hair has a combination of textures, and a few things have to be carefully seen through before trimming. Curly hair should be cut only when it is dry as wet hair makes the hair look elongated, messing up your look if trimmed damp.


Relax Your Hair to Let it Adjust:

No-shampoo method needs a bit of time for adjusting as you may feel that it ruins your look at first. Your hair has been stripped out of its moisture for so many years; hence it needs time to adjust itself to this look. If you are finding it really hard to stick with no-poo, you can always go low-poo first by using light shampoos for your hair.

Curly Girl Method

Never shy away from flaunting your dazzling curls. The hair totally influences our moods, and the more tamed our curls are, the merrier the day gets. Curly hair is not a hairstyle. It is rather a lifestyle and has to be taken care of like a baby. Never hesitate to wear your curls like they are your crown.

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