Effective Solutions To Get Rid Of Your Hair Falling Problems Forever

Your hair is your identity, and it is no wonder that we spend so many hours trying to pamper, protect, and style it. Did you know that your hair conveys a lot more about you than you would like to believe? Yes, it could be a great indicator of your physical and mental well-being—the healthier and happier than you are, the long and lustrous your hair. However, given the stressful life most of us lead, we might tend to battle hair fall. 

Hairfall is a growing concern among people of all age groups and gender worldwide. So, it is no wonder that there are so many creams, treatments, and tips available online to help you battle hair fall. But are these all reliable? Well, here are the most tried and tested ways to combat hair fall effectively that would give you positive results. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp Micropigmentation is a popular non-invasive therapy that helps create the appearance of fuller and thicker hair. The professionals behind a scalp micro pigmentation from Eximious point out that this treatment is effective in hiding a thinning hairline, bald spots, and hair loss. So, how do scalp micro-pigmentation work and look fake are some of the most common questions people battle with while exploring hair care treatments? 

The answer to that is simple: the treatment uses micro-needles that deposit tiny pigments into the scale to create an illusion of hair follicles. And by doing so it creates thicker, fuller, and natural hair. However, this is a hair restoration technique that does not promote or lead to hair growth. It just helps in masking hair loss and is a widely popular treatment across the world. 

Hair Transplantation

If a scalp micro pigmentation or scalp tattoo isn’t your thing, there are alternatives to it too. This is a relatively permanent and popular hair restoration treatment. However, more and more people are opting out of it as it involves going under a knife. In this method, the surgeon would take hair follicles from a different part of the person’s body and inject them into the balding spot. And that would lead to hair growth. 

Several years of research and numerous cases from across the world show that this is an effective way to treat baldness. However, you might not notice a change instantly like in the case of scalp micro pigmentation, and you might have to wait for a minimum of three months for new hair to grow out of the follicles.

Scalp Reduction

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This is yet another surgical procedure that has been proven effective in reducing bald spots and hair fall issues. The doctors would reduce the bald spots on your scalp by stretching out the tissues with hair in this technique. For instance, if you are bald in the center of your head while you have hair on your sides, they might pull the skin from the sides of your head and stitch it to the center to cover the bald region. 

This is an effective cosmetic surgery. However, there have been instances when the results weren’t as fruitful as they wanted them to be. So, you might have to sit down with your trichologist and better understand scalp reduction to see if it would work for you.

Condition Specific Medication

If your hair fall results from medical conditions like Alopecia, where your hair tends to fall out in small patches, you might have to undergo a whole different course of treatment. This includes everything from steroids, vasodilators, anti-inflammatory drugs to immunosuppressive drugs. Besides that, you might also have to undergo stress management therapies and sessions to keep your stress levels under control.

Home Remedies

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If your hair fall problems have been a recent occurrence and you are not turning bald, you need not invest in these expensive treatments and therapies. You could treat your hair fall problems with simple yet effective home remedies. Yes, home remedies and natural products could treat hair fall issues too. 

You could start by identifying the cause of your hair fall and address it to resolve the issue. For instance, if your hair fall results from dandruff, you could make an anti-dandruff hair pack by mixing yogurt and lemon and applying it on your scalp once a week. Wash this off with cold water, and soon, your scalp would be dandruff-free and your hair long and lustrous. Alternatively, using fenugreek seeds, coconut milk, beetroot juice, green tea, etc., could come in handy too. 

Lifestyle Changes

However, if your hair fall problem is because of your lifestyle, you could include more green leafy vegetables, have a diet that is rich in iron, and embrace a healthy routine. You could also apply a pack made from aloe vera gel, leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off. If you are wondering how aloe vera could reduce stress-related hair fall, don’t worry, here is the answer. Aloe vera is a plant that is rich in antioxidants and is known to eliminate the harmful effects of radiation from the numerous electronic devices we use. 

Besides that, the live plant is known to reduce stress by purifying the air, while the gel and its soothing aroma cool your scalp and treats anxiety. Besides a healthy diet and an aloe vera pack, it would help if you also incorporate a workout routine and do minor exercises that boost blood circulation. When your scalp receives ample blood flow, it enriches the hair follicles and your hair grows stronger. 

You could also try changing your shampoo, wash your hair more often, and follow a regular hair care routine. Remember that, everything from the kind of comb or hairbrush you use can affect your lovely lustrous locks. These are some of the many treatments to control your hair fall. However, each person is different, and so is their hair fall reason. If you are battling with hair fall, visit a trichologist, get personalized consultation, and pick up a treatment that best suits your needs and body. A professional would also help you identify the root cause of the hair fall so that you can prevent it in the future. Soon, you would have fewer bad hair days.