How To Find The Right Hair Salon For Men

Any man can mentally picture the perfect hairstyle, but replicating it is a different ball game entirely. A haircut is more than just a style, and there’s a lot more to a man’s haircut that meets with hairdressers’ approval. Anyone who has been in a variation of men’s hair salon at any point can attest to how difficult it is to master the art of cutting men’s hair, just as it is with women’s hair.

As a result, most men have a strong attachment to barbers with god-level hairstyling skills for reasons other than the need to always look and feel confident. Even if the barber takes forever, most of them are unperturbed, provided that they don’t have hectic schedules and the haircuts are stunning. It might even be a goodtime to review thelast baseball game.

In the past, men had to deal with the same haircut for the rest of their lives. However, there are now more options for hairstyles. But then, how does one find the right hair salon for the job?

Locating the Best Men’s Salon in the Area

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Most men fear receiving a haircut from a new hairstylist. They would rather keep their hair until their current hairstylist, who is probably on vacation, returns — speak of the biggest “bro codes” of all times.

Nevertheless, it’s a reasonable concern as the hair partly reflects one’s personality. Sometimes, all a man needs is an online search. The internet provides a comprehensive list of professional hair salons, narrowed down to one’s location. Once everything is in check, it is time to do the digging through questions.

  • What experience does the hairstylist have? Ideally, the target is someone with over 10 years of experience. There should also be a solid portfolio to back such experience.
  • What are other customers saying about the hair salon? Are the reviews leaning more on the negative or the positive spectrum? Star rating is great, but it doesn’t tell the complete story. Learn more about each customer’s experience in the review section. That will provide an in-depth analysis of the salon’s professionalism, including excellent customer service.
  • Feet speaks volumes. What does this mean? A credible hairstylist will have more customers trooping in daily. If the salon is always busy, then it’s a good sign; otherwise, it is time to move on to the next one. It’s not enough to conclude the salon from behind the screen; actually, visiting them would be great.
  • Back to customer service; do the stylists make customers feel welcome? What feeling do these customers get when they come into the salon? Are they treated like kings while having their haircuts on those famous swivel thrones? These questions, and more, are pointers a man should ask.
  • The next factor to consider is the salon’s hygiene practices. Are their hairstyling tools always sterilized? Do they sweep the floor after each haircut? Are the hairstylists neatly dressed? Adopting ideal hygiene practices will make a salon stand out from the rest.
  • Technology is another aspect to consider. Most reputable salons provide online booking and treat their customers to excellent haircuts using cutting-edge hairstyling instruments.

Terms Used in a Men’s Hair Salon

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Men who have spent long enough time in the hair salon will be familiar with the following terms.


When the word “carving” pops up, think of it as a styling technique that entails cutting the hair at an upward, diagonal angle to give the hair a defined style. As the hair grows back, it stays within the trimmed length while retaining the layering appearance and structure.


A man’s look is influenced by the form of his hair. The type of hair shape a hairstylist creates would depend on the customer’s facial build. Those with a more rounded facial structure will not get the same outcomes as those with an angular face while employing the same hairdo. Hence, the following tips are pointers to the type of hair shape to get:

  • For men with triangular face shapes, styles like the textured quiff, crew cut, comb-over, and mid-fade with angular fringe would work best.
  • For an oblong-shaped face, stick to brush up, side part, side-swept crew cut, and short spiky hair
  • Oval face and round face shapes go best with brush back, undercut with a combover, taper fade with a quiff, and mid-life with a pompadour.
  • Men with diamond-shaped faces would look stunning in textured crops, high fade with fringe, slingback, and faux hawk.
  • A square face would rock these shapes better: crew cut, high fade with a quiff, buzz cut, and textured comb-over.


This haphazard styling method involves cutting the hair at irregular lengths to give it texture and layers. The hairstylist uses a pair of scissors to cut the hair randomly, removing little strands of hair. It appears great on the surface; however, it creates uneven hair lengths. The shorter strands will crinkle and crimp, which will impact their longer, straighter counterparts.

Other Tips Worth Noting

  • Customers should examine their haircuts once done. In the majority of cases, the before and after appearances are nearly identical. The hairstylist may also clean up the neck and ear region, removing unwanted hair follicles.
  • When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is not uncommon to find hairstylists who believe that their customers are okay with whatever they do, and then the “creative ones” may go to great efforts to experiment with new designs, rather than what the consumers had requested. Asking questions will help the customer know what to expect from the haircut. Most professional hairstylists will gladly share their ideas.
  • Although not mandatory, it is ideal for customers to tip their hairstyles. Doing so will create a good working relationship that will last for a long time.

In Summary

A beautiful haircut takes a lot of time, work, and skill to achieve. However, finding a hairdresser that fulfils all of the aforementioned criteria is not always simple. Some men may find such hairstylists through the internet, while others will need to take to the streets to find them. However, before entering a new hair salon for a haircut, a customer must check that the salon complies with all of the standards outlined in this guide.