Instagram Trends will be very Interesting for Marketers in the Second Quarter

Instagram became very different after getting acquired by Mark’s Facebook. IG will be very trendy for more upcoming years. We believe that business owners have to focus more on Instagram if they have trendy products/services. These are the trends that will dominate the second quarter of 2021.

Instagram Trends

The Tik-Tok format (Reels format) also floats on Instagram – short dynamic videos are popular. In foreign countries, a separate tab has already appeared inside Instagram for 15-second videos.

Instagram goes to the desktop web: this year Instagram made a breakthrough in the desktop: viewing stories, communicating in direct, adequate responses in the comments. Most likely, the social network will not stop there. It is expected that in 2021 the desktop version of the social network will be improved (today this format is not very convenient). 

Instagram goes to e-commerce – marketplaces on Instagram. In America, the activity feed has become the Instagram Shop. This suggests that Instagram will soon become an independent marketplace.


Audience quality

Last year’s trend aimed at the quality of the audience, and its quantity continues to be relevant. Clean up your subscribers (we delete those accounts that have more than 2000 subscriptions).

Instagram launches brand content

It will be possible right inside the social. networks to buy advertising. This suggests that gray advertising and promotion methods will go away.

AR on Instagram

Gamification, masks, online streaming from the store, etc. will be popular in 2021.

Paying bloggers for the result. This is already done by a few platforms. But now everything is going to ensure that this happens right inside the social network.

Content marketing on IG

Texts: they read big interesting texts, and even in the West they began to write long texts too. 

Storytelling: there is more and more content, and in order to engage users and keep their attention, it is necessary to tell stories by placing them in several posts, stories, stretch them over several days or even weeks.


Content Integrity: Instagram used to be a very hypocritical social network. Now people are tired of it and they want honesty, naturalness, a photo without filters, life in a story is as not ideal as the real one.

UGC: users make the content of the store themselves. It is necessary to show users that this can be done, and so along the chain, subscribers will begin to get involved and make publications with store marks themselves. But for this there must be high user loyalty to this store.

Second life of content: Instagram does a search for posts by specific keywords. & Guides: it became possible to make a selection of the 10 most useful or relevant posts in a specific period of time. You can make a selection of sales, promotions, etc.

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