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Share Your Style: How to Make Great Hair Tutorials for TikTok

Hair tutorials are a great way to build a following on TikTok AND show off your awesome hair skills. Here’s how to get started making these hair styling vids!

It’s no secret that TikTok has quickly become one of the hottest social media platforms on the planet. In fact, there are currently more than 800 million users worldwide.

Do you have serious hairstyling skills that you want to share with as many people as possible? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place for help. After all, there’s never been a more exciting time for making and sharing cool instructional videos.

This article takes a look at how to make hair tutorials and share them on TikTok. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on how fun and easy it is to make TikToks and start building a following.

Perfect Your Hairstyling Skills

Becoming a social media star requires more than just a pretty smile. You also need skills. Especially if you want the world to take you seriously as a hairstylist.

That’s why you need to be sure that you’re ready for prime time.

The key to getting attention on any social media platform, including TikTok, is by providing quality content that people can’t get enough of.
Perfect Your Hairstyling Skills
Before making your first video, take the time to prepare yourself for the spotlight. Fine-tune your scissor skills, choose a look that will pop on camera, and develop a persona that will be engaging for users.

Familiarize Yourself With the TikTok Interface

Next, you’ll need to take the time to get acquainted with the TikTok interface. If you’ve never explored the app, this is definitely the time to do so.

When you first open the app, you’ll notice two feeds located side-by-side. These are called the For You feed and the Following feed. Each of these serves a different purpose, and you’ll need to get to know them.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely spend 75% of your time on the For You page. After all, it’s loaded with tons of cool content that’s tailored specifically for you by the TikTok algorithm.

So play around with the app a bit, learn to navigate and explore, and once you feel comfortable, you’ll be ready to start creating content of your own.

Take a Practice Run

Ready to make a video? Cool. Go ahead and start by making a few practice runs. This will give you the chance to get a better grasp of what goes into making a quality video.

The app lets you record 15 or 60-second videos. Start with a 15-second video before moving to the longer format.
Take a Practice Run
Have fun with it, and once you get the hang of the process, you’ll be ready to really to your thing.

Record a TikTok Video

Now it’s time to get serious. Start by selecting your preferred recording features. These include the flip functionality, speed, and beauty filter.

Set a head start timer and then hit Start Countdown. This will give you a moment to get in place before the video begins.
There are plenty of cool effects you can use, enabling you to be as creative as you wish. One of the best is Green Screen, which lets you select whatever background you want to use in the video.

Next, choose some music or audio clips to spice it up. You can find plenty of fun sounds in the Sounds library. You can also record your own sound to use during the recording of the video. Simply tap and hold down the red button, record your sound of choice, and then sound will be published to the Sound library for anyone to use.

You can have even more fun by adding text or stickers to the video. This helps add a touch of flavor so that your personality can really shine.

Create and Caption Your Post

Once your video is exactly as you want it, it’s ready to post on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Hit the Next button. This will take you to a screen where you can add a caption and hashtags.

Your caption will be limited to 150 characters. This includes whatever hashtags you want to add. The key is to be as creative as possible so that you can attract attention and generate tons of traffic to your post.

Hashtags can be tricky because you want them to increase your discoverability. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of TikTok’s auto-popular suggestions or come up with hashtags that are totally original.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect caption and hashtags, you’re ready to select a cover. will help you get started on a Mac.

Select the Perfect Cover

The secret to a good cover is to choose an image that will pique users’ interests. Keep in mind that the cover is a thumbnail image, so it needs to look fun or intriguing enough to make people stop and check it out.
Select the Perfect Cover

Post Your Video

Now you’re ready to post your video. It’s easy to cross-post your TikTok videos to other social media platforms. You simply need an account on whatever platforms where you’ll be posting.

For example, scroll to the bottom of the Post screen and you’ll see the option for posting the video to your Instagram account.

Simply finalize the details of your post, publish immediately, or save as a draft so that you can post it later.
The entire process is super cool and fun, and you’ll master it in no time.

The Complete Guide for Making Cool Hair Tutorials on TikTok

When you’re ready to show off your talent as a hairstylist, creating a TikTok video is the perfect way to reach the largest possible audience. Fortunately, these tips for TikTok hair tutorials will set you on the path to becoming a social media star.

Keep scrolling to discover more great tips and advice.

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