Silk Press for Beginners: Detailed Guide

If you want to straighten your hair, you might need to use the silk press technique. Since the  damage to your hair from heat is minimal, you can find a reliable flat iron for silk press and use it by yourself. With its help, you can experiment with hairstyle even if it is thin or damaged.

What is a Silk Press?

A silk press is a technique that was created to straighten hair. It does not require any chemicals and can be performed by anyone. The basics tools you need:

  • Trustable conditioner of high quality;
  • A flat iron with adjustable temperature;
  • Heat protectant;
  • Silk or high-quality cotton towel to wrap the hair at night;
  • Blow dryer if you need it;
  • Comb and pins.

Silk Press3

Silk Press Step-by-Step

Let’s start from the very beginning. While your hair is less exposed to the damage heated tools provide during this procedure, you still have to moisturize and take care of it. Make sure you are using only the best products from reliable developers.

Washing and moisturizing

Unfortunately, many people still wash their hair improperly. You have to repeat the procedure of shampooing twice. After that, you can use either conditioner or moisturizing shampoo. The first time you remove the dirt from the hair. Moisturizing shampoo hydrates your locks and keeps them from over-drying.

If you have not used a conditioner before, now it is time to use it. Never forget about it since it helps to seal the moisture in cuticles. Apply it evenly around your hair. Wait for some time or massage your scalp. Rinse with the water until the hair is clear. For this procedure, you have to find a conditioner that contains silk. You can try the leave-in products. It performs the same actions as a classic conditioner. If you want to try natural remedies, buy argan oil. It is a natural conditioner.

Straightening the hair

Dry your hair. Make sure that there is no moisture left. If you have enough time, use the towel and leave the hair dry naturally. And if you don’t have the time, use a blow dryer. Go with the lowest temperatures. Use the comb while you are drying the hair. Apply for thermal protection as well. You use a blow dryer and flat iron. Even if they are both operated at the lowest temperatures, they are still heated tools. Follow next instructions:

Silk Press2

  • Divide your dry hair into several sections around the head; 
  • Use pins or clippers to hold them; 
  • Comb and pull out ¼ inch layer of the head to receive an even layer; 
  • Use the flat iron on it. Don’t go too slow, but don’t rush either. The best temperature is 300F. Don’t repeat the move on the same lock to avoid burning it. Continue the procedure from one section to another.

Protect your hair at night

Use the silk towel or scarf to wrap your hair at night. Before that, you have to brush it and make sure it is untangled. Tie the hair every night after you’ve done silk press until the effect is still visible.

The Simplicity of Silk Press

Many women prefer the silk press technique mainly because of its simplicity. You don’t spend much time on it and you don’t need a hairstylist. While it looks easy and understandable, make sure you don’t damage your hair and pick only reliable flat irons to use.