Tape in Hair Extensions Are The Best Hair Extension Options You Can Get

If you are wondering why tape in hair extensions is the best method when it comes to hair extensions, this is because when you start to wear them, you are surely not going to go back. The additional volume, as well as chemical-free color choices, instill an unmistakable sense of security. It’s similar to mascara extensions in that they enhance your appearance and make you feel and look better. There are a lot of hair extension options available in the market, making additional hair a breeze, so when it comes to hair extensions, which approach is the best? 

There are several types of hair extensions available, namely clip-in hair extensions, singular hair extensions such as fusion, i-tip, keraTip, as well as microbead, sew-in wefts, and also tape-in hair extensions which is the latest hair extension method. Thus, which of these hair extension methods is the best? By far, tape in hair extensions is by far the most popular form of hair extension and is in high demand in hair salons worldwide. The benefits of tape-in hair extensions far exceed the disadvantages of any other form of hair extension. 

Below are the top reasons why we believe tape in hair extensions is the best approach for everyone.

#1 – It is more affordable to use tape in hair extensions than other hair extension types.

Tape in hair extensions is the most affordable option for semi-permanent hair extensions in terms of hair as well as application. Tape-ins are applied in less than an hour, greatly lowering application costs. Furthermore, due to the formation of the tape wefts event the way that they are connected to your hair, the cost of maintenance with the tape in hair extensions is much lower than those that are associated with other semi-permanent procedures. Tape in hair extensions costs the same as a quality pair of clip-in hair extensions, and they cost far less than fusion/micro bead/i-link hair extensions. Tape extensions are composed of one-inch hair panels and are more convenient to manufacture than individual extensions. In general, tape hair extensions and placement are significantly less expensive than other hair extension procedures.

Hair Extensions1

#2 – Using tape in hair extensions can be easily maintained

Because of its thin structure and 1.5-inch breadth, tape-in extensions are the simplest hair extension procedure to maintain. It’s the simplest hair extension to care for. The majority of people really forget they’re using tape in extensions since they’re so easy to maintain. You tape it and then forget about it until approximately 10-12 weeks before replacing them. Nota bene – if you get less expensive non-Remy tape extensions, you will despise it! They do not last long due to the fact that tape extensions are used every day and will not endure with low-quality hair. When it pertains to tape extensions, it’s important to buy in a high-quality brand. The reason behind this is because spending more money upfront on high-quality tape extensions will result in more savings. This is done through superior tape extensions that will not shed, mat, or tangle, and will be reusable. As long as you use a reputable tape in hair extension brand, upkeep will be a breeze.

#3 – Tape in hair extensions are not that damaging

Tape-in extensions are the minimally disruptive option available. They are extremely lightweight and do not drag or strain on your own hair in the way that other extensions do – they integrate with your natural hair and do not tug or pull. Clip-in extensions are actually rather hefty and will result in bald patches if used daily. Nota Bene: If you already have fine hair, conventional clip-in extensions are not recommended! 

For individual extensions like fusion, micro, i-tip, and many more, these can be very harmful and can even cause increased tangles in the hair which could result in hair loss. Tape-in hair extensions are completely non-damaging and extremely simple to remove. When it comes to hair loss, the last thing you want is to have hair loss as a result of wearing extensions. When you use tape in hair extensions, you will surely not going to experience hair loss which is the main purpose of hair extensions, and that is to keep your hair pleasant and healthy. 

Hair Extensions2

#4 – You can use tape in hair extension up to four times

You can also use tape in hair extensions for up to three to four applications. Reusing your hair extensions is a huge benefit, especially if your extensions have been personalized with a cut or color. Once the tape for tape extensions is removed, they must be cleaned, replaced with fresh tape, and then reapplied. You want your hair and tape to endure the entire year; otherwise, your new tape extensions will be removed within four weeks. However, high-quality tape extensions are reusable, making them worth a try. If you are using individual extensions, you can no longer use them again, while clip-on hair extensions usually wear out after six months which depends on the wear and the use. It’s worth it to reuse extensions, especially if you’ve paid to have them trimmed, colored, and so on. With tape hair extensions, you can remove it in less than 15 minutes. Whereas removing individual extensions can take hours as well as result in hair loss and hair tugging.

#5 – Tape in hair extensions are invisible and flexible

There are just so many items you could do with tape in hair extensions that you cannot do with clips: you may wear them in any hairdo, including braids and very high ponytails. They are very thin and virtually undetectable! They’re also quite flexible in your hair; you won’t feel them while brushing over them or washing them. 

The benefit of using tape in hair extensions instead of individual hair extensions is that they are very much flexible and simple to dry and to maintain when you are washing as well as blow-drying your hair. These individual extensions are stringy and are more prone to hair tangling, and even the connections themselves are not that flexible and soft than those of the tape in hair extensions when they are washed and dried. Tape in hair extensions is the ideal option if you want totally undetectable and flexible additions.