The List of Popular College Student Hairstyle Trends in 2021

A busy schedule, the desire to have time to do everything and look beautiful at the same time — these are the problems of many students. We can help you find the perfect on-trend college hairstyle.


College hairstyle trends for long hair 

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid

The fishtail braid has not appeared in the beauty chronicle for a long time. This year, the traditional braid is be replaced by a more complicated but no less beautiful so-called fishtail braid. Do not worry if some strands are carelessly dislodged from the smooth hairstyle. Don’t fix the trendy braid with permanent gel. You should rather use mild moisturizing hair cream to create a more natural look.


Baby braids

Thin braids, which were popular in the ’90s, have not disappeared in 2021. The main advantage of such trendy hairstyles is that anybody can replicate them. To recreate the trend in 2021, simply braid two tiny braids on each side and leave the rest of your hair loose or put it back. Finish with a full-length texturizing spray for a sloppy effect. Spoiler alert: winter and hats definitely won’t ruin this hairstyle. 

This hairstyle has more variations than you might think at first glance. You can braid your hair in plaits and apply a little texturizing spray to the main part of the hair. It will create an effect of slight carelessness. For a more romantic look, you can put your hair in light waves, and when it’s hot — gather it in a high ponytail or bun.


Bun with face-framing locks

This is a super quick and comfortable hairstyle that will look perfect in class and on a date. A high bun looks especially elegant paired with soft curls that neatly frame your face. For maximum effect, use moisturizing hair products before styling. 


90’s inspired hairstyle

Fashion insiders just love vintage looks. We couldn’t help but recommend a hairstyle inspired by the late ’90s and early ’00s. Make sharp curls and fix them in a high ponytail. And, of course, don’t forget the sloppy locks by the face that look like they fell out on their own in the middle of a disco. 


Two braids

This season’s trend is infantile: beaded jewelry, colorful hairpins and crabs, and even the double braid hairstyle. It’s a simple hairstyle with a couple of minutes to kill and a romantic twist on any look. A nice plus is that you will have wavy hair after this hairstyle. 


Colorful experiments 

Explorers, pay attention! If you still haven’t tried any of the bright shades in the last five years, don’t get upset; in 2021, the trend remains afloat. Turquoise, yellow, orange, and purple shades remain in fashion. There is a great variety of techniques. You can have only the ends or the whole hair colored. The main thing is not to overdo the styling, and it is better to stick to minimalism.

Fashionistas are opting for color-blocking hairstyles this season, like in the ’90s — and dying strands of hair in a variety of colors, especially the front ones. You’ve probably seen this hairstyle from Bella Hadid, who dyed her strands red. And you have to admit — it looks very stylish.

If you dare to do such an experiment with your hair, choose the color of your hair strands carefully. It can be something natural, such as blonde, if you have dark hair, or, conversely, black strands on light hair. Or something brighter and more unusual: for example, green strands, like Billie Eilish, or orange, like Bella Hadid. 


College hairstyle trends for short hair 

Do you think that you can do all sorts of stylish hairstyles only on long hair? Explore the trendy haircuts and styles you can try on now for your next class in college.

Ruffled pixie


Ruffled pixie 

A sloppy pixie is an easy and on-trend style for short hair. To create this look, apply a fixing mousse to damp short locks and then blow-dry them to lift them. Then finish the style with a texturizing spray and fix the locks on the sides. 


Wet-look style

Red carpets and fashion shows were full of this hairstyle in 2021. Brush damp locks back in and fix them with a special wet styling gel to replicate the beauty look. You can also experiment with side partings.