Types of Frameless Mirrors Best for Beauty Salons and Dance Studios

Fancy a classy interior? What’s a better way to enhance a space than to incorporate mirrors?

Frameless mirrors are a timeless classic element that never goes out of style. They make the space look divine and add a feeling of grandeur to it. Mirrors have a special significance in places like spas, gyms, and dance studios. Giant workout mirrors play a key role in enhancing the learning process. Whereas, the importance of mirrors for salons and spas is evident to all.

Here are some types of frameless mirrors that suit the salons and dance studios well. Let’s explore!

1. LED/Lighted Mirrors – Great illumination


First in line are lighted or LED mirrors. These mirrors either have LED lights or glowing strips integrated into them. LED mirrors are work-of-art that glow to create a dreamy posh ambiance. Lights compliment the elegance of frameless mirrors even more. LED mirrors work well for salons and spas as the lights provide better illumination and make it easy for the salon staff to do their job. LED mirrors are also a thing in the dance studios and gyms now. The fancy glow of lights flatters the space and makes the dance practices fun.

2. Rectangular Beveled Frameless Mirrors – Trend and sophistication


Beveled rectangular mirrors are full-coverage mirrors and thus a must-have for gyms and dance studios. They also make a fine addition to the salons.  The beveled mirrors combine trend and sophistication. If you want to keep things effortless, yet classy, large beveled rectangular mirrors are the perfect pick for you.

3. Mirrored Walls –A sudden illumines effect


Mirrored walls are a hallmark of gyms and dance studios.

Full walled mirrors make space look wider and brighter. These mirrors influence the workout and dance practices greatly. You can effectively improve the moves when you can see yourself in the mirror.

Frameless wall mirrors are also a no-brainer for salons and spas. They complement the interior and provide a majestic ambiance to the clientele.  Above all, mirrored walls are great to pose for a selfie!

4. Stationary Mirrors – For great reflection


Stationary mirrors are one of the most popular choices for dance and aerobics studios, gyms, and yoga spaces. These mirrors provide a full posture view from the front as well as back and help the clients improve their daily practices. Stationary mirrors are usually mounted on opposite walls to allow full coverage.

5. Rolling Mirrors – A budget-friendly option


Rolling mirrors deliver a bunch of benefits. There are no installation expenses so it’s a cost-effective choice. Moreover, you can adjust the mirror at any angle to focus your posture.

Rolling mirror is a preferred choice for home gyms and yoga studios as you can freely move the mirror and make any room in your practice studio quite convenient.

6. Cabinet Mirrors – Make place more functional


Cabinet mirrors are a great way to functionally enhance the space. Frameless mirrors are installed on the cabinet doors. The doors can either be swung or slid open to access the cabinet. This type of mirror works well for salons as it allows the crew to store the beauty products while also providing additional space for the clients to have a look at themselves.

7. Round Mirrors – A space with grace


Round or oval mirrors are good for making a style statement. The shape along with the sparkly surface provides an ultra-luxe feel.

Round mirrors can go on your salon central wall or hung alongside the central mirror to provide a quick look at the preps.

8. Pivot Mirrors – A style with a great look


Pivot mirrors are a good fit for a more intricate grooming session. These mirrors are mounted on the wall through a pair of hinges. The mirror hangs tilted to the wall and provides a more detailed look.

9. Frameless Arch Mirrors – To add a classic touch


If you want a retro-fit for your salon or dance studio, go no further than frameless arch mirrors. Its vintage arch shape provides a timeless classic feel. These mirrors are not only ever-trendy but also highly functional for the clients to check out their preparations.

10. Double Mirrors – A right opt for salons and dance studios


The more, the merrier!

Double mirrors mean double vanity. Multiple same-shape and same-dimension mirrors are used in dance studios and salons to create symmetry in the space. This refined arrangement of mirrors gives off a vibe of delicacy and harmony. This pattern works pretty well for salons as well as gyms or dance studios.

11. Minimalist Mirrors – For a well-designed and sleek look


If you want to demonstrate “less is more” through your interior, a minimalistic mirror design is a perfect pick for you. The name demonstrates the minimalistic and streamlined design. The mirrors have a simple and sleek configuration that acclaim the settings in the most elegant manner. They come in frameless as well as framed variants. However, the class of frameless versions is unparalleled.

In a Nutshell!

Mirrors are a must-have element for salons, gyms, and dance studios. The right selection of mirrors will not only brighten up the interior space but also fetch some amazing clientele.

There are a wide variety of mirrors, each corresponding to a different set of requirements but frameless mirrors are an exceptional choice that will make any space oh-so-trendy in the most effortless manner.

Go ahead and make a statement with the right choice of frameless mirrors!