Why Online Therapy is Gaining Traction Fast Across the World


In today’s busy world, maintaining mental health is often more challenging than physical health. We face new challenges every day, whether it is our work or at home or with friends and family. The amount of stress and tension we face each day due to familial, social, or professional issues is not to be discounted easily. It is, therefore, not surprising to see many people going through stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders. And many of us have now started to seek professional help like clinical or online counseling for such issues. Plus, the recent lockdown situation in most of the world has forced many people to spend time with themselves leading to buried issues coming to the surface. And the lack of social interaction has made avoiding the problems impossible. Hence, online therapy has now become even more attractive to people and is changing a lot of lives.

How it Works

So, how exactly does online counseling work? Is it all about opening a browser and reading a few articles and watching a bunch of videos? Yes, that can be part of online therapy but not all of it! Online therapy works similarly to traditional clinical or face-to-face therapy. First, you visit a professional counseling website like https://www.regain.us/ and make an account after doing a questionnaire that will match you to a therapist based on your preferences. Once you log in to the account and sign-up for therapy, you will be assigned a licensed therapist. Make sure that the website you chose is legit and the therapist assigned to you is licensed and experienced. After that, the sessions are similar to those you find in traditional therapy. You log in to the session at a pre-decided time and the therapist treats you accordingly.
How it Works
The difference here is that an online therapist is available to you whenever you want to reach them. If you cannot make a call and wish to chat, live chat options are also available. You can log in anytime to avail their services and don’t have to make a trip to the clinic for the same type of treatment. This convenience and anonymity are one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of online therapy.

Why is Online Counseling Needed

We may need counseling for a variety of reasons and they differ from person to person. Whether it is stress and anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse or some other mental issue, there are specialists available for all types of ailments. All you have to do is reach out and seek their help. And yes, reaching out to a stranger regarding something so personal is always difficult, but it is also necessary for the sanity and health of the people around you and you as an individual. Online therapy is an alternative to clinical counseling that gives you a more convenient and comfortable way to approach your issues. Knowing that help is just a click away can be very liberating and relieving for those suffering from such problems.And you don’t even need to face the public if you don’t want to!
Why is Online Counseling Needed
Many people are still unwilling to take the initiative for counseling due to various reasons like social stigma, lack of support, financial troubles or lack of motivation. Online therapy gives such people a chance to get help while avoiding these stigmas or hurdles. However, the success or failure of any therapy, online or otherwise, depends on a lot of factors. The individual’s acceptance of the problem and willingness to reach a solution is the main factor for any therapy to work.

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