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25 Coolest Young Men’s Hairstyles To Try In 2024

Fashion and styling depend a lot on age. It is completely true that what looks great for a certain age might not look so good for another age bracket.

The prime reason for this is that with the progress of age come certain facial flaws and others that need to be carefully hidden.

A clever hairstyle is what they look for. A young age gives you more liberty when it comes to trying out hairstyles.

The Young Men’s Hairstyles are a lot about high fashion and staying up-to-date with the latest fashion world. Young guns prefer to experiment a lot with their looks- be it hair color, length or texture.

The only thing that they keep in mind is whether the style looks good according to the shape of their face. If you are not sure about what will look perfect on your type of face, you can try taking up help from your stylist.

These 25 super cool hairstyles should give you a fair idea of what options you have.


Coolest Young Men’s Hairstyles

Tall and Fluffy Crop

This is a very interesting and a highly youthful young men hairstyle. The hair is dropped so the ends are choppy, and the sides are very short. The hair is styled so the cropped hair stands up in gradual layers, so it’s very tall, and there’s some messiness to it at the top.

young man with messy hairstyle


Short Textured Red Hair

This vibrant red young men hairstyle is very neat, but it still has a youthful look to it thanks to the choppy and textured way the front is styled. Some hair brushes the forehead, the sides are very short, and the hair is ruffled.

short red hairstyle for young men


Long Loose Waves

This is a great style for a guy who likes long hair. It’s kept masculine because it’s not styled very much. The hair is naturally wavy and curly, and it falls to the shoulders that way. It’s parted in the middle, which is easy and simple.

young guy with long curly blonde hair


Bowl Inspired Wavy Hair

At first, this haircut could be inspired by the bowl cut, but the back is slightly longer and very ruffled. The front of the hair is very ruffled too, and the ends of the bangs have some slight curling to them.

young Asian man with messy hairstyle


Soft Fluffy Curls

Are you a guy with naturally curly hair? This is a great look for you. The hair is maintained very well, and the curls are soft, fluffy, and styled upwards. It’s mainly the same length all over, and there’s a lot of volume towards the back of the head.

thick curly hairstyle for young men


Undercut Fade and Fluffy Hair

There’s a lot going on with this style. It’s slightly an undercut style, but there’s also a fade aspect to the side. It’s a hard fade that transitions in a straight line from thick to stubble. The hair on top is blonde and very freely styled.

young guy with spiky blonde hairstyle


Ear-Length Messy Hair

This is a good style for guys who want hair that’s long, but not too long. It falls in an even length to below the ears on the side. The front has slightly shorter pieces that are nose-length, acting like bangs. The back is slightly longer, too. The hair is very messy, working nicely.

long hairstyle for young men


Curly Top Shaved Sides

This style has the sides shaved down to stubble that’s not even as thick as the beard. The top of the hair is left natural and curly. It’s styled slightly upwards, but there’s not too much going on with the tight curly style.

young man with curly taper fade hairstyle


Blonde Quiff and Dark Sideburns

This style is interesting because it has blonde over darker hair. The sideburns here are very, very dark, and you can see a hint of dark roots through the ashy blonde hair that’s piled high in a tall quiff.

young guy with ice blonde hairstyle


Curly Undercut

This is a wonderful style for someone with corkscrew curls. The sides are very short and tight to the head, so it’s an undercut style. The hair on top does all the work for the style, brushed forward towards the forehead in all its curly glory, making the most of the natural texture.

young guy with ginger red curly hair


Slick Black Simple Style

Here’s a very simple hairstyle that’s parted to the side, and it’s very straight and evenly textured. It’s not messy in the slightest. Some bangs sweep over to one side of the head, but they blend in with the rest of the hair, which is longer at the back.

young Asian guy with thin hairstyle


Messy Wavy Hairstyle

The messy waves look so cool and attractive to young men that this look never goes out of style. The style is really simple to create as well. You need to have a medium length of hair with the sides shorter than the hair in the middle.

It is best if you can get some balayage highlights done on your hair to make the style quotient reach a notch higher. The final step is using your fingers to carefully mess up the hair. You do not need to brush your hair for this one.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Widows Peak Hairstyle

Widow’s peak is something that majority of men around the world suffer from. There are two ways to deal with the triangular hairline- highlight it or hide it. This hairstyle lets you hide it in style.

The best part about this look is that it works really well with all sorts of hair colors, right from blondes to brunettes. The hair is kept at medium length, and the front is kept a bit messy to hide the widow’s peak. The fuss-free look will look great with jackets and casual tee shirts.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Quiff Haircut

The good thing about Quiff haircut is that it has the ability to look really polished or really messy depending on how you want to style it. Go for the polished and neat version for this look.

This one is perfect for the daily office or important meetings. It gives you that vibe of being confident and in command.

Make a not-so-prominent parting on the right side of the hair and sweep the longer portion of the hair on the left side. Take a wide-toothed comb and brush the hair well to complete the look.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Brushed Back Hairstyle

The brushed back look came into vogue in the sixties, and till this date, it has not lost its charm. This is the style that looks super sexy on young men. It has been made more attractive by adding skin fade haircut with a brushed back look.

The sides and the back of the head have hair decreasing in length from the center thereby showing skin in the ends.

Add some hair gel and use your styling equipment to puff up the hair in the center. Now comb this long hair backward and that is it.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Teen Boy Haircut

The teen boys should not lag behind when it comes to sporting their unique hairstyle. It is indeed a tricky affair when it comes to choosing the perfect haircut for the teenagers because you need to keep in mind the school regulations.

You want something really cool to look at but not at all over the top. It is the ideal haircut as it ticks both of those boxes.

Just raise up the front of the hair a bit and keep the rest of the hair carefully messy. It works to maintain your boyish good looks.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Fade Haircuts for Boys

Fade haircuts ruled the hair makeover charts last year, and this year the trend continues too. Fade is pretty simple to achieve as a hairstyle, and any adept hairstylist can help you achieve the exact kind of fade that you are looking for.

The back and sides are kept short and cropped while the middle is of medium length and raised upwards.

The hairline is shaved in geometric angles which gives the much-needed edge to the look. The perfect party look is right here with this one.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Spiky Haircut for Guys

It will be absolutely loved by the ones that do not like playing it safe when it comes to their hair and fashion.

You must get some highlights done to your hair to make the look really stand out from the crowd and be something different from the many spiky haircuts around the town.

The light colored highlights standout as a contrast from the dark colored hair on the sides and back. Now take oodles of hair products to spike the hair up in a slanting way. Carry it with your statement jacket.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Messy Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Those who are the proud owners of a thick head of hair will no doubt admit that it gives them a lot of style liberties.

But with so much of natural volume, the only issue they have is that they are on the lookout for a hairstyle that can help them deal with the excessive volume. They do not need to worry as the perfect look for them is here.

All the effort you need behind this one is some great quality hair gel. Apply the gel and use your fingers and comb to mess it up.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Short Haircut for Men

Some men feel that long hair is too much of a trouble to style and maintain. The short is always in for them. It is less of a hassle to maintain and can be a life-saver when you are running late for office or college.

Try this look if short hair spells perfection for you. Crop it short and do not make any parting. Just casually comb the hair all over your head, and you are ready to step out.

Wear a tee shirt, shirts or suits this look will never disappoint you.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Fringe Haircut for Men

Fringes are no longer for women only as men have overtaken in that department and made fringes look equally hot. Just sweep all the hair in a frontward direction. You need not comb the hair too perfectly.

You can rather leave it with a light comb of hair. The fringe here is swept on the right side. The length of the hair is kept long so that the fringe can cover the forehead completely. It is best to be tried with dark or brunette hair.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Long Hairstyle for Men

There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of length to your hair provided you know how to carry it off with elan. Here dark brown or chocolate brown highlights are getting seen to be merging into the dark color of the hair.

Make a parting on the right or left the side of the hair depending on your preference. Now take a fine-toothed comb and brush the hair really well. There should be no kinks or curls in the hair which makes the style unsuitable for the wavy-haired folks.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Long Wavy Hairstyle

Just like the previous hairstyle was for the straight-haired lads, this one is for the ones with a long and wavy mane of hair. With such beautiful long waves in your hair, the ideal hairstyle match can never be far away.

Keep it tousled on the hair overall. Sweep a few of the long strands of hair in the frontward direction. The bed head look is something that never goes out of style, and this look is the right testimony to that.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Short Wavy Haircut

When our favorite from one direction, Liam Payne, gives his stamp of approval to a hairstyle, it is no wonder that style is going to be viral. This look of Liam Payne was something he had tried early in his career.

Just like the band’s songs, the look is much in-demand even in today’s age and time. The reason behind this is that it gives you such a young and fun look that it becomes difficult to resist.

Mess up your brunette hair completely and sweep it in the front to cover up your forehead.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


Justin Bieber Hairstyle

The pop icon and the heartthrob of millions had flaunted this hairstyle for the longest time. That is how the look had become famous, and till today the popularity among young men remains undiminished.

The hair colors are a combination of black and blonde. The long blonde hair on top is left loose in front looking like a side fringe. This is what you need if you want your hair to look fashionable but effortless.

Young Men’s Hairstyles


If you like more than one among these, worry not, as that gives you more choices in changing and mixing up your look.

But before you try out any of the following hairstyles, make sure that you take the right care of your beautiful hair.