Treating Baldness with the Help of Irvine Hair Transplant

Baldness is a prevalent issue that affects both males and females. While androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss – other factors such as trauma, other dermatologic illnesses, and systemic disorders can also cause baldness. Hair loss can significantly impact a person’s self-esteem and mental well-being, as appearance is vital in the workplace and interpersonal connections. As a result, it is unsurprising that methods for reversing hair loss are much sought after. Hair transplant surgery has grown in popularity, and the results we can get today are pretty astounding, creating a realistic appearance when appropriately performed. Despite this, hair surgical procedure is not without flaws. It is not ideal since Irvine hair transplant surgeon continues to face obstacles that hinder him or her from achieving optimal results. Several of these obstacles include a scarcity of donor’s hair, hair survival, and concealment of surgical operation evidence. This article discusses some of the most significant issues confronting hair restoration surgery today, as well as proposed answers to these issues.

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Important Things Everyone Should Know about Scalp Micropigmentation before Opting for It

Hair loss could be quite traumatic for many of us. While some individuals may accept hair loss, others are just not able to encounter this issue. They are desperate to hide from everyone that they are going through thinning hair or receding hairline issues. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there is no need to panic or lose heart over thinning hair or receding hairline anymore. You have easy access to Micropigmentation today that takes away the worry and fear associated with balding or hair thinning. According to WebMD, Micropigmentation is permanent makeup that is quite similar to tattoos. It entails using a needle for placing pigmented granules strategically under the upper skin layers. 

Scalp Micropigmentation helps to create an illusion of having permanent hair. The process entails the placement of tiny hair dots among existing hair. These microdots will be replicating your natural or authentic hair follicles. There is no reason to feel embarrassed over the loss of hair anymore thanks to Scalp Micropigmentation. Even though a hair transplant could be an alternative but it is certainly expensive and may result in nasty scars. That is chiefly the reason for considering Scalp Micropigmentation as a viable option. Here are some crucial things to keep in mind before opting for the procedure.

No Fading

Scalp Micropigmentation ensures no fading just like tattooing. Scalp Micropigmentation is often called hairline tattooing. After the procedure is completed, you may rest assured that your newly acquired hairline will fade away in a few years. You will feel as if you have again got back your natural hair. There would be no dramatic fading and in the event of any fading, it will be subtle, insignificant, and over a fairly long time. 

Always Opt For the Most Reliable Scalp Micropigmentation Technician

One can become the best Scalp Micropigmentation technician by going through intensive training. You can become the best in the trade if you have the passion and dedication for the job. Client satisfaction and selfless service should be your motto. People who are interested in pursuing a career in Micropigmentation may choose comprehensive 

Scalp Micropigmentation training by Joe

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Consider the Following Factors When Selecting The Ideal Hair Loss Medication For You

Woman with hair comb loss hairs close up

Hair loss is much more frequent in men than it is in women. Many men would have undergone a kind of hair loss by the age of 35, whether it’s obvious or subtle. Up to 85% of men suffer substantial hair loss after the age of 50. Men, however, are not the only ones that experience hair loss. Women may lose their hair for various reasons, including age, hormonal deficiency, nutrition, stress, and more. Hair loss can be treated by various therapies today, and a safe, full head of hair can be restored. Before deciding which treatment is best for you, consider the following factors.

What is the source of your hair loss?

Is your hair thinning in the front (receding hairline) or at the crown (top of your head)? Or perhaps both? In fact, the location is crucial. If the hair loss is mild and confined to the crown, for example, you can save costs to prevent possible side effects by sticking to minoxidil instead of a generic or combined drug. However, if your hair loss is limited to a receding hairline – or both the hairline and the crown, as is normal – minoxidil alone would not be the right option for you.

Doctor’s Opinion

It’s a good idea and a must to see a doctor specializing in

hair loss therapies

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Effective Solutions To Get Rid Of Your Hair Falling Problems Forever

Get Rid Of Your Hair 2

Your hair is your identity, and it is no wonder that we spend so many hours trying to pamper, protect, and style it. Did you know that your hair conveys a lot more about you than you would like to believe? Yes, it could be a great indicator of your physical and mental well-being—the healthier and happier than you are, the long and lustrous your hair. However, given the stressful life most of us lead, we might tend to battle hair fall. 

Hairfall is a growing concern among people of all age groups and gender worldwide. So, it is no wonder that there are so many creams, treatments, and tips available online to help you battle hair fall. But are these all reliable? Well, here are the most tried and tested ways to combat hair fall effectively that would give you positive results. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a popular non-invasive therapy that helps create the appearance of fuller and thicker hair. The professionals behind a scalp micro pigmentation from Eximious point out that this treatment is effective in hiding a thinning hairline, bald spots, and hair loss. So, how do scalp micro-pigmentation work and look fake are some of the most common questions people battle with while exploring hair care treatments? 

The answer to that is simple: the treatment uses micro-needles that deposit tiny pigments into the scale to create an illusion of hair follicles. And by doing so it creates thicker, fuller, and natural hair. However, this is a hair restoration technique that does not promote or lead to hair growth. It just helps in masking hair loss and is a widely popular treatment across the world. 

Hair Transplantation

If a scalp micro pigmentation or

scalp tattoo

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5 Scientifically Backed Reasons Attributed to Female Hair Loss

Hair thinning, also known as hair loss, is common among women with about a third of women with the experience. Hair thinning is closely associated with common balding and is due to the effects of testosterone metabolites in hair follicles. You know you are losing hair when your scalp is bare as a result of your fallen or receded hair. Another sign is when there are bald spots randomly spread on your head.

While female hair loss is commonly associated with age and genetics, other reasons could be responsible for this. The reasons listed below are the results of reviews shared by women on They are scientifically proven. However, if you are looking at improving your hair growth through various scalp and hair routines, perhaps you check

Mark Birch Hair Loss reviews

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Your Guide To Finding The Best Hair Salon In Singapore

The best hair salon for you is one that has the best hairdresser or stylist that you find most suitable for you. It would also be best for those who have a similar mindset, taste, and style like yours. Therefore when choosing a new hair salon that should be best for you, it is better to refer to Singapore hair salon reviews that provide valuable insights. Styling your hair with a know hairstylist is always easy because you know each other, and the hairstylist is aware of your likes and dislikes, which makes their job easy, and you too feel happy. But when you look for a new hair salon for whatever reason, it is like starting from scratch that involves some diligent evaluation of the salon to determine its suitability for you. 

Looking for a new hairstylist in a new hair salon can be a daunting task because you cannot take chances with your hair and have a trial. Once the hairdresser chops your hair, you cannot exercise your options anymore. However, shed your fears and follow the advice given in this article to make it easy for you to

find a new salon

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What are the Basic Overviews That You Should have Before Going for Micro Scalp Pigmentation?

micro scalp pigmentation1

Scalp micro pigmentation is a similar process to microblading, but it is only for scalps. Scalp micro pigmentation essentially helps you generate an illusion of having more volume in your hair. Specialists do Micropigmentation with electric tattoo devices instead of a manual blade as in microblading. Micropigmentation requires more power to penetrate the skin because the skin on the scalp is quite thick. This article will address other such crucial information on scalp micro-pigmentation. 

Who benefits from scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation uses small layered dots in black to create the illusion of a shadow in the scalp. This style is known as pointillism and can make the hair appear more voluminous. Skilled practitioners of this procedure can make the dots appear like the original hair follicle. It will allow the dot to blend in easily with your skin tone also. 

Scalp micro pigmentation can be beneficial for people who are suffering from hair loss. People who have cancer, alopecia, balding and thin hair patterns can also avail of it. The process will give hope and mental satisfaction to such people when they see their hair looking fuller than before. 

What is the process of scalp micropigmentation?

A good practitioner applies numbing agent on the scalp to reduce all discomfort. However, there may be some pain, although it will mainly depend on your tolerance levels. 

If you have scalp acne, it is best to avoid scalp micropigmentation because it can be challenging to put the pigment on the acne-ridden spots. You should also avoid the procedure if you have keloids. 

However, a skilled scalp micropigmentation artist can work wonders on your head. He will make a thorough review of your skin condition and make the best suggestions. You will know from before what issues you should expect and prepare yourself accordingly. 

Some general guidelines that patients should follow:

You will need to have a shower before the treatment process. You should not wash your hair or wet the scalp for at least five days after the appointment. 

Your treatment will likely last from four to five hours. The time will be largely dependent on how much your scalp requires pigmentation. If it is restricted to a smaller spot, then you will have a shorter treatment. You will have to follow periodic treatments. 

Before starting the treatment, you will need to stop swimming, steaming, and taking hot showers. After the treatment, you should not expose your scalp to sun rays for about four days. Wear a hat when you go outside. Exposure to sun rays can destroy the pigments. 

You can search on the internet for

Chris Herrera scalp micropigmentation

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Modern Devices for Hair Care: How to Choose the Right One

Choosing effective and reliable devices for hair care is not an easy task. Most young ladies are often feeling lost in the huge amount of various appliances for hair care. If you don’t know which devices will be good for you, we are here to help. Discover the hottest tips on how to choose the most suitable appliances to make your hair look amazing.

Before You Start Shopping

There is nothing new that choosing any device is an incredibly time-consuming process. You need to find out the best brands, pick up reliable models, compare the prices, and select a shop where you will make a purchase. But what if you lack the free time to choose the device for hair care?

Many students face this issue. Fortunately, there is a great way to save time! You can start using a trustworthy academic writing solution to get all your assignments done within the shortest terms. In other words, you can pay someone to do homework. It is easy to hire an

essay writer online

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Top Solutions to Effectively Deal with Your Hair Loss


A moderate amount of hair fall is a natural occurrence and doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with your health. Every healthy person can expect to shed about 100 hair strands per day. However, if your hair loss starts exceeding this limit it might indicate a serious problem and deserves some attention. You should keep in mind that hair loss is a common side effect of aging, so you don’t need to worry a lot about this. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your hair loss reduces over time. Plus, you could also try solutions to improve hair growth and consider other alternatives.

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a natural result of aging or can occur due to other medical conditions. Typically, men start losing hair much earlier than women. About 50% of men at age 40 experience rapid hair loss that can lead to baldness if not treated. Whereas women experience maximum hair loss at about 70 years of age. If your hair loss is sudden and not due to the aging factor, it can be because of one of the following reasons:

  • A side effect of certain medications.
  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, or thyroid problems.
  • Stress and tension.
  • Rough grooming practices
  • Excess use of heat products, such as straighter, curler, hair-dryer, etc.
  • Dietary deficiencies.
  • Radiation treatments

To solve excess hair loss problems, here are the top solutions for you:

1. Organize Your Diet

Your eating habits directly affect the health of your hair. Eating a healthy breakfast can play a significant part in your hair growth. A proper diet can prevent excessive hair loss and even affect hair growth. There are certain fruits and vegetables that can get your hair back to its original healthy state. The components your hair needs  to efficiently grow are:

  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Vitamins

A suitable supply of iron is required for your body to produce healthy nutrients for your hair follicles, if not provided it can lead to excessive hair growth. Therefore, to make sure an appropriate amount of iron is provided make sure to eat proper food products. Red meat, fish, kale, chicken, broccoli, and spinach are examples of food containing a sufficient amount of iron. Protein is essential for the growth of your hair, so be sure you consume enough protein-rich food.

Moreover, vitamin B (Biotin) is essential for healthy hair growth. Whole grains are a good source of vitamin B. Plus, zinc has a really good effect on hair growth. So, try to maintain a healthy diet that encompasses all these required nutrients.

2. Try Natural Hair Treatments

Natural remedies are the best options to improve the state of your hair. Whether you want to stop the loss of hair or promote hair growth, here are some natural hair treatments you can try:

  • Massage

Massaging your scalp with proper essential oils can prove to be extremely effective in increasing the thickness of your hair. It is also considered to act as a stress reliever and hence reduces hair loss. The proper stretching action during a massage is meant to improve thickness in dermal papilla cells.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered to be the best natural solution to increase hair growth. It soothes your scalp and promotes the healthy growth of hair. Moreover, it is effective in reducing the presence of dandruff and is effective in removing any blockage in your hair follicles, thus improving the chances of hair growth. You can apply it directly to your hair, or mix it in with your  shampoo or conditioner.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to improve the health of your hair. It consists of fatty acids that reduce protein loss and hence promote hair growth. Moreover, it is also well known to improve the luster of your hair.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng supplements help in stimulating hair follicles and promote hair growth. However, consult a specialist before consuming these supplements as excess can have a bad effect on your health.

  • Onion Juice

Onion juice has been proven to promote hair growth. That is if you can bear the pungent smell of onion juice, which is the only downside to this solution. Other than that, onion juice has tons of benefits. In addition to improving circulation and hence promoting hair growth, it also imparts a rich color to your hair.

  • Lemon

Lemon juice is also used to enhance hair growth. It helps you maintain a smooth and healthy scalp. Depending on your preference, you can use lemon juice directly on your hair or add it to some essential oils.

3. Get A Hair Transplant

Another solution to deal with the loss of excessive hair is getting a hair transplant. Although hair transplants are rumored to be risky, it couldn’t be more untrue. If you’re looking to get a hair transplant in Brisbane, there are many

Brisbane hair transplant providers

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How to Become a Successful Hairdresser


Becoming a professional hairdresser is not easy. You need to have brilliant skills, advanced knowledge, and expertise in the chosen field. How to become a successful hairdresser within the shortest terms? How to attract more clients? In this post, you will find the answers to these questions.

Start With Learning

To become a true pro in hairdressing, it is vital to get as much information about it as you can. Therefore, education is a key to your success. You need to understand the basic styling concepts and improve your theoretical knowledge in the related fields. For example, you need to understand the differences between hair types, coloring principles, and some beauty secrets.

Training is also an essential part of becoming an expert hair stylist. It is necessary to master your skills on dummies before you start working with real people. Moreover, many industry influencers believe that it is also good to understand the operating and administration principles of a common beauty salon.

But what if you are learning tons of different subjects that are not related to hairdressing at college? Is there any chance not to write tons of essays but focus on practice? Sure! You can start using an academic writing solution and get all your academic assignments done in no time. By the way, don’t forget to read the reviews of using various writing services at to pick up the most reliable one. For example, you can discover some fresh

write my paper for me reviews

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How to Fix Hair Clippers that won’t cut?

A hair clipper is an essential tool in a barber’s kit. However, it is not only a barber who keeps hair clippers. Many beauty salons and hair parlors are equipped with hair clippers and trimmers for styling and cutting hair, even parents will buy the best hair clippers for kids. Besides that, many people like to keep hair clippers for their personal use as well. It’s better to have a personal clipper that has only touched your hair and no one else’s.

Hair clippers can be very beneficial. They help you get rid of huge chunks of hair quickly without having to put it in much effort or time. They do not pose any harm or injury to your head or other body parts while using. You can always use a trimmer to sharpen and create edges after you’re done using a clipper.

But you won’t be able to do that with a clogged clipper that just won’t work. What causes this? How can you fix your hair clipper so that it stops pulling your hair and instead starts cutting it off?

Yes, you can fix a hair clipper instead of throwing it away, along with all the money that you spent on buying it. That’s why we’ve brought you the perfect guide to fix your hair clippers and have them working as good as new.

Before moving on to how you can fix your hair clipper, let us just mention that throwing away your clipper blades is a dangerous thing to do. Please do not do that; blades can be recycled even if they are useless to you.

You need to check a few things if your clipper isn’t working.

1. The Teeth:

You will first check your clipper’s teeth to see if they’re still in the right place and still straight. If any of the teeth are missing, you might want to invest in another blade.

2. Oil the blades:

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Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

If you have balding hair on your head or you have started losing hair gradually, then you might be the right candidate for hair transplant procedures. It could also be that you want more facial hair, like the beards or eyebrows, or probably you are too concerned about your receding hairline. In either or all of these cases, you might want to try hair restoration, a procedure that, someone like a San Francisco hair transplant doctor, can perform on you efficiently.


If you have ever had a thinning hair or balding problem, you should know what hair transplantation is. Ideally, this is a cosmetic procedure that a surgeon can carry out on an individual with a bothering hair loss problem to add some more hair over their scalp’s thinning or balding areas. The surgeon usually harvests some hair strands from a hair loss-resistant and hair-rich donor area and then plants it on the scalp’s recipient or affected area. The hair grafts can be harvested from any part of the body, including the beard and scalp.

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Vitamins and Supplements that Help Your Hair Grow


Having healthy hair is a sign of beauty from other people’s points of view. Hair does contribute to one’s beauty. For your hair to be healthy and have better growth, it needs a range of nutrients. A lot of nutritional deficiencies are related to hair loss. While factors such as age, genetics, and hormones also affect hair growth, optimal nutrient intake is critical. 

Hair growth supplements help anyone experiencing hair loss, hair thinning, or those who want thicker or longer hair. Here are the most effective supplements you can use to improve your hair growth. Also, read some supplements company reviews on  to make sure it has been truly effective on other users. 


Nutrafol is essential for hair growth. Nutrafol uses highly intense botanicals to hand each stage of the hair growth cycle. When you use Nutrafol, it has the advantage to your hair; it has excellent studies to support its efficacy. Researchers have also stated that using Nutrafol will increase hair density after three months of use. 

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Remy Hair: The new “Hair-World” Order


In case you’re not a hairstylist, it’s conceivable that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the genuine distinction between these terms; Remy hair and human hair, and regardless of whether you are, all things considered, it’s similarly as hard to determine what these terms mean when you’re attempting to locate a quality hair extension product. Set forth, these terms are intended to show a specific degree of quality in the hair, Remy hair or human hair, that is being sold. Shoppers need to know that the hair they’re purchasing will be durable, extraordinary looking, and dynamically natural.

Remy hair: an unregretful investment

All things considered, Remy hair extensions are often an incredible investment for the hairstylist and the customers, both. These terms are pieces to the same riddle of quality; however, understanding what they mean and how to tell is incredibly significant. We should plunge in a little bit.

What Is Remy Hair?

If you’re an online hair shopping freak, you definitely must have heard about ‘remy hair’. What makes Remy hair so unique is that it’s 100% real high-quality hair, aligned in the same direction, human hair. All Remy hair cuticles go in one direction in which they grow and are kept untouched, which makes the hair appear shinier and does not let them get tangled or matted! If the hair is not collected in this way, it is prone to get tangled and damaged quickly. Who wouldn’t want to have tangle-free hair, right?

How is Remy hair made?

Remy hair is usually shaved or cut hair right from the scalp, in the same specific direction. Another bonus point is that as it is natural human hair, it can be cut, washed and dyed without any damage too!

Remy hair is the most top grade of actual, human hair that is a favoured choice for hair hairpieces, wigs, and extensions since it gets the most natural look.

Remy hair extensions are by a wide margin the best grade of the clip-in hair extensions available in the market on account of the care and protection that is required, the time that is taken to sort the hair so carefully, and the higher quality of the hair that is used.

What Is Human Hair?

Human hair is made out of broken hair collected from the floor or hairbrushes usually. Their cuticles are not aligned. Human hair extensions are sometimes even processed with acid to remove the cuticles, making the quality of hair much lower than Remy hair. This is what makes them less pricey and readily available as compared to Remy hair! The cuticle’s removal causes fragility and dryness; thus, it is generally of a lower quality than Remy hair and will tangle.

Why human hair is a no-no?

Human hair uses hefty silicone layer to make the hair smooth and delicate. In any case, the silicone layer will smell and fall off after certain washes; and the hair will get fragile and messy. Also, human hair is nor reusable because of the tangles.

High-quality human hair will last a reasonable time length, but for that, special care is needed. If low-quality human hair is bought, even more care is required as it might have been blended in with animal or synthetic hair on the grounds that again this industry is not regulated.

Which One Is Better: Remy hair or human hair?

It is said that all Remy hair is human hair, but not all human hair is Remy hair. I know it sounds more like Newton’s fourth law! Remy’s hair is the better form of human hair as it has the cuticles aligned in one, a natural direction which makes your hair look much softer and shinier.

Advantages of Remy hair

As Remy hair does not get tangled like human hair, it is a lot more manageable and looks prettier! Also, it saves you from the tedious experience of brushing and detangling your hair wigs every single day! Remy hair extensions are more prevalent in the market as they are much more durable and better looking. It gives you a very uninformed and sleek look!

Why is Remy hair better?

After the hair has been gathered, they can experience a process before it can be offered to customers. For human hair, since it has been picked randomly, the cuticles are in all various ways. To handle this issue, human hair has to bathe in acid. This has the impact of eliminating the whole cuticle skin from the hair. Then it is processed chemically by dunking it into the silicone.

On the other hand, Remy hair experiences significantly less processing to save its natural beautiful look and quality. The entirety of the cuticle stays flawless and untouched because of how they have been gathered. There is no requirement for any bathing in acid or harsh and risky processes to be utilized on natural hair; it is beautiful for the way it is! Remy hair is always a winner when it comes to comparison with human hair.

Instructions for Remy hair use

There are only two basic instructions to follow to give your Remy hair extensions long and ‘silky’ life, and those are,

  • Always use a good comb or brush while brushing your Remy hair to prevent straining the cuticle and keeping it healthy.
  • Have a good wig care routine. Use the best quality hair products.

Top 3 Best Remy Hair Weave

Because of the fantastic quality of Remy hair, even though it’s a bit expensive than human hair but lasts much longer, so it’s worth every single penny spent on it!

Now that you know everything about Remy hair, below is the top 3 best Remy hair weaves and the best part? They are on sale!

Deep Wave Malaysian Remy Hair 4 Bundles

Click here: Coffy Hair 4 Bundles of Deep Wave Human Remy Hair Weaves Gorgeous Malaysian Hair

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3 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair in No Time


This article has easy suggestions to accelerate your hair growth and improve its condition without investing too much time or money.

To start things off, take a better care of your diet and make sure that you get plenty of sleep. Always remember to pamper yourself a bit with a nice head massage. This is not only relaxing, but it is quite beneficial too, as it helps improve blood circulation. Finally, make a habit out of using a hairs mask every four weeks. This will keep your strands hydrated and luscious.

Scroll through the post to learn more about these three amazing tips on how to grow your hair in no time!

1. Food and Sleep

We know it sounds rather basic, but it is actually true. If you give your body the right nutrients and care regime, this will show on your skin, hair, and nails. Your whole body will emanate vigour. Taking care of what you eat and getting enough hours of sleep every night will start showing results in no time.

And despite how blunt it sounds, it is not such an easy thing to accomplish. It takes some mental effort to avoid unhealthy treats when you go out. Also, you should set aside more time and cook instead of ordering something whenever you feel hungry. While, this does not guarantee that you will instantly gain inches in hair length, it will surely help you stop losing hair.

Hair loss is linked to stress, so adopting a healthier lifestyle will improve that. You could also try out some relaxation techniques. Give yoga a try, you might even like it. Or at the very least, practice some

easy breathing techniques for stress relief

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How To Use Clarifying Shampoo

Does your hair feel dull, or do you think sebum and hair products are building up on the hair strands? Your hair might need some deep cleaning, and clarifying shampoo will do the job. 

Clarifying shampoos are made to restore healthy hair and eliminate sebum and product build-up using naturally derived active ingredients formulated to remove the residue of styling products and keep the scalp clean and refreshed.

 Clarifying Shampoo Vs. Regular Shampoo

Unlike regular shampoo, clarifying shampoos are made of active ingredients, which are mainly surfactants. These are cleansing agents that target the hair’s surface to get rid of product residue, grease, and other impurities.

Here are some of the common surfactants found in clarifying shampoo and their uses:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate: Cleans the hair by helping water mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed away. 
  • Cetrimonium Chloride and Cetrimonium Bromide: Also help cleanse the hair and prevent odor by destroying or inhibiting microorganisms’ growth. 
  • Ethoxylated Alcohols Cleansing Agents: Cleans the hair by helping water mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed away; have a milder cleansing effect.          

 Are Clarifying Shampoos Safe? 

With these active ingredients in the shampoo, you might inquire about its safety. As with anything in life, too much of something could be bad for you. Using this shampoo more than twice a week may cause frizz and dryness. Too many surfactants might strip away the natural oil and moisture in the hair, leaving it dull and lifeless. To

reset your hair with a clarifying shampoo

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Expert Tips for Taking Care of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions2

=&0=&If you’re frustrated with the way your hair looks and you want a makeover, a great way to make it look good without waiting an eternity to grow it out is to use hair extensions. A quick session at the hair salon will give you a natural look and a secure fit if you choose a professional that uses natural, high-quality hair extensions. Afterward, you’ll need to take care of your new hair extensions to maintain their natural look for months, so the effort you put into it should be consistent and follow an expert’s voices on the subject. In no particular order, we share some expert tips for taking care of hair extensions.

Don’t Over Wash Them

It may be tempting to wash your hair often to keep it clean from dirt and other impurities that may stick to it through the day. But hair extensions should only be washed twice a week since they aren’t connected to the scalp, and therefore they don’t get as greasy or oily as your natural hair would do in similar conditions.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose different types of hair extensions with your hairstylist. If you go for tape-in or glued-in hair extension, you’ll need to wait between 24 and 48 hours before your first wash. Anything before that will risk losing the glue or tape’s adherence to the scalp. Once you start showering, you’ll have to take extra care into gently scrubbing the shampoo to clean the braids holding your hair extensions correctly. You should also only wash your hair in an upright position to avoid entangling the hair extensions. Experts also advise using a swim cap whenever you swim at a pool or the beach since salt and chlorine can also harm your extensions and diminish their glow. 

Brush And Oil Your Hair Extensions Properly

Having hair extensions will require you to keep an eye out for any signs of tangling or damaged hair. Brushing is crucial to keep your new hair looking impeccable, and using the right brush will significantly impact their care. Always start from the bottom, and move upwards with gentle brushing without pulling your extension as it may damage the braids and even your natural hair. Take your time and repeat the process at least twice a day.

Experts do not advise using a moisturizing shampoo or any hair products that contain sulfates when using hair extensions since they can interfere with the adhesive’s effectiveness. But you will need to apply oils at least once a week from the middle to the tips to provide shine, gloss and reduce brittleness to the extensions.

Another important detail: avoid hair dryers at all costs. Always prefer using a dry towel around your hair to absorb the water and letting it dry by itself. But if you’re in a hurry, use the hairdryer in a straight position while keeping the air away from the braids, and always use a heat protection spray.

Don’t Forget About Professional Maintenance

Even if you’ve stuck to your hair care routine religiously, you will need to return to a hair professional once your hair extension’s expiration date arrives. If you’re using synthetic hair extensions, these will last less than the ones manufactured with human hair: their average lifespan won’t go beyond two months in contrast with the average 3 to 6 months from human hair extensions. But you will still need to check with your stylist every 6 or 8 weeks to switch the adhesive components as required to avoid damages to your natural hair and prevent any accidents with your hair extensions.

When you’re sitting at the hair salon, the professional will evaluate your hair and the amount of hair extensions you’ll need to achieve your desired results again. If you need to start from scratch, the hair professionals at

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How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Take Care of Your Hair Extensions2

Fashion and beauty have always been a part of the human experience. Ever since we’ve been able to record history, we’ve supported colors, dresses, various tools, and anything that makes us look and feel wonderful. One of the most popular beauty accessories on the market today is hair extensions. It’s not hard to see what all the hubbub is about. There’s an infinite array of styles, colors, textures, and lengths that you can add on. The whole point of hair extensions is to give what you already have a good boost—and why not? They’re fun, versatile, and readily available. But what about care? There’s not much on the market in terms of care products for extensions. Sure, there are a few. But in terms of the greater scope, there aren’t that many. 

Care and upkeep are essential to anything you wish to keep fresh. This is especially true with beauty products. You need to have a solid routine to make sure that your investment is kept sound. Hair extensions, like anything, need to be cared for and maintained. If you’re new to hair extension or have upgraded to something top-notch, here’s a solid set of principles to keep them looking great and flowing right. 

How Long Do They Last? 

Every product has a shelf life. It doesn’t matter what it is, there comes a time where everything loses its ability to function properly. The same goes for hair extension. So how long would a set of hair extensions last you? Well, upon application, you’re looking at a few different ranges. According to Eve Hair Extensions, the higher quality products can last you up to a year or a little longer. Let’s push it to a year and three months as a ballpark figure. For the casual inserts—the ones for a party or a weekend out, they can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on what you’re doing and the activities you subject it to. Spending a weekend at a Vegas pool party is going to do more damage to hair extensions than not. On the flip side, if you care for them properly, you’ll bump into fewer issues. It’s as simple as that.

The Right Care 

So what kind of products are available in the market for hair extension care? The big thing is making sure that the extension doesn’t get all bunched up or tangled up. They’re supposed to stay soft and like your real hair. So to ensure this, there are a few ingredients you should avoid like alcohol-based products and sodium lauryl sulfate. These are infamous for trying out hair and making them coarse to the touch. That’s the same kind of effect they’re going to have on hair extensions. Your primary go-to for care are hair products that are free of both alcohols (including propyl, propanol, and isopropyl) and sulfates. Sulfates are responsible for that thick lather in shampoo. It’s how you “know” you are evenly spreading the product in the shower. Products that are free of sulfates don’t produce that satisfying lather. But in return, they keep the lifespan of both your hair and your extensions healthy. They also clean just a well as any sulfate-based shampoo. 

Beware of Styling Products 

It’s a good idea to avoid gels and wax altogether when you have extensions. You run the risk of having them clogged up and stuck together. Since hair extensions have the same texture and properties of your natural hair—but not the active metabolic compensation, it might not react the same as your hair. So the chances of having your extensions clogged and stuck are slightly greater. Not to mention, the way we wash our hair is very routine. It’s muscle memory that washes our hair. With extensions, you’re going to have to be cognizant of what you have going on in there and thoroughly include them in your wash routine. Another point is that the use of products like wax and gel means you’ll have to wash your hair more often. Sure, sulfate-free products and alcohol-free products are great. But the amount of times you wash your hair, regardless of the product, is also a factor. Washing more often will surely dry it out a bit more than you would want. In turn, it will dry out your hair and extensions. 

Brushing Technique 

Now that we’ve broken down products, let’s talk about how to brush your hair with extensions. Yes, there is a proper technique. You can’t be as rough with it as you are with your natural hair. So when you brush it, keep in mind the lifespan and the slight texture differences. So the first thing you’re going to do is bunch up that portion of your hair that you

want to brush

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