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How to Create Beach Waves with a Flat Iron?

When you think of a hairstyle, the most famous one is beach waves. It is a versatile, subtle hairstyle that looks flattering on every woman. Beach waves give a very natural look to your face and give a great texture to it as well. You can have a look of your own with Beach waves. The soft waves falling down your shoulders will go perfectly with every outfit. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you do not have to spend hundreds of bucks at the salon to get Beachy waves. Also, if you do not have curling iron at home, you don’t have to worry. Get your flat iron, and with some simple steps, you can achieve salon-style beach waves at home and flaunt it as much as you want.

Gather Your Tools:

Here are a few things which you need to keep handy before you start making those beach waves.

  • A good flat iron
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Dry shampoo
  • Section clips
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Serum

Add Texture

We all want our hair to look like off- the runway curls. Adding dimension and texture to your hair gives an extra vibrancy and volume to it. You can achieve it at your home with a flat iron. Texture helps in defining the pattern in your hair when you curl it. Use a dry shampoo if you are in a hurry and want dirt free hair.

You can also blow dry your hair to add extra curl and texture.

Section and Spritz

  • Brush your hair thoroughly so that it is not messy or tangled up. Using a flat iron on tangled hair can break down your hair and cause serious damage to your hair. Brush it up and then section your hair from the middle and use a section clip to hold those two parts separately. Spray the heat protectant hair spray all over your hair before using a flat iron. as it will save your hair from getting burned or damaged due to the excess heat.

Iron Time

Take one section of the separated hair and insert one inch of your hair between your flat iron. Hold your hair horizontally and press down the flat iron while creating a backward, forward movement all the way down. To add soft texture, bend your wrist backward while holding the end of your curls. This quick hack will save you some time, and it is effortless.

Create “S” Waves

To get the ultimate soft beach waves while using the flat iron make a pattern of “S”. Take some of your hair between the flat iron, while moving down, make a bend to and fro to make an “S” shape, and provide more heat to the curve with the iron. Do the same at the tip of the hair as well. This will give the perfect “S” shape and soft beach curves. Do it to the rest of the hair, and you will get a natural-looking finish.

Twirl and Pull

To define your curls, you can also try the Twirl and pull method, which is an easier way to get the perfect beach waves for your hair.

  • Insert half an inch or one-inch hair between your flat iron and move down while pulling away from your face and then turn to make the first bend. Then slide it down a little bit and repeat the process till you reach the ends.
  • Once you are done with it, do it to the rest of your hair.
  • Lastly, use a serum to make those curls smooth and run your fingers through them to give it a better look.

Twist away from Your Face

Another way to get cute beach waves is through Twisting your air and using a flat iron. This method is easier for people who got long hair. This method will add bounce to your hair.

  • Brush your hair properly and detangle them. Then use a heat protectant spray before using the flat iron.
  • Take a small inch of your hair near to the nape of your neck and clamp it between the flat iron.
  • Twist your hair, wrapping on the flat iron so that it flows over the iron and not under it and then slowly pull it down till the end of your hair. It will leave you with soft, defined curls.
  • Remember to do it in one motion to the rest of the hair, or else you will get crimps.


How to Create Beach Waves with a Flat Iron

To give a finishing touch to your curls, always use a Hair Mist as it will hold on to your curves and will not lose its shape. Apply a small amount of serum on to your hair to add shine and softness.

It is easy to get those perfect beach waves which you have always wanted with the above-mentioned methods. You do not need much knowledge about hair or experience. All you need is a flat iron, and you are good to go. So curl your hair and make the world your runway.