How to Blow Dry Hair – A Step by Step Tutorial

Having good hair changes the look a lot. Especially after a blow-dry at the parlor, the hair gets a new life. It is as if you are ready to walk the ramp. The aura changes, and you feel so much better. The gorgeous bounce that one gets is incomparable. Nothing can surpass the elated excitement of walking out of the parlor with supremely smooth, radiant, and shiny hair. You know you look ten times more beautiful than normal times and it sure is a confidence booster. However, it is often seen that when one tries to do the same at home, the results are nowhere close. So here is a step by step guide for you to follow. While blow-drying there are some rules that you should follow. This will help you to not only get that perfect salon finish professional blow-dried look but also avoid damage while drying which many don’t understand. Also knowing and implementing the proper technique will help your hair get off from problems like drying, fizzyness and other such things which are common issues that crop up due to lack of knowledge.

How to Blow Dry Hair – A Step by Step Tutorial

Preparing Your Hair

How to Blow Dry Hair

Wash your hair with a good herbal shampoo. Make sure you rinse well such that no residue is there. If you don’t wash properly, then the shampoo that is stuck in the hair will make hair not only heavy but the residue can cause harm to the scalp area as well. So wash thoroughly. Thereafter take towel dry the hair to a considerable amount. Be gentle while drying hair through the towel. So before blow-drying the hair, prepare the hair.

Get the Right Hair Dryer

How to Blow Dry Hair

Always be certain that you have a dryer, which is of excellent quality. A good hairdryer will have great power, many heat controls, ionic technology, and a cool shot with it. The blow-dryer you choose should at least be of 1500 watts. If it is of 1800 even better. If you aim to soften your rough hair and make it very smooth then, see for a blow dryer that comes with tourmaline and ceramic technology. Tourmaline is an excellent ore that promotes soft hair by protecting the cuticle and maintaining hydration. Thus such mineral technology fights frizzy hair problem and at the same time, it helps your hair to be smooth as well. Ceramic technology maintains the heat control part of your blow dryer so it disperses the temperature in an even manner. If you have really thin hair, then choosing a titanium dryer would be a wise decision. The temperature from a titanium blow dryer renders uniform, constant heat. However, if your hair is much damaged, avoid using this hairdryer. It leads to being a bit hot. Nonetheless, if you have remarkably dense hair or voluminous hair, a titanium blow dryer can indeed help lessen the time taken for your drying.

Start the Process of the Blow Dry

How to Blow Dry Hair

Begin blowing on either side from the back of the hair. This you can do by taking the hairdryer in a manner such that the heated nozzle of the dryer faces below, and the handle is up. That holds the dryer upside down. Your goal is to focus on the mocks of the lower sections.

Make Sure to Change the Direction while Blow Drying your Hair

Meanwhile, if the lower part hair starts to feel a bit dry, reverse the course of the dryer such that its nozzle is bearing a downward direction. Start blowing from the top and slowly move to the lower sections. Replicate this process of changing direction again on either side until the top part of the hair is completely dry. After this drying session, combs your hair a bit. While combing, do it very lightly as being harsh will lead to tearing as the hair is still wet and hence weak.

Repeat the Steps

By taking the blow dryer’s holder upwards and the nozzle down, repeat the above step with the parts that are left undone. Try to dry the wet roots first by aiming at them. While doing this, keep at a distance and shift the heat temperature to a medium level. However, make sure not to keep the heat in one single direction. Keep on changing the direction. Now repeat the same style but this time by taking the blow dryer’s holder downwards and the nozzle upwards.

End Styling Your Hair

How to Blow Dry Hair

After you have completed the process of drying by changing direction, and as stated above, the drying session is now over. Your hair will have a bounce by now and you can use the com to give it the smoothness. Wondering how to smoothen the dried hair? Read below.

It is time to smooth your hair

Take a broad comb that has a wide tooth. You can also take paddle brushes. Comb your hair thoroughly but make sure before that it is completely dry. While combing, you can apply the detangling serum on the hair. This will make the hair more free and smooth and shiny.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid while Blow Drying your Hair

1. Not Sectioning Your Hair

Blow-drying your hair can indeed be a challenging chore. However, an easy tip can adjust and solve the problem. Part your hair in sections and then blow dry part by part in an organized manner. Begin combing your hair and eliminate any knots, then break it into shorter segments to improve the drying process completely and very easily. You can also use hair clutches to part the segments skillfully and bypass any disorder or tangle. This synchronized way of drying hair allows us to evenly dry every section and also a very easy method to focus on all.

2. Choosing the Wrong Brush

Blow-dry Hairbrush performs a vital part in hair styling. Bypass using dense metal brushes as they manage to warm up quickly, and you might reach the big danger of over-heating the brush itself, burning or over-drying your hair, which will result in bad hair. So, pick a conventional hairbrush, which is completely vented and ideally matches the requirements of your hair. It is an excellent concept to get brushes with broad spaces in between the brush teeth as that assists in the effortless way of detangling. It is also necessary to be certain that you keep your hairbrush in a straight way and blow dry in a horizontal way as it presents a clear and straightforward ascent to the hair rather than giving it a very flat appearance. Next, blow your hair gently.

3. Avoid When Hair is too Wet

How to Blow Dry Hair

Many people tend to dry hair when it is very wet. Now, this mistake is something that the majority of people commit. Many a time, people are on a hurry and start to dry as soon as they come out of the washroom. However, on the contrary, this process might take a long time. If you towel dry your hair and thereafter it has soaked up the excess water, you can blow dry it. This is advised because wet hair is very susceptible to breakage as they are weak so first dry it a bit and then blow-dry.

4. Heat Setting is too High

The heat setting of any blow-drier is very important. Many people dry their hair with a blow drier thinking that it will be fast and keep the heat temperature too high. It is suggested to begin blow-drying with the low to medium heat setting and slowly raise the heat moderately as you move the blower from the roots to the tips. Never apply too much heat on the roots. Excessive heat can damage the delicate cuticles and cause over-drying at times as well. It is best if you could keep the hat set at the medium rate throughout the blow-drying process. If this isn’t possible, you can do as stated above, going from low then to high.

5. Holding the Blow Dryer in One Place

Many people make the mistake of holding the blower constant at one particular place. The constant heat can damage your hair very badly. It is advisable thus to constantly change direction while drying the hair through a blow dryer. Also, hold the dryer from a distance. Holding it too close might make your hair look and feel very brittle.


Happy hair days are the ones where you have healthy, smooth, shiny, and bouncy hair. Blow dryers can give us such a happy hair day. All you require to do is just follow the above-mentioned step by step guide on how to blow-dry the hair professionally. Also, as stated above, do try and avoid the common mistake while drying your hair. If you consciously make changes in your care regimen, then definitely you will be the owner of hair that deserves to be flaunted.

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