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21 Cyberpunk Haircuts for Bold and Beautiful Divas

The avant-garde and revolutionary hairstyle are what youth demands and seeks in today’s world. Punk hairstyles are more than a style statement for youngsters.

Punk hairstyles are adventurous, fearless and dauntless styles that need the real you to carry this style off with utmost confidence and grace.

Punk hair style is almost in existence from more than 50 years and gives an entirely different and unique look to the personality. It will make you unique and different and boost your confidence to live a carefree and frolicsome life.


21 Cyberpunk Haircuts for Bold and Beautiful Divas

Curvy Cut with Smooth Top Cap

Cyberpunk Haircut

This style is actually looking classic and very interesting as it includes multi color shades that are placed so nicely. To achieve this hairstyle, you must have that luster in your hair with a smooth finish and fair density.

The style in itself portrays such an artistic approach. The overall hairstyle look likes a whole canvas. This punk hairstyle is a blend of both boldness’s as well as elegance.

This style is apt for big events, professional look, and social events. It can be best paired with elegant formal clothes with a touch of sharp eyeliner and juicy glossy lipstick.


Funky Pineapple Mohawk

Cyberpunk Haircut

This hairstyle is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. The bold girls who have a fashionable approach and carefree attitude should go for this style. This style is the ultimate chic and sassy one.

Mohawk is the symbol of culture and exists for many years. This is the most iconic and classic hairstyle that is loved and styled by many celebrities. It is forever in the fashion world and has its own existence.

In this style, you can see the hair only on the top and the surrounding area is razoed. The top area is cut asymmetrically to create the pineapple Mohawk look. Every streak is scattered in a way it is wanted to be.


Undercut Disconnected Black Mohawk

Cyberpunk Haircut

The super gallant and bold hairstyle to give you a fierce look and make you look like a bombshell. In this style, you can see the hair is bladed from the sides, and top hair is left long with some wavy curls.

It gives the appearance as if one side is light and shaved and one side with long curly hair. The style looks chic and funkier if paired with studs and piercings. It gives a hippie touch to your style statement and can grab anyone’s attention quickly.


Vibrant Green Cyberpunk with Bald Back

Cyberpunk Haircut

The different, distinctive and matchless cyberpunk hair cut with multi shades of vibrant green color is exclusive and ultra modern.

This hairstyle is not at all sober, to carry it off gracefully you need a whole lot courage and high confidence. To attain the same haircut, you need silky hair with a smooth finish and fair density.

The hair cut is very defining and detailed. It makes your features look sharp and eye catchy as the hair is cut in a way to frame and highlight the face.


Sultry Silver Long Streaked Punk with Razor Black

Cyberpunk Haircut

Very creative, cute and funky look that you can cherish and enjoy every moment with. The two-tone hair color with little burgundy touch looks awesome and complimenting the hairstyle aptly.

In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is cut very short with a hat appearance. The long silver streaks are falling over the ears with a sharp hair strand.

The razored hair is colored white to contrast the style and look different. This is a sassy and chic look that gives you a bold statement.


Short Purple and Mustard-Hued Wavy Punk Hair Cut

Cyberpunk Haircut

The hair is kept fairly short in this style as this is the requirement to fix and place the hair adequately. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair and makes it look dense and bouncy.

With the help of gel, the hair is set and waved nicely. The multi-color hue with unusual combination looks tremendous and complimenting the hairstyle perfectly.

This is definitely a bold and futuristic fashion to follow and is most suitable for youngsters. This is an artistic hairdo that you can go for to show your inner art and fashion sense.


Electric Cyan and Black Asymmetric Cyberpunk Hair Cut

Cyberpunk Haircut

The electric blue color is actually looking electrifying in contrast with jet black hair. To attain this hairstyle, you must have extremely straight and smooth textured hair.

In this style, the hair is cut differently and unevenly from all around. The two strands on both sides are kept long and sharply cut.

The front fringes are decorated beautifully by placing cyan colored hair perfectly at the front bangs, and black hair strands are kept longer to give the style a hide and seek touch and create little suspense in your style.


Cottony Snow White Cyber Punk with a Touch of Navy Blue-Hued Hair

Cyberpunk Haircut

The Bold, progressive and tough Barbie doll look to create a difference in the world of hair styling. This hair style indicates both a soft look with dauntless styling.

In this style, you can see, all of the hair has put forward keeping the little of the back hair navy blue to bring some contrast in style.

The hair cut frames the face and gives the style a dense and voluminous look with a soft cottony texture. This style is best suitable for celebrities or performers who are going to face lots of audiences as this style is very eye catchy and attention grabber.


Lively Punk Cut with Side Hair Razored Up

Cyberpunk Haircut

If you are blessed with pure white colored snow textured hair, then you should at least once try this type of hairstyle. The hair is kept reasonably shorter. The side top hair is colored slightly yellow and followed by cyan green hue.

This is a cute girly hairstyle and apt for young girls who like to flaunt their girly side and look, funky carefree girl. The pair of studs and cool piercing looks great with this style and compliment the look.


The Yellow, Green Front Bangs with Animal Cut Cyber Punk

Cyberpunk Haircut

The color yellow in itself is slightly daring and adventurous when it comes to the hair and when contrasted with green; it looks even more unusual and matchless.

This is a unique hair color with an unconventional hair cut that makes you look absolutely stand out and unique in all ways.

Though, this type of hairstyles is best suitable for those who are into the modeling profession or styling profession where they can show their creativity and in numerous way of designing and styling.


The Snow-White Spiky Undercut

Cyberpunk Haircut

The unusual and extraordinary hairstyle to make you look phenomenal with all the unconventional way of styling with a hard, rocking and sassy approach.

In this style, you can see the hair is styled with an undercut where the side hair is kept moderately small, and the middle top hair is cut short at the back and followed by long at the front to keep the hair look long at the front and combed up to create a spiky look.

All the stylish girls who love to experiment with their hair can try this hairstyle to have a different and attractive look.


Jet Black Bob Influenced Cyberpunk Hair Cut

Cyberpunk Haircut

This type of cyberpunk hairstyle is remarkably sober, elegant and look every bit of sophisticated.

The jet black glossy smooth hair is cut with a cyberpunk touch, and the bob style is maintained at the front to support the feminism and softness in style.

The end of the upper layer of hair is slightly curled upturn to define the style and bring a little bit of funky look.

Though it looks like a style of a superwoman, this style is apt for all age groups and can be worn at any occasions and can be paired up with any outfits.


Colorful Cock Mohawk with Longer Feathers

Cyberpunk Haircut

The gutsy hairstyle that is surely not everyone’s cup of tea. This style can be carried off well only by those who really like to go for unusual and unconventional hair experiments.

In this style, you can see the use of multi-hues to create a feathery and colorful look. The side parts are kept absolutely bald, and the middle cock Mohawk haircut is styled in asymmetric cut keeping the sides shallow and short whereas the main middle part longer. Lots of accessories and studs can enhance the style.


Golden Brown Mushroom Cyberpunk with Some Art Form

Cyberpunk Haircut

This is the style influenced by art and craft. The style requires straight and smooth hair colored golden brown.

Though this style is looking sober and simple, yet the designing done at the sides with geometrical patterns makes it look bit funky and extraordinary.

This style requires complete bald finish at the back of the head. This is untailored and extremely casual hairstyle to go for. When paired with black hued makeup, this style is looking more enhanced and attractive.


Cottony Icy White Cyberpunk with Bangs

Cyberpunk Haircut

This is the most wanted hairstyle for the girls who like to live and cherish that Barbie doll look. The ultra smooth and soft hair with snow-white hue looks absolutely charming and very eye catchy.

To attain this look, you require the perfect color and perfect texture first of all, and after that, perfect layers hair cut with those sexy front bangs.

This style is super girly and feminine and is very relevant and befitting for young girls and college goers to look cute and beautiful and spread their charm all around.


Blue-Black Side Patterned Cut Mohawk

Cyberpunk Haircut

The blend of ashy black and seductive blue is looking terrific. The choice of hair color combination is absolutely outstanding and looks every bit of sexy and hot.

This style is mainly for the models that walk on the ramp flaunting the latest trendy clothes and progressive fashion trends and the professionals in the fashion world as they have to create and invent many artistic styles and designs that the world follows.

In this style, you can see how the blue hair is cut and highlighted to steal the attention and is paired very creatively with distinctive accessories.


Messy Wavy Black and Grey Cyberpunk Hair Cut With Feather Touch

Cyberpunk Haircut

Those who have ordinary hair texture with messy and unmanageable hair, no worries; we have a style for you too. Look at this gorgeous lady; shining bright with such pretty style and look every bit of glamorous diva.

The front spiky finish hair strands frame the face so perfectly and give the appearance of a hot bombshell.


Burgundy and Black Diamond Cyberpunk Cut with Side Strikes

Cyberpunk Haircut

This style is one of the newest and latest designs. This cyberpunk hair cut requires very short hair for styling. In this style, you can see the rich, lustrous hair is cut in a diamond shape from front and mushroom cut from sides.

You can also see a horizontal strike line above the head to add some dude like a funky look. The glossy burgundy color is adding up to the style and looks gorgeous.


Dreadlocks Style Accessorized with Red Ribbons and Some First Aid Items

Cyberpunk Haircut

This is a nurse theme style where you can see that the hairstyle is accessorized not with pins or clips but injections and bandages. The hair is braided up with dreadlocks and wrapped up with red and white ribbons.

This is a different style and apt for modeling purpose when you have to showcase some different styles of medical related.


Icy Sky Blue Hair with Dreadlocks Braids

Cyberpunk Haircut

This is a super adventurous style to go for. The color of hair is unbelievably cottony soft finish blue that looks really soothing to eyes and at the same time looks very different and out of the box.

The hair is styled up with thick dreadlocks braid in both sky blue and black color and some of the thin dreadlocks braids at the front and tied up in a spiral with white laces. The front blue hair is left open to get highlighted and look extraordinary.


Subtle and Sober Jet Black Hair with Asymmetric Sharp Streaks

Cyberpunk Haircut

This hairstyle is very cool, funky, chic and sassy as well as elegant and sophisticated because of its neat and tidy hairdo.

In this style, you can see the hair is cut differently from all around to form different sharp streaks. This hairstyle is mainly designed for young girls who want to have their own style statement and love to flaunt their style with pride.


These are the 21 cyberpunk hairstyles, I have found out for you to try and experiment at least once with your hair to taste the newness and surprise everyone with your fearless and adventurous styling sense.