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35 Irresistible Long Curly Hair Looks For 2024

Curly hair is the texture of hair dreams. Curls offer instant body and volume and look gorgeous at every length, but are especially striking on longer lengths.

Whether you have tight ringlets, springy curls, frizzy texture, or lots of layers, we have the perfect look for you.

1. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

We often see bangs on short hairstyles but on long curly hair, it’s unique. For small, tight ringlets, wear bangs so they fall at the brow. For looser ringlets, give bangs a blow out.


2. Long Natural

Who says you need tons of time to make your curls precise? Natural texture is beautiful, so avoid over-brushing hair. All you need is a great conditioner and a hydrating creme.


3. Long Layered

Long, curly hair can get bulky fast. Cut subtle layers and hair will be easier to style while releasing tension on the scalp in a ponytail or up-do.


4. Long Thick Curls

Having thick, curly hair is truly a blessing. Cut layers on the bottom half of your hair to create movement, give shape, and reduce weight on the scalp.


5. Curly Long Fine Hair

Fine hair becomes stringy on longer lengths, but curly hair has the advantage of natural body. Wear your hair as long as you choose, but consider layers for an illusion of thickness.


6. Long Curly Blonde

Curly blonde curly hair is pretty rare, so wear it long and proudly! Lighter hair colors are typically weaker, so be sure to use strengthening masks several times a month.


7. Long Red Curls

Bring out your inner Tangled and wear your gorgeous red curly locks ultra long! If you dye your hair red, be sure to occasionally use a toner to keep brassy tones at bay.


8. Brunettes with Curly Long Hair

Brunette hair is hardly boring. Take on a variety of hues like chestnut to auburn to suit your skin tone- or mood!


9. Long Gray Curly Hair

Believe it or not, gray hair is all the rage these days. If you’re looking to rock long curly gray hair, try out either a purple or ash tone.


10. Long Curly Perm

Not born with curly hair? Switch up your basic straight or wavy/frizzy hairstyle with a time-tested perm. Remember to keep curls moisturized and those gorgeous ringlets in tact.


11. Long Curly Ponytail

Curly hair looks cute in a ponytail, but you should avoid hair ties. Scrunchies maintain your texture and can support the weight of long hair.


12. Long Curly Updo

While most hair types need extensions for body, curly hair naturally provides volume for a gorgeous up-do. A few tendrils or fringe add a touch of balance and femininity.


13. Long Half Up Curly Hairstyle

Show off that beautiful face while keeping curls long down the back with a half-up style. Add a bow or colorful scrunchie for a pop of fun.


14. Curly Long Hair into Buns

Space buns are the ultimate playful up-do. Twist those curly locks into two buns on either sides of your head and leave some strands down for a face-framing effect.


15. Long Loose Curls

Pin curls up for work mode or a formal event but wear them down for a carefree effect. It’s healthiest, in terms of scalp tension and breakage, to wear your long curly hair loose.


16. Long Curls with Undercut

Calling all punk babes! You can rock the edgy look you’ve always desired and your long curly locks with a funky undercut.


17. Long Curls with Balayage

Even long, curly locks need some depth of tone. Give your hair the dimension it deserves with natural-looking balayage highlights.


18. Long Curls with Highlights

Solid color can get boring on long, curly hair. Play it up with either balayage, ombre, or color melt coloring technique.


19. Ombre on Long Curls

Ombre highlighting technique is great for protecting hair. Darker root growth means more time in between trips to the salon, plus it’s trendy right now.


20. Long Curly Hair for Wedding

Your wedding day is all about you, so why not show off your long, curly hair? Extensive updos can be heavy, so try a low chignon or a half-up style.


21. Long Asian Curls

Asian women with curly hair should show off that texture! From jet black to a more subtle chocolate brown, let your hair express your personal style.


22. Very Long Curly Hair

There’s long hair, then there’s really long hair! The lengths in which you take your hair is up to you, just be sure to properly care for all of that hair.


23. Long Curly Hair with Braids

Braids are the perfect way to pull long, curly hair off of your beautiful face. The style is perfect for protecting locks while adding decorative interest.


24. Long Curly Hairstyle with Bandana

Looking for the perfect accessory for your long, curly hair? A bandana is perfect at protecting the roots or for tying up as a chic accessory. You can check some bandana hairstyles on hairstylecamp.


25. Curly Long Hair with Side Part

Long hair can pull the eye downward, making oval or long face shapes appear longer. A side part spices up long, curly hair and balances a round face shape.


26. Long Frizzy Curly Hair

Whoever said frizz was bad simply wanted curly hair! A little frizz is actually trendy today and playing up that texture is the perfect way to embrace your natural hair.


27. Long Messy Curly Hair

Bed head is sexy, that’s a given! Long, curly locks can utilize this style, especially when stretching time between washes.


28. Long Curly Shag

Shags are that 70’s inspired ‘do that people still love today. Add shag layers to break up the curly hair volume in an interesting way.


29. Long Crochet Curls

Long curly hair is achievable, no matter what! Create your perfect goddess look with effortless crochet braids with long dimensions.


30. Long Kinky Curly Hair

Embracing your natural texture is what the current hair movement is all about. Loose waves are nice, but naturally kinky curls are even better. Just don’t forget to moisturize.


31. Long Curly Weave

Have trouble growing your hair to mermaid lengths? Curly weaves are the perfect way to get the style you’ve always desired.


32. Black Beauty In Long Curly Hair

Regardless of skin tone, curly long hair is beautifully feminine. Embrace your natural curls and grow your hair as long as you like.


33. Mixed Girls with Curly Long Hair

Curly texture is stunning on everyone, especially mixed girls. Play up your natural curls or achieve this look with a perm.


34. Long Curls for Women Over 50

Hair thins and grows coarser as we age, but if you’re blessed with thick, curly hair, then why not show it off? We love silver, white, and ash gray curls on women over 50.


35. Long Curly Hair for Oval Faces

Oval faces are balanced and symmetrical but long hair makes faces appear even longer. Curls, however, add texture that creates volume in a way long, straight hair can’t.


As you can see, your perfect long, curly hairstyle is out there. Embrace or create the unique texture of your tresses and wear your hair the way that makes you feel great!