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40 Popular And Trendy Curly Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Adolescents are with the end goal that they’ll experiment with everything without exception new that comes their direction; be it garments, hair styles, shoes or any frill.

They generally need to wear any new look that they have found in the most recent form magazine or what their most loved stars have donned in one of the films or celebrity lane.

On the off chance that you are honored with normally wavy hair and you think that its exhausting to wear the same wavy haircut consistently.

All things considered, you have achieved the right page. We will discuss 30 astounding haircuts for young ladies with wavy hair here. Look at the rundown beneath.


40 Popular And Trendy Curly Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Long Perfect Curls with Dark Roots

teenage girl with mid length curly hair


This is a perfect style for girls with curly hair. The long reddish hue looks lovely with the bountiful ringlet curls, and the dark roots make the look appear deep and dynamic, and the roots match the eyebrows so the look is overall put together very nicely.


Three Big Loop Curls

teenage girl hairstyle with loose curls


This is a very good example of curly hairstyles for teenage girls that work well for parties and other events. There are three large, perfectly placed, layered loops decorating the back of the hair, and the rest of the hair is curled into low ringlets that look elegant.


Sections and a Ponytail

curly hair updo for teenage girls


This is an example of what curly hairstyles for teenage girls are like if you want something unique. The hair at the front is sectioned and pulled back in twists, and the rest of the hair is in a ponytail with a bow decorating it. Some silver rings adorn the front.


Long, Loose, Thick Curls

This is an easy hairstyle. The hair isn’t styled in any fancy way, it’s just parted in the middle and the curls are let flow freely. It’s great for perms and natural, tight, dense curly looks.


Side Swept Long Flowing Curls

teenage girl with long curly dark brown hair


If you have very long hair, then pushing all of the hair to one side and letting the curls fall in a thick but loose mass is a very nice idea. The hair here looks utterly fantastic, and it’s a very casual look that works for all occasions.


Side Part with Lots of Layered Volume

This is a great layered look. The hair on each side of the side parting is much shorter, creating a volume-ized effect as the hair gets longer in stages, creating a look that’s shorter at the front and longer at the back, with hair that stands tall on top and falls down evenly at the bottom.


Slightly Tapered Curly Look

This look is mostly simple. Most of the hair is the same length with curls in blonde and brown, but the front of the hair is shorter, and there’s a slight taper before it reaches its full, even length.


Corkscrew Curls with Bangs

teenage girl curly hair with honey blonde highlights


The corkscrew curls here are thick and do most of the work to create style on their own. However, the hair on top of the head is slightly shorter to create more volume and a look for bangs.


Perfectly Sectioned Loose Beach Waves

If you don’t have natural curls, then beach ways are a nice look to covet. Here are some beach waves that are curled back from the face in perfect sections, with a pleasant balayage look in ashy blonde tones that are perfect for fall and summer weather.


Thick Orange Pink Curls with Bangs

curly hair with bangs for teenage girl


The hue on this hair is so unique that it looks kind of pink at the bottom and orange on top. The curls are thick, natural and free, but they’re also very loose. There’s a lot of teasing and volume at the top, and thick bangs cover the forehead.



Are you blessed with naturally curly hair? If you are the this gorgeous and cute hairstyle with long brown curly hair would be the perfect choice to try for your totally new look.



The world is getting more modern and glamorous so it’s obvious that you admire and follow someone who is celebrity and fashion icon.

Here you can see that Chloe Grace Moretz is wearing lovely long side swept curly hair which is truly great haircut for any teenage girl to make for herself.



This is a very easy hairstyle for medium length curly hair. This curly blond curls makes you look very natural and amazing.



Vanessa Hudgens’s bouncy and soft waves make her lengthy hair look super attractive and stylish. The choppy layers and immense waves are full of flow and motion that create the beautiful long hairstyle more natural.

The splendid hairstyle is placed over the shoulders to make this hairstyle looks very charming.



If you want to have the modern trend yet low maintenance and natural, you have to go for the ombre. The dark brown highlighted hair let you a lot of dimension and you do not have to be a slave to your roots.



This center parted and curly tease at the crown and leave beachy waves on both sides looks amazing on any girl.



Curly red hairs are considered sultry and modish, so why not try it? If you have oval face shape then you are allowed to choose any hairstyle and almost any color. This hairstyle would be ideal if you fit in this criteria.



The best solution for girls who don’t want straight hair then go curl your hair. Lot of woman think that hair is their confidence., so wear your confidence in such manner that it will truly enhance your beauty.



Whatever your preferred style for your locks, you’ll find this look more than appealing. This medium length curly braided hairstyle is the right option for you to make for yourself.



Gorgeous long hairstyle is a plus point for any girl. With a curly boho hairstyle you will surely make the style statement and grab everyone’s attention too.

Put all the locks to the same side then you can secure your tresses with few bobby pins.



If you have long hair then this curly wavy look is just so ideal for you. Waves create a truly natural yet trendy look mostly for natural and messy curly hairstyles.



Girl’s who want to curl their locks then this Selena Gomez’s shoulder length curly hairstyle would be the perfect style to try on your own.



This side parted waves looks very elegant and stylish. Soft wavy hair look is very girly as well as pretty. In spite of  making a center partition, go ahead with a side part & flaunt your lovely curly waves!



Selena Gomez is almost every teenage girls role model. Here you can see that Selena Gomez has wear this coolest medium curls with bangs which looks very gorgeous on any teenage girl for sure.



Taylor Swift looks totally charming with her long, golden curls streaming over her shoulders. She wears her hair loose with an off-center parting, and big, soft curls that cover her high forehead and frame her face.

She has done blonde hair color, and the bright gold highlights to glam her gorgeous look.



This thick and bouncy curly hairstyle will win hearts of lot of girls. It is a pleasing hairstyle for girls. There no need of any straightening treatment as these bouncy curls are enough to provide you an elegant and appealing look.



Blonde with curls are one of the most popular hairstyles among the girls. If you want to look splendid with the minimal effort then this is a cool option for you to make.

You can experiment with blonde hair by adding light highlights in front and keeping the locks darker in the back.



Abigail Kathleen Breslin is wearing an ultra gorgeous curls and smoky eye makeup, this long curly hair style is perfect choice for teenage girls.



The loose curly hairstyle is very romantic and luscious. Loose curls are perfect for all kinds of events.

The long and bouncy hairstyle looks great with layers cut around the back and sides to encourage the bounce and boost the natural curls.

So, loose curly hairstyles are perfect choice for girl’s who want to add little volume and style.



If you’re going for medium hairdo style, we’d recommend you to try this medium curly haircut with bangs. Bangs are beautiful because they add drama to your looks and also cut down on your eyes!



This messy curly mid length wavy hairstyle is just so cool for ant teenage girl who want to glam her look.



Here is an ideal medium wavy curly hair style for any event from Savannah Jayde. She looks so beautiful with her wavy curly hairstyles. So why not make this hairdo for yourself and look the same.



This easy semi formal hairstyle with side bangs for long curly hair is an ultimate choice for every teenage girl who wants to glam her look in any event.



This cute looking beautiful hairstyle is perfect to look like a fashion diva. The short curly bangs give you the best look among the rest. It helps you to enhance the volume of your hair and add a gorgeous look into it.



Are you looking for some splendid and short curly hairstyles? We believe it ends here because this fabulous curly hairstyle for short hair is just so perfect for you.


curly hairstyle for teenage girls

One of the effortless option worth experimenting with is to focus on making soft curly waves for front strands only. So go for this style and flaunt your awesome look.



When it comes to hair styling, a little texture change can make everything beautiful. This gorgeously done curly hair will be the ideal inspiration for teen girls who want to go for curls.



Nowadays there are lot of ways to curl your hair and if you like you can even use no heating hair curling tricks for your tresses.

Here is the most suitable choice for teenage girls to style their hair into curly hairstyle for special events.



Compared with the sleek straight hair, all kinds of wavy curly hairstyles can add lot of of charm into your ultimate look. So girls go for this style and we believe it will truly complement your beautiful look.