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30 Glamorous Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Age is just a matter of words, and it doesn’t stop you from styling yourself the way you want. Hairstyles for older women are not limited to be just tied in a bun or left freely. You can choose how you want to look, whether it is blunt, bold, cute, or adorable.

Grey hairstyles are just perfect for an older woman, but often a woman gets confused about what hairstyles to choose at that age.

You can go for any of the looks you always admired and even the modish and trendy looks that young girls follow these days like spikes or long waves.

The hairstyles that match your personality and makes you feel comfortable is the perfect choice for you to carry. Thus, here we are listing some amazing grey hairstyles for an older woman that can give a try.


Things to Consider When You Pick A Grey Hairstyle for Older Women

There are many stunning hairstyles for grey locks that will amaze you! Getting older is the best time in your life to rock those gleaming silvery tones. Even women who aren’t really showing signs of grey hair are asking for highlights of this gorgeous shade of color.

To get you inspired, we rounded up some things to consider when you pick a grey hairstyle for older women.

To Dye Or Not To Dye

Grey Hairstyle Tips for Older Women - Cover Grey Hair with Multi Tones

Our first reaction to greys is to cover them up. We want to look more youthful. Yet, grey hair is quickly growing into a stylish trend, even with younger women. Grey is in!

So, it’s not so much about age, as it is about making the most of hair colors. We want the best choice of colors that boost your hair’s softness and add volume.

If you do decide to cover up your greys, choose multi tones with grey as your base color. Avoid sticking to one solid color, which can highlight fine lines and make you appear older.


Get the Right Cut

Grey Hairstyle Tips for Older Women - Chosse Suitable Haircut

As we age, our faces tend to appear less plump. So, we want to avoid haircuts that accentuate this feature.

Rather, opt for a haircut with layers and soft, rounded edges. These cuts will frame your face while giving your hair dimension. In addition, they manage to lift the jawline and neck, giving your face a youthful appearance.

Another smart move is to get either a short or medium-length cut. Combined with subtle layers, these cuts can enhance your hair color without making your face appear harsh.


Use a Violet Shampoo

Grey Hairstyle Tips for Older Women - Use Purple Shampoo

Purple, or toning, shampoo should only be used as a remedy, not as a regular shampoo. If this type of toning shampoo is used too often, it’ll turn grey hair into an ashy, dull color.

So, what exactly is violet shampoo and is it really violet?

While grey hair is a flattering color, both natural and dyed, it tends to turn a slight shade of yellow as a result of sun exposure, impurities, and product buildup.

Purple shampoos contain tinges of red pigments, which help neutralize the yellowing. As a result, grey hair regains its fresh, silvery hue.


Condition Regularly

Grey Hairstyle Tips for Older Women - Condition Regularly

Grey hair sometimes appears to have a wispy, or wiry, texture. This is because grey hairs don’t get as much natural oil as the darker strands.

To help strengthen thin, or fine, strands, use a color shampoo. It’ll not only protect your color, but it’ll give your hair the nourishment and replenishment it needs.

Another option is to rinse your hair after every wash with apple cider vinegar. Don’t worry, the smell won’t stick to your hair.

Also, try to set up monthly appointments with your hairdresser for one or two intensive hair treatments. Or, if you prefer, you can always do these hair treatments at home.

There are several top-of-the-line hair masks and treatments on the market to choose from. Alternatively, you can make DIY treatments with all-natural ingredients you have lying around your home.


30 Glamorous Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Tied Back and Side Sweeping

grey hair updo for older women


This style has the hair tied back, but the side sweeps over gently. It’s one of many grey hairstyles for older women that make you look youthful despite the color of your hair. It’s perfect for business women, and it highlights the face very well.


Long Sweeping Curls

older black woman with curly grey hair


These long curls are tight but full of volume, and they look great sitting around the face and flowing down the shoulders. The solid grey color is absolutely stunning and really brings out the brightness in your face. It’s a mature but youthful look.


Sweeping Elegant Layered Waves

long layered gray hair with bangs for older women


This is one of many grey hairstyles for older women that is ultra-modern and trendy. The grey is silver, which is trendy, and the long, layered waves look like something you’d see an Instagram model wear. The shape makes the sweet face shape stand out very well, too.


Blonde and Grey Mix

This is a great bob cut for women growing out of their grey. The light ash blonde is so light it’s almost white, and the grey roots mix with it well. The hair is soft and fluffy and chin-length for a low-maintenance but still elegant look that’ll look wonderful on any older woman.


Shoulder Length Grey Ombre

medium grey hairstyle for older women


This ombre look is a surprising twist. It’s dark grey at the top and light grey, almost white, towards the bottom. It’s another great look to rock while growing out your hair. It’s parted in the middle and falls to the shoulders in a slightly wavy style.


Face Framing Volumized Grey and Brown Hairstyle

Again, here we have a look that’s perfect for growing out the grey. The ends of the hair are a light brown that pairs well with the steely grey color. The hair has a lot of volumes and some gentle curling to it.


Tight Grey Curls

Here’s a look that’s perfect for a woman who’s already fully grey. The hair is a mix of white and dark grey, and it’s curled in thick, volumized sweeps that sit neatly just above the shoulders. There’s so much life to this hair, it’s hard to look away.


Blonde and Grey Wavy Cut

If you want to brighten your dark grey, add some blonde to the front of it like this. The hair is parted near the middle, and the bangs are featured out and blended into the hair. Most of the hair is straight, but the front is wavy.


Feathery Volumized Look

layered grey hairstyle for older women

This is perfect if you love having a lot of thick, feathery hair. The hair is teased up and the bangs fall to one side, and the sides of the hair are teased back and away from the face. It’s reminiscent of the 80s.


Bold and Blunt

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Every other woman always wants to experience that glow in their face as time passes by, and keeping your hair up to date can be one of the best practices made.

The bold, blunt hairstyle is one of those who will never fade away the glow of your face. A very simple and stylish short length grey shaded hair of neck length is the overall glory of the hairstyle and can be acquired by anyone having short hair at their old rays.

It looks with natural whitened hair also and can be easily handled.


Tiny Stake

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One of the smartest Hairstyles for women in grey short hair and gives a smart look on the face of old pretty ladies. In tiny stake hairstyle, hair is cut in small short spikes giving the texture of layered spike look, and basically, the length of hair for the haircut is till the head part.

It looks good with any of the outfits and stuns every look. Grey Blackish shade of hair will be great for tiny stake haircut.


Ruffled Layers

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One who is in the habit of having a carefree day can surely opt for the hairdo. To attain a ruffled hairstyle, get a layered haircut till the head length, and you are all ready for messy layered look for the rest of your day.

The tiny strips of hair layers re left at the forehead part covering a slight portion of your eyelashes and combining the entire face attire; having a natural white shade of the hair is bliss, but if not having cement shade on the hair will enhance the look on any old age women.


Keen Pompom

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One of the hairstyles very suitable for those having edged formed chin. The edged layers of the hair heading towards the shoulder part and leaving the small flicks at the forehead part completes the full hairstyle.

In a keen pompom hairstyle, the hair is given feathery cut form, making it look more attractive, which suits every woman of older age, and getting it done with a proper greyish shade makes it the complete meant hairstyle for the pretty older ladies.


Prolonged Hair

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Even girls having long hair at their teenage maintains that till their older golden days and prolonged hair is one of those hairstyles meant for one of those who can handle their long hair lifelong.

Hair, which is long and straight, will definitely look good if given a layered touch at different levels.

The top portion can be cut as 1 step layer, making it in the form of a flicked layer and continuing till the end part in the layered manner that brings volume to the hair as it looks bouncy after the cut.


Hefty Brusque

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Pretty ladies with short hairdo and have a bouncy appearance in their hair look and have hair length till the neck can surely appeal for the super wavy look making the face gaze full of joy and happiness.

It is less like blunt hair cut that too in a wavy manner leaving a few locks ta the lateral portion of the face and can be carried all day long with no worries. Making it done with side partitioned brings the side locks more efficiently in a view.


Crimps on Head

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One of the coolest and easiest hairstyles for any woman with short hair. Many may have a naturally curly hairstyle, and others can use a hot curl iron to get an awesome monochrome look on their faces.

These are tiny little crimps all around the head part and getting over above the neck portion. It looks so astonishing on nay woman face making them a gorgeous look on their daily day ways.

It can be easily maintained and can be acquired for any other reason. A woman should definitely look forward to a crimps hairdo.


Unlatched Frizzle

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

The loose crimped dense hair always gives a brighter look on any girl’s face and the same suits with a woman having a good volume of hair.

A hot iron rod can be used to make the single thin strips of hair a bit curly, making it look more natural. It will leave a dense portion at the top forehead part, and the ends are observed as twisted.

Though the hair comes up as a messy denser look, some of the hair straps can be left passing the sideways of any partitioned side. The entire hair is left loose in the frizzle hairdo.


Flicker Bob

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Woman having hair till the neck length can go for bob haircut as it looks very bold and attractive at the same time.

It is suitable for those having not so long hair basically comes up for the woman having boy hair texture, but it slays their look like a smart woman.

Flicker bob is layer by layer cut in the head part and is very synchronized with the layered part.

It looks good on hair shade grey and white; women having naturally grey shade can enjoy the layered head cut, which is easier to move around all day.


Thick Beachcomber

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One of the very common in every old age woman and suits every face and can be maintained so smoothly without any of the traumas and gives such a fantastic look on the face because of its simplicity.

These are one of those kinds of wavy hairstyle which are headed till the neck part and are very stable with their portions.

It gives a denser look at the head part and forms a wave appearance at the top forehead part. The haircut can be obtained very easily just by cutting it in a wavy manner upwards.


Shadow Wings

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

A very new and exciting type of haircut and not usually noticed with every woman. It leaves a charming gesture on women’s faces. Single thin strips hair is forming a bridge in connecting the entire forehead, and the rest of the hair is left as an edged hair cut in layered performance.

It is suitable for a woman having hair growth till the neck portion and ends of the hair strips are sharply edged. The look and feel come up as a very shiner and smoother texture, and the hair nature are sleek straightened.


Linear Miniature

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

As per the name defines, these are the very simple smooth form of hairstyle, which can be maintained very easily. The straight short hair falling loosely from the head part completes the overall look of the hairstyle.

Both of middle or side parting of hair looks good with the hairdo but suits more when practiced with side parting hair.

Women with long stature and enlarged shape of the face will get fit into the linear haircut and can enjoy on any of the occasions or every day going look. A pinch of a slight twist at the layers makes it more enhancing.


Disconnected Feathers

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

It is one of a kind disconnected stripes of hair totally present at the top part of the head.

There are short layers of hair ending above the chic coming as the edged sharped and short linear hair stripes. It looks awesome for any aged woman but leaves a very remarkable touch for old age women.

The Grey Shade of the hair makes it look enhancing even than earlier and gives the smartest look any lady can obtain for their daily wears. The hairstyle best goes with western outfits.


Lateral Spout

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Not like a just a simple haircut but a unique one to make your presence feel more special and can be maintained more easily just like any other hairstyle.

The Haircut starts from the head part as a very normal straight hair, but the cut is maintained as a falling bridge starting from the back and ending to a limited height under the ear length.

It is very uncommon and suits every face pattern. The greyish shade of hair makes the gaze more adorable. Some of the tiny long strips can be crimped as a style changer and will give an awesome flattering look.


Unbarred Pinion

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Again, a very stunning hairstyle, especially for the woman with long hair. A woman who can manage the long hair until a longer age can surely go for this kind of look change.

It is very new for those with long hair and also leaves a very astonishing impact after it is done.

Only the need is to get a feather cut and then straighten the entire hair except for the ends, end stripes of the hair are curled using a hot curler or a hot steam iron and can be kept the hair loose after it is done.


Acute Crest

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Acute Crest hairstyle gives a brilliant look on anyone’s face and can be achieved by having disconnected sharp-edged layer of hair where a thick strap of hair is kept longer till the chic portion, and the rest of the hair is disconnected layered strips covering the entire forehead part falling side part of the face.

It can be maintained by combing the hair sideways, whichever your face cut suits for acquiring a smart and stunning hair look.


Messy Jester

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Any simple hairstyle can be attained very easily, but to get a bold and tough look with a simple hairdo is quite tough and time taking too, but messy jester is one of the very easiest and leaves one of the very valiant looks.

Messy Jester hairstyle comes under those of the messy hairstyle but very strong to be handled with. It looks great with a grey-white shade of the hair as the haircut comes more greatly. The hair is kept loosely and is of the length till neck featuring good volume in the hair.


Crown Braid

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Not everyone is indeed an open hair person; some slay there look with the braided hairstyle and crowned braid is one of those haircuts that any woman can attain for a super amazing look.

Braids are made with the use of three hairband straps and are made in the encircled manner.

The braids twitch from the side ear corner and continue braiding, in the same manner, making it look like a crowned braid look on the head top part. It gives a very brightened and satisfying look on any woman’s face.


Crimped Cord

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

It is a rare kind of hairstyle and is most of the time naturally obtained. Those who don’t have the naturally curly hair and wish for having such kind of haircut can surely use a hot iron rod and get a crimped hair look all around the hair.

Crimped cord hairstyle is unique to get through and makes a lot of difference in the appearance of any woman’s gaze.

The greyish texture of the hair shade looks better in the hairdo; it is different kind of cord style crimping done from the very root part of the head, which makes it more sole.


Shattered Fleece

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

One of the very easy hairdos and is so easy to handle it simply all day around. It will suit anyone’s face and carried on any party or any of the daily wear look.

It is one of the very simple hairstyles to attire and can be done in seconds just after having a sharp-edged layered cut till the ear length and should be kept shattered to get a frizzy look.

Mostly suitable with a woman having extra sleek and straightened hair or else can be done straightened through a straightener and have a glowing beauty look.


Barb Tresses

Grey Hairstyles for Older Women

Barb tresses hairstyle leaves a very smart and bold look on any old age woman and can be carried very easily as there is no extra care needed for this kind of hairdo and can be maintained by simple, nourishing steps.

Barb tresses hairstyle can be done by having a small spike gesture at the top head portion heading above the ear potion and last till the neck part. It looks greater with the grey color shade of the hair and gives a more modernized look once the cut is done.


Now that you are aware of the super amazing hairstyles that you can carry at an older age with grey hair, you don’t have to wait to try out these hairstyles. The happiness you get with the looks you carry is always worth it at any age.

Hairstyles are always a vital part of your personality, and to maintain a better picture of yourself inside out is essential to keep you charming and live your life happily.

Grey hairstyles for older women are trendy and classy and will give you the super cool look. Carry these hairstyles for your daily casual looks or style them for your next celebration to get the alluring look and a stunning appeal.