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21 Fabulous Short Shaggy Haircuts for Women

These days’ short hairstyles are far more stylish than the long ones. One such trendy and stylish hairstyle is the shaggy hairstyle. The best thing is they make you look modern and can be adapted for any event.

The shag works on almost every hair surface and in every hair length. One does have to be accurate with the shag, though. It’s a hairstyle that can seem dated with too many layers. Contemporary shag haircuts add your look a stylish excited twist moving your hairstyles to the subsequent level.

A shag is wonderful in any length: short shaggy hairstyles are remarkably sexy and sassy, the shag haircut is very random, messy, and visually effortless. The typical features that make up a shag hairstyle combine loads of layers around the crown, choppy ends, and lots of texture.

Be it short medium or long, this multi-layered hairstyle is the embodiment of low-maintenance hairstyles. The shag haircut for a long time, has been a style held for rock ‘n’ rollers.

It is a hairstyle that is a heavy layered cut spurred by the 70’s hairstyle that is definitely sported by cool models who can totally pull off bangs swinging into their eyelashes and bouncy curls, and body-hugging snakeskin pants.

However, here are the most trending haircuts of 2024 to give you a modern as well as sassy look with a shag cut. It consists of long fringes, soft layers and just happens to be super complimentary on anyone who carries it.


Short Shaggy Haircuts for Women

Pixie Short Bob Shag Hairstyles

It is without a doubt a hairstyle that is meant to turn heads and tells more about one’s attitude and personality. The best thing about the lively look is that it is fitting for all face shapes and therefore anyone can rock the style well.

Pixie Short bob shag hairstyles are popular and there are various styles that can be tried out by different people to look as pristine and new as they wish to. These are hairstyles that are also very easy to obtain hence they can be enjoyed even by a daily working woman.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short Layered Shaggy Cut

This style is medium in length, but still a short style. The cut comes with bangs and is most fitting for individuals with round faces. There are several ways you can style it. You can style this with the help of   a smoothing product and a flat iron.

Before you flat iron your hair try and dry it. Semi drying will also do. Use a finishing spray to give the hair that extra hold.  This also gives the hair a polished look. The front covers the forehead area. This style is accurate for women with a round face and a broad forehead.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short Razor Cut with Layers

It is a great style for those who love short hair and stylish layers with razor cut. The style has bangs which are asymmetrical to the layers. The style is unusual for most faces but most proper for individuals with a long face.

This is because the back asymmetry commonly with the bangs helps in making the face look shorter. Color can be calculated for that finished spicy look. To Style, this looks all you need to do is just apply heat security products to the hair before blow-drying it using your fingers.

Using a flat iron, smooth out all waves. Follow this with a light utilization of pomade or wax to finish styling with ease.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short Layered Bob

The pixie cut is always in trend and never going out of fashion. The style comes with various built-in textures. The most fabulous thing about the hairstyle is that it is low-maintenance, thus making it a wonderful style for those always on the go.

Styling is simple. After drying the hair using a towel, add wax to provide the layers movement and clarity and you are ready to go! To add the appropriate amount of oomph factor add a bit of hair color. The look is just so gorgeous that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off from the mirror.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short Shags with Unkempt Bangs

This is a lovely shag hairstyle it is the perfect example of wash, scrunch, and go. The shag looks best when it is blow-dried or air-dried with a diffuser, just keep in mind that you should always scrunch from below.

The hairstyle is very fashionable and shows that you can get a smooth, sexy style out of a shag with the proper styling. Well, the unkempt look is the true USP of this look.

Shaggy Haircuts


Messy Shag Haircut

Actress Dianna Agron’s shag is messier and it’s fabulous. It is another good instance of a modern shag hairstyle on straight hair. You can surely display this look after getting the cut.

Simply spray in the texture solution and let your hair air dry the rest of the way. The more natural it will be the better.

Shaggy Haircuts


The Subdued Shag

This version of shag haircut is just the rational amount of shaggy, mixed with a lot of poise. Since bedhead remains so very stylish, this look will carry you into another year without looking isolated.

The style gets its shabby appearance from the rollback that is a consequence of bangs and a slight feathering around the bottom.

Shaggy Haircuts


Baby Shag Looks

This look if for someone who is looking to change up their look. This can be called a baby shag. It has a much related shape to shag but less firm in shape.

It enables someone to achieve a distinctive look. This look has established to look fabulous with about any face shape because of the versatility of wrapping around the face.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short and Curly Shaggy Haircut

Not all hairstyle look gorgeous there are few that can really work wonders and one such hairstyle is this one . The short locks are the stealers of this hairstyle.

The shags at the back nicely forms a cocoon line shape. The hairstyle is extremely low on maintenance as well as easy to sport. The short shags are the best hairdos of the summer season.

Shaggy Haircuts


Boy Cut Shag

When being minimalistic is your forte and yet looking classy is what you desire then this particular hairstyle has the potential to fulfill your desire.

The key actor that stands for this hairstyle is its sleek cuts that has sharp strokes. This hairstyle is all about being a minimalist classy women. This hairstyle will definitely enhance your carefree and confident aura.

Shaggy Haircuts


Short Shags with Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are much in trend nowadays and the best part is that these are very easy to stylish and fits perfectly for a glam event where you want to look just fabulous.

This hairstyle has an oomph factor yet it can be boldly ramped in a formal event for the classy edge the blunt cuts impact.

Shaggy Haircuts


Versatile Shaggy Haircut

There is something much interesting about the look. The key USP of the look is its versatility. It can be sported at any event be it a formal meeting by your work group or a casual dinner outing with a friend.

It is said that the right kind of hair can do a lot of things to your face. Such is this haircut. This haircut is all about portraying a very stylish side of your personality and also the confidence which comes along.

Shaggy Haircuts


Shoulder Length Shaggy Haircut

Well this hairstyle best suits women who have short hair of medium length that is till the shoulders. The loose curls add that element of magic in this hairstyle and shift it from being a mundane short hairstyle to that stylish hairdo that can steal away the limelight.

Shaggy Haircuts


Asymmetric Shag Haircut

When you are bold and brave and wish to sport the unusual in grace then this hairstyle is your go-to option. What this hairstyle incorporates is length on one side with the bangs and the other side has a comparatively shorts.

The cut, in fact, is a fusion cut and looks extremely stylish and funky. It adds a bit of boldness as well as the playfulness. You can color to add a bit of fun.

Shaggy Haircuts


Crown Centric Shag Hairstyle

Well from the name itself one can make out that it is a look that maximizes the volume of hair. The crown area looks fuller. The haircut is short. Sophisticated and defines the class.

Being sort it carries its own set of perks for maintenance and the best one is that it does not require much time to be set. Just a rough comb will do like the slightly messy look adds to its natural feel.

Shaggy Haircuts


Feather Shaggy Hairstyle

Want your charm and flamboyance to be out there in the eyes of the people? Well, this haircut is all yours then. The USP of the haircut is the feathery curls that strike along the short layers.

The tiny head accessory will go with this haircut and can be a great addition to glamorize the look further.

Shaggy Haircuts


Zigzag Shaggy Cut

This hairstyle is simple and fall under Classy short hairstyles that will work magic for most women. Just to keep in mind, to maintain its natural look, you can moisturize and condition it regularly. This haircut is great for summer day outs.

Shaggy Haircuts


Uneven Shag Haircut

This hairstyle is all in its natural form. It is unkempt and messy and does not require any such styling and the best part of this hairstyle is its natural undaunted cut.

This hairstyle can be great for working women who do not have much time to care about their hair yet has a class and poise.

Shaggy Haircuts


Cool Shaggy Hairstyle

This cool shag is all about incorporating two hairstyles of an undercut short hair with the shaggy style. Here the shaggy style is that of focusing on the crown area of the head. This hairstyle adds volume to your look. The style is indeed classy and chic.

Shaggy Haircuts


Messy Bob Shaggy Hairstyle

This hairstyle has a very retro style to it. The haircut is short, wavy yet has that feminine charm of long locks. With the help of rollers or curlers, you can create the loose end waves and the locks definitely add to the volume of the hair.

Shaggy Haircuts


Dramatic Shaggy Hairstyle

From the name itself one can understand that it is something out of the box and best suited for women who like it bold and quirky.

This hairstyle has been sported by a lot of celebs. This hairstyle has a peak like strands covering for the front fringe and the cut is not very short.

Shaggy Haircuts


For centuries, hair is considered as the crown of a woman which makes her look more classy, sexy and stylish. Thus, every woman try to carry any style which suits her.

There are plenty of hairstyles that can be worked out in the modern world, depending on individual preferences, the shape of the face and the shape of the head as well. The length of the hair might pose a few challenges but with the perfect power gel, these above-mentioned hairstyle becomes indeed very easy to achieve.

These are short hairstyles that don’t require a visit to your hair salon as they are simple to achieve even for women working with very tight working schedules. That beautiful chic look can also be easily achieved.

This shaggy hairstyle is a rich addition that will surely help you dazzles with the unique elegance that it comes with. You can choose from these trendy hairstyles and create a look that is bold and different and fresh and modern in its outlook.

So what is the wait all about? Just give your hair a nice cut and a stylish makeover with these!