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30 Hottest And Fantastic Hairstyles For Oval Faces

If you have an oval face shape, stop for a moment and compliment yourself. The oval face shape is the perfect shape since it can wear almost any haircut!

Different shapes have a restricted choice of hairdos since they need to stow away and minimize certain facial elements to give the deception of being the pined for the oval shape. Regardless of your cut length, you’ll look best with layers close to your cheekbones, lips or button; fundamentally, whatever element you need to highlight. Here are 40 perfect haircuts that will look marvelous on an oval face shape.


Most Amazing Hairstyles for Oval Faces

If you want a fantastic hairstyle to style your tresses, you are in the right place. As you can see, here are the hottest 30 hairstyle inspirations to play with!

Retro Styled Short Hairdo

vintage hairstyle for oval face women

Short hair can be extremely flattering when styled with loose tousled s-shaped hair. The side partition elongates your face and draws attention to your cheekbones.

Pair with bright, elegant hair accessories and lip color to draw attention to your facial features.


Rose Crown Multicolor Look

colorful hair highlights for oval face shape

Blonde hair with colored highlights gives you the most pretty look. Add multi-colored streaked hair highlights to your blonde hair to make it look charming.

Top it off with a dewy rose crown to elevate your oval face and make you look pretty.


Blonde Sleek Half Updo

blonde ombre hairstyle for oval face shape

If you prefer having mid-length hair, we guess this half-up hairdo will be a great choice.

Also, this dual-colored hair is perfect for thin hair because the dark base color will give you an extra body for the look. To create this look, tie the top portion of hair in the back into a tight bun or a ponytail.


Lightly Chopped Look

Asian hairstyle for oval face

Women wanting a classic cut that’s easy to style and low maintenance can try this lightly chopped look.

Lightly tuck back your hair behind the ears to open up your face. You can wear it as a day-to-day style as it requires minimal styling and is easy to maintain.


Asymmetric Bob for Older Women

angled bob for oval face

A short bob cut will look good on women with oval faces. Emphasize your short straight hair with blunt monotone highlights to give you a youthful look.

The center part adds dimension and will enhance your face, which offers a dewy and pleasant glow for older women. These short bobs are the classic hairstyles for oval faces.


Shoulder Length Curly Shag

curly white blonde hairstyle for oval face

Curly heads, we present you with the most shaggy and charming haircut. If there is a hairstyle that has taken over the world and fits all apparel, it’s the shaggy curls.

Moisturize your hair with any cream or gel, then make thin finger curls to get a voluminous shag.


Slicked Back Hair with Shaved Sides

slicked back undercut for oval face shape

This is one of the perfect hairstyles if you are looking for a sassy and mysterious vibed hairstyle.

Leave the volume at the top and gently shave the sides and back to create this look. Add a mysterious shimmery pink hair color for the sassy look.


Polished High Bun

sleek bun hairstyle for oval face shape

Here’s another classic hairstyle for oval faces that will never go out of style. Prep your hair with a smoothing spray to get a sleek finish.

Next, create a tight bun that will give you a facelift and highlight your face. Finally, add bright lip colors for an extra touch of femininity.


Natural High Ponytail

long ponytail for oval face shape

Ponytails are the best hairstyles for oval faces because they are easy to style and maintain.

Try to grab your hair at the top of your head and make a tight ponytail. The tightness of the ponytail creates a facelift that helps to make your face look longer.


Center Parted Hair with Framing Highlights

middle part hairstyle for oval face shape

A short haircut will look extremely flattering and chic with hair highlights. If you have dark natural hair, get light-colored hair highlights anywhere from a bleached blonde to dusty blonde.

The highlights are placed at a perfect angle to frame your face. This style also highlights your neck and collar bones.


Curly Afro Look    

natural medium hairstyle for oval face

This look is a naturally subtle styling option for curly afro heads. Get a nice, almost round bob cut to look appealing. The curls have the volume to provide the body required for the style.

Softly done curls freely floating are the newest modern ways to style your textured hair.


Long Ginger Braid

long orange braid for oval face

Ginger heads have quite appealing and pleasing-looking locs. On the other hand, the orange locs are beautiful and gather all the attention at once.

So it would help if you had a great hairstyle to look that appealing. For example, try braiding your long hair, which will make it look more beautiful.


Side Shaved Emo Look

shaved hairstyle for oval face shape

Hairstyles for oval faces are as unique as the women who wear them. So if you are a woman who wants to add an edgy look to your hairstyle in a unique way, try this style.

Shave one side of your hair to create this look. This complements the piercing and elevates the jawline.


Balayage Bob with Angled Cut

short balayage hairstyle for oval face women

Balayage will give you a blended cool look. This gives the bob dimension, and the dark roots create a perfect illusion of depth and volume.

Add serum or gels to add shine to your bob. Tuck back the hair behind the ear to create a clear space for your cheekbones to shine.


Sassy Dual Tone Updo

pink hair updo for oval face shape

We are in love with this style here! This style looks sassy and dramatic at the same time. The colors are enough to shine in the limelight.

So gather your hair and make a loose donut bun. Loosen the hair using a tail comb to create the puffy volume on the top.


Vintage Prom Hairdo

prom hairstyle for women with oval face

Can you believe this rolled-up fringe hairdo is the best among the prom hairstyles for oval faces? Well, you better ask your mom; they will know how hyped this once was.

You can still recreate the look anytime now and surely have the spotlight for yourself. Add statement headpieces like a crown or beaded bands to complete the look.


Slanted Dutch Braid

crown braided updo for oval face women

This is the best style to wear if you have thick, voluminous hair and want to create a statement look without any extra hair accessories and minimal jewelry.

Start from one side and carry on with a classic Dutch braid at a slanting angle to create the style.


Low Ponytail with Cornrows

cornrow braided hairstyle for women with oval face

Start from your hair’s roots and braiding sharp cornrows close to the scalp. Then secure those in the back with a low ponytail. Take a loop of hair and wrap it around the elastic in order to hide it and look more stylish.


Flowy Tresses with Thin Bangs

long brown hair with bangs for oval face

If you are looking for a low-maintenance look, try bangs. They create a subtle layer to complement your oval face.

This way, your face will look a lot smaller. Long hair paired with bangs will suit any hair type so you can try those without a second thought.


Chocolate Permed Curls

long curly perm hairstyle for oval face

Although permed styles take lots of time to complete, the style will surely leave everyone awestruck. Look how lustrous and shiny these chocolatey curls look.

You can wear it for any special occasion to grab the limelight. Moreover, as these styles are long-lasting, they will be much easier to maintain.


Shoulder Skimming Lob

long ginger red hairstyle for oval face

Here is another tousled lob hairstyle. With longer hair pieces on the sides, that fall on the cheekbones will open up your face.

Add loads of serum or promenade to get a silk-like finish. Sleek finished hairstyles for oval faces will look pretty and cute.


End Highlighted Afro

afro hair with highlights for oval face

If you have an oval face and afro hair, you will now have the prettiest hair transformation.

Adding lighter highlights on the edges of your afro will add dimension to your afro. Next, moisturize the tress and flip it to a side, making a deep side part.


V Shaped Periwinkle Pixie

short balayage hairstyle for oval face women

This is the best out of an out-grown pixie. The hair is set at a v-shaped angle to create a line for attention.

The sides are brushed down to highlight the center of the hair using two side partitions. The periwinkle color added charm to the style and made the pixie look ravishing.


Dramatic Wet Blonde Look

wet hairstyle for women with oval face

Dramatic? Of course, it is! The smokey eye make-up ate up all the attention in this look. If you are in a rush and do not have enough time to dry your tresses, try this wet dramatic look.

All you need is to do smokey eye make-up and add some shiny hair spray to your wet hair.


Half Black Half White

twist hairstyle for black women with oval face

If you are on a search for the oomph factor to highlight your long braided hairstyle, then try a complementary toned style. Using dual-colored wool to braid hair will be unique and stand out on any occasion.


Colorful Bob

short purple hairstyle for women with oval face

Love colors? Then what’s stopping you from getting a dazzling colorful bob? Look how shiny and eye-pleasing this style looks.

This will surely give you a statement look. However, you need to provide proper care and maintenance to the style.


Platinum Sleek Lustrous Hair

white blonde hairstyle for women with oval face

The platinum blonde looks majestic on any hair length. A short wavy hairdo will look extremely flattering and glittery with platinum blonde hair color.

Use purple-colored shampoos to retain the color for a long time.


Black and White Braids

two tone braided hairstyle for oval face

The easiest way to style your oval-faced hair is to get these stunning dual-toned braids. Braided hairstyles for oval faces will bag you all the attention you need.

You don’t have to struggle to maintain the style as it is secured and lasts for weeks.


Short Spiral Bob

naturally curly hairstyle for oval face

Modern women are highly confident and embrace their looks. If you are one of those confident women, you should try a spiraled bob. There is no shame in wearing your natural hair proudly.


Top Knot with Framing Strands

high updo for oval face

Looking for a classic work hairstyle to boss around? This will be the best fit for your formal wear and office casuals. Make a top knot with small partitioned framing streaks as shown to get a flawless bossy look.


You are surely blessed if you have a natural oval face shape. As you can see above, there are many styling options, and you can rock your fresh hairstyle transformation. We hope you found your style inspiration from our fantastic picks of hairstyles for oval faces.

No matter what your hair texture is and the length of styling your hair, the right way will change your entire appearance. Pick the right style to look a little more than required because a little extra will always add to your beauty.