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35 Trendy Locs Hairstyles to Light You Up

Locs are a hairstyle that symbolizes and carries the warmth of lots of histories, cultures, and stories. Though the locs are known to have originated during European civilization, it has rooted down in different cultures in various forms and holds different significations.

Despite having archeological origin in Egypt, the style is most pronounced to be the signature of Rastafarian culture who called themselves ‘Dreads’.

The locs style was considered to be closely in association with a particular culture or religion, but now, people from different parts of the world wear the locs for enhancing the look in the form of a style.

The basic funda behind locs is to provide a protective feature to the natural hairs and to retain the hair healthier in a low maintenance mode. The present-day locs have grown far more than this restricted concept.

The locs are evolved with a combination of other styles to create a more enhanced look for various occasions. The locs can be twisted to form braids, ringlets, or can be hanged down with its natural look.

The natural locs can be easily tried on afro-textured hair characterized by thickness, strength, and curly kinky hairs. For other hair textures, it takes time to do the style and set the style.

Earlier, people had only one choice to get the locs. This was to wait for months or years without combing and then to secure the hair with twists.

Nowadays, faux or false locs can be used as an artificial extension for gaining the locs within few hours. This had made it easier for wearing the look on hairs with different textures or those which are brittle to be difficult for forming natural locs. Check out Nadula hair for more hair extensions and wigs.

When you have locs, you have plenty of options to style the hair, which would remain for days or months. The locs forming different patterns creates a room for experimenting with various styles on the head.

If there is anything that can work to show your taste of artwork in the head, it’s only possible with the locs style. It doesn’t matter about the hair length; whether you have short, long, or medium locs, the stunning styles are waiting for you.

Have a look at these 35 best styles for your locks (and even faux locs). These are going to be the head-turning factor in attracting the crowd’s attention to you. Don’t forget to maintain the locs with the best products to keep it healthier and fresh.


Locs Hairstyles for Women

Vivid Red Knotted Locs

red locs hairstyle for women


These vivid red knotted locks are amazing. The hair is as bright as a firetruck, and the locs are nicely knotted on top of the head in an array of thick, volumized sections. Some white string holds them in place and it’s very subtle.


Intricate Twisted Locs Bun

locs hairstyle with bun


Elegant locs hairstyles like this are so stunning. The hair is twisted and tight to the scalp, pulled into a huge, volume-packed bun on the crown of the head. The hair is decorated with jewels and golden leaves decorations for a truly mesmerizing formal look.


Bright Red Looping Locs

red locs hairstyle with bun


Red locs hairstyles appear to be very trendy. Here’s another one that you’ll love. The hair that twists and pulls the locs into place is black and shiny, and the long, curling locs are bright red. There’s a purple decal in the hair that makes the look stand out.


Swirling Bleached Blonde Locs With Patterns

This style is highly unique. The hair on the sides of the head is shaved down to almost nothing, and there are patterns shaved into the stubble. The rest of the hair is pulled into looping curled locks that goes across the top[ of the head and down to the nape of the neck.


Stunning Curly Locs

black girl with locs hairstyle


These locs are delightfully curly and cascade down the shoulders from a ponytail position on the head. The hair is a mix of black,, dark brown, and a deep auburn color that decorates it very nicely.


Elegant Updo

black woman updo with locs


This elegant updo is perfect for everyday looks and formal occasions. The hair is twisted thinly and pulled into a complex looping bun on top of the head. It’s a chic, asymmetrical style. The hair is a dark blonde color that pairs perfectly with yellow clothes and makeup.


Long Classic Locs

black woman with thick locs hairstyle


This locs look is classic. The locs are long, parted in the middle, and very thick. There’s a mix of black and brown in the hair color, and the hair falls across the shoulders in thick locs with a lot of volume to them. It’s stunning, simple, and desirable.


Small Twisted Curling Locs

bob with locs for black woman


Here’s another style where the locs twist and curl, adding a lot of volume and freedom to the hair. It’s a stunning locs hairstyle that has a lot of texture and draws the eye, and it’s perfect for someone adventurous and extremely care-free in life.


Black and Yellow Combo

half up half down locs hairstyle


This unique style has the locs pulled into a bun on top of the head while still falling down the black. The locs are a mix of black and yellow. Some are braided, some yellow strands have brown hair looped around them, and there’s one lighter brown braid in there, too.


Sweet Simple Pigtails

thin blonde locs hairstyle


These locs are pulled into a sweet and simple set of pigtails. Some curl and fall by the face, but most of the hair is secured up high, falling straight down to the shoulders and ending bluntly. It’s a youthful, cute look for all.


Side Updo in Swept Back Locs

Locs Hairstyles

The key to creating an even look from all angles is to style the locs uniquely in different head portions. That’s what you can expect by trying this style. The hairstyle combines three different fashions in one.

The front side of the head features the locs, which are carried to one side, twisted, and secured to form a cute, short side updo. By transferring the locs to one side, you’ll get a free skinny style on one side.

To balance these two styles, the locs are kept open at the backside. The style looks somewhat similar to half up and half down style, ensuring that your face is not overwhelmed by locs.


Side Swept Locs

Locs Hairstyles

Here is another view for gaining a gorgeous look. The style is a famous expression of creating a focus to your forehead and locs.

What’s better than a style that adds a lot of room to one side of your head and expresses the exact opposite situation with a bulk of locs on the other half.

The locs have started with thin individual rows from the hairline. Then, these thin rows are coiled around each other, resulting in a thick loc strand which hangs to one side.

To embellish the other half, horizontal rows of styled locs are made, which turns at the back of the head to become a part of the other half locs.


Red Black Mohawk Locs

Locs Hairstyles

As opposed to the above style, which forms a crowd of locs at one side, this style tries to concentrate the locs in the center- resembling a typical Mohawk style.

Bushes of tight curled locs at the top center portion gradually decrease its volume while moving towards the nape area, thus builds a signature shape to show off your locs.

The twisted thin hairs at the sides look more elegant since it forms a great pattern to support the top locs. Try to add more spice to the look by using a special color. Like here, the women have painted a brownish red shade that matches her earrings.


Cross Over Loc Rows with High Bun

Locs Hairstyles

It’s the best loc style for wedding seasons where you can truly garnish your locs. These are also a great style if you’re the one who doesn’t want the hair touching the face.

The front locks are twisted by selecting the locs forming the rows. These twisted rows of hairs are then overlapped over each other (taking two rows), thereby forming a cross over pattern at the head’s front portion.

Moisturizing these crossing rows will make them look fresh and lively. The drawing attention factor of this style is that it uses locs at the top of the head to form a high bun. Locs with sharp kinks easily bends to arrange like flower petals in the high buns.


Wrap and Rolled Locs

Locs Hairstyles

Just because you have a deadlock, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try the fascinating technique of ombre coloring onto your locs. In this amazing style, the locs are collected to one side, twisted, rolled, and wrapped to top of the head.

The tails of the locs end up into one side and moves freely. The locs are greatly adorned by keeping the loc roots natural dark and the base portion in the ginger shade.

It’s because of the contrast, which makes the rolled locs to be more noticeable. Finally, you need to secure your wrapped and rolled locs by using pins. This ensures that your style stays firm with your movements.


Casual Sisterlock Hairstyle

Locs Hairstyles

Some styles don’t exaggerate your locs; hence these styles become the best, versatile ones to try on any occasion, whether it may be formal or informal.

The thin hair strands intricately weaved and interlocked into sisterlocks look better than any other casual style when done with precision. Since the locking occurs from ends to roots (reverse), you can easily manage the new growing hairs to make this style stay fresh for longer times.

The natural sisterlocks (here) are side part on a short hair, resembling a mix of bob style. The locks from mid-shaft portion to tips are colored with a brown shade. Note that do try to color the hair before installing sisterlocks.


Puffed Up Half Ponytail

Locs Hairstyles

Locs on long hair look awesome in any setting. And for them, the ponytail is the main style that comes to mind for showing the long locs.

The puffed up front locs do look like a pompadour version, which is formed by twisting the thick locs on each other. You can also try with a synthetic loc if your natural locs are not thick or long enough or if the locs don’t cooperates with the twisting.

The side hairs are firstly twisted to a short length near the root area, and then, the remaining lengths are braided. Finally, the hair of the upper portion is collected to form a half ponytail tied with a band.

The rest of the locs are left free in the back. You can even go for different color combinations to highlight any portion of the locs.


Side Swept Style with Wool Locs

Locs Hairstyles

Trying a loc style on a natural afro-textured hair is easier. But, if you have fine and oppositely textured hair, it becomes challenging and time-consuming.

If you want to lessen your efforts and still gain these striking loc styles, you can use Brazilian wool locs as an extender to your natural hairs.

Wrap and twist the wool on your hair, and continue wrapping the wool over other, till the length reaches your waist. By this, you can gain a long length locs.

You can use different wool colors to alternate them with black wools. At last, sweep the wool locks through your forehead to one side and secure them inside the hick wool locs behind.


Curls on Red Short Locs

Locs Hairstyles

Getting a curl or spiral look on a locs makes it look neat and polished. That’s the reason for which many prefer to curl the locs into beautiful coily textures.

You can achieve this by using a roller or with perm rods. You’ll also require very little time or effort if you have short hair. This is because bounces in locs can be easily created in a short one.

As you can see in the picture, the curls are made more prominent, starting slightly away from the root area of the locs. To highlight the spirals, the curls are coated with a deep red tone.


Elongated Bun with Long Locs Out

Locs Hairstyles

What’s more beautiful than creating a loc bun? No matter the thickness of your hair, the locs collected to form a bun will always look voluminous. So, take this huge advantage of locs to style the locs in this way.

Normally, people avoid showing the frizz to show from hairs. The frizz in this style makes the locs look messier and reveals the naturality of the style.

The hair is collected at the back to form a loose ponytail, and then the locs are tied in the ponytail to form a bun. Use a few long locs from the middle to flow out from sides.


Short Locks with Shaved Sides and Thin Mohawk

Locs Hairstyles

These styled locs are definitely not for a shy girl or woman. The style speaks the full confidence, uniqueness, and boldness in the look.

If you like to wear short hair, pick this style without any doubt. The hairs are cut very short from the sides of the head. Only the small locs at the top represents the volume of hair.

The curls are also super coily and tight, which doesn’t need any time for styling, and is super easy to manage. To make this style special and personalized, you can also make it bright with your choice colors. This style works for any occasion.


Giant Updo and Side Twist

Locs Hairstyles

The style transitions the locs into a calmer look but shows some sparks of rocky feelings. The whole hair is heavily arranged into different styles.

You might feel it like a bun or simple wrapping of locs all over the head; thus, the style carries a mystery with it. The locs are braided over each other to form a thick individual lock strand. Most of the thick locs are covering the head.

Few are separated out from the lock gang and are coiled or twisted to form a circular pattern at the four corners of the head. You would require a lot of pinning to secure the locs with this amazing style.


Simple Short Mini Top Bun

Locs Hairstyles

If you have short dreadlocks, you can still put it into a new effective style by trying this. The locs from different rows are collected and jointed into a single main row. Such rows are then gathered to form a small bun at the top of the head.

The locs being stayed away from the face adds a considerable amount of focus towards your face, especially when you want to display your flawless eyebrows or eyes; these styles are a great one to start with.

If your hair is very short, you can try using an extender or yarn with a different color to arrange locs for a top bun.


Disconnected Undercut with Hair Knot

Locs Hairstyles

An asymmetric style is mainly designed to draw attention to the specific area of the head. When you pair the traditional, timeless dread with a modern undercut, you can expect much more androgynous craziness to your look.

The side hairs and few layers at the back are buzzed off, forming an undercut. You’ll also observe the hair around the individual locs too being cut short.

Thus, it forms a nest like a pattern when you assemble all the centrally located blonde locs. The style is concluded by tying the hairs at the back into a big knot. The style of tying keeps the feminine look.


Dyed Low Bun

Locs Hairstyles

If you’re thinking of a sharp get up for your next occasion, don’t forget to miss this style. It’s very simple and effortless styling with your sleek locs.

If you have natural locs, that’s great. If not, you can shop for faux colored locs to get this style without any flaws. Brush your locs from the scalp, and then gently move towards the loc length to gather all the locs at the back of your head.

Wrap the tails of the loc around each other to form a bun out of the ponytail. Use a light gel to get a uniform lock with a sleekness factor.


Side Parted Layered Jumbo Faux Locs

Locs Hairstyles

A loc style with a more manageable length and thickness adds a dramatic finish to the overall look. If your natural hair can’t cooperate, try the jumbo faux locs to attain thickness and density in the locs.

You can choose those who add a sun-kissed glow and luxurious beauty to the locs. The style covers the head perfectly, giving a dense, voluminous look.

You can even construct layers by adjusting the hair length for your locs. Or simply, neat side parting the resulted locs creates an illusion of layered hair with blunt ends. Use some hair cuffs to bring a highlighted image for your locs.


Massive High Bun with Parallel Locs

Locs Hairstyles

Synthetic locs not only work for extending the length but also for forming a voluminous high bun. To do this style, you need to pull the locs towards the top of your head. Tie it with a band to secure the so formed ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into two equal sections.

Twist and wrap them around each other to form this massive high bun. Ensure that the individual locs parallel to each other, forming a pattern at the head’s backside. The style adds an elevation to your head with the help of updos.

Plus, it also keeps hairs away from the face and nape area; thus, it is a perfect occasion party style to wear during summer. Do leave some baby hairs out to complement the look.


Two Bun with Fringe

Locs Hairstyles

If you’re ready to make people look to be explored in your locs, these are an extraordinary style to try for. Four things make up this style: the buns, fringes, braids, and twisted loc patterns. The locs appear neat and well-groomed and focuses the scalp too.

The intricate twisted patterns adorn the top of the head. The two buns keep the backside of your head engaged with style.

Two braided locs also put out to the frontside and act like a fringe to frame the shape. It adds a great dimension to oval faces. The final touch to the style is enhanced by the use of loc accessories.


Half Up Half Down Waterfall Hair with Curly Ends

Locs Hairstyles

If you’re among those who prefer short hairstyles, keeping natural locs doesn’t take much time. These thin, loose, flowing locs are parted into two sections. One section from the top of the head forms a short ponytail.

The other sections run freely at the sides, nape areas, over the ear area to form a flowing waterfall-like look. The peculiarity of the style doesn’t end here.

To enhance the effect, the loc tips are turned to form loose S-shaped curls. To highlight these contrasting curls, variations of brown shade are coated over the locs. You can feel the true messiness while wearing this style.


Cornrow with Side Fringe

Locs Hairstyles

Here is another creative style to boost up your natural locs. The combination of brown shade with rough locs takes the style to another level. One side of the head follows the cornrow pattern, where the hair is braided close to the scalp.

These individual braided locs then joined to continue with single braid locs and form partition walls with the back locs. Few fine loc strands are taken aside to decorate the face and forehead.

The rest thin locs at the backside are left free and open to falling onto the nape area. If you’ve tried the brown shade to brighten the locs, then you can pair it up with brown earrings and jewelry.


Gray Highlighted Top Ponytail

Locs Hairstyles

Gray has become a trending, ideal color that suits any aged woman. Wearing a grey loc extension is no more different from this concept of keeping the modern grey color.

All you need is to collect your natural hair and tie it at the top of your head. Add those long gray extensions by wrapping it with your natural hair. You can even bring variations in the loc length.

The celebrity has preferred to keep the locs super long. Plus, the locs are distributed perfectly to all the sides, maintaining the volume level intact.

The dark roots are then tied with a gray-colored band, which creates a great variation with the black colored hair, and a great matching with the gray locs.


Super Long Locs with Messy Half Updo

Locs Hairstyles

The loc style creates a special 90s wild vibes. The false locs as an extension are a great way to speed up making a long loc style you want, without waiting for years to form the locs out of natural hair.

You can still enjoy the feeling of having natural long locs, and as an added benefit, the synthetic locs requires very little maintenance. Though the locs are styled in a way to keep it free and open without any braiding or other styles, it sports a unique messily built updo.

The ends of updo locs are protruding out from the updo and add chic to the style. Few locs ends are curled to form a coily strand.


Shoulder Length Locs with Front Rows

Locs Hairstyles

A textured style within a loc is easy to gain. Such an example is this shoulder-length loc style. This style is perfect for a medium length locs.

Pull the hair to the top portion of the head, form a ponytail, divide and distribute the loc length to the backside and the shoulder area. The thin locs flow easily with a lot of movements.

The front side of the head is enhanced by using the rows in which the locs are twisted and twisted. Few lowlights of brownish shades are touched onto the hair to make it look brighter and shinier.


Braided Updo with Half Down Locs

Locs Hairstyles

The regal style is ideal for picking for any grand occasion. The style adds a special timeless touch to the long locs. The style is achieved by gathering a few braid strands to form a thick updo bun at the top of the head.

The other left locs are braided to allow the locs to run open with its long length, few at the back, and front towards the front side of the shoulder.

The style adds two tones by keeping half locs up and half locs down. You can play with the updo by painting a distinctive shade onto it.


Accessorized Bride Hairstyle

Locs Hairstyles

A bride’s look needs to be unique and graceful. Not just because everyone’s attention is on the bride, but also to enhance the self-confidence of the bride with a stylish look.

The locs are also a great style that can root both confidence and beauty in one. The best part of this loc style is the scoop up of the whole loc to form an updo.

But differing from a normal updo, the style uses the intertwining of locs over each other to form a mysterious pattern. Such a high look is further supported by white loc accessories matching with the white bridal dress.


Wow, so many varieties in locs, right? Going for locs is sure to add confidence to your look. Try these styles and place your perfect highlight to sport the locs unique for you.

All you need is patience (some don’t; you are ready to go with faux locs) and eagerness to try out this style, and the memorable day is waiting for you.