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15 Most Flattering Hair Colors for Pale Skin

It may seem like common sense, but most women don’t know how important it is to compliment your hair color with your skin tone. While pale skin can handle every hair color, it’s the undertones in the skin, like olive, yellow, or red, that determine the best shade of that color for you.


Best Hair Colors For Pale Skin

Read on to see our 15 gorgeous hair colors that will make your creamy pale skin stand out.

1. Black and Brunette Balayage

black hair color for pale skin

At the top of the head, this style appears to be jet black. Pale skin with warm undertones can handle the severity of this balayage color without appearing washed out. The ends of the hair, however, fade into a dark brown, which can soften your look.


2. Light Blonde on Pale Skin

blonde hair colors for women with pale skin

Pick up the golden warmth of your blonde so that it enhances the softness of your light skin tone. Golden undertones suit this light and bright blonde, while pink cheeks mean that your hair can handle icier hues.


3. Balayage Highlights

dark hair color for pale skin

Whether you’ve got irresistible curly locks or straight and fine hair, a dark brown with chocolate balayage highlights is perfect for light skin with golden and olive undertones. The light chocolate tones are essential for brightening your beautiful face.


4. Warm Brunette

brown hair color for pale skin girls

Pale skin can rock any hair color, but warm brunettes work for skin types with pink undertones only. Colors like caramel would only wash out skin with yellow undertones, but with pink cheeks, you’ll compliment and brighten your overall complexion.


5. Golden Blonde

best hair color for pale skin and blue eyes

Skin with golden undertones can handle the golden hues of this yellow-blonde color. Icy blondes neutralize red undertones, but here, warmth is the name of the game. Consider adding dimensional highlights for a sun-kissed glow.


6. Light Brown For Pale Skin

hair color for pale skin blue eyes and freckles

Known as mousy brown, light brown color is great for babes with light skin who don’t want to go blonde. The coolness of this color neutralizes the pink and red undertones of her pale skin and makes her blue eyes truly pop.


7. Dark Brown for Olive Skin

hair color for pale skin and green eyes

Even if you’re fair-skinned, dark brown hair and green eyes indicate that your skin tone has hints of olive. Go for a brunette shade with darker hues to really ground your look and compliment your complexion best.


8. Gorgeous Ginger

red hair for girls pale skin

It’s hard to find a redhead who isn’t fair-skinned. Red is the safest bet for pale skin, but the exact hue is what is important. Red undertones can handle light, true red locks. Go for golden if your undertones are yellow.


9. Sunny Brown for Pale Skin

hair colors for pale skin with brown eyes

Sun-kissed and golden hues aren’t just reserved for blondes! Adding warmth to your brunette tresses is the perfect way to give off a glow when your skin can’t handle a tan.


10. Touch of Strawberry

pastel hair colors for pale skin tone

Even if you’re pale, warm undertones give you some leeway with color. Add a hint of strawberry to your dark blonde locks in an ombre fashion to pick up the pink hues in your cheeks.


11. Honey Brown Hues

hair highlights for women with pale skin

Highlights can make the world of a difference on your overall look. Brown hair can suit pale skin, but warmer undertones need a touch of lightness that can be achieved through well-blended light brown babylights.


12. Bronze Hair

balayage hairstyle for pale skin

The best way to brighten your face without a complete hair overhaul is light highlights. This babe has kept her dark root color with red undertones yet added hints of blonde to the hair surrounding her face.


13. Light Brunette With Brown Eyes

brunette hair color for pale skin tone

Sometimes, it helps to match your hair to your eyes. Here, her gorgeous light brown eyes match her eyebrows perfectly, so why not continue the monochrome look and make your hair the same as well?


14. Icy Blonde

Icy colors like platinum work like a charm for fair-skinned babes. Skin with red undertones is instantly neutralized by this opposing color. Of course, your hair doesn’t have to be quite as white as this look, but it can be a great starting point for inspiration for cool tones.


15. Deep Red for Fair Skin

Dark colors might seem tricky, but this red or even a plum suits fair skin with an olive glow. Because her eyes and eyebrows are dark, a deeper color will make the most sense for complimenting her overall look.


It’s true, pale skin can handle virtually every hair color imaginable. What is important is complimenting your skin’s undertones to enhance your look and make your features pop. When it doubt, you can always ask your stylist for guidance.


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