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25 Hair Color Trends To Follow In 2024 – Glam Up Your Tresses

Hair color trends have experienced several variations. Hair color trends have been growing at a fast speed, and you require to search for many experts before you understand which one is the color trend you would like to attend. One of the most current trends has been hair highlighting which is a result of coloring just a part of the hair.

You can both color some strategically positioned strands or flat color just the top of your hair to provide it a more attractive appearance. Highlighting suits nearly all women and this is one safe hair coloring trend which not only provides you an ultra-modern look, it also is simple to get done.

The humid summer invariably prefers blonde shade trends, whereas when wintertime’s, we normally like viewing warm colors like brown or burgundy shades. The dynamic season, though, may not be the only influencing part of the hair color trend, and individual choices make an important part in assisting you to know which hair color makes the best out of you.

Going for a basic toned color, or as near to natural hair color is a trend that works great. If you previously have a consistently warm shade, it might make sense to take a hair color that is near to your original color but is somewhat more comfortable.

This is a reliable option followed by many people who are scanning for a hair color that will be in trend for some time. The trend which works the best is the one that looks the best on you, and if you have a strong look, it is recommended that you try to use that as a base and then make trivial modifications to it.


Which Hair Color Suits Whom?

Try color blends like golden, honeycomb, coffee as such colors give an effect of layers that look extremely fashionable. You can also try shimmery highlights to cut up the block of coffee color until your skin and face color can control the quantity of such a bright color.

It assists set your haircut and is much more comfortable to carry. If you like very dark colors, attempt a brown-shaded color.

Or get your hairstylist to mix in some blue-black into the brown-black to give it more warmth, but without the boldness of a dense black, that does not go with all skin types. Also, try blending in some colorful and caramel shades with a quirky base.


Hair Color Trends

Pastel Balayage

Pastel Balayage

This hair color combines pastel tones and vivid hues to create something bright and lively without committing too much to bleach. The color works perfectly on your hair so that you feel sun-kissed.

It sheds off shades of dimension and pop that make you look both exquisite and ready to take the world into your hand.


Shades of Red

Shades of Red

Red is a bright and calling color. It draws and calls attention to itself. It contains details that make it very noticeable. Even when mixed with other colors, you would hardly not notice the shade of red no matter how small in proportion it is. 

Because red can be customized to improve hairstyling, it is considered one of the best hair colors for 2024.


Chunky Highlights

Chunky Highlights

With more people intending minimalism, chunky highlights are gradually becoming the darling of nearly everyone. Once adopted but forgotten, the comeback is not unexpected.

It takes only the primary colors and hues for chunky highlights to be made. It requires toning only about 1 to 2 inches wide in contrast with your natural hair color.


Winter Hair Colors

Winter Hair Colors

Although trended last year, the winter exploits continue into 2021. Winterizing includes making tweaks to the current shade of your hair with added ribbons to enable a dimension that makes your hair look richer and bolder.

To make this happen, gloss your hair with marigold, peach, or apricot colors and witness the deeper tone and effect your hair gives off with added layers of excessive colors.


Sand Tropez

Sand Tropez

Ever combined ash with gold? The blend is amazing and unreal. Ash serving as a toner, reflecting warmth and coolness, combined with gold which itself is bright and luxurious, produces what is known as Sand Tropez.

Sand Tropez as your hair color serves you an appearance that is both mysterious and luxuriant at once.


Blonde Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

Blonde hair colors are much in trend these days. In such a style, there is not much to do. The hair can be kept simply down and the center has a partition. From the center partition, the shaded black color very subtly spread but in a very small amount.

The rest of the hair is colored golden. This hairstyle is perfect for women whose skin tone is fair as such bright colors have a balancing factor and also suits such complexion. You can either leave your hair open or do a tie-up style. Both will look great.


Brown Shade Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

The hairstyle looks gorgeous because of this color. The color has a great style quotient. In the recent fashion trend of the year 2024, the brown shade has made a quirky comeback, and on a slightly subdued skin tone, the color will look just dope.

Slightly dusky women can very well get this color for their hair. This burgundy color has an illuminating effect on the skin. You can pair up some dark shaded clothing attire to complement this ever gorgeous color. This hair color exuberates class, elegance, and poise in the perfect balance.


Light Brown Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

Hair color should always be chosen keeping in mind the skin tone. As mentioned earlier, the hair color you choose should go with the skin color you have else the look can be very odd.

Women whose skin color is dark might think that there are no such options for them. However, this is so not the case. The Light brown color shade enlightens a dark skin tone and makes the look very posh and decent.

With such hair shade, you can go for a straight style for your hair. As the hair is straight, you can see for real what a lustrous shine this hair color imparts.


Golden Highlights

Hair Color Trends 2024

Something never goes out of fashion, and one such style is this one. Highlights, when it came to fashion, made quite an impact.

However, with changing styles, maybe it has undergone a few up-gradation but the initial style of highlight and how it changes a look is still the same.

If you are bored with your conventional regular black hair or brown hair, then the best possible thing that you can do to alter the boring look instantly just goes for some golden highlights. Truly in absolutely no time, your look will change.


Grey Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

Fashion is all about exploration. The new trends explore and experiment with colors are a big source of interest when it comes to giving a new look. In 2024 one ravishing color is the grey color.

For hair, one might think that it is an offbeat and an unsuitable color; however, it is just the opposite. Grey color gives a very sensuous and a gothic tone to the overall look.

The hairstyle is not only quirky but has a very nice bold appeal that it imparts. If you want your look to be a bit different, then this can be your go-to color.


Twilight Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

This hair color was much in vogue after the movie twilight. The hair color looks very warm and subtle and will compliment a fair skin tone.

In this hairstyle, you have the highlight of old and blonde and very light brown, all amalgamated into a gorgeous concoction. This twilight hairstyle can indeed be your regular hair color and you can look stylish all day long.


Spring Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

For a petty and fresh look, hair colors like this are simply gorgeous. This shiny hair color will give you a very refreshing summery look.

A look that will enlighten your appearance in no time. This hairstyle has a base of slightly whitish blonde color with absolute like faint pink hue to add the note of a fresh charm.

Overall the beauty of this hair color is indeed unparalleled. Such hair colors portray what kind of stylish women are you? Be the diva you are with this spring hair color


Peach Cobbler Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

This peach tone infused with the bright nutmeg color exuberates class and glamour. Chad Kenyon first named the hair color, these natural red locks make women look just way too beautiful.

The color shade can be moderated from a subtle peach tone to a slightly dark caramelized tone. This hairstyle has a very trendy style that has the power to turn all the gaze towards you.

With a good haircut like the shags, these hair color will weave nothing but magic.


Light Golden Highlights

Hair Color Trends 2024

Such colors suit best in fairer tones. The hair color is indeed very pretty. Having an overall illuminating appeal, this hairstyle is easy to do and can be worn as an everyday color.

Also, if you have medium length hair, you can leave open your hair and such color can surely give you a very lustrous look.

As the color has a lighter shade not you can go a little far with the make up which can be bold and stark to strike in just the right amount of balance between the two. The light gold highlights in these days are much in trend.


Pink and Purple Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

For hair color, only considering a safe bet isn’t the real game. As said, it is always about venturing into the novelty that fashion is all about. This hair color is one such novel style.

Mixed with hues of a deep pretty pink and the blend of purple. The color purple is such a vibrant color that it makes a style that is indeed extremely sensuous.

The blend of this pink and purple color adds a splash of vibrancy to your look. Pretty, funky and filled with feminine aura, this hair color style is a must-try for once. The lower natural red low lights add a shaded appeal.


Asian Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

As the name suggests, this hair color is the inspiration from the Asian color tone of the hair. It has a slight rugged tone with shades of blonde and brown mix on a slight grey base. Such hair colors are so natural and compliment whatever skin tone you are in.

Also, the color is a great work-friendly color. You look sober. For women who want a decent and balanced color that is not over the top and is quite a natural, then this hair color is the safest bet to go for.


Pink Ombre Effects

Hair Color Trends 2024

Pink is one color that will always have a soft corner in a women’s heart. The color pink is just way too cute and also it as a sensuously adorable charm. If you color your hair with soft pink dye, then be sure that you look great.

However, this color will suit best in women whose skin tone is lighter or fairer. However, you still can try the color no matter what skin you have.

A great party hair color, this hairstyle can be a good color to try if you are planning for a beach trip. The center partition of this particular style, however, has the natural brown or black color and this adds to the style quotient.


Rainbow Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

No matter how much bizarre or amusing the concept of this multi-color or rainbow hair color is but the result is just breathtaking. The hair is colored in sections.

You can incorporate many colors like red, green blue, yellow, and pink, violet also orange, and together, the vibrant style denotes the playful and jovial side of your personality.

The rainbow hair color is super pretty and you are sure to attract the limelight towards you.


Turquoise Toned Hair Shade

Hair Color Trends 2024

For women who want to venture something new, this summer cool shade of blue and green or light turquoise color on the base of gray hair is just art in the form of style.

This hair color is such a soothing tone that I will instantly lighten up the mood, and the look which is created from the color is no doubt gorgeous. It is such a beautifully delicate color.

These watery tones make the look not only stylish but create a softer look which is sober and cute.


Light Peach and Pink Tones

Hair Color Trends 2024

If a darker tone of pink is not your cup of tea, then you can try it out with softer tones of pink. This pink and peach shaded tone is indeed very subtle.

If you have short hair and you want to go for a funky yet lighter shaded color, then this hair color will suit you the best. The light peach and pink hair color will look good on fairer skin, however.

For the hairstyle, you can tie up a small scalp braid on one side and leave the other side to display the color.


Deep Blue Dyed Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

The first word that comes to mind when you see this hairstyle is the word royal. Indeed this royal blue color defines grace and charm in the most elegant way possible. In fairytales, such colors were spotted.

So if you want to weave a magical and romantic charm, then this dreamy deep blue hair color can fit you the feel. The blue has very light stripes of different shades that enhance the wholesome impact of the look even more.


Blue and Pink Hair Color

Hair Color Trends 2024

With statement colors like the blue and pink, a sty statement that is indeed trendy is placed forward. The hair color in all total has three shades. The pink and the blue and the natural tone of your hair color.

However, the balance of these three colors comes out very nicely, and in 2024, such bicolor pairs are much in vogue.

The color blue has a subdued tone and so as the pink. Both colors are not bright. Color the hairstyle at the shagged front layers and keep the rest of the hair with your natural tone for greater effect.


Straight Blonde Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

This is one very straight forward and simple hair color. This color is regular wear as well. If you have a fairer skin tone, then such blonde colors will make you look elegant and stylish.

The blond is a trendy style statement as well. If you have long hair, then this hair color is safe on to pick. Your long lustrous look will make you feel a smart and confident woman.


Dark Maroon or Wine Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

This hair color radiates a noble hue. Such a vibrantly posh color will enhance and lighten the skin complexion as well. The hair color was initially thought to be appropriate for brunettes.

However, as trends change, fashion has made it possible to create the color with mixtures of wine or light mixes of brown and give it a dense effect.

This velvety color can remain for month s and will be a show-stealer with such hair color.


Dark Toned Black Hair

Hair Color Trends 2024

The quintessentially sophisticated Dark brownish-black hair color will be an all-time favorite. This color can never run out of fashion. No matter whatever experimentation you do to return home, this color is the best.

Well, truly, this color is so close to the natural hair color that it’s indeed like coming back home. If you have hair color of a different shade for a long time and you want to get back close to natural shades or darker colors of black, then pick this shade.

You can pair up any kind of attire with this shade. This indeed on such versatile shade that it suits each woman.


Pink and Violet Tones

Hair Color Trends 2024

Replete with feminine charm and grace, this particular color is super cute and looks gorgeous. With subtle notes of funkiness, this hairstyle has a very lovely warm aura to it.

The purple is the darker shade and has been dyed within the interior areas, whereas the light pink tones are colored on the front portion. The soft tone colors like this are great for young women.


If you are considering dyeing your hair, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends so that you can understand which hair color presents you with a complete look. With the above mentioned beautiful colors, you can now choose the one you find best. Let your hair reveal your stylish self.