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Best Athletic Hairstyles For Active Women

We all have experience with messy hair while doing a workout. Nothing is worse than feeling your hair sticking to your face and sweat as you get a good workout. Doesn’t matter if you’re a cardio lover or a weight lifter; you want to make sure your hair is out of your face so you can perform at your highest.

That is where hairstyles for active women will help you out. No matter if your hair is long or short, you want it to stay in place, stay off your neck, and look great while you’re feeling the burn of your workout.

Finding a good hairstyle that offers the right amount of hold, support, and comfort can feel a bit like rocket science but we will help you out. You need to take care of your hair after doing your workouts and other obligations. Your hair will thank you.


A French braid ponytail is a good option

We all know that ponytails don’t always cut it, with the things you need. When you are working out your bangs or any short hairstyles will slowly but surely make their way out of your ponytail and into your eyes and face. That is always a frustrating thing and can slow down your workout routine.

A good twist on the traditional ponytail is to French braid your hair back away from your head. So it doesn’t bother you if you have short layers or bangs or French braid the ponytail itself to keep it from flying into your face.

To start, you can dampen your hair a little bit. This will make it easier to braid and will keep hair in place throughout your workout. Some hair needs a little help with the growing processes, so be sure to take your vitamins. Your hair will grow faster than usual.

French braid ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for active women

The French braid ponytail is one of the best hairstyles for workouts. Because your hair will be out of your face and you can go and do your workout routine without disturbance.


On the top of the list for hairstyles for active women are boxer braids

You need to feel free and comfortable. So you can do the exercises that your trainer gives you for maximum results. This hairstyle is a simple way to keep the front of your hair from falling in your eyes, but you don’t have to pull up the rest of your hair up.

To get this braid, take the front section of your hair and begin twisting it into a simple braid. You can tuck the braid behind your ear, pinning it in place, or even pin it around your head in a halo for a fancier look.

Boxer girl know what are the best hairstyles for active women

This hairstyle will definitely give you everything you need and support while you are working out. Every hair string will stay in place no matter if you are doing cardio or anything else.

Braided pigtails for a softer look

When you start going to the gym gear that fits your needs is the most important for your success in this journey. You need to have something that makes you comfortable and free.

Pigtails are a cool way to have a hairstyle after the workout because you will have soft waves in your hair. You can braid how many braids you want.

The more braids, the wavier your hair will be after. So if you want to go somewhere after the workout, don’t worry. You will already have a hairstyle done for you. But don’t forget to take a shower after the workout if you are going out.

Braided pigtails on long hair

If you like the softer look and don’t want your hair to be pulled that much. Braided pigtails are the perfect option for you. You will also have a hairstyle after the workout because your hair will be wavy.


Something fast is a ballerina bun

Those ballerinas know what they are doing with their high buns. A high bun on the top of your head not only looks elegant. But it will keep everything tight and out of your way. Whether you’re dancing or running on the treadmill, this is perfect for you.

To do this look, flip your head upside down and gather all the hair at the top of your skull. Attach it with a band as if creating a ponytail.

From there, twist your hair around it until it is tight and tie or pin in place to secure your bun. When you are done with the gym and workouts, you need to try some of the hair accessories while doing your hair. So you will express your style with easiness.

Ballerina bun on a girl

Ballerina bun is something easy and fast. So if you need something like that. This bun is perfect for you. It will do its work while you are doing your sets at the gym. And your hair will not be on your face.


Ponytails are the hairstyles for active women that we all go back to

Is your hair falling off because of tight ponytails? That is a sign you need to let your hair breathe for a moment and here are some effective tips for you and your hair to stop falling off. But if you don’t have that problem, the ponytail is a hairstyle that we all fall back to. Probably because it is very easy and fast to do.

And also, you don’t need more things than just a hair tie that you probably have or can get a hold of in a couple of minutes.


This hairstyle is super easy and great, but you need to be careful how tight you tie your hair. And also if your hair starts falling off, you need to take a break with the ponytails. But don’t worry, hair will grow back and you have other styles to do for workouts.