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How to Grow Long Hair – 25 Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Hair Faster

Good growth of hair is always desired by the most of the people, and if you are also one of them, then you need to follow some essential tips. The natural hair growth can be increased by following these processes. The hair experts suggest that it is always better to follow some healthy natural tips to grow your hair rather than taking some medicines. There are some simple and easy tips that you need to follow to get a long and healthy hair. Some small changes in your daily life can help you to get a remarkable result on growing your hair. These simple ways can increase the hair in a short time and improve your hair texture as well. The hair experts have suggested the following points to make your hair long, smooth and healthy. They have also explained in simple ways how to grow long hair and how to maintain it at the same time. You can change your habits to get the benefits of keeping your hair well-nourished and long.

How to Grow Long Hair?

Tips to Follow:

The following simple tips of taking care of your hair are not only simple but also easy to follow in your busy schedule.

How to Grow Long Hair

1. Daily Massage Your Scalp

Massaging your scalp can give you good result in growing your hair. The message on the scalp can increase the blood circulation, and as a result, the oxygen reaches the roots of the hair which is important for its growth. If you want to make your hair long, then you need to keep the roots of the hair will cause the hair starts to grow from the roots. You can use hot oil to massage your scalp. Use your fingertips and give little pressure on the scalp while messaging. This can nourish the hair roots and supply essential nutrients as well.

2. Use Shampoo Thrice in a Week

use shampoo and conditioner
You should keep the scalp and the length of the hair clean. Our hair attracts lots of dust and dirt from the polluted air, and we need to wash them out to keep our hair nourished. You should use a good shampoo on your hair thrice in a week to wash the dirt and keep the scalp and the hair clean. There are numerous types of shampoos available in the market, and you should buy one according to your hair texture and type. The shampoos that are made of natural ingredients are always better to use than the chemical-based ones. The shampoos should be used in a proper manner on your scalp and massage your scalp with the shampoo well before rinsing its foams. After using shampoo, you should wash the hair with normal water well. Keep in mind that if the shampoo stays on your scalp, it can harm your hair and the scalp at the same time.

3. Conditioning Your Hair Every Time You Shampoo It

You need to use the conditioner after using shampoo on your hair every time. The conditioners can give you back the health of the hair. When you use the heat to style your hair, then the bottoms of the hair become thin, and the conditioner helps in replacing the lipid and the protein inside the shafts of the hair. It also works great to improve the health of the hair and make it long by sealing the cuticles. So, the hair specialists always ask people to condition their hair after shampooing your hair.  You can add an egg yolk and oil to your conditioner to keep your protected and away from the side effects of the chemicals.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair too Often

You should not use the harsh chemicals every day on your hair as it can damage your hair. Using shampoo often can make your hair and scalp dry and be a cause of dandruff on your scalp. So, wash your hair well twice or thrice in a week is enough. Washing hair often can be harmful to the hair follicles and dehydrate your scalp as well.

5. Properly Dry Your Hair

After getting a bath, you should set the hair free to dry the hair properly. If your hair remains wet, it can be a cause of your hair fall problem. The roots can be loosened and fall. So, it is necessary to dry your hair naturally in the air. You should not heat the hair always to make it dry. You should keep it free to be dry in natural air and then comb your hair. Keeping your hair dry can help you to get a good result in growing hair fast and naturally.

Dry With Towel

Air Dry Hair


6. Brush Your Hair Gently

You should brush your hair when it is dried. You should not run the hairbrush on your hair roughly. A smooth and gentle combing is essential to solve the hair fall problems. Gentle brush on your scalp and the length of the hair can keep the blood circulation in the scalp proper and keep the hair follicles well nourished at the same time.

Here we share 4 different ways to brush hair properly & 5 mistakes to avoid.

7. Have a Healthy and Balanced Diet

If you want to keep your hair well nourished, then you should maintain a balanced diet. You should intake vitamins to nourish your hair. The importance of vitamin A and K is remarkable for hair growth so you should take the foods that contain a good number of vitamins. You should also keep your body hydrated. Sufficient amount of water intake is essential to maintain the blood circulation in your body. So, the oxygen reaches your scalp and keeps it hydrated as well. Moreover, taking the good number of antioxidants is also necessary to keep the scalp and the hair follicles out of dirt and pollution. It can maintain the health of the scalp from the inner side. The nutritionists always say a good diet is a key to good hair. So, you should maintain the balanced diet for growing your hair fast.

8. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming the edges of the hair after a certain time is important to keep the hair growing. The split ends, and the damages of the hair follicles are needed to remove to keep the hair growing healthily. The damaged ends of the hair can restrict the hair growth. So, trimming your hair once in two to three months is necessary. You need to go to a proper hairdresser and trim the edges of the hair to get better hair growth.

Avoid Heat Products

Avoid Heat Products
The application of the heat products has some bad effects on the hair. These heating products are generally used to create curls and straighten the strands. These products leave bad effect on the hair follicles and make them dehydrated as well. These effects of the tools can be responsible for split ends, rough hair and less hair growth. So, you should avoid these kits as much as possible to keep your hair well growing.

9. Use Silk Pillow Covers

Silk Pillow
You need to use some good quality silk pillow covers to maintain the hair growth when you are going to sleep. The hair should not be rubbed on the cotton pillow covers. When you turn in your sleep, your hair follicles may be damaged by the rubbing on the pillowcases. So, you need to be very conscious about the pillowcase. The silk and smooth threads don’t damage the hair and make the hair rough. So, using the silk pillowcases is always better for the people who want a healthy and long hair.

10. Vitamins and Supplements

You should take proper vitamins can supplement for growing your hair. There are different kinds of supplements available in the modern market, but you should select one according to your requirement and hair texture. If you want to grow your hair fast, then you should take a proper amount of minerals and vitamins that come from the supplements. You can take these supplements in various forms as well. The vitamin capsules and herbal hair booster supplements can work for you in growing new hair on your scalp. If you are confused about choosing the right supplement, then you can consult with a doctor firstly. You can take their suggestion to understand what the best is for you and what can make your hair long and strong faster. These supplements and a balanced diet can be a key to get relief from the damaged hair and stagnant hair growth.

11. Don’t Wrap Your Hair in Towel

According to the hair experts, you should never wrap your hair with the towels. It can not only stop your hair growth but make your hair damaged and broken. So, even if you wrap your wet hair with a soft towel then also it is against your hair growth. You should not wrap your hair with any towel or clothe when you wish for long and smooth hair.

12. Try Natural and Herbal Hair Remedies

There are various natural and herbal remedies that you can use to keep your hair growing and strong. The home remedies by using natural products are healthy for your hair growth. You should always opt for these types of options more than using the chemical-based products. The hair remedies made of herbal products are safe to use as these have less or no side effect. These are cost effective as well. So, when you are finding ways to keep your hair growing to try to use some natural and herbal hair remedies. You can make some natural hair pack at your home by using the home ingredients.

You need to take an egg, three tablespoons castor oil and one tablespoon vinegar to make a pack. You need to take the egg yolk and other ingredients in a bowl and make a smooth paste. Apply the pack to the scalp and massage well. You need to leave the pack on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then wash well with cold water to get a healthy growing hair. You can also add one tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and one tablespoon of honey with an egg yolk. You can also apply the pack in the same process and wait till one hour. Then wash the pack well with the cold water to see a difference.

13. Drink Water as Much as You Can

Drinking water can keep your scalp hydrated and well nourished. So, you should increase the water intake as much as possible for keeping your hair growing. The water content can also improve your blood circulation which is important to send the minerals and oxygen to your scalp. The minerals are also present in the water which is important for your hair health. So, try to follow this simple tip for keeping your scalp and hair well nourished.

14. Hot Oil Massage Every Now and Then

Oil is always good for your hair roots, and you can apply some hot oil for messaging your scalp. It can nourish your hair roots and keep it moisturized at the same time. You need to keep the scalp hydrated, moisturized and smooth for avoiding dandruff. In this case, a hot oil massage can help you to get a good result. You can repeat this process three to four times in a week to get a good result. It can also be applied to the length of your hair to keep the follicles well moisturized and healthy.

15. Minimize Your Stress Level

Excessive stress can be harmful not only to your health but also for skin and hair. The stress is the main reason behind the hair fall and premature graying. So, if you want to keep your hair well, you need to take sufficient amount of rest. Good sleep can give you long and strong hair. It can balance the hormonal secretion which is important for good hair growth.

Avoid Such Things

Maintaining a good diet and following good lifestyle is the key to get healthy and beautiful hair. So, you need to limit the intake amount of hard drinks that are harmful to your digestive system. A bad digestive system can make your hair roots weaken. You should also sleep early in the night. Late night sleep and excessive work can be a reason for making your hair health worse. You should also limit using different kinds of product on your hair and experiment to keep them healthy and nourished.

16. Hair Colors

You may color your hair strands to make your look attractive but keep in mind that excessive uses of the artificial colors on your hair can be harmful to you. These chemical-based products make your hair rough and dehydrated. These colors can spoil the natural shine of your hair as well. So, if you like to color your hair strands then keep in mind that you should give a break sometimes. You can also add some hair colors on the right layers of your hair to show off more hair volume.

17. Hair Treatments

You can try some simple hair treatments at your home. But if you are not satisfied with the result and noticing massive hair fall, you can talk to a hair specialist who can suggest different modern ways to take care of the scalp and the hair. There are different kinds of solutions for your hair health improvement.

18. Don’t Brush Your Wet Hair

If you brush your wet hair then, the chances of breaking its roots become high. So, you should avoid brushing the wet hair. You should wait till it becomes dry and then you should comb it gently to minimize the hair fall. You should use your fingers to detangle the hair when it is wet but never use the brush on it.

19. Tight Hairstyles and Rubber Bands

Creating tight hairstyles and using rubber bands can make your hair roots loose and easily broken. You should follow the simple and loose hairstyles. The uses of much elastics on your hair roots can damage the hair and break it from the root. So, for avoiding these kinds of mess, you should try to follow some proper ponytail that can keep your hair long and strong.

20. Don’t Use Chemicals

The side effects of the harsh chemicals on the hair and the skin can give you a very bad experience. Though these chemicals can give you an instant glowing look, it makes the hair follicles dull and break them as well. So, if you want to avoid the damages of the hair opting for the natural remedies can be your greatest move.

21. Oil Treatment

Apart from hot oil massage, you can also opt for a good homely oil remedy that can make your hair growing. To make this remedy, you need to take one spoon of jojoba oil, coconut oil, and almond oil. Then create a mixture to apply to your scalp. You can also use this remedy on your wet hair to get a better result. You should message the oil on your scalp very well by using your fingertips. This can give you a soothing effect. Then let it set on your scalp and hair for at least 10 minutes. Then wash the hair with gentle shampoo. You can repeat this process twice a week to get a remarkable result.

22. Wash Your Hair Gently

Whenever you are rinsing your hair for the last time of your bath, you should use the cold water. The flow of the cold water on the outer layer of the hair can keep the hair follicles undamaged, protected and smooth. It can also lock the moisture of the hair and resist the hair fall. This simple process can help you get longer and smoother hair at the same time than your previous days.

23. Cold Water Rinse

Whenever you are rinsing your hair for the last time of your bath, you should use the cold water. The flow of the cold water on the outer layer of the hair can keep the hair follicles undamaged, protected and smooth. It can also lock the moisture of the hair and resist the hair fall. This simple process can help you get longer and smoother hair at the same time than your previous days.

24. Uses of Wide Tooth Comb

When you are detangling your hair, you should use a wide tooth hairbrush. This can make your hair fall problem less in a remarkable way. You need to start combing your hair from the bottom portion when you are detangling it. You have no need to pull the hair from the root to make the strands tangle free. This simple process of combing your hair can give you a long and strong hair. You should comb the hair at least twice a day to keep the scalp health well and hair growing.

These simple tips and changes in your daily life can help you to understand how to grow long hair naturally. These tips are given by the experienced specialists who know your desire about the hair. You should always keep in mind that the hair should be kept well to stay healthy and beautiful.