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51 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women to Enhance Your Look

There is never a good time to flaunt your natural coils, spirals, and curls. One of the best empowering parts of natural hairstyles for black women is their versatility. No matter how you style your natural hair, braids, or updos, they will steal away all the spotlight on any occasion.

Apart from having awesome texture and volume, adding colors to your hair is always fun. Natural hair can be styled with any pattern or color depending on your likes and outfits; regardless of your hair length, they look absolutely stunning.


Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Curly Brown Hairdo

natural hair with highlights for black women

Long curls paired up with dusky brown highlights will give all the volume of the body you need.

To keep your hair from going flat, blow dry the curls so you get the texture for layering your hair. Adding highlights at the hair’s ends defines your afro’s complete look.


Bouncy Middle Parted Hair

black woman with middle part natural hairstyle

Why hide your natural black hair when you can make them look stunning and free? First, detangle your hair to create volume and bounciness.

Then section your hair with a middle partition, and you are ready to rule the world now. A free afro is just majestic and looks epic.


The 90’s Pop Star

black woman with thick natural afro hair

Got a vintage-themed party to attend? No clue what to wear or how to style your afro? 

Then use a sufficient amount of curl definer creams to define your curls and add shine. Finally, grab a few locks from the temples and secure them with pins in the back to achieve this mohawk look.


Chic Afro Hair

short natural brown hairstyle for black women

Not a fan of stylish trends and couldn’t pull off braids easily? Not a problem, you can still look trendy with a basic style; Surprised?? of course, you should be.

Add some color to your short-haired afro cut to look a little more basic. You will absolutely look pretty and chic by adding simple modulations to your hair.


Rustic Pintura Highlights

natural black hair with copper red highlights

You do not have to carry all the straightening appliances to style your hair wherever you go. Instead, you can look sexy and hot by getting some hot-colored Pintura highlights to your natural hair. You can rock your beach vacation with this hot look here.


Top Knot Updo

pineapple natural updo for black women

Try this simple top knot style for a simple, easy, and subtle look. First, gather all your hair and make a high ponytail, then gently tweeze out the hair to get volume.

Next, you can brush out the afro to get the volume, as shown in the style above. If you have colored hair, then you will get a dual-toned style. Pair up with your casuals for a subtle look.


Dusty Pastel Pink Pixie

short natural blonde hairstyle for black women

Add some low-toned hair color to get a new look. These light hues will not stand out too much and melt flawlessly into your dusky skin tone.

Trim the sides and leave the volume on the top to create this look. Add serums and oils to add shine and glitter to your afro.


Bright Coffee Curls

natural hairstyle for mature black women

Opt for a short springy hair cut with short sides compared to the back and front for a summery look. Chop the spirals into voluminous bangs to cover the hair line in the front.

To keep up with the bouncy texture of the hair, use moisture creams, so the hydration retains in the hair. You can try this style for a bright summer glow-up.


Scarf Styled Curled Updo

heaadscarf hairstyle with natural hair

Many black women use scarves to style their natural hair, they look majestic and clean. In addition, natural hairstyles for black women are look-worthy and take up the spotlight on any occasion.

If you have afro hair, use a scarf to tuck in the volume in the back to create this exquisite style.


Half Up Half Down Dreadlocks

black dreadlocks hairstyle with natural hair

To hype up your regular dread locks game, try making a half up and half down hairstyle as shown. It is easy and can be done in less time.

First, ensure enough moisture in your hair before weaving it into dreadlocks. Then grab the top part of the locks and tie a loose bun as shown.


Free Open Curls

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

This is the hairstyle that screams freedom. You see that smile that comes when you feel free and confident to let your hair down the way they are. The simple middle partition is perfect because it’s so much in trend, and it gives an elegant look.

You need moisturizers to tame your curl and enhance them more. Keep using hair masks and oils regularly to soften your curls and keep them away from frizz. This will help you keep your natural hair in the way they are. This hairstyle is perfect for letting your hair down and looks gorgeous.


Brown Afro Bob

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

If you have very tight curls and relatively thick hair, there will be many times when you get tired of styling them, but sometimes it’s better to let your curls run free, and all you need to do is proper combing in the natural direction of your curls and applying your usual hair moisturizers.

This could be the best hairstyle that would justify all these things. This is a mini Afro. Chances of breakage of hair become least as you do not need any hair bands or heat styling. To keep your mini Afro healthy, you should comb your hair out when it’s dry instead of wet and regularly use masks and oil treatments to maintain moisture.


Short Curly Bob

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

This hairstyle is perfect for everyone trying to figure out new and trendy ways to style short natural hair. For this hairstyle, we go for a tapered cut with long bangs. It is very casual and messy because of a lot of loose, curly tendrils at the front of the head.

These Long curly bangs that fall over the eyes are a great way to show off your curls. It’s a messy and casual hairstyle, which looks fantastic on little frizzy hair, so don´t overuse any gels or hair creams.


Sleek Cornrows

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Small cornrows are also known as ‘lemonade braids.‘ They take longer to put in, but they’re worth the extra time. These braids are incredibly low-maintenance as you don’t have to spend any time every day to style them. They are durable once complete. They are extremely protective of your hair.

You can even leave them in for as long as four to six weeks as they are stronger than other plaits and twists. So if you have unmanageable hair and don’t want to spend lots of time every day styling them, this is a great option. They’re also a good choice if you have thin hair but still want the braid look.


Bold Small Locks with Undercut

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Having curls always gives you mixed feelings. You hate and love them at the same time. If you want to hold onto your curls but are tired of dealing with the mess they sometimes create, undercuts are the best option. And if you are tired of your long locks, make them short. Trust us; they will look gorgeous.

This hairstyle is the bold hairstyle out of all other African hairstyles. The shaved edge makes you comfortable and makes your curls easy to maintain. Whereas your small locks behave as cute ringlets which balance the boldness and give a feminine touch.


Topside Curly Bun

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

It is gorgeous how beautifully she is smiling and showing off her gorgeous red carpet updo for natural hair. This is such a unique hairstyle with a splash of asymmetry. The hairstylists have so perfectly managed to achieve the sleekness on one side and fix the sweep securely on the top of another side.

It’s rather unusual to wear a bun pushed onto your forehead, which gives this hairstyle that unique touch. Natural curly hair will be perfect for this hair-styling experiment. It is a new idea If you need an elegant updo for natural hair.


Short Side Swept

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Going through busy schedules, it is always difficult to manage long and straight hair. But women are not much willing to cut their her short as there is wrong to think that short hair is not much feminine look.

Breaking all those myths and stereotypes, we bring you a short-cut hairstyle, which adds a much more feminine and robust look to your personality.

From the image above, we can see how strong the personality looks. The side sweeping of the hair brings much more confidence to the look. The hairstyle not only brings a strong personality but also enhances all your face structures.


Platinum Tapered Cut

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

A platinum tapered cut is mostly for those people who have short hair. In this hairstyle back and side hair is shorter than the front and top. Tapered cuts are usually styled in pixies, bobs, bangs, etc.

The tapered cut looks good on every hair like black, blonde, blue, etc. Perfect tools and moisturizers are used to create a perfect look. Finger curls or coils look very cool on platinum tapered cut.

The tapered cut is very comfortable in summers. If you have naturally curly hair, then a platinum tapered cut is perfect for you. Platinum tapered cut consumes less time, which is best for working women, men, etc.


Rope Strand Twist Out Hairstyle

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

The rope strand hairstyle looks like a real rope. For natural thick long hair, this rope twist hairstyle is best. In this hairstyle, three hair strands are used, which look like a rope. If you want a creative and simple hairstyle then you must try this rope twist-out hairstyle.

Rope hairstyles are styled in different forms like buns, ponytails, etc. It doesn’t require any professional hairstylists. For college, parties, and photo shoots rope strand twist-out hairstyle is a good option.


Cornrow with Twisted Braids

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Cornrows are African hairstyles and are always in trend. Twisted braids with cornrows give traditional added to a modern look. Natural curly hair is difficult to style, so this cornrow with twisted braids is the best option to maintain curly hair.

Cornrows are usually time-consuming but look very classy and unique. Long hair is divided into three parts to make cornrows and continue with braids, but ends will remain untied. Some hair sprays are used to make long-lasting hairstyles.


Loose Coils with High Bun

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Buns are perfect for every occasion or season. Girls are usually more comfortable in buns so, loose coils add some dramatic look to your hairstyle. In this hairstyle front, hair is turned into loose coils, and the back hair is tied into a high bun.

For naturally curly or fine hair loose coils with a high bun are a perfect choice. It looks more eye appealing with witless eye makeup and bright lip shade.


High Trio Ponytail

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

A high trio ponytail is also known as Rapunzel braids. It is a very simple but fashionable hairstyle. Like its name trio means three ponytails merged in one. Some hair ornaments or accessories make it more beautiful. African style appears in this ponytail.

Some actresses wear this for red carpets or award functions etc. Very less makeup is required with this hairstyle to make it simple. Little girls look cute in this hairstyle. Any dress will go with this style.


Hair Puffs with Bangs

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Hair puffs with bangs are for medium-length hair. In this hairstyle, firstly, hairdressers cut hair with bangs, then with the help of hair appliances, provide texture to your hair like puffs. Choose your hairstyle according to face shape, width, color, etc.

A hairstyle is just a part of your personality, so if you are cool, and funny, then this hair puff hairstyle suits best on you. Hair puffs add bounce and volume to your hair. Bangs cover your forehead, so according to your choice, you can set it up. This hairstyle comes with less maintenance.


Afro Updo

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Afro hair is rich in volume, texture, color, and strength. Afro hair undo is a wedding hairstyle. Any professional hairstylist styles this hairstyle because it requires time. Wedding hairstyles are more special than any other regular hairstyle. So, updos are difficult to manage.

You can add any hairpins, or flowers according to your choice. Thick hair is not easy to maintain. Afro hair updo needs hair spray pins etc. for a perfect look. With minimal makeup and a wedding gown, you are ready to go for your special day.


Low Bun Feed in Braids

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Low bun feed in braids is a gorgeous hairstyle. Hair is divided into symmetrical sections, and each section is turned into braids, then all the braids are tied in one low round bun. Bun in this hairstyle is looking like a flower.

This hairstyle is for medium to long hair. Low bun looking very classy and always in fashion. If all hair is managed properly in this hairstyle. For proms, weddings, etc. it is an excellent option. This hairstyle suits very well for any occasion or dress.


Faux with the Tails

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

The traditional American hairdos are mostly related to long braids. But the braids are now transformed in modern ways to meet the Trends. If you also want to be a little trendier, then this full braid hairstyle is for you. From the above-provided hairdo, we can see this is a red carpet hairstyle, which is going to be an over-the-top look.

Starting with the middle of the crown area of your head, you have to make a simple braid but more loosely to bring that fluffy look, as we have seen in the image up. Both sides are styled by a French braid, which is done tightly compare to the braid done in the center.

The middle braid is continued till the end. This look is perfect when you have the strong, long, and perfect texture of your hair. This hairstyle is considered a heavy look, which will be perfect for theme parties, and you also need a lot of setting spray to make its hairdo stay in place.


Textured Hair with Accessories

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

In this modern era, where we see all the heavy styling and a lot more techniques that help in transferring your hair into new looks. In all these styles and trends, we forget about the natural beauty we have. Getting styled and using all the heating and harmful material on your delicate hair can cause alt of damage to your hair.

If you are tired of all these fashion and trend bars and want to go all-natural, then this hairdo is for you. The hairstyle does not contain any harmful material or steps; instead, it’s all about the natural texture of your hair.

You can choose any length, but here in the picture, we have gone for the shortcut, and it is styled with the gold hairband, which is making it perfect for parties, but you can always choose the accessories according to your wish and the occasion you are styling for.


Adopting Natural Beauty

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

The time and trend have gone of doing the over-the-top makeup looks or hairdos. Now people are more into adapting to nature. Often we can see around us how people are confident about their natural beauty, and they have learned how to love their natural selves.

Even there are neutral makeup looks and natural hairstyles on the red carpets and in magazines.Here is the natural and easiest hairdo, which will make you look trendy as well. The girl above has the natural texture of African hair.

But we can easily achieve these hairstyles in a heatless manner. Start with dividing your hair into two portions and then braid the portion in a French braid and leave it for the night in the morning you will wake up with natural curls and bouncy hair.


My Braid My Crown

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Princesses need to wear their crowns. Here is a crown hairstyle that is perfect for our strong, powerful women out there. In today’s busy work life, woman does not have much time to look after there, which is very important due to the growing pollution; otherwise, the women face hair problems such as weak hair, dry scalped, hair problem, and grey hair.

Usually, to cover these problems, we use chemical products and heavy accessories, which cause more damage to our hair. But here we bring you natural hair which is free from any chemical products and accessories. It is simple, yet it will step up your styling game. Here the women braid her hair and use the braid to make that crown.


Simple & Elegant Ponytail Hairstyle

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Are you done with curls? Don’t have that curly natural texture? Enough of the bounce? Want something simple and elegant? If you fall into these categories, then the next hairdo is for you. If you were looking for a chic yet sophisticated look, then the search is over.

This hairstyle is, especially for straight hair. No extra products need to be used in achieving this elegant look. If you have frizzy hair, then you can use oil or hair gel, which consists of natural products. Begging with tying your hair simply in a high ponytail, and the next step would be taking a bulk of hair and wrapping it around the ponytail.

For support, you can use rubber bands and hairpins. The thing to notice is the styles in the hair are cut at the bottom. In the above-given picture, we can see the hair at the end is cut in a straight line.


Bounce Your Hair

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

If heavy hair styling isn’t your thing. But you still want your hair to look lively. Here is the simple and casual hairstyle which will work fantastic with your personality and make you a charmer in all your Instagram pictures.

Just simply shampoo your hair and condition it well use all the protecting serums which are good for your hair and help them to make it strong and completely nourish it. There are a lot of serums to protect the curly texture of hair, needed for this hairdo; you can use that as you have to leave your hair open and let them bounce with the air.


Natural Hairstyle for Short Hair

Natural Hairstyles

There are large numbers of women who love to have a short hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the side portion of the hair is shaved, and the remaining hairs at the top are forming short strands.

In this way, your hairstyle will have a look that will make you different from others. Even your hair won’t bother you while you are involved with your work as they have a very short length.


Natural Hairstyles with Braids

Natural Hairstyles

Braids are popular among a large number of women. This hairstyle will have a combination of natural hair with having shaved portion on one side of the head and the other side having braids.

These braids are kept overhanging from the head. Even they are provided with a curly look which is providing a decent styling experience.


Medium Length Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

This hairstyle will provide your hair with medium lengths which will also have curls in them. The style developed is mainly due to the curls which are added to the hairstyle. All the curls are arranged systematically to ensure that all of the areas of the head are covered.

It will also help in ensuring that a few of the unwanted things around your head, ears, and forehead can be hidden by properly arranging this hairstyle.


Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

It is always preferred by any of the women to have minimum maintenance in the hairstyle that they have prepared. This will help them to ensure that their hairstyle is remaining in style and prepared for a long duration of time unaltered.

Individual sections are prepared in this hairstyle which will require maintaining these sections only in case of an issue. Hairs are forming knots in each of the sections prepared. Normally women having short hair are preferring this hairstyle.


Frohawk Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

It is having very random hairs arranged which are intermingled with each other. This will even help you to hide some of the unwanted things around your ears and over the front head.

Hair is arranged to form almost a circular shape around the head which will enhance the way in which your hairstyle is appearing.


Cute Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

If you like to have your hair arranged spirally with a natural look, then this hairstyle will suit you the most. It will have your natural hairstyle arranged in a randomized manner with the hair spirals overhanging from the top of the head.

Even these spirals will be covering many of the portions of the head around the ears, forehead, and neck. Many women use this feature to hide some of the unwanted skin issues which they are not willing to show.

This hairstyle will provide your face with a cute look which will enhance the way you are appearing to other people.


Curly Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

Having a curly hairstyle is a common trend among a number of individuals. It will even make you look different at whichever event you are going to attend.

A knot is prepared at the top of your head with curls prepared on the hairs which are overhanging sideways.

Each of these curls is forming a spiral shape with overhanging ends which will provide your hair with the required bounce.


Easy Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

If you like to have a denser hairstyle which is covering most of the portion of the head, then this hairstyle will be most suitable for you. It is having hair emerging from the top of the head which will further have a curly appearance.

They will be overlapping over each other while forming the curls. All the curls produced are making the hair denser and making it bouncier.


Natural Hairstyles for Beginners

Natural Hairstyles

You can try out this hairstyle if you are a beginner in having a particular style for your hair. All the curls formed on the hairs are straightened to move in their respective directions.

This will make your hairstyle cover more volume over your head by means of spreading sideways. Even these hairs are forming curls.

The hairstyle is having denser hair at its back which can cover your neck portion too.


Natural Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Natural Hairstyles

Finding people having oval faces is common. This hairstyle will help you to get the desired denser look for your hair if your face is oval. Hairs are forming a denser look while getting intermingled with each other.

Hairs are forming a denser bunch over the heads which are arranged randomly over the heads. If you have an oval face, then you should definitely try this kind of hairstyle.


Middle School Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

This style will give you clean hair which can help you to appear more elegant at your school. It has neatly combed hair which is tied further at the top of the head.

As all the hairs are tied neatly at the top of the head, your head and the sideways of your face will be easily visible in this hairstyle. Mainly this hairstyle is suitable to give you a more professional and elegant look.


Simple Classic Natural Hairstyle for Black Hair

Natural Hairstyles

It is having thick curly hair intermingled with each other. All the hairs are properly arranged at the front portion of the head. From there, hairs are moving backward to form a knot at the top portion of the head.

Hairs from this knot are kept overhanging on their own and randomly scattered. Many of the overhanging hairs are also getting intermingled with each other.

If you have black hair, then you can try out this natural hairstyle to give yourself a comfortable look.


Everyday Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

You can have this hairstyle if you are wishing to have it in your everyday routine. As the hairs in this hairstyle are quite short, they will also not create problems in your everyday activities.

A creative style of the hair created on a single side is also adding its unique peculiarity to the hairstyle. Hairs are properly combed in this style to make you look decent and elegant.


Trendy Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

Are you fond of experimenting with your hair? Then you should opt for this hairstyle as it will provide you with a unique flavor of the new hairstyle which is in trend.

Hair will be curled and scattered over the head. It will cover more area over your head and will help to improve your overall appearance.


Simple Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

There are a few people who don’t like to experiment so much on their hairstyles. They like to have their hairstyle to be simpler which can give them an elegant look.

Those people can opt for this hairstyle as there is no trendy style showcased in this hairstyle. Even it will help you to have curls in your hairstyle which get intermingled with each other.


Natural Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Natural Hairstyles

It is quite common nowadays to find people who are having thicker hair. These hairstyles will help them to form short strands of hair from those thick hairs. These strands are arranged in a random fashion with curls all over them.

One can develop a professional look with this hairstyle. Hairs are covering some of the regions around the ears of the individual who is adopting it.


Classy Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

This hairstyle is suitable for you if you believe in representing your classic look. It will make you look unique among a large number of individuals who are going to attend a particular event.

Curly strands are prepared from the head which is quite shorter in length. Even many of the hairs are intermingled. Hairs are arranged in a random fashion which is covering many of the areas around the head over the sides and also over the front of the face.


Ear Length Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

Hairs are having a curly look that is arranged over their respective sides. All the hairs on their respective sides are covering a large portion around the ears which can help to hide a large portion over there.

Curly hairs are having loose ends which help to make the hairstyle look springy.


Quick Natural Hairstyles

natural hair updo

Instagram / sisterlyluvnatural

If you don’t like to have hairs overhanging over different sides of the head then you can opt for this hairstyle. This hairstyle has all the hairs pulled upwards over the head to form a knot at the top.

It is arranged in a linear fashion over the head from front to back end. Normally this hairstyle will suit women who are having circular faces.


Updo Natural Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

This hairstyle is having hairs arranged around the head over their respective sides. Even a braid is prepared which is helping in keeping the hairs together at their respective location.

The remaining hairs below the braids are properly arranged for improving the overall appearance of the hairstyle.

A bunch of hairs is gathered at the top of the head which moves towards the back to form a bunch of hair that is kept overhanging and is having a curly appearance.


Where women are getting comfortable under their own skin and natural hair, you have to flaunt your hair as never before with our handpicked natural hairstyles for black women. Hair is the only thing that makes women more beautiful and adorable.

Pick a style that compliments your skin tone and face cut. Then, it will not be so difficult to style your natural afro-hair. With the right effort and styling ideas,  you will have the most beautiful way to wear your hair.