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41 African American Hairstyles Trending Right Now

With a new culture of embracing your natural color and body, it is also time to embrace your hair. Do not worry about your dark black hair; many blondes are going black now. Instead, embrace your hair with these amazing  African American hairstyles.

The newest chic way to wear your natural hair is definitely fun. You can pick your style from classic cuts to edgy angled trims. Then, you just have to switch on your creativity button to hit that breathtaking look. Be it curls or straight black hair, they will frame your face with a fresh, blooming vibe.


New African American Hairstyles

Thick Micro Braids

African American hairstyle with braids

A casual yet breathtaking style. Thin box braids are super trendy; you can pair them up with any jacket or open shirt with a tank top underneath for an edgy vibe.

Loose braids are the most commonly seen in African American hairstyles that are easy to maintain and last for over three to four weeks.


Pineapple Top Knot

curly updo with African American hair

Bored with regular top knots and buns? They are outdated already. Add a fruity look to your textured hair with our trendy top knot.

Gather all your afro into the center of your head and secure using a thick elastic or scrunchie. Then brush out the hair to create a voluminous look.


No Hair Tie Style

African American ponytail hairstyle

Get your sleek silk smooth hair ready, but if you still couldn’t hit the end button in the finding hair tie game, you can quit it immediately.

Seriously, these hair ties are hard to find, even if you have a brand new pair bought last weekend. Grab your hair tightly, make a knot, and secure the loose hair. You can use bobby pins for a neat hold.


Chocolaty Blonde Ombre

layered African American ombre hairstyle

If you are new to hair color and unsure if blonde suits you,  try dying only half of your hair. Leave the base and roots of your hair with a natural color.

Dye the rest of the hair blonde. This will ensure that you will not look too much different along with a new hair color vibe.


Dreadlocks with Bold Hair Tie

thick dreadlocks hairstyle with African American hair

Love thick dreadlocks, but it feels like your hair misses that wow factor, so you need to shop for a bold-colored hair tie right now.

Get some bold colors on the dreadlocks to catch the vibe. You can use a scarf with bold prints and colors to lighten up the dull dreadlocks.


Perfect Trimmed Afro

short afro hair with undercut

This is the one for those backing off from getting a short-trimmed afro look because it might look masculine.

Trimmed afros are the cutest and also a feminine style to wear your afro. You can add highlights to make it look much more beautiful. Short trims are lovely feminine African American hairstyles.


The Retro Chic

short afro bob for mature black women

Women in their 50s who need to tickle that long-lost retro love of their hair can try this style—this simple and vintage style to wear your short textured bob cut.

Suits all occasions perfectly and is easy to maintain too. We recommend you not to forget the iconic red lipstick, please.


Ink Black and Coffee Melts

long African American hairstyle

OMG!! Could anyone imagine that these coffee melts look gorgeous on black hair? We just can’t find words to describe this style’s livelily and gorgeous.

You gotta try these coffee highlights at least once in your life. The long locks are so stunning that no one can ever shift their sight.


Undone Rope Braids

weave hairstyle for afro hair

This style here is so fresh and vibrant. To create this style, unwind the rope braids. And the tension in the hair because of the twists will hold them in place for a while.

The twists of the rope braid are gonna create an amazing structure. Pair it up with a colorful outfit for a vibrant look.


Messy Wedding Updo

wedding updo with African American hair

Looking for a simple and chic wedding updo? We heard you. Grab a claw clip and clutch down your hair low and loose to create this style.

Next, pinch a few strands in the front for a dewy look. Then, add natural flowers or faux flowers for that charming wedding look.


Wobbly Waves Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

A casual, easy hairstyle for a decent cute look is the loose waves which do not require much effort. All you need to do is to master a few curl techniques using a flat-iron or a straighter.

Roll some chunk of your hair over your straighter after heating it at normal temperature and take it out after applying some pressure for a few seconds. Repeat for the rest of the hair, and you are ready with a simple cute hairstyle. The wobbly waves hairstyle is ideal for summers and beaches.


Stretchy Crimps Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

It is a natural African American hairstyle that is perfectly achieved without any heat giving you a rich voluminous look with stretchy curly texture.

To achieve the crimpy look, you need to twist your hair take two small strands of your drizzly hair, and let them dry overnight. Stretchy crimps hairstyle is cool, cute, stylish, and easy and moreover, you can achieve a confident look without any heat and a fresh morning look when you open up your twisted curls strands.


Sturdy Gaze Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

The typical short 4C hair is naturally amazing even without any style. But for parties or just vacation looks, a Sturdy gaze hairstyle is a blended beauty.

Fresh, washed hair with some twists randomly tucked using a hairpin with a little bun in the center giving a beautiful African American cute look. It can be styled using various twists and turns, giving you an adorable focus over the crowd. You can wear a Sturdy gaze hairstyle on any occasion or even your daily casual look.


Crown Braid Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

For teenage girls or kids, braids are a very cute option. A perfect option for the summer season when the strands around the neck are not acceptable, twist the braids around each other making a crown.

A cute and decent crown braid hairstyle is a lovely option for kids. No need to worry for hot weather outside when your hair is gracefully braided with a twisted crown. A very effective hairstyle to manage long hair in the blazing weather.


Cornrows with Side Braids Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

For the girls who like going all out, it is one of the cutest and prettiest hairstyles which is loved by the kids. Side Braid cornrows hairstyle has cornrows, side partition with lovely braids for the rest of the hair.

Side partition is a great look for almost all types of faces, be it oval, square, rectangle, or diamond. It is a very famous African hairstyle where for the sides the hair is braided very close to the scalp and in upward motion making continuous raised rows called cornrows, and the rest of the hair is braided close to each other giving a nice glance of a beautiful hairstyle.


Bouncy Afro Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

To celebrate natural Afro hair, a bouncy Afro hairstyle is an ideal solution. Quick and easy hairstyle for short curly hair. To achieve a bouncy Afro hairstyle, wash up your hair with volumizing hair shampoo, create jumbo braids, and let your hair dry completely in the braids and twists.

The process may take a few hours, and then all you need to do is take some strands of your hair to a height that you like and use a blow dryer to set the hair lastly to keep the style in place use hairspray, and the fluffy Afro look is ready.


String Box Braids Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Thick box braids are a stunning hairstyle for every event or casual look. String box braids hairstyle is appropriate for everyone and gives an appealing and very cute look.

3 portioned box braids along with the hair coloring optional strands give a nice glaze and the beautiful accessories available in both silver strings and gold strings add more beauty to the pretty hairstyle. The string needs to be alternatively braided between the three strands to give a delightful look to the box braids.


Purple Lofty Ponytail Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

An easy, charming, and attractive African American hairstyle that cannot be ignored is a high ponytail. For straight and sleek hair, it is the best option that makes a woman look both cute and sexy. Purple highlights add charm to the pony giving an elegant and sweet look.

For a lofty ponytail hairstyle, you need to gather all your hair tie with a band and allow the hair to move free from the point. We may try various variations to it, but its elegance remains in simplicity.


Funky Afro Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Funky yet cute, and natural Afro hairstyle is liked by African American girls for both official and casual occasions since it is easy to maintain. The funky Afro hairstyle is good for girls with short hair or shoulder length.

Just three-box braids at one side, taking your hair from one ear and keeping the rest of the hair free by combing upward its respective direction and set in place using hairspray. For the girls who have super curly hair, a natural funky Afro hairstyle gives the best side look with perfect braids.


Right Twists Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

A very cute African American hairstyle that looks gorgeous for all ages and all hair lengths. In the right twists hairstyle, a large portion of your hair in front view is kept on your right side. It is an easy-going hairstyle very natural and easy to carry and loved by almost all girls.

If you have short curly hair give a little twist to your hair, combing it in the direction of hair growth and joining your fringes and mid hair on both sides, keeping front view hairs on the right side. Suits on all outfits, be it western or traditional.


Loose Braids Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Loose Braids hairstyle is nailed by Willow Smith with her amazing Red-carpet Poses. Stylish, beautiful, and cute look with these loose braids are the ideal style for your appearance and produces the most flattering and modern look.

To achieve a loose braid hairdo, take small strands of your hair with three partitions and make small braids till the end of your hair length and leave it freely. Repeat the process for the rest of your hair. For summer weather, a cap matching your outfit with these loose braids is bliss for your charming look.


Cute Braids Bun Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

A unique and cute half-braided bun with loose braids is the modern African American girl’s pick these days. Giving a very stylish and carefree persona hairstyle is an eye-catching glance and a lot of compliments on your way. For a cute braids bun hairstyle, you need to start by making braids by taking small strands of your hair.

When done, randomly take 3-4 braids from the left side and secure them with a hairpin. Repeat the process for the center and right-side braids also. After securing the three sides, it makes a cute bun look with the free braids for the rest of the hair makes you look appealing and smart.


Fluffy Knot bun Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

For your kid to smile throughout the day here is one of the cutest and most adorable hairstyles which is easy for the kids to handle while playing and also great for casual hairstyles.

Just to need to do it make a cute knot bun at the top of the front side center view of the face by taking some portions, twisting the hair, and making a bun. Leave the natural hair freely giving a fine vibe and a pretty look at your kid.


Natural Bride Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Excited about your wedding day looking for lots of hairstyles or extensions to make your day more beautiful, but the secret is your natural beauty is your pride. Don’t shy from wearing your natural hairstyle on your wedding day.

Perfectly combing short curly hair with a nice accessory gives you a glamorous and very cute look for your big day and you would always cherish the naturally beautiful you for the rest of your life through your memories.


Teeny Curls Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Best suited hairstyle for all the cute faces of all ages. When you have shoulder-length hair and looking for a new impressive look on any occasion, a teeny curls hairstyle is the choice. Just need a curler and a comb.

Take thin strands of your hair and curl them. Giving a bouncy look for your curls, these thin crimps are a cute option.


Tiara Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

A hairstyle for bold, confident, and cute African American women is a pretty choice. When you have short hair, just get a tiara cut and style your hair with your preferable hair gel, or hair spray applied to your natural black hair.

Tiara’s stylish and comfortable hairstyle is perfect when you are not easy with the summer weather keeping you all hot and difficult to handle your hair. However, a cute tiara cut will keep you enjoying any occasion in any season.


Short Waves Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

Though braids are a beautiful option, the short bob hairstyle also makes a cute casual look when you want to try something unique and bold. It is very difficult to find a pleasing and attractive appearance for your hair when you prefer to choose a short haircut.

But short waves hairstyle gives you all that you need. Just a perfect front layered fringes haircut that best suits on a rectangular and square face. Carry short waves hairstyle for a very casual, easy-going, and bold look.


Transient Crop Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

One of the loveliest actress Lupita has a beautiful smile and is carrying a short Afro hairstyle in the picture. The extremely short curly Afro hairstyle looks cute, and attractive and has a diva appeal.

Neatly cropped small-sized hair helps to highlight the beautiful facial features of black women. No partitions, no bun, no braids, and no accessories, still the beauty is outstanding. Perfect for all the occasions and functions where you can focus on your outfits, and Transient crop hairstyle will always be suitable.


Extended Ripples Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

One of the hottest and most popular hairstyles among African American girls is the black wavy hairstyle. Center parted hair with extended waves made by a flat iron for long black hair. Almost all age group girls can try extended ripples hairstyle with some variants adding to it.

You can get a well-styled fringe with these waves or take a side partition or try a beautiful Tiara or any other crown accessories. Suits for an occasion like Birthdays, marriage functions, or a date with your loved ones. Glamorize your look with your favorite modern attire and an amazing pair of earrings.


Leave it Straight

African American Hairstyles

Leave it straight hairstyle makes a very cute appearance for your short or medium-length hair. Preferred by all age groups and most of the African American celebrities for a casual look with no FOMO (fear of missing out). Try a straight hairstyle if you have enough volume of hair as straightening makes a thin and soft hair look.

Just straighten your hair and then style it using a blow-dryer or a comb. You can choose your fringe style according to the hair partition you make. Leave it straight hairstyle is best suited for thick volume hair giving you a cute decent look with easy maintenance.


Updo Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

African American Hairstyles

If you are an athlete or like dancing or physical activities, no more worry about messy hair with a delightful Ponytail hairstyle. It is best for your kids, if they have long hair with big volume and it’s difficult to handle, especially in the summer season.

Just tie the hair making an updo ponytail with a hairband. For the long free thick hair make a big thick braid up to a certain length and secure it with another rubber band and the cute amazing ponytail hairstyle is done. It looks elegant and is best for messy chic hair.


Afro Hairstyles For Black Women

Trendspotter Voluminous Cut

Afro Hairstyles

This is a great hairstyle sported by black women, who have naturally voluminous hair, a little on the curly twisty side. Women who get this cut have naturally thick hair, which can be styled in this fashion; otherwise, it would go unruly. It is a cool way to show off your thick hair and be spotted from far off. It imparts a chic, on-the-go, look for an evening out or a party.

Definitely a head turner and keeps those curly hairs in check in the most beautiful fashion. Due to its short length, it’s easier to maintain and manage, requiring less time when getting ready. A definite time-saver and uber cool at the same time. Can be carried off elegantly at both office, formal meetings, and evening celebrations as well.


Pulled Back with a Tight, Stylish Braid

Afro Hairstyles

This is a very cool style sported by African American women with long hair. The hair is first prepared by applying a mousse or a gel, which sets it for the hairstyle. A little complicated and time taking exercise, but the end look is worth the effort.

The hair is then taken into sections by a tail comb, and pulled back tightly. The sections are then woven into very neat fine braids, which are then combined at the nape to form one long braid at the back. The styling has to be super-efficient and neat; otherwise, it would look clumsy. One has to be very good at braiding to come up with the desired look. A cool style for the summer heat and daytime office wear.


Curly Twisty Spiky Cut

Afro Hairstyles

Girls with overly twisty, curly thick hair can go in for this smart hairstyle. It looks natural and relaxed a great option for short, voluminous hair. A side parting is good for people with big, round faces. It imparts their faces a slimmer look.

A little gel can be smoothed over the hair to keep it in place. Also, the soft, short curls are pretty manageable by keeping them short. A pretty smart way to carry your hair to the office or parties takes less time to manage and is super smart.


Jazzy Short Curly Voluminous Cut

Afro Hairstyles

A bold haircut, for women with naturally thick hair with short curls. People of the African, and Kenyan region have this type of hair. Since the haircut is short, it’s easy to manage even on curly hair. Pulled back from the face, by using a band, the rest of the curls are made to fall or stand on the top of the head, giving an illusion of length to the figure.

A styling gel or mousse can be applied to style it nicely and keep it in place. A chic way to wear your hair to office, or for an evening out with friends. The soft natural curls can be maintained by having a good diet and some vitamins to nourish the hair. A good conditioner should also be applied after a hair wash.


Two Side-Parted Natural Curly Haircut

Afro Hairstyles

African women who generally have this type of curly hair can go in for this hairstyle, which is parted at both sides and lifted at the top. The hair is kept short and crisp and above the neckline, leaving the face clear.

Women who have round faces, and want to give a lift to their faces can afford to have this cut. It takes very little time, and one can just run a comb through it to set it. But a good hair care routine should be followed to keep it healthy and nice. A great cut for both office and parties.


Long Mohawk Kind Twisted Hair

Afro Hairstyles

The long hair taper is currently very popular among black women. It gives them plenty of style options, with thick curly hair strands to twist and set in several positions of choice.

A very mohawkish kind of hairstyle, where the hair is pulled clean straight from the sides and top, and piled very high on top just like the Mohican style. An unconventional hairstyle where the hair is shaped high from the forehead to the nape. A very flattering cut and also for girls who want to grab attention.


Dressy Curly Long Hair

Afro Hairstyles

To style your hair for parties or to get a glamorous look, this style option is a great bet. Also, for formal dos, and with elegant gowns and dresses, this blingy hairstyle goes very well.

Here, the hair is pulled from the forehead and secured with a jeweled hairband, and the rest of the hair is parted, and tied into a bun, on the two sides of the head. They are also decorated with sparkling jewel hair accessories to give it a heavy party look. A great style for formal affairs, with the jewels adding a dash of royalty. A very queenly affair.


Twisted Curly Bangs Like a Halo

Afro Hairstyles

The secret for nailing this style is by bringing the hairdryer diffuser attachment into the equation. A diffuser can help in drying your hair to provide you with this voluminous halo, without blasting away the coils. It is a funky trendy hairstyle, suitable for young people who want to look different.


Trendy Curled Haircut

Afro Hairstyles

This is where the girls can go out and flaunt their thick, voluminous curly hair with an Afro blowout hairstyle. For achieving this look, the hair has to be conditioned and blow-dried after a wash and brought into place.

It has to be combed very softly from the sides, so as not to disturb the natural fall of the side locks. It gives you a chic look, which is easily manageable. A great style for girls and young women to carry and be the center of attraction anywhere.


Stylish Poof with a Chic Bun

Afro Hairstyles

A very summertime hairstyle for stylish women out to make a mark in the world. This hairstyle also gives a very formal look with the hair styled into a pouf from the front, and the rest of the stress pulled from the back and twisted into a pouf hair bun.

Girls can flaunt their dainty long neck, with this super cool hairstyle. With make-up and this stylish hairdo, girls, you are all set to sizzle at the party. So to get ready for any formal occasion, this is the style you can opt for and turn heads everywhere you go. Also, a great one to beat the heat as well.


If you are planning for a party, a date, marriage, or any ceremony, you focus on your outfits, your jewelry, or your pair of footwear but the most important thing to do for the glamorous look is your hairstyle. It not only makes you charming and appealing but also lets you show the inner you. The hairstyle you carry defines your nature and your feelings being it bold, cute, attractive, confident, etc., and it leaves a long-lasting impression on the viewers so make sure to have the best hairdo.

If you are worried for the thickness, the volume, or the length of your natural hair and want to try a new look, hair extensions are the best options but never forget, your natural beauty can never be expressed in any artificial accessories. However, there are options for each hair type and length to make you look the way you feel. For casual looks, tie a ponytail, do an updo, and some twists and turns to the hair and a cute look is ready. For occasional looks, try cornrows, strings, and braids with variations and proper finish for a stunning, pleasing and alluring persona.