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31 Trendy Hairstyles for Black Women That Are Easy to Style

There’s a wide variety of hairstyles available for black women that you’ll definitely be eager to try out. You can wear braids, you can rock your naturally curly or kinky hair, and you can even transform your look entirely to look totally different from your natural appearance.

You’ll really see how there are endless ways to style yourself to look your best and stay on trend. Have some fun getting experimental with your look because you really won’t regret playing around with your black hair when you do! You’ll have all your friends feeling really jealous of your fabulous appearance.


Fabulous Hairstyles for Black Ladies

If you need a little help determining what kind of looks will suit you best, don’t worry. We have a vast array you can browse below.

Highlighted High Bun

high bun hairstyle for black women

Women with black hair that has been chemically straightened can easily pull their sleek locks up into a stunning high bun like this. Having light-colored highlights can really help you pop and it will bring out the highlighted areas of your skin.


Crown Braid and Natural Bleached Curls

crown braid hairstyle for black women

Bleaching your natural curls can give them a whole new appearance that you’ll find very fun indeed. However,  your natural tresses can often get in your face and obscure your beauty, so form a crown braid to keep them held back.


Edgy Shaved Sides

black women hairstyle with shaved side

Shaving the sides of your hair always creates a super edgy look. You’re left with just a long curly section that stands up with lots of volume. It’s good for women going for a butch or alternative kind of look.


Big Sleek Space Buns

space buns hairstyle for black women

Space buns are quite a common hairstyle for black women. They take all your straightened hair and show off its sleekness right on top of your head.

Forming these huge buns up high is great for keeping long and thick tresses out of your face and it makes you look incredibly sweet.


Bleached Braids

braided hairstyle for black women

Incredibly light blonde hairstyles look amazing on women with darker skin tones. They create amazing contrast! Bleach your hair and keep some sections light brown, some light blonde, and others white.

From several braids across your scalp that join together at the nape of your neck in one single braid.


Tall Undercut Look

undercut hairstyle for black women

Do you like voluminous haircuts? Forming a large, tall section of your natural kinky hair right on top of your head will make you unmissable. Shaving the sides will make it stand out even more.


Medium Length Hair with Highlighted Bangs

medium layered hairstyle for black women

Super straight medium-length hair is a look reminiscent of the 2000s and it’s still trendy today. Adding layers will give your hair a lot of body and make it look more lively.

A large sweeping of blonde side bangs will add a touch of glamour to your whole look.


Side Parted Long Bob

long bob for black women

There’s something about a long black bob that always looks so chic. Your dark natural hair color will make it look even chicer. The nice bob is parted at the side and sits neatly just above the shoulders. The ends curl towards the face in that classic bob shape.


Long Straight Blonde Ponytail

long blonde ponytail hairstyle for black women

You really can’t go wrong with simple styles like a low ponytail that cascades down your back. It’s so easy to style and you can wear it every day and still look amazing.

The blonde color will go really well with your skin tone and hints of your natural color showing add a ton of depth. Having a little of your natural hair texture showing at the front also makes it more interesting.


Short Loose Afro

black woman with short afro hair

Afros are a really classic style that can take on so many different appearances. They’re usually tight coily or kinky hair but this one has much looser curls.

It’s also a lot shorter than average for a look that’s a little more understated. More mature or business-focused women may prefer this simpler version of the classic look.


Front Thin Braids with a High Bun and Open Hair

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

Black beauty with such gorgeous black hair can try out this magical and fantastic hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you can see the absolutely straight hair cut aligned to create a simple look.

The hair is divided into two sections from the middle where the extreme front hair on both sides is tied with a thin braid. Those thin braids are then tied together to form a high bun. The rest of the hair is left open to compliment the high bun. This is a cute hairstyle very suitable for dark-toned girls.


Blend of Curls and Straight Hair with a Side Ponytail

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The dark girls, especially the African ones usually have a broad forehead. Though a broad forehead looks great with many other hairstyles as well, still if you want to cover up the forehead, this hairdo is befitting. The charming hairstyle requires straight hair at the top and curly hair at the lengths.

The side combing of straight hair covers the forehead beautifully with a neat look and the tied side ponytail with wavy curls looks so voluminous and dense to enhance the overall appearance. This hairstyle can be worn by anyone irrespective of their age and on all occasions.


Chocolate Brown Hair with Spiral Short Hair

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The Matt finish chocolaty brown hair with such pretty curly hair strands looks very urban and trendy. All the black ladies can opt for this gorgeous hairstyle and look every bit of stunning. This is the casual and carefree hairstyle that gives you style as well as comfort.

You can simply enjoy the bouncy hairstyle and can style it with just your fingers. This hairstyle is apt for professional ladies and looks very complimenting with formal dresses or elegant gowns. Funky accessories also go very well with this hairstyle.


Straight and Tonged Curls with a Half Tie

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

To achieve this classic and elegant look, you must have such nourished and smooth hair texture. Also, the jet black hair color is adding purity and serenity to the look. In this hairstyle, you can see the neatly tied half ponytail with the open curly hair strands looks very eye catchy and glamorous.

The girls with black skin tone can opt for this hairstyle on their important dates and occasion. This hairstyle is befitting for big events and get together. However, the style looks great with even casual and funky dresses as well.


Multiple Vertical Cornrow Braids with Braided Lengths

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The luscious black hair looks very cool, but in the countries like Africa, the hot summers are so fierce that no one wants to keep their hair open. Cornrow braids are trendy in western countries for the same reason.

The black African beauties carry a versatile cornrow braided hairstyle so gracefully and look great. In this hairstyle, you can see many thin cornrow braids are made starting from the front to the end and tied into a normal braid till the lengths. This is a cool style and apt for young girls who like to keep it simple and stylish.


Numerous Braids all over Accessorized with Ribbon

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

Again to beat the hot scorching hot summers, a fantastic hairstyle that gives you a sassy and chic look. However, to attain the same hairstyle with the same perfection, you must have that luscious, smooth, and dense hair. Only with voluminous hair, the hairstylist can create this many braids and that too fairly thick.

The thin silk ribbon tied along with the braids is also complimenting the hairstyle very well and giving it a funky look. This hairstyle is perfect for dark-toned ladies, especially young college-goers. This hairstyle is time taking but can stay for a long time.


Curly Twirls with Long Front Fringes

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The super cool and extraordinary look to make you look more gorgeous by highlighting your prominent facial features. The tiny twirls and curly noodle-like hair make the hair look very dense and voluminous and create a cap kind of look around the face.

Though this hairstyle is suitable for all age groups, still we feel that middle-aged, and elderly ladies can carry it off more stylishly and more gracefully. Pair this hairstyle with catchy eye makeup, dark lipstick, and a vibrant off-shoulder gown to look at every seductive beauty.


Hazelnut Brown Hued Short Permed Hair

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

Most of the Anglo-African ladies have got this tiny permed hair in heredity. These tiny perms look very cute and stylish but at the same time become a mess when they are in longer hair. To sort out this problem, we have found a unique and cool hairstyle for your African perms.

In this hairstyle, you can see the hair is kept very short and colored with a beautiful hazelnut chocolaty brown hue to make it look more attractive and complement your dark skin tone. This style is suitable for all age groups and especially for professional ladies.

You can just pair it with any kind of attire, be it funky or elegant; you will look amazing in every way.


Curly Wavy Black Lengths with Asymmetric Hair Cut

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

Black ladies can charm the world with their sharp features and dense and dark gorgeous hair. Here is another power pack hairstyle for all the gorgeous black ladies to carry off gracefully and look every bit of a glamorous diva.

To attain this hairstyle, you need to curl down your lengths of the hair, or if you have naturally curly hair, you need to straighten it at the top. The hair is styled with an asymmetric cut to create a different and unusual pattern and to make it look outstanding. This is a befitting style to charm any party and grab everyone’s attention.


Multi Toned Spiral Hair Strands with a Cap Look

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The gorgeous hairstyle is inspired by multi-hues of burgundy and brown. The tiny spiral giving a noodle-like structure looks very unique and creative. The spiral curls are spread all over with multiple thin hair strands and giving a nice and dense look to the face and framing all the facial features very well.

The hair is cut to make a cap a look. In this style, you can see the hair is styled with an uneven cut to add detail to the look and make this style appropriate for big occasions and formal big events.


Wool-Like Thin Multiple Braids Divided from One Side

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The thick, dark, and radiant black hair of this beautiful black lady is something all the girls crave for. Styling such nice and alluring hair into another beautiful hairdo is tricky and tough.

To attain this beautiful look with maintaining the normal side-sectioned hairstyle, the hairstylist divided the hair into two portions from one of the sides and made multiple thin braids from both sides, and placed them in their respective directions. These multiple braids are tied at the end so nicely without using any other color accessory to maintain the balance and uniqueness of the hairdo itself.


Blend of Golden and Brown with Side Partition Covering Forehead

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

For all the ladies with big foreheads, this is the most fantastic hairstyle you can rely on. Generally, the African black ladies are found with a broader forehead, so with this style, they can over their forehead to look different and flawless.

This is a simple and elegant hairstyle to carry off and is suitable for all age groups. The dark-toned girls can go for this hairstyle along with the same hair color to create a contrasting effect. It will definitely suit your personality and make you look gorgeous and unblemished beauty.


Wavy Hair with Asymmetric Sharp Cuts

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

A very professional and sophisticated look to go for. In this style, you can see the girl flaunting her beautiful curvy and wavy Matt finish hair. The hair is divided into two parts right from the middle and styled nicely with uneven, sharp cuts at the lengths of the hair.

Such hairstyle looks absolutely lovely on formals and semi-formal dresses. Light makeup with dark lipstick can pair up well with this classy look. The ladies of all age groups can opt for this look.


Open Wavy Curls with One Side Popped Up Fringes

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The radiant hair texture with multi hues of brown shades makes the hairstyle look even more attractive. The luster in this hairstyle is playing a very significant look that a Matt finish hair cannot give. So, to attain this hairstyle, you must have glossy textured long hair.

This hairstyle is apt for big occasions like marriage or awards ceremonies and can be paired nicely with elegant off-shoulder gowns. The black girls should actually opt for this style if they like long and open hair.


Bob Cut with Blonde Hair and Darker Roots

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The simple, elegant, and sophisticated hairstyle for black girls to go for. Usually, black girls do not have blonde hair color, but then what; go and color them blond to carry off this alluring bob-cut hairstyle.

This is the simplest yet most stylish hairstyle that actually denotes an urban look. For all the professional women in the town, this is the hairstyle for you. Pair it with a set of formal blazers and pants and walk like a heartthrob in your office or work areas. This hairstyle is suitable for all age groups.


Diagonal Thin Front Cornrow with Two Thick Braids

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The fantastic and versatile cornrow braids give us several options to style our hair. In this hairstyle, the black girl is looking like a tough hero as well as a cute girl next door. The diagonally made thin cornrow braids define the top of the head with a detailed criss-cross design.

And all the thin cornrow braids are then tied up together at the top of both sides to form two thick regular braids at the lengths. This is a funky and casual look that is apt for younger generations.


Orange and Brown Giant Spiral Curls

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

This hairstyle can only be achieved with this much dense and voluminous hair. The ultra curly spiraled hair strands are scattered all over to give the hairstyle a giant and vast look. The shades of orange and brown color make it look more unusual and unique.

The black girls with sharp features can carry this hairstyle off much gracefully and look like a stylish and glamorous divas. Today in this modern world, fashion is what you feel unconventional. This hairstyle is apt for cool and confident young girls who like to hang around with a funky look.


Roped Braided Hair Strands Accessorized with Golden Beads

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The jumbo bun made up with roped braids is looking very attractive and very urban. The black smooth and lustrous hair gives the roped braids a silky texture. The African cornrow braids basically influence the hairstyle.

In this hairstyle, you can see the many ropes look braids where the front braids are tied together to form a high bun at the top of the head, and the side roped braids are left open to bounce on shoulders with style. The use of golden beads has decorated the look and made it look complimenting.


Long Fringes Covering Forehead with Bob Cut

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

It is a simple, sober, and uncomplicated hairstyle that is actually appropriate for all age groups and on all occasions. This sophisticated look is apt for all the significant events, professional meetings, ceremonies, and social get together. You can pair this style well with formal and semi-formal attire. To attain this hairstyle, you must have straight and smooth hair.

In this hairstyle, the long fringes are covering the forehead elegantly and frame the face beautifully. The black beauties can simply rock the parties with this sexy look and make everyone look at gorgeousness again and again.


Tight Ponytail at the Top of the Back

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The fierce look with sharp features and tightly done hair can catch anyone’s attention with ease. It gives a sober and comfortable look for modern girls who want to look stylish by staying in their comfort zone. This hairstyle is befitting for teenage and adult girls who have to keep them presentable all the time in lectures or offices.

This is easy to do hairdo and does not require much time to manage and tie the ponytail. It can be paired well with a classic and elegant gown, frocks, and other semi-formal attires. Just do some eye makeup with this look and flaunt your sexy look.


Open Curly and Wavy Hair with Fringes

Cute Hairstyles for Black Women

The rich and radiant brown color adds a lot of grace to the hair and the overall personality. The shiny curly hair when left open looks adorable and bouncy. In this hairstyle, the hair is kept short till shoulder length as this length is apt to make the curly hair look voluminous, fluffy, and bouncy.

The incredible haircut is looking very perfect and compliments the hair quality and hair texture. This hairstyle looks really great on all kinds of attires and is perfect for young and middle age ladies.


Have you enjoyed looking through these incredible hairstyles for black ladies? The vast variety is so fun and is sure to have you excited about changing up your look. Select one of these styles and head to the salon for your fresh new appearance.