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15 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces With Double Chin

Women with round faces, that are a bit chubby and have double chins should wear suitable hairstyles that will fit their face shape. This is important because the double chin might be an obstacle for many, but with a proper hairstyle, its look can be hidden or in other cases, adapted with the hairstyle.


Popular Short Hairstyles for Round Faces With Double Chin

These are 15 of our favorite short hairstyles that will fit women with a double chin:

1. Side Part with a Wavy Top

short wavy hair for round face with double chin

This hairstyle presents a look that is not short. Why it is important with the round faces is the need for layering. The layering makes the face longer and less round.

With this cur, the sides are short and the middle part divided the hair. The top portion of the hair is wavy, long and styled to fall to the side.


2. Side-Swept Relaxed Top

side swept short hairstyle for round face with double chin

This hairstyle is similar to the first one, with the difference in hair length and styling.

The sides are not very short; they cover the ears. the entire portion that comes from the other side of the side part is swept to the side, styled outer wards. The forehead is clear and the front part is a bit styled upwards and high.


3. Wavy Boyish Cut

short haircut for women with round face and double chin

Finding the perfect short hairstyle for the round face can be hard. It is important not to cut the hair very short.

This boyish cut has just the appropriate length which allows the hair to style itself in waves or to curl. Whichever it is, the styling is done to the sides which will soften the look of the double chin.


4. Wavy Bob with a Straight Cut

bob haircut for women with round face and double chin

Cutting the hair in a bob shape falls under the appropriate double chin hairstyles. The hair can be parted in the middle or on the side.

There are no bangs, just loose waves that come on the ends. The cut is straight which allows the hair to be worn both straight or wavy.


5. Sharp and Voluminous Cut

short hairstyle for black women with round face and double chin

This short haircut is perfect for women with sharp and thick hair. The top layer of the hair is longer, directed to the front with sharp edges falling over the face. The lower parts are short, cut in a round and precise line that falls the face shape.


6. Asymmetric Choppy Bob

short haircut for round face and double chin

This hairstyle can be considered also a hairstyle with a medium length. The hair falls from all the sides on the round face.

It is layered to give the face a more elongating effect. Some parts are longer, some are shorter. The back is cut quite short.


7. Blunt Bangs on a Straight Bob

short asian hair for round face and double chin

Another look with a bob hairstyle is this one, involving the long blunt bangs. The bangs are deep, starting almost at the middle of the head. Their cut is straight. The bob is straight, reaching chin length and softening the look of the round face.


8. Shaved Sides with Afro Curly Top

short curly hair for round face with double chin

The shaved sides and the afro curly top is a quite daring look that not many can pull off. Especially if the top comes in another hair color.

The fade of the sides is high and bold, while the top is long and the curls fall over the bald fade. This hairstyle provides many different styling options like a top knot, top pony, or top bun.


9. Dark Brunette Pixie

short brunette pixie for round face with double chin

Wearing a hairstyle that hugs the face is good for round faces with double chins. It helps draw attention to the top of your face.

Dark hair compliments light skin tones and there’s length variation in the front of the style. It’s not very voluminous so the face won’t look too big.


10. Short Red Bob

short red bob for round face with double chin

Red is a bold color for people who’d like to draw more attention to their hair instead of their face shape. The short and thin bob isn’t very distracting so it won’t turn too many heads.

It frames the face but doesn’t reach the chin to avoid emphasizing that area.


11. Long Pink Bob

short pink hairstyle for round face with double chin

Non-natural hair colors like pink keep your look fresh. The long bob falls around the head and doesn’t sit too tightly around the face to prevent emphasizing the round shape.

A younger woman will really like this look; it’s perfect for alternative aesthetics.


12. Textured Blonde Pixie

short blonde pixie for round face with double chin

If you want to keep people’s focus on the top of your hair then you need to make it lively with texture. The pixie is a little messy but in a way that looks really good and natural.

A small clump brushes against the forehead for depth.


13. Black and Purple Waves

short wavy hair with highlights for round face and double chin

Black and purple go well together and create a look that will make people envious. The waves suit women with all face shapes as they fan out around the head.

The hair is a little longer than the face to help elongate its appearance.


14. Afro Hair with Short Sides

short afro hairstyle for round face with double chin

Add volume to the top of your hairstyle to elongate the face. Use your natural afro-textured look by shortening the sides and piling your curls tall.

A few curls fall onto the forehead to add balance to the overall look.


15. Wavy Bob for Older Women

short hairstyle for older women with round face and double chin

Older women may prefer a low-maintenance style. There’s lots of volume as the hair flicks out above the ears. Keeping it this length pulls people’s eyes away from the chin area.

There’s some volume on top to ensure the look doesn’t get too flat or boring.


The round face with a double chin with proper styling and cut can be softened and the look is going to be trendy and fashionable. However, whatever you wear should fit your face shape and follow the lines.