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23 Most Charming Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

Since it’s your best friend’s wedding, You would definitely want to delve into some bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair to look stunning. And perhaps you’d like to meet the bride’s aspirations even while figuring a look that flatters you and inspires you to perceive the definitive version of yourself.

Numerous considerations may affect your selection about how to dress up your hair. First, analyze your clothing, accessories, and, most notably, your current hair length, thickness, and color. Below is a huge list of bridesmaid hairdos to assist you in selecting a stunning appearance that complements the wedding style.


Stunning Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair 

One of the most captivating and finest bridesmaid hairstyles are listed here.

Floral Hair Locks

bridesmaid hairstyle for long brown hair

Through this styling, keep it simple and elegant. This hairstyle features a center part and gently curled hair on both sides. A decorative floral headband could be added to traditionally simple long bridesmaid hairstyles to add glamor and charm.


Classic Side Bun

long side hairstyle for bridesmaid

A side bun is the ultimate chic updo for any and every kind of wedding. It elevates any style and adds a sweet, romantic feel to an ordinary hairdo.

It’s easy to create with simple twists and bends. You can also pair it with minimal jewelry to enhance the look.


Braided Updo 

bridesmaid braided updo for long hair

Such a comfortable braid conveniently flows into the low bun updo. In addition, the loose hair strands add finish and body to the perfect style.

While it also highlights the features of gorgeous hair. Add a few additional red roses to the upper edge of the bun to make it look more creative.


Bridesmaids Open Tresses

long bridesmaid hairstyle with side bangs

Here’s yet another sleek and modern classy maid of honor hairdo for you if you prefer to keep things simple.

To design a simple yet sophisticated appearance, each side of the flair can be embellished with a dazzling hair accessory. Allow your beautiful wavy hair to move freely.


Messy Updo With Loose Stands

high updo with bridesmaid long hair

An iconic updo creates an extra touch of a playful look. To achieve the significant volume, the bun is made by pinning down loose strands or locks.

The fluffy style helps to add a flourishing feel to the smooth hairdo, making this prominent bridesmaid hairstyle ideal for youngsters.


Moana’s Curly Tales

bridesmaid hairstyle for long natural hair

This cheerful, wavy lob is completely enchanting. It tends to add radiance and bounce to the overall appearance.

We absolutely adore how the thicker curls add texture to the hair. You can add some vibrant tulips or flowers just next to the hairpins for a stunning effect.


Sassy Auburn Waves

bridesmaid hairstyle for long layered red hair

This is a simple and effortless style. Sophisticated waves aided with volume with styling products are ideal bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. You could maybe curl your tresses for a more beautiful appearance.


Bridesmaid’s Nest

bridesmaid wedding updo for long hair

This is the updo hairstyle for bridesmaids that we adore. It has just the perfect mix of playfulness and romance.

Furthermore, it has the ideal sense of artistry, making re-creation simple and the result just as magnificent. Finally, the twisted braids add a touch of glamor to the updo.


Gold Pony-Tales

bridesmaid hairstyle with long curly ponytail

A bridesmaid look can include a low pony with delicate curls and wavy hair on the crown for a silky and dreamy look.

The tangled locks on the sides give this gracefully beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair an angelic effect. Backcombing can be done to add extra consistency and volume.


Sleeky Emo Bridesmaid

bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair with bangs

Almost no styling is required with such lovely subtle white hair. Instead, use a radiant serum after ironing to maintain those tresses looking lustrous and frizz-free. Bangs complete this understated bridesmaid look.


Elegant Straight Locks

bridesmaid hairstyle for long hair

When you have long blonde, wavy or straight hair, flaunt it by letting it fall gradually.

People absolutely adore how well a minimal and easy style clearly depicts all of the sophisticated strands and tonnes of motion to a textured hairstyle.


Ginger Ponytail With Bangs

bridesmaid hairstyle for long ginger red hair

This bright orange ponytail is amazingly smooth and shiny, effortlessly brightens the skin tone, and looks incredible with short bangs.

Your gleaming copper hair will be the focus of attention, attempting to draw everybody else to you like a lubricant to fire.


Vanilla Blonde Ombre Ringlets

bridesmaid hairstyle for long curly hair

Curls appear to enhance when open loose to the wind enhancing the strength of longer hairstyles. We’re in love with these types of bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair.

These abundant ringlets are utterly mesmerizing. The wavy hair is legendary but not too heavy around the cheeks.


Mid-Parted Low Bun

bridesmaid hairstyle for long thin hair

A low bun with a parted look is a chic and unfussy decision for any bridesmaid who wants all eyes on her hairstyle or dazzling accessories.

Such a mussed bun at the nape of your neck will keep your hair looking smooth and effortless bridesmaid hairstyles to style.


French Braided Updo

bridesmaid wedding updo for long blonde hair

This is one of the fantastic long hair updos for bridesmaids. Begin with a simple French braid and work until you reach the back.

Finish the braid by correctly spreading it to add texture and movement. Then, begin by rolling your hair and tying it into a gorgeous updo at the final hour.


Twist and Turns

chignon bun with long bridesmaid hair

This is among the most popular, prominent chignon bun for long hair. To achieve this amazing style, the hair in the back is assembled and tangled with fingers casually.

You can strive for a smoother appearance by using few or no front tresses in the front. Also, for a chic look, add some hair jewelry to it.


Enchanting Untidy Bun

wedding updo with long bridesmaid hair

Wavy tied curls have a subtle and elegant appearance. Instead, aim for a curly knotted look with some adorable hair pieces. It will give your locks a lot of wholeness and glossiness.

Simply place a few red roses in there for a magical touch. This is a traditional bridesmaid bun hairstyle for women with long hair.


Tousled Honey Waves

bridesmaid hairstyle for frizzy long hair

This quick and convenient curly hair is ideal for outdoor weddings or cocktail parties. With this, you can maintain a simple and sassy style.

Whether it’s an ordinary day or your best buddy’s exotic engagement party, subtle hair conditioning will keep your hair hydrated and away from splitting.


Clean Bun Updo

bridesmaid bun hairstyle for long hair

These hairdos suit the bridesmaid, who typically remains with the bride throughout the occasion.

Create three braids into a hairband for a vintage look. To keep your mane look bulky, tie it in a bun with a chignon updo. The twists can be used as a headband for a more subtle look.


Half Open Half Tied Hairstyle

bridesmaid hairstyle for long Asian hair

This looks great with both informal and formal attire. The hair is combed off the face but open, bringing it a very attractive appearance.

Pick the hair from both sides and twist it together with a headband or a knot. Accessorize your beautiful hair with ornaments.


Bridesmaid Look With Tiara

bridesmaid hairstyle for little girls with long hair

Ponytails are feminine, waves are charming, and half-up, half-down hairstyles have a heavenly attribute.

This styling takes a bit of time to design, but the final outcome is stunning, as you’ll see. Embellish the stylish hairstyle with a simple accessory to add some charming magic.


French Braid

bridesmaid braid hairstyle for long hair

Another bridesmaid braided hairstyle, especially for long hair, is a twist on the French braid hairstyle. Again, the hairdresser uses puffy parts to craft a few twists and turns from the head in the midst.

It leaves most of the hair free for a stunning half-up bridesmaid hairstyle. This look complements textured hair and a round, diamond, or square facial structure.


Hair Bouquet

bridesmaid wedding hairstyle for long hair

For additional aesthetic appeal, we like the notion of adding a zing of sophisticated plaiting to a sleek ponytail.

Whereas untidy braids are appealing, an iconic, sleek braid that makes a significant remark is also appealing. Finish the look, including some flowers or fresh petals, and you have a glamorous wedding look.


The first and most crucial aspect is to choose bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair that allows you to express yourself. Upon analyzing the trend, the bridesmaids can decide what type of hairstyle fits best their unique preferences. 

We hope you have enjoyed interpreting our in-depth article on bridesmaid hairstyles. They are completely adorable, one-of-a-kind, stylish, and popular.