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22 Coolest Hard Part Haircut Variations for Men

When you want to mix classic with modern on a new hairstyle, you need to check out the hard part haircut. The hard part features a shaved in line at one side of the head just above the eyebrow or sometimes lower down that adds definition to a men’s haircut. It’s a great option for round or long faces because of the definition and bluntness.


Trendy Hard Part Hairstyles for Men

See how you can work the hard part haircuts in your daily do by checking out these 22 looks!

1. Hard Part Fade

Whether you’re looking for a definition or just a new way to wear your hair, a hard part with a low, medium, or high fade will get you there.


2. Hard Part Comb Over

The comb-over haircut is a style that works for men young and old. The hard part is shaved in over one side and all of the hair is smoothed down for a clean-cut, fresh look.


3. Short Hair with Hard Part

If you like having texture in your hair but want to try the hard part, this short haircut is a great option. Use hair creme to shape spikiness or smooth down the hair on one side while the other is faded.


4. Hard Part for Long Hair

Do you have medium or long hair? A hard part is just the style to dress up a man bun or mohawk with a fade or shaved in details.


5. Hard Part with Beard

Struggling to find the right haircut for your facial hair? A hard part is professional and classy, complementing both scruffy facial hair or a shapely trimmed-up beard.


6. Hard Part with Undercut

An undercut is a perfect option for a man who doesn’t want a lot of hair to style.  With only minimal hair on top for a comb over or a pompadour, it’s low maintenance and stylish.


7. Pompadour with Hard Part

A hard part separates a high fade and a voluminous pompadour on this classic men’s hairstyle. For men with thin hair, the contrast of a fade and pompadour will help hair look thicker.


8. Hard Part Haircut with Receding Hairline

When you’re dealing with a receding hairline, the hard part is one of the best-kept secrets to disguising it. The way the hair is brushed back and smoothed down, no one will know about your hair troubles.


9. Curly Hair with Hard Part

If you have curly hair, show it off with a hard part. Whether it’s a mohawk or a fade on one side with curly texture on the other, a hard part is a great style to accentuate your best feature.


10. Buzz Cut with Hard Part

A buzz cut is an as low maintenance as it gets without going completely bald. You can alternate where the hard part is, from higher up so it aligns with one eyebrow or lowers down near the midline of your head.

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11. Military Haircut with Hard Part

A military haircut is another style that doesn’t take a lot of upkeep. Combined with a hard part, the spiky short texture is a fresh way to stay on trend and good-looking.


12. Double Hard Part Haircut

Instead of shaving in one hard part, frame a mohawk or another voluminous hairstyle with a double hard part, creating a V-shape and a unique style you don’t often see.


13. Pompadour with Fade

Asian hard part fade haircut

Show off your hard part haircut by styling your thick, medium-length pompadour upwards. The hair is really sleek to give off a cool and collected vibe.

There’s a fade at the sides that adheres to modern fashion expectations well. There’s also a trace of the sideburn.


14. Long Sweeping Side Part

long hair with hard part for men

Sweeping your hair over to one side really helps show off the part. It’s subtle here as the sides are very short and bristly but it helps the entire haircut make more of an impact.

The look requires minimal styling, so busy guys will enjoy it.


15. Greasy Hairstyle

greasy hairstyle with hard part

Once again we see a fade as it’s a common element of many modern haircuts and it helps keep your look fresh. However, most of the attention will be on the dark, greasy slicked-back locks.

The curved low fade of the haircut helps distinguish between the sleek top and the side of the hairstyle.


16. Cool Man Bun

man bun with hard part

Man buns are becoming ever more popular, so consider wearing one if you have long hair. Shave the sides and back and let the regrowth come in and create a peachfuzz appearance.

Create a parting that goes all the way around your head under the long section of hair.


17. Colored Hair with Design

mens hard part hairstyle for colored hair

Do you like more adventurous haircuts? Consider this one as the top is colored a pink-purple hue. The side features a pattern that’ll take a lot of upkeep, but it’ll be worth it


18. Thick Slick Look

hard part hairstyle for thick hair

Men with thick hair benefit from clicking their hair back as it makes it much easier to manage.

It also helps show off the hard, high fade on the sides that’s become a popular way of styling them. Pair it with a bush beard to create contrast.


19. Wavy Quiff and Fade

mens wavy hair with hard part

If you have naturally wavy hair then use that texture to create a lot of volume. Style your hair into a quiff and make it easier to see the sides. The hard part is pretty low on the head and there’s a subtle fade just under it.


20. Long Pushed Back Look

long dark brown hairstyle with hard part

Pushing your hair back is really popular when you have long locks and wish to show off the sides of your head. Here the front section is pushed back. However, some of the hair is pushed to one side while the back is shorter and messier.


21. Textured Hair with Highlights 

hard part hairstyle with highlights

Would you like your hair to pop? Add some light highlights to bring lots of focus to the front of your hair. It helps bring out the texture as your hair sweeps to one side and creates contrast with the dark beard and stubbly sides.

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22. Subtle Hard Parting

Asian short hairstyle with hard part

Some Asian men may prefer a more subtle look. Here the top sweeps to one side and has a gelled effect while the sides aren’t that much shorter than the top.

The line shaved into the parting provides a distinction between the top and sides and there’s a very subtle fade visible too.


How will you style your hard part haircut? For long or round faces, hard parts will offer sharp definition so you’ll truly look cool and updated. From a single or double part on a comb-over, pompadour, buzz, or military cut, the hard part is a guaranteed way to give a fresh update to your current look.