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23 Coolest And Hottest Formal Haircuts For Men

Formal haircuts for men can always be iconic or modern, responding to variations and how they are styled. Such formal hairstyles are all discussed because they are graceful and flattering. These formal hairstyles for men will never go out of fashion because they are the winning mixture of iconic and classic charm.

Take these haircuts to the next level with a unique tapered, side swept, crimped, or shaved hair line. To assist you, we have gathered elegant hair inspiration and compiled a list of the best work hairstyles for men, along with a few remarks on what tends to make these haircuts unique.


Here Are Our Top Inspirational and Latest Formal Haircuts for Men

Keep an eye on these fantastic formal hairstyles that will allow you to be the center of attention.

Slicked Long Beard Look

blonde guy with formal hairstyle

This naturally blonde appearance is perfect for formal haircuts for men that need minimal time and dedication. These days, smooth undercuts with lengthy beard looks are popular.

They’re a little messy, but they’re so manly. It is recommended that you straighten your beard consistently for a high-class appearance.


Asian Crew Cut

formal hairstyle for Asian men

Dressing a crew cut upward is a simple method for achieving this look with short haircuts that are long-lasting and look fabulous.

It’s concise, respectful, and formal. It can enhance your overall more sophisticated appearance. It’s an excellent choice to bridge the gap between functionality and style.


Short Afro Cut With Mustache

formal hairstyle for black men

This formal haircut for men is an interesting choice for creating a sophisticated and attractive charm to your outfit, with super-short sides and a partially longer length on top.

The main attraction is that you can pair it with any styling on top. However, because this afro style is much more prone to damage, avoid shampooing your hair frequently.


Faded Buzz Cut

formal hairstyle for men with greasy hair

With little or no beard, the sides are flawlessly dulled, and the overall look is gentlemanly. The top is consistent from side to side, with equal volume throughout.

It’s a low-maintenance look that you can perhaps cut yourself in the cozy confines of your own home.


Mid-Parted Long Waves

long formal hairstyle for men

This style is much simpler to make when you have naturally long, healthy hair.

It necessitates a vague undercut with a massive hair section swept to one side. With the latest trend of tousled hair, it can be a great pick for a fancy party.


Side Swept Blonde Look

medium length formal hairstyle for men

This look is popular among men’s formal haircuts who are both good-looking and unconventional. Soft caramel highlights enhance this mid-length haircut for men.

Try having lengthier hair on top and shorter hair on the bottom. When your hair is prone to weather drying, you must brush it back a few times with soft hands.


Classic Formal Bun

formal man bun hairstyle

A stylish look like a man bun has virtually no limitations. Hair should be washed only every few days for the smoothest hair possible. These buns are generally low maintenance.

All of these advancements will draw attention to your visual appearance, making you look more appealing.


Sophisticated Side Swept Haircut

guy with formal hairstyle

This legendary macho and unfussy haircut work perfectly with a tuxedo.

Maintain your tresses by combing them back while it’s still damp, applying a considerable amount of gel, and then blow dry your hair.


Classic Taper Beard Look

formal hairstyle for men with shaved side

This is certainly one of the coolest formal haircuts for men staring one-side clean-shaven hairdos you’ll ever see.

While it can be challenging to keep up, it looks stunning on men with symmetrical and elongated face shapes. Set them with a beard gel or a soft bristle hair brush.


Sleek Quiff Hairstyle

formal hairstyle for men with thin hair

Slicked-back hair has rarely been out of style. It strikes an ideal range between elegance and personality.

It attempts to make it one of the better all-around men’s hairstyles for medium hair. Apply some gel or, better yet, pomade to your hair and distribute it equally for a glossy shine.


Medium Tousled Afro Cut

formal hairstyle for men with afro hair

Tousled and messy formal haircuts for men are truly outstanding and modest for any age. Actually, start with an intensively crimped black African top and a toned shave.

Then progress to the corner and mid-fade. This medium-length hair is spread out in all directions to create a dynamic afro look.


Golden Brown Highlights

formal hairstyle for men with highlights

Blonde hair gives any haircut more depth and dimension. Avoid using a lot of chemicals; precisely brush your locks with your fingers to prevent affecting the curls.


Bold Pink Highlights

formal hairstyle for men with colored hair

Who said PINK is only for women? Choose this appearance if you want to stand out from the crowd. They will, however, garner you the crown of “hottest new gentleman in the neighborhood.”

So, whether your hair is dark or light, slightly curved or sleek, these bold pink highlights will make it stand out.


Loose Blowout Afro Curls

formal hairstyle for men with curly hair

Think about wearing an Afro with something like a center part for a distinct look. These formal haircuts for men are certain to be noticed and appear absolutely daring and edgy.

To add dampness and glow to your hair, use a spray. Embracing your voluminous afro is the most effective way to display all of your strands’ healthy volume.


Classic Quiff Haircut

formal hairstyle for men with undercut

The upper half of the head’s sleek trim and intensity create a pleasing distinction. Furthermore, this hairstyle combines a side part look with a textured finish.

It’s among the most sophisticated business hairstyles. Also, a simple low-maintenance haircut for those hectic weekdays.


Cornrow Braided Bun

formal hairstyle for men with braids

Box braids can be dressed in a variety of styles and volumes to match your preferences. It contributes to a good mix of comfortable braids and a finely tuned appearance.

It can be tailored to different hair types and textures, with shorter hair adding more depth and dimension.


Gray-ish Waves

formal hairstyle for older men

This has become one of the most prominent formal haircuts for older men with gray hair. The overall length and color contrasts create a strong appearance that is also very stylish. Men can wear this look for any of the official or relaxed looks.


Golden Curls

mens formal hairstyle with blonde afro curls

The blonde curly afro is among the men’s most trendy and formal haircuts that will allow you to embody your natural appearance. This is a modern hairstyle that mostly looks good on men.

Try to grow a full beard in addition to your fade for a sporty, boyish look. This afro styling is sure to impress.


Spiky Mess

mens formal hairstyle with quiff

Such feathery haircuts are appropriate for the workplace. This is a cheerful look for when you wish to look attractive. It’s full of texture and bounce.

For a better effect, blow-dry until damp, then apply hairspray to keep the spikes in place for several hours.


Brushed Pomade Look

slicked back formal hairstyle for men

Gently patting back hair is a notably adaptable technique. Scoop out a small amount of volumizing mousse and work it into your hair with your fingers.

Begin with the comb directly above your brow and work your way back until you achieve your crown.


Curly Chops

short curly formal hairstyle for men

Such formal haircuts for men emphasize the natural texture of the tresses and allow them to flow with the wind.

In addition, you can opt for an iconic scissor chop to show off your curly finish. This appearance is for the daring and haute couture audience.


Bearded Quiff

formal hairstyle for men with red hair

A narrow quiff complements a full beard perfectly. In addition, the beard thickens towards the bottom, sparing the sides slightly thinner so that the cheekbones do not appear fluffier. All of this adds up to a hard and sturdy appearance.


Faded Pompadour

guy with formal pompadour hairstyle

The dramatic slump fade down the edges adds a lot of elegance to this simple and adaptable pompadour. It’s a unique take on a conventionally traditional haircut. The sides are undercut, while the upper section is brushed and extremely clean.


Trendy Uppercut Hairstyles for Men


Formal haircuts for men are just as customizable as women’s. You would want a comprehensive manual to assist you with various hairstyles to be on the leading edge this year. That is exactly what we are providing you here.

We hope you liked our observation about formal men’s hairstyles. Considering how they can be styled at multiple parties, happenings, and conferences, these appearances are adaptable and quite prominent. These are distinctive and daring and look perfect when paired with a formal ensemble. It’s time to decide on your ideal haircut for the coming year.