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30 Grey Hairstyles for Men to Look Smart and Dashing

Men hairstyles may not be as intricate as women’s hairstyles, but every man does desire that individual and crisp appearance that only the most suitable haircut can give. Hairstyles for men have dramatically transformed into a more excellent and modern form.

In contemporary times, the trend, the style, and the attraction matter a lot. Today, there is a broad palate of hairstyles for men concerning the type of lifestyle, type of hair, and also the facial shape. With the developing trend, men are also growing awareness of fashion and are exploring a wide range of hairstyles to give a retro and attractive look to their personality.


30 Grey Hairstyles for Men to Look Smart and Dashing

Short Texture Silver Grey Waves

short grey hairstyle for men

Silver grey hair on men can be quite attractive when styled properly. Short Texture waves can give an elegant look to any appearance. It is most suitable for professional works. However, the style offers a casual look as well. The black spectacles will intelligently work for it.

The haircut is easy to maintain. To add more elegance to it, the silver-grey color will help properly. The style is really gorgeous for everyday use. 


Silver Short Plan Fox Tapered Undercut

guy with layered grey hairstyle

Short and Plan fox tapered to give an attractive look. It is one of the stylish and fancy looks in the grey hairstyles for men. The undercut provides elegance and a classy look to the haircut. It works excellent for the casual as well as party look.

The style can look amazing on straight and slim faces. Moreover, the silver-grey color makes it a lovely and simple hairstyle.


Short Choppy Silver Grey Hairstyle

short hairstyle for men with grey hair

Classic choppy looks are lovely with short hair. It will give a signature look to your appearance. The hairdo can effectively work for both thin and thick hair. The light beard of black color offers a pleasant look to your appearance.

The hairstyle can be maintained by simply combing and brushing. Moreover, the perfect 3-piece suit can add more charm to it.


Messy Short Spikes

older guy with short grey hair

The messy short spikes are great for adding weight to grey hair. Combined with spiky sides, this hairstyle is great for peppered hair. The styling process will give you a signature look.

The hairdo can be a great example of what volume and texture can do for grey hair. It is quite fancy but also gives a gentle tone.


Top Quiff Undercut With A White Beard

long hairstyle for men with grey hair

A classic Quiff is the most popular hairdo among men. The hairstyle with a large quiff at the top gives a glossy look. Whitebeard can give a versatile look to the hairstyle. The volume of the quiff should be large, and it can be only for a casual look.

However, it can’t be adopted for professional looks. To add more charm to the style, silver-grey color can be used properly.


Messy White Strands with Stubby Beard

messy grey hairstyle for men

Messy White strands can be an attractive look. Pair with a stubby beard will give you a youthful spin. It is neat, but a little messy will give a fantastic hairdo. If you have wavy strands so this is a great choice for you.

The look needs about 1.5 to 2 inches longer hair on the top of the head. It will offer a stylish tone.


Side Swept Straight Shag With Heavy Beard

man with long grey hairstyle

The straight shag with slightly swept gives a pleasant look. The fusion of a heavy beard with the hairdo gives a stylish look. The versatility of the hairstyle can be increased with the use of elegant grey color.

Moreover, it is quite a party look as the shag is fancy. You can also use it for an everyday look but need little maintenance of the style.


Elegant Ceaser Cut

men's undercut with short grey hair

Gorgeous Ceaser cut is a simple yet stylish haircut. Its simplicity adds weight to your grey hair. The hairstyle gives a pleasant effect to our eyes. It goes well for a professional look.

But it is also perfect for a casual look. The hairdo is stunning, with grey hairstyles for men. People with thin and thick hair can easily go for it.


Messy Grey Curls on Top with Sides Slightly Shaved

young man with curly grey hairstyle

Curls are classy hairdos, but messy curls give style to your look. It is a quite casual hairstyle and can’t be used everywhere. It is stylish needs effective maintenance. It is appreciable for thick curly hair. 


Short Trendy Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

One of the iconic trendy hairstyle for men, this shorter haircut is simple and clean. Also, this shorter haircut is easy to be managed. When you choose to have a short haircut, you do not need to waste appointments to wash and clean your hair.

The grey color adds to the sensuous look. You do not even have to get unique instruments to manage your hair on the go. All you need is a perfect style.


Spiked Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

As grey hair becomes more prominent on a man’s head, the appearance of thinning will also follow suit. This is why you must choose the best-looking haircut that will emphasize the grey rather than highlight sections of your scalp.

To get this style you can just brush the hair back and style it in that style, or you can use a hairdryer to set it. All you need is to lift your hair and brush it back, catching up with your hand to lightly tap the hair below.


Classic Slicked Back Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This is one of those timeless hairdos for men with grey hair. A straightforward slicked rear style blended with a styled beard makes for a sophisticated combo. You can use a balm to enhance the style.

Apply a little bit to your hands, and work it into towel-dried, wet hair. If needed, you can get the style with a little hairspray. The sides and back should be pruned. If you’re primarily pale-skinned, use a bit of grey coverage merchandise such as mild foam colors.


Big Spikes with Undercut

Grey Hairstyles for Men

It’s easy to have grey hair and still sport a trendy style. This brush-up look adds slight weight to the hair and creates a climactic statement.

If you have a receding hairline, it can be your advantage to try these hairstyles if you have grey hair, including this dapper style. Pull your hair and brush it back, following up with your hand.

This slicked back undercut is just like the brush-up style given above, but it has a more modern look due to its buzzed sides and more definition.


Wavy Grey Hairstyle with Stubble Beard

Grey Hairstyles for Men

If you have good volume and texture and this is the style for you, with grey hair. Use some hair products to accentuate hair and avail a full-bodied appearance.

This is the best way for managing your straight as well as wavy hairs. The simplest way is to tease your hair to get this style. After applying the product, comb your hair to anyone side you want.

After this, use your fingers to tousle your hair at different points, creating the chaotic yet controlled look here.


Spiked Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

Its a most prevalent hairstyle amongst men over 40, which is easy to manage and care for. Hairs are normally back studs stuck on the top including compact on the sides.

A hair gel is definitely used to provide a beautiful and attractive appearance to the kind of hairstyle. It seems fabulous on men with long or square face cut.

Square is a very muscular facial shape since it has various angles. If you have one, you’d probably have carved cheekbones and chin. If such is the case then this hairstyle is indeed your ideal pick.


Caesar Cut

Grey Hairstyles for Men

An exceptionally sophisticated style, this special hairstyle is a very manly and attractive aura. It is a great choice for a refined hairstyle that will showcase grey hair. This hairstyle brings out an outstanding look.

To get this style, simple tee your hair up and then towards the side, away from the parting. Also if you find some hairstyles for men with grey hair to be too dull or too intense, try this out.

If you want to get an approved image of yourself, you should really reflect this style.


Smoky Grey Ombre Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

If your face is round, and you have chubby cheeks along with a soft chin, you need a style which can balance your roundness. You can have your locks cut high at the top, maybe with bangs or an off-center part.

This Smoky grey ombre hairstyle frames your cheekbones properly and has a very balancing effect to your round face. The colour here along with the sleek locks is the actual USP of the look.


Long Locks Front Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

For longer hairstyles for men, it is more beneficial to go to a salon and spend a few extra bucks for a high-quality hairstyle. After receiving the hairstyle you want to make certain you purchase hairstyling merchandise.

Also when you have a generally oval facial shape, you can carry any hairstyle and still look good but using a gel will give a very professionally styled image.

A hairstyle that retains your tresses out of your face is the most salutary if you have an oval-shaped face, nevertheless, because it will highlight the entire shape of your face. This Long-drawn locks front grey hairstyle is one remarkably versatile style.


Extreme Brush-Up Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This extreme brush-up style is a great and fun choice for men with grey hair. Most dramatic one but easiest one to maintain. This one is for the bold ones, who love to experiment.

It requires a hair product to keep it at the place. You can use clay, pomade, or wax. Sue the product when your hair is damp with your fingers while teasing the hair up.

To bring up the cool quotient, you can accessorize the look with studs and a framed glass. The beard adds on to the oomph factor.


Long Layered Grey Hair

Grey Hairstyles for Men

Long hairs are no more confined to the fashion for women. It has increasingly shifted to an all-time favorite course for men’s haircut style. Delicately structured hairs with rumpled bangs and imperative layers look just marvelous.

It is best accommodated for men with rectangle, square, and rectangular facial composition. With long hair, you will get more damage and broken ends. It’s fit to accurately condition your hair and get seasonal clippings to let your hair look best.

It’s a slight difficult for men to have long hair because of inadequate supervision options. However, with a little effort, modification, and information, you can easily find a great hairstyle to go with your long hair. However, dodge putting too much chemical that can drive to dandruff and hair reduction.


Mildly Curly Short Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

Another trendy hairstyle for men is this mildly curly short grey hairstyle. To avoid hair crimping, you can use gel or moisturizer. However, too much dampness tends to make your hair look oily.

For men, even and just straightened hair also gives an easy and stylish look. This shorter haircut will give you a licensed style. You should really think short hairstyle if you desire to get an expert look. The short hairstyle will make you look sophisticated and adept.


Angular Fringe Hairstyle for Men

Grey Hairstyles for Men

If you prefer more rumpled, more casual styles, this is an ideal selection for you. These angular fringes help in creating a flow in the cut. The rest of the hair is moderately neat, so the bangs change things up a bit.

To get the rumpled fringe, keep your bangs up to 1 to 2 inches. Keep the top hair shorter than the bangs. Clipped the sides and back with scissors and mixed into the head.


Grey Flowing Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle has a very breezy kind of a feel. The hairs are neither spiked or have a stern appearance. Many time aged men have hair that is thin and lacks the volume. In such circumstance, a hairstyle like this one is a great pick.

This hairstyle also has a charm to it. Adding a note of flamboyance to the appearance this hairstyle gives you quite many scopes to flip your hair through the fingers.


The Undercut Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This undercut hairstyle in grey suits oval face. It is considered to be the perfect facial shape, to accentuate undercut. Men’s hairstyles like this one create the illusion of an oval face as well.

The undercut hairstyle has a naturally charming aura; you can wear any beard style with this haircut and still look amazing. A haircut that keeps your locks out of your face is the best, and this one is one such hairstyle.


Front Spiked Classy Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This utilitarian haircut is great for grey-haired fellows, creating a clean appearance all around the hair is styled but short. Taper the length on top slightly, as it goes back toward the crown.

Trim the sides and back with scissors to match the texture and weight of the hair on top. If you like, you can opt not to style this haircut at all. If you do want this style, use some gel to get a firmer presence.


Brush-Up and Taper Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

Men who grew grey hair on the side and head first have something unique about them, these clearer strands bring out a certain character to their style that looks refined and put together.

Go for a classic taper and a brush up which can look wonderful on these Grey hairstyle. It is a cut that is a small, manageable, and classy haircut that suits best on men with an oval-shaped face.

This is a stunning and fresh haircut with hairs narrowed at the back and sides and a bit longer at the front. It gives a distinctive look to the jaw, building an additional influence on the self.


Short Faded Haircut

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This hairstyle is a great example of what short textured hair looks like. It replicates the style of a short sized Caesar hairstyle. The look has a very sturdy and rugged outlook. The hair is short and ha trimmed ages.

Men having straight hair will suit this style more. The hair sticks frontward. You can pair up with denim and casual t-shirt and watch your charm working its way on others.


Extreme Short Grey Hairstyle

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This one is the best style for ones with short hair. Those who have grey hair with bred or a receding hairline will love this style. Keep the hair just three-quarters of an inch.

Sides and back hair are trimmed with scissors. It’s one such style which needs the least styling. However, if you have particularly unruly hair, you can use a tiny amount of a light hold gel or wax.


Bohemian Hairstyle for Men

Grey Hairstyles for Men

It’s easy to have grey hair and still sport a trendy style. It is certainly reserved for more informal and fun occasions. It is quite like a Mohawk, although the hair is exactly styled to seem like it is cut on the sides.

This hairstyle is one of the most well-known hairstyles for men, both then and now, is the style that is connected with short sides and a short back, with the hair left long on the top. This cut requires longer hair-at least before the hair is styled to get the cut perfectly.


Messy Bowl Cut

Grey Hairstyles for Men

This type looks messy yet attractive. It is the most suitable hairstyle for those who have very light hair that frequently seems scanty. It’s a stunning appeal, and feathery feel changes the overall character.

It will match any facial composition. The style resonates that of a bowl cut-also signature of a retro style. Thus this messy bowl cut is characterized by faded sides, and the crown area has the messed up center of attraction in a twirling way. This is created with the help of hair gel or mouse so that it doesn’t fall and keeps straight.


Staying fashionable is innate and not a gender-specific trait. Fashion for men poses equal importance as a fashion for women. With these grey hairstyle, you look fashionable and classy.

All you need is this list and choose the one that suits you best. Your smart look will surely make you the talk of the town, and also a man with a good hairstyle is always a man with good taste and persona.

A well-groomed man is always an attractive man. A man with good taste is definitely an icon and who doesn’t want to be an icon? Embrace your style!