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35 Mens Hairstyles Over 40 for Dapper Look

Whoever said that men above 40 have to lay low in terms of fashion and lifestyle. Actually, this is the age that men can start living, the burden of family and children is almost over; house loans and careers are almost settled.

Then they are free to spend time for themselves and their looks finally. This age is the new era to start looking handsome and bring out the fashioner in you.


35 Mens Hairstyles Over 40 for Dapper Look

Short Grey Textured Look

Asian man over 40 with short hairstyle

This hairstyle is very short and simple. It’s a great men’s hairstyle over 40 for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair. It’s mostly all the same length,and the front is slightly brushed to the side, adding minimal styling to the look overall.


Two Tone Grey Look

taper fade hairstyle for men over 40

This is a great, bristly look for someone who wants to look very natural. The sides are a natural silver, but the top is a darker grey, almost black color. It’s a true salt and pepper look that people love in a men’s hairstyle over 40.


Bald With Beard

hairstyles for men over 40

This is the easiest look of all. It’s great if the hair on your head is thinning, but you can still grow a beard. Shave your head, leaving some stubble where you can grow it, and have your beard nice and thick, but not too long.


Mature Hairline Combover

widows peak hairstyle for men over 40

If your hairline has started to recede on the sides, take the hair from the side of the head and brush it over one side. It hides half of the hairline, and on the other side, it looks more like a hard parting. The hair on the sides is thin and brushed back.


Grey Quiff

man over 40 with short grey hairstyle

The quiff style is great for all ages. The hair here is naturally grey, and the front is styled up in a quiff. The sides are brushed back very neatly, and the beard matches the hair very well with its mostly grey tone.


Brushed Back Slickly

popular men's hairstyle over 40

Here’s a very slick hairstyle. The hair is brushed back from the hairline in a very natural looking brown color. The sides are shaved down very short, the natural grey color showing through them. It helps you look young while also showing off your maturity.


Fully Slicked Back Look

slick back hairstyle for men over 40

This is a simple look that’s neat as well as stylish. All the hair is slicked back towards the nape of the neck, and it’s all mostly the same length, too. The beard, instead, stands out more than the hair. It’s very thick and soft looking, perfectly, neatly styled.


All Over Length and Squared Hairline

black man over 40 with crop short hair

Hair that’s all one length and shaved very short is always fashionable as well as easy to deal with. Here the hairline is squared off very nicely, which is a modern and stylish look that lots of men are getting.


Loose Grey Waves

salt and pepper hairstyle for men over 40

This loose grey hairstyle is perfect if you like short sides and some length on top. The sides are slightly too long to be super bristly, and they’re brushed back. The hair on top is styled upwards in natural waves, helping hide the thinning front part of the hairline.


Long Grey Wet Look

long hairstyle for men over 40

The wet look is very attractive these days. This hair is long and grey, mostly the same length, but the front is slightly shorter, adding volume. The wet look can be achieved with some oil and gel and careful styling as the hair is brushed back.


Sleek Comb Back

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This hair will be comedy backward and held in place. This look is suitable for men who are attending meetings and corporate events. The salt and pepper look adds to the entire feel of the hairstyle.

This can be paired both with formal and semi formal suits that match the occasion. No with this look, there is no way you will look even a day older than forty.


Salt and Pepper Taper Look

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is an absolute stunner. It will not let you down in terms of anything. The perfect combination of salt and pepper adds a great extravaganza to the look. The central taper is combed backward and held in place there.

This is a great look for literally any event that you wish to attend. This look calls for older men because it can decrease your age in front of others. It’s a formal look while it can be disguised as a semi formal look too. Its all about the outfit that is paired with the look.


Extra Long Central Taper towards One Side

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This looks calls for an extra-long taper at the center. The hair has to flow towards one side. The sides are trimmed closely to the head. The majority of the hair volume is accumulated to the center of the head. The hair is sleeked backward with a comb.

It’s a look that requires a lot of guts if it has to be adorned. The whole look goes a headway before because the hair is stylish. The entire length of white hair gives it a nasty loo. You end up looking like a cool uncle, and that should make your day. It can be paired with a brightly colored suit.


Regular Cut with a Beard

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

Sometimes regular is fine. It’s better to have a regular look than something extravagant, especially when age seems to have caught up with your heart rather than your looks. Aging can easily be stopped with the right look in place.

Add a full beard to any look, and you will have a roughed-up look that will complement you in the right way. Pair this look with a semi-formal suit and look absolutely stunning and attract a few dozen glances your way.


Spiked Taper Style

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

Sometimes spikes can make you look younger than your actual age. To try this look, you need a medium length hair. The hair is roughly spiked out and held in place. The sides of the head are trimmed close to the scalp.

This look calls for both formal and semi-formal attires that can be matched with this hairstyle. The occasion gets to choose the kind of attire it requires. This is as cool a look for a beach party as it is for a meeting. If spikes are out of your usual league, then now is the time to try it.


Long Hair with a Full Beard

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is for all you men with long wavy hair. Take a side and separately comb each side of the hair to let it fall in place along its natural waves.

All the curls are accumulated at the bottom of the neck while the waves flow through the length of the hair. This look will look even better of paired with a full beard.

The salt and pepper look of the hair does a great job in extending the look into a zone of awesomeness. This look and a suit with a bow tie are what a perfect date night would look like.


A Simple Spike and a Stubble Style

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

The central part of the head has hair which is slightly singer than the rest. This hair is made to stand straight up and bring about a spiked feel to the hair. The rest of the hair is brushed downwards and made to lay down flat neatly.

This long with a small stubble is a great look together. This can be paired with casuals or formals according to the event or situation. Be it any passion this look will be apt for the uncle who wants to look stylish in you.


Shaved Sides and a Long Middle Texture

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

The sides are trimmed super short, and the scalp is almost visible. The hair in the central region is the longest. It will be combed backward and made to fall until the back of the head.

This look is for the punks in you. Unleash all your hidden dreams and let your demons out with this look. It’s a great look for a concert or a boys night out. It can be paired with shorts and t-shirts to give a cool look in itself.

The overall effect of the look is of the band boys who play music. It’s a great look for a change in appearance from monotonous.


Side Parted Pounce with a Clean Shave

Mens Hairstyles Over 40


The hair is parted to one side. The partition is an uneven one. One third to one side and two thirds to the other side. The side with core volume is made into a pounce. This is combed and held in place. The rest of the hair is all combed backward and made to stay.

This appearance looks the best when paired with a clean shave. It’s a great look to wear with the formal suits. It is best suited for serious and single worded men. The additional salt and pepper look will add to this appearance and make everyone desire for it.


Sharp Center Upstand

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is all about revenge against your age. It is a rebelling look against your age as a number and making it insignificant. This will beat everyone who thought of you as old or incompetent due to age. The central taper is of medium length and is combed backward.

The rest of the head has short cropped hair. A French beard or a short stubble would add more glamour to this look. It’s a great look for gala nights or charity balls. It looks to make your peers jealous of you. Suits and tuxedos are your best friend with this look.


Rugged Beast Combed Backward

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is all roughed up and notorious looking. Overall the look feels tough to the rules of others. The entire hair is of medium to long length. This hair is then combed backward and held in place there.

The hair fell in its natural direction and completed the look. Add a dash of strong stubble, and the look ends up getting rougher.

This would look cooler with baggy pants or shorts along with t-shirts. It would make you look like a don when paired with suits. It’s a look of varied intensity and gladly brings out the evil in you.


Side Parted Back Combed Hair

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

The hair is of medium to short in length. The hair is parted at the side of your choice, and then the hair is combed backward in a direction away from the partition. The look is an absolute schoolboy look which should out perfection.

It’s a great look to wear to a party or a meeting. This look will make anyone believe in your skills and show the world that you are a trustworthy person.

This look also makes you look much younger than your actual age. This look, when paired with shorts and a t-shirt, would be the perfect look for a morning of golf.


A Messy Look with a Fun Beard

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is all about natural. A naturally textured hairstyle is what is in trend these days. Appreciate your natural self is the current mantra for all now. Looking good happens from within when you start to embrace your natural beauty.

A look to suit all curly and wavy hair. This look is totally maintenance free and doesn’t even require a comb. It’s the look any director or writer would die for. This also helps the balding self because it shows much more volume that there is actually present. A full beard adds to the look.


Long Messy Hair with Moustache

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

A long or medium shoulder-length hair would be the perfect length to suit this hair. The hair is naturally flowing without any gel or wax. The full volume and even extra volume shows when it is left open.

It’s a suitable look while you are on vacation. This hair can be tied as a top-notch or a simple ponytail. It looks great for a day at the beach and a garden party later in the Night. Moustache is usually not such a Cool idea, but with the look, it enhances the look with its presence.


Opposite Comb Back

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

It’s a drop-dead gorgeous look. An absolute favorite with the ladies. It makes your eyes stand out and the fall of the hair being in the opposite direction to its natural self makes it all the more attractive.

A lovely sleek backed look is obtained out of this look. The hair is long and almost up to the nape of the neck. This look is an absolute stunner, especially if you have bright blue eyes and the eyes sparkle as if they have water in them.

This look with a simple T-shirt or a suit will have the same effect t of the ladies turning to look at you twice. It’s a great look for a catcher.


Simple Wavy Brush Up Hair

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

Nothing easier to don than a simple look. A brush up is all about combing your hair in a comfortable direction. This look has no specific pattern or direction to keep in mind and look out for.

It’s a look for the wavy or curly-haired people who don’t believe in spending too much time on their hair, trying to get it settled down. A much need use of wax is essential if you want to hold it in place.

It’s a great look for a simple man who likes to attract a few eyes onto himself. A suit will add to the look and eliminate the simplicity factor to it.


Curly and a Charming Look

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

Sometimes all you need is a cute smile to attract attention to yourself. It will make you look younger than any hairstyle could ever make you look. It’s a style that will never go out of fashion too.

To add to this smile, maybe you could go with this look. It’s for you if you have curly hair especially. All you need is some medium length hair.

The roughly messed up curls will make you look like a young fellow all carefree and happy. This look is definitely for you if all you have in mind is some fun.


Parted Fringe and Some Dimples

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

Super straight hair is your strength, then this one is for you. A side partition divides the volume of hair. The hair towards the front is longer and is combed to the forehead like a fringe. The uneven leveling adds to the look.

The rest of the hair is trimmed short. This look is formal at the same time will complement the playboy in you. This look is fully charged if dimples are born with you. It adds to the quality of the playboy look.


Short Cropped Military Cut

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

If hair fall and balding issues are on the rise, go for the trimmed military look. This look allows the hair to be kept quite small in length. This would hardly require any maintenance. The hair is trimmed close to the scalp.

The hair towards the front will be slightly longer. It’s a great look for the serious team player in you. It shows authority as well as the sternness. It’s a great look to basically reducing or avoiding hair related issues.


Parted Messy Comb Over

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look requires a medium length hair. This hair is partitioned towards one side, and the rest of the hit is combed to stay in place. The look is a messy one and hence doesn’t require much of perfection while combing over.

This look is a cool one and can be used for official as well as personal events. The comb-over can be a simple process where the hair is just brushed to look cool. This look can be paired with a suit or with corduroy pants and a shirt.


Wavy Layered Hairstyle

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is for those with long hair. This hair can be cut into layered levels. The hair can be straight cut to the nape of the neck. The rest of the hair can be combed backward. To this look, you can add trendy hairbands to enhance the look.

This look id great, especially if your hair is a salt and pepper color. It can be paired with literally anything. Formals will look just as good as casuals with this look.


Ruffles and Messes

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is a zero maintenance look. No matter which part of the day you are at, you will always have a just out of bed look. This look is in trend and greatly in demand these days.

A lot of people prefer this look because it is all about being your natural self. It doesn’t require the use of combs or any hair products.

It’s a great look if you plan on staying in casuals all day long. It is not recommended if you want to hold a meeting because you tend to look less serious.


Central Taper Combed Backwards

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

A central taper is all that matter in this look because the sides are trimmed to the level of the scalp. The region to the center has hair of medium length. This hair is then combed backward.

This hair falls as a fringe to the center of the face sometimes. This look oozes elegance and seriousness. It can be paired with a suit to look absolutely smart.


Central Taper Forward Combed

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look calls for a medium length hair at the center of the head. This taper is then combed in the reverse direction towards the center of the head. This look is almost like a reverse Mohawk, and the sides of this style will be shortly trimmed.

This appearance will look amazing for a disco night. It can be paired with casuals. Anything with this look is a good compliment to this look.


Tousled Mess of Hair

Mens Hairstyles Over 40

This look is one of a tousled hairstyle. The hair is messed up around the center of the head. The rest of the hair is combed and held in place. This tousled look helps to hide the rising baldness as a sign of aging, which just caught up with you.

This look helps to cover up those signs of aging. It can be paired with both casuals and formals and still manage to look stunning in either of the wears.


Age is just a number. Just as we age, the pressure of family and career jumps upon us. If we choose to take these burdens lightly and focus more on yourself, this number would not have half the strength to make you feel inferior.

These are some of the looks that will help you in gaining back your confidence and help you start a new set of trends just for your sake.