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30 Black Men Hairstyles for Dashing Looks

It is often seen that black men are blessed with a head full of thick black hair. Basically, they have curly hair that can be styled in different ways. Black men realized that a good hairstyle could change their overall look, and they can also be a part of the hair fashion industry. The influence of modern hairstyles and the impact of the fashion industry as well made them style their hair according to trends. Many hairstyles of black men who were popular in ancient days are still in trend with some modifications. Top barbers and hairstylists are working hard to make black men hairstyles more interesting and innovative so that these styles can be popular among common men.

Black men explore the range of different hairstyles, from long hair to short hair and from curly to wavy hair with a traditional and modern touch as well. Top hairstyles for African-American men are usually low or high fade haircut with short hair on top. But now you can observe the latest designs and cuts that give a trendy look. The new version of high top and Afro fade with wave and line up hairstyles for black men look hot easy, and chic. Some haircuts and styles for black men that will remain in trend are:


30 Black Men Hairstyles for Dashing Looks

  • The Flat Top is a timeless hairstyle for black men with very curly Afro hair. The sides and back are skin fade with short hair at the top to give a square flat shape. This is a traditional hairstyle of black men that will never lose its coolness.
  • Some hairstyles are made for specific people, so as Crew Cut hairstyle is for black men. It is also known as Buzzcut, and a short military style that is skin faded on sides and back with very short hair on top. As it is zero maintenance and can effortlessly be styled, it has become a prevalent and trendy hairstyle nowadays.
  • The traditional hairstyle of black men is Afro hairstyle, as African-American men are blessed with very curly hair. This style looks good with the natural texture of hair with plenty of lengths but uneven finish. The Afro style is still in trend with some alterations.
  • The Crop Cut is a common hairstyle of black men that will stay in fashion forever. It is a time-saving style that gives an edgy and cool look to the black men.
  • Braids are the origin of a black hairstyle. From ancient times African-American people are braiding their hair. Black men look cool and stylish with braids and cornrows. They have made this style to get its place in the fashion world.
  • One of the most striking hairstyles of black men is Dreads. This hairstyle is composed of twisted or tightly knotted hair that, after some time, form together to make dreadlocks. Dreadlocks, once done, cannot be untangled.

Black men are flaunting these traditional hairstyles with modern transformation like high or low skin fade with stylish top, line up, shape up, hard parting, and many more. Below is the collection of black men hairstyles with images, so that it can be easy for you to choose the perfect contender.


Bleached Middle Crown

black man curly hairstyle with blonde highlights

It’s hard to manage thick curly hair, but why fight it? It’s better to flaunt your natural, textured curls and look dashing. Instead of growing them all, just let them grow at the crown part and keep high fade at the sides. You can have a shaved design on one side, as you see in the picture. Then, bleach the middle hair of the crown to add more grace to it.


Dreaded High Top With Side Fade

black guy with curly taper fade hairstyle

Keep your dreaded hair at the crown but short in length so that it can give a spiky look. Keep the sides high faded without any design. It makes your long face look more charming and gives you an athletic look.


Dreadlock Bun With Bleached Ends

dreadlocks for black men

We all love to play with the colors; the warm bleached hair tips of the dreadlocks are just amazing. It looks stunning when you tie the dreadlocks in a messy bun style, wherein they fall unevenly. It’s a fun way to play with your hair, giving you a rockstar look.


Short Colored Haircut

short copper red afro hairstyle for black men

Keep it simple; keep it cool. This is what we learn from this black man’s haircut. Simply keep your curly hair short in the crown area so that it won’t fall to either side while keeping the sides lightly faded. You can even grow a mustache and bread with it to get a more professional look. It’s the easiest way to manage your curly thick hair.


Dreadlocks Pony

dreadlocks with shaved side for black men

Black men love to make dreadlocks, but sometimes they want something to play with it. Keep the sides of your head shaved and tie all the dreadlocks in a pony style at the back. You can even wear it to your office or any outing.


Curly Hairstyle

black boy with curly afro hair

Young boys love this style and can easily carry it to school or college. Even adult men can carry this style, keeping their hair natural and flaunting the curls. Use a hair spray or textured cream to keep it intact. It’s one of the easiest black men hairstyles, which one can easily make or carry.


Braided Bob

young black man with wavy dreadlocks

For thick curly hair, braided hair can be a relief. Simply braid your hair into small braids and have a hassle-free time without worrying about how you look or manage your hair. With the braids and a Gotee beard with a small mustache, you get a really cool look.


Shaved Look

burr cut for black men

Try having a shaved look with shaved head and beard. Sometimes this look can be a game-changer when everyone is flaunting or making the same styles with the curls; you can be a stand-out. No need to worry about caring for your hair – be free and enjoy.


Side Faded Buzz Cut

short haircuts for black men

Clean shave with a buzz cut is surely a professional look, which will make you look younger, elegant, and dashing. Easy to maintain without any hassle of long hair. Just go for this style without thinking twice.


Twisted Afro with Shaved Line and Drop Fade

Black Men Hairstyles

There are many cool ways to style Afro haircuts for black men. Guys with thick curly hair have their own set of challenges, and to maintain their hair along with the Afro hairstyle is not an easy task. The above picture is an example of this. Here the thick kinky hair is twisted to form an Afro style with tapered or faded sides to highlight the cool Afro at the top till back. To make the style more interesting, the barber has shaved the line just above the drop fade. To maintain the style, it is precise to visit the barbershop frequently. Young guys with thick hair can go for this hairstyle to look cool and super hot.


Short Afro-Mohawk with High Faded Sides

Black Men Hairstyles

The Afro style is a renowned haircut for black men. Afro is a versatile haircut that can create many kinds of styles for black men. This style combines Afro with Mohawk to make it innovative and unique. The sides are high faded to make the top and back more visible. Short curls are twisted to make the style more prominent. To make the style look chic, the barber is allowed to shape up the cut to give a clean and cool look. Afro-American guys with thick curly hair will be appropriate for this hairstyle. Low maintenance and easy to style this haircut can rock any event or fashion show.


Brushed up and Shape Up with Back Neck Design

Black Men Hairstyles

The Afro haircut will never go out of fashion when it comes to haircuts for black men. To get the boxy look to allow the temples to be shaved at a higher range. The twisted hair at the top and back gives an illusion of Mohawk style because of high faded sides. The sideburns with shape up, are merged with a nicely trimmed beard. At the side of the back neck, some designs with shaved hairlines are made to make the skin visible. Great for the men with Afro-textured hair, this style is unique in its self. To maintain the style, frequent visits to the barber is considered.


Traditional Short Afro with Temple Fade

Black Men Hairstyles

If you are looking for a style that best suits for thick and textured hair than this short Afro is the right choice for you. Hair with abundance volume and texture will make this classic look fresh and chic. The temple is lightly faded and fused with a tapered beard. The style is shaped up to give a clean look. Appropriate for all age groups, the style can be flaunted anywhere from a business meeting to a party. Nothing much is needed to maintain the style, apply some wax or oil to make the hair look shiny. This haircut is a traditional Afro style for black men that is still in trend and will remain in fashion forever.


Thick Uniform Top with Low Fade and Line up

Black Men Hairstyles

Afro hairstyles for men can be worn in different shapes and forms to make them appear trendy and cool. Men who want their thick and kinky hair to look neat and tidy than this cut is highly recommended for them. The low faded sides and back with uniform top will not require much maintenance so that it will be a great choice for careless young guys. Some wax or hair gel will be enough for styling the haircut. The line up is adding an extra element to the style. The diamond stud earring is giving an extra glaze to the style.


Traditional Cornrow with Temple Fade

Black Men Hairstyles

Black men’s hairstyles are very versatile and can create different kinds of looks, from casual hairstyle to formal cuts. Of course, one has to choose a style according to his comfort level. The traditional hairstyle of cornrows will never go out of fashion. Here it is executed with little modification to give a chic look. With mid-parting, the long hair on top is braided in cornrow style and is tied at the back. The sides and back are drop faded to give a clean and neat look. This is a simple yet trendy style that can be adopted by young guys to men in any profession.


Skin Fade Twisted Flat top Afro Hairstyle

Black Men Hairstyles

If you want your long curly hair to style differently, this Afro hairstyle will be an accurate choice. The long curls are twisted on top to add length. The sides and back are skin faded to make the top look flat. This type of hairstyles needs minimum care and can be maintained easily. Only frequent trimming is recommended to avoid frizzes, knots, and split end. This style will be best for young guys who do not want to spend much time in styling and at the same time want to look stylish too. This is a traditional black men hairstyle with some modern twist to make it some interesting.


Temple Fade Line Up with Short Sponge Afro Style

Black Men Hairstyles

There are many haircuts available for black men to look stylish. But short Afro sets its statement. With very little effort, you can look stylish and up-to-date by executing short sponge Afro. The hair on top is twisted a bit to give a sponge type look. The temple is faded and shape up to combine with a trimmed beard. Tapered or faded back is complimenting the style. This type of style requires low maintenance; just a little wax is enough. The tattoo at the body and gold chain at the neck is making the style flattering. The earring is adding an extra element to the whole look.


Perfect Cropped with Small Line Up

Black Men Hairstyles

Men who like neat hairstyle with perfection will love to cut their hair in this type of style. To achieve this perfect look, you have to look for a professional to do the job perfectly. The hair is cropped in a concise length with mild trimmed sides and back. The small line up is adding more neatness to the cut. Guys with thick black hair can cut their hair to get the look. The length of the hair can be kept according to their own choice. A very little effort is needed to maintain the style. This haircut is very popular among young black men.


Patterned Cornrows with High Faded Sides

Black Men Hairstyles

Cornrows are one of the most well-liked hairstyles for black men. Closely braided to the scalp with different designs and patterns, cornrow hairstyles look very stylish. In hot sultry summers, it looks cool and trendy and, once done, can last for a couple of weeks with proper care. The long top hair is divided into many parts and is braided neatly in a creative pattern; then all the cornrows are tied at the back. High faded sides are making the style more clean and fresh. There are unlimited ideas to style cornrows with shaved sides for an innovative look.


Short and Simply Twisted Curls

Black Men Hairstyles

Black men with curly hairstyles always look trendy and cool. Curls are easier to manage if they are kept short. This is a classic cut of short curls for timeless style and option for those who want their curls to behave and set on their own. If you want some formal hairstyle in curls, this hairstyle will match your search. The short curls accompanied with a French beard and sunglasses enhancing the style to give a smarter look. The stone stud earring is giving extra shine to the style. This style can be wearable at business meetings and can be flaunted in any event as well.


Hard Parting with Textured Waves

Black Men Hairstyles

It is common to see wavy hairstyles in Afro-American men. There are limitless ideas to style wavy hair like short waves to medium and long according to one’s desire. If you have thick wavy hair, this style will look great on you. This is a neat and tidy cut hairstyle for people who favor clean cut hairstyles. Nicely done side hard parting with a shaved hairline and drop faded temple is giving a fresh look. The front shape up is enhancing the cut as well. Appropriate for the summer season, this style will provide a cooling effect for the wearer.


Curly Bun at Top with Faded Sides

Black Men Hairstyles

Men with long curly hair find it difficult to style the hair as they always need to look fresh and neat. So to get a neat look, they can tie their hair like a bun on top. There are plenty of trendy bun hairstyles for men that can make them look stylish. Combining a man bun on top with a fade undercut or shaved sides look equally attractive and easy to style. Here the top hair is styled in a bun with faded sides and back. Accompanied with a trimmed beard, the style is looking cool and chic. The icing on the cake is that round earring.


Afro in a Mohawk Style

Black Men Hairstyles

As we all know, an Afro haircut can be styled in many different ways, so here you can see Afro in a Mohawk style. This is the most simple style that hardly needs any care as the hair remains in the condition you wish to keep. The sides are skin tapered to give a bald look. The hair on top is kept in minimal length, so it requires zero maintenance and care. This hairstyle is recommended for men who want a careless but stylish look. Light mustache with a beard is making the style unique. This type of hairstyle is basically a sporty style.


Spikes in Afro with Side Shaved Hairline

Black Men Hairstyles

Black men can style their hair in various ways, from traditional to a modern haircut. They usually have curly hair that looks good on men, but sometimes it becomes difficult to manage curls. Here in this image, you can see long curly hair twisted to form like spikes on top of the head. The sides are trimmed a few inches above the ear, and two hairlines are shaved parallel to give a dimension to the haircut. The spikes are styled messily. Young black guys with long curly hair can get their hair styled in spikes under trained barber. The length of the spikes totally depends on you.


Low Fade Textured Bowl haircut Style

Black Men Hairstyles

This hairstyle has a statement of its own. Here the thick wavy hair is cut into a bowl-like style in uniform waves. Few strands of hair are highlighted with silver color that looks like dots on the hair giving the style an awesome look. The sides and back are faded so that the hair design can be prominently visible. The shape-up line at the front is emphasizing the style, making it head turner. This style can be apt by models on ramp walk and guys working in the fashion industry. With little care and maintenance, the style won’t be passed unnoticed.


Skin Faded Temple with Faded Beard

Black Men Hairstyles

The haircut style comes in mind for black men who are usually faded haircut. The fade haircut is very popular among Afro-American guys, whether it is skin fade, tapered fade, low or mid fade. These guys have thick curly hair that is hard to manage, so faded hairstyle is the best option for them. Here the top hair is cropped to the scalp with shaved hairline design. The temple is skin faded and merged with a faded shape up beard and mustache. This cool hairstyle is easy to manage, but a timely visit to the barber is necessary to make the haircut remain in shape.

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Stylish Long Curly Hairdo

Black Men Hairstyles

Long curly hairstyle looks great on black men. From ancient times curls are in fashion and will remain forever. As black men are blessed with curly hair, most of the hairstyles for them are on curls. Curls look stunning if styled properly. This is a long curly hairstyle which is very among black young guys. To get this look, all you have to do is to possess long curly hair. Just leave your curls free and make them hold their position on their own. The most interesting thing about curls is that it mainly requires little maintenance like wax or pomade to soften the curls. This style can enhance the attitude and confidence level of the wearer.


Bold Blonde Afro Hairstyle

Black Men Hairstyles

Afro hairstyle for black men can be experiment with different cuts and colors to make the style standout appearance. The blonde hair ultimately makes a statement and compliments the Afro curls. The high fade temple with blonde curls on top is making the style head turner. The blonde hair is making a strong contrast to the black skin color. The diamond earring is making the style more stunning. If you are bold enough to carry this statement style, this will make you stand out in the crowd. Young guys who work in the fashion industry can carry this look confidently.


Braided Hairstyle

Black Men Hairstyles

Braid hairstyle is never out of fashion, and the credit goes to black men who confidently bought this braided style into the limelight. The top long hair is highlighted with brown shade and parted in the middle. From both sides, braids are braided creatively and are tied at the back on top, making a tiny bun. The sides and back are kept trimmed to complement the top. Guys who love neat and tidy hairstyles can opt this to look stunning. Braided hairstyles are low maintenance and can be carried for days if done once. This twin braided style is easy and simple to give you hot and attractive vibes.


Dreadlocks with Modern Twist

Black Men Hairstyles

From decades, the dreadlocks haircut style is in fashion. Top hairstylists and barbers have worked hard to give this classic hairstyle a fresh modern twist for modern black men. Long curly hair is twisted to form dreadlocks on top head and gathered to style like Dreadlocks-Mohawk. Both sides are trimmed, and side-burn is united with the beard. This is a unique and bold style to radiate youth and attitude. The most interesting thing about this style is striped neckline pattern design to make it eye-catchy. The bunch of gold chains at the neck is adding an extra element to the whole look.


Hence, these are some of the black men’s hairstyles with a modern twist to make them look fresh and cool. Black men’s hairstyles are easy to maintain and style with little care, so they are popular among people. Get inspired and choose the best hairstyle for your next hairdo and style according to your attitude to enhance your personality.