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20 Beard Styles for Black Men to Look Stylish

For any black men looking to get a makeover or a new style, there are plenty of options available out there.

While this may seem good since there is a wide variety of styles you can try out, having too many options may tire us out, and we may end up choosing none.

That is why we have rounded up the perfect list of beard styles for black men that will surely make your life easier and save a lot of time. But before taking a look at this list, here’s some useful information that you need to know.


How to Grow a Black Man Beard

The best way to grow a beard is always to shave the previous one in the right way. While this may sound easy, it is not exactly so easy for black men since they tend to have facial hair that is thick, coarse and curly.

Maintaining and grooming such hair is quite a task. By letting your beard grow out, you can understand how your beard and hair are different from others so that you can tend to the specific requirements of your type of hair.


Black Men Beard Grooming

Trimming regularly and washing your beard every day is also a must if you want to have a good beard. Exfoliating once in a while also helps to get rid of the dead skin cells.

Beard oils are a lifesaver product that has the solutions to almost all your beard woes. You can also brush and comb your beard every day to keep it neat and in place.

One of the most important tricks to having a good beard is that, not only do you take care of your beard, but you also take care of the skin beneath the beard.


Black Men Beard Problems

Some common beard problems for black men are described here. Patchy beards are a common problem which is mainly caused by genetic traits.

Dry skin under the beard is also an issue that needs to be addressed properly. Itchiness is also another issue that often happens and happens as a result of unhealthy grooming practices.

All of these problems can be avoided if you take care of your cleanliness and always moisturize your skin.


Beard Styles for Black Men to Look Stylish

The Full Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Growing a full beard and joining the club of black men with beards is not that easy a task. It requires effort and patience, every single day to get that perfectly groomed look with your long and black beard.

But if you have the will for it, you can most definitely achieve this look and look just as stylish and dapper like the rest of the club sporting a full-bearded style.

In a full beard style like this, you need to entirely grow out your facial hair for a long length below the chin and in a U-shape, as shown in the picture here.


The Five O’clock Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Something about this five’o clock beard style has an irresistible glow to it that makes you not take your eyes off of it.

It gives a subtle shadowy look to the beard which has an undeniable coolness factor that will surely make you look hot and smart wherever you go.

The best thing about such a look is that they look effortlessly messy and giving major laid back and stylish vibes. To get this look, you must shave the area around your cheek and neck daily so that you can achieve the perfect messy look.


Goatee Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The goatee beard is a classic and favorite look amongst the entire black community.

A goatee beard like this one can be styled in a wide variety of looks depending on what suits you best or what you like the most, but it will still look unique and make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

It is a look that is best suitable for those who have round or plump faces so that your facial features can be accentuated at all the right places. Trimming daily is important to maintain this look and achieve its original classiness.


Short Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Nothing to speak about your style when you have short hair and a crisp beard style like this one.

It is hugely popular among black men, and the reason for this could be the fact that not only does it demand too much attention or maintenance unlike some other beard styles, it also looks stylish even while being a low-key look.

To get this look, you’ll need to allow your beard to grow out for at least more than four to five days, and once it has really grown out, you can trim it and keep it in shape.


The Carved Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The carved beard style is becoming increasingly popular among black men these days because it helps to give a defined and sculptured look to the face without making it seem artificial.

While this looks quite stylish and tempts you to try it out as soon as possible, we have to warn you that this is one hell of a daunting task and you need as much skill as much as patience to carve this look.

So if you’re bot confident about trying it for the first time, a visit to the barber is recommended.


Soul Patch

Beard Styles for Black Men

A soul patch beard style is one of the easiest styles that you can try out. As is clearly visible from the picture, there isn’t much detailing to this style, and all it requires is just a strip of facial hair below the chin.

The length of this strip can be whatever you choose. While most people prefer simply the soul patch and nothing else, you can also try out something different by growing out your mustache. The entire look is very subtle and clean and has an element of raw and natural attractiveness to it.


Nicolas II Style

Beard Styles for Black Men

The Nicolas II beard look is a style that was inspired by Nicolas II, a Russian ruler. It’s a classy look and to get it, you can grow out your beard fully with a big mustache and crop your sides in a close manner.

The sides can also be trimmed regularly and blended in with a fade. More than the beard, the highlight of this look is clearly the big mustache with its own unique style.

This style definitely is making a comeback in this decade and it’s a refreshing look that you can try out.


The Van Dyke Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The Van Dyke beard style is named after a Flemish painter known as Anthony van Dyke. In this style, the entire portion of the cheeks is kept clean and shaved while a mustache and a goatee is allowed to grow out.

To get this look in its perfection, let your beard grow out fully for at least a week and when you find that it has sufficient length to develop into whiskers, you can start trimming and shaping it into the shape as shown in the picture.


Mutton Chops Style Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The mutton chops style may sound like fun, but not only is it quite hard to achieve; it is also a very bold look that not everyone may set out to try out.

So if you have made up your mind about getting this look, then the trick is that the chin area and the soul patch are shaved, along with your mustache too. And then all of the hair that is remaining on the sides can be grown out full and long.


The Chin Curtain

Beard Styles for Black Men

In a chin curtain beard style, the facial hair is grown out fully and in long lengths all across the jaw. And since most of the emphasis is on how the beard is styled, you don’t exactly need a mustache to go with this style.

The hair extends from one side of the face to the other and only covers the edges of the chin instead of covering it entirely. Any hair that is left on the sideburns and all are left to grow out completely thickly and densely.

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The Anchor Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The anchor beard is another subtle and minimal style that black men can try out if they are not too fond of growing a thick or long beard. It’s as simple as it gets since it only consists of a goatee and a mustache.

The rest of the section of the face and the cheeks which connect the mustache to the chin beard is completely shaved.


Friendly Mutton Chops

Beard Styles for Black Men

This is also another cool and trendy hairstyle that you can try out if you don’t want to look too fancy and instead just want to keep it simple and subtle. It is a stylish twist from the original mutton chops beard style.

The main feature about thus Friendlier mutton chops is the mustache that is bought into this look and fully grown out. And the length and shape of the beard are the same as the original mutton chops look itself.

You can also try out this look in a different version by letting your facial hair around the cheeks to grow a little more than its normal length.


The Barely Shaved Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A classic look for those who like to keep it really low key. While the style may sometimes look like there is no hair or beard at all, that’s not true, and the art about this look is that itself.

That the beard isn’t too visible yet its somehow clearly there. The stubble on the face is grown on each day and every day it is trimmed in the same length. And this is the main thing you need to do to get this look in all its glory and perfection.


The Bald Man Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Definitely the style that you should try out if you are looking to get a bold and dramatic beard look.

It is a classic style as well, which has remained popular for a long time now and looks like this trend will stay for a long time even in this new decade.

This is a great style for those who men who worry about their hair going bald and can instead sport this look since the beard is quite thick and looks very majestic.


The Circle Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The style shown in this picture is that of a circle beard. A beard like this very clean and minimal and thus helps to give a very neat appearance about the person.

This is also the reason why it came to be known as The Standard Beard style for men. It consists of the moustache and then a very round goatee which makes the round shape and thus the name ‘the circle beard’.

This look is best suitable for those people who have a square shaped face and jaw and helps to make it look more attractive by making it a round shape.


The Split Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

The split beard is a classic and clean look that is quite refreshing to the eye too. The beard is split into two equal parts when the hair starts to grow out of the area of the chin.

The popularity of this style saw a huge and instant increase when it was sported in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

A simple style that can also be easily maintained, it’s a favorite among people since not only does it look quite classy and elegant, it also has a cool vibe to it that the young men are after.


Mid Range Stubble Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

Stubble is a trendy and stylish look that you can try out since not only is it relatively easier to maintain; it has a different beauty to it. An unkempt and messy beard look, yet looking somewhat neat.

The key to keep this stubble like this is that you trim it regularly every 4-6 days. Make sure that the hair on the face actually grows out, but not beyond a certain length that it starts looking not like a stubble but like a fully grown beard itself.


Ducktail Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A flamboyant look yet speaking volumes about the style statement it makes. This style isn’t one that has evolved over time or even a popular old classic style. It’s just one that instantly became a trend as soon as it was introduced.

To get this look, you need to cut the hair on your chin are to grow out completely until it resembles the shape of a duck’s tail. Once the hair has been grown to that extent, it can be trimmed in any shape that you would prefer.


The Garibaldi Beard

Beard Styles for Black Men

A thick beard look that will make you feel like the ultimate man. The length of the beard goes way beyond the chin, and it is also combined along with a neck beard to complete the look.

While it seems relatively easy, since all it takes is to grow out the hair on your face and neck, it is one of those looks that requires a lot of effort to be put in.

Grooming is as difficult as it can get for this style. The hair needs to be grown out in a perfect U shape and if that goes wrong, then the entire look will go wrong.


The Mini Goatee

Beard Styles for Black Men

Well, as the name suggests, this style is a toned-down version of the goatee look. There are only very few facial hairs but these hair play an important role in making your face look as best as it can get with a goatee style like this one.

There’s just a tiny patch of hair around the chin and lips area and some people don’t even go for it with as small a stubble only to get this look.

Perfectly suitable hairstyle who wants to maintain a cool and stylish look but are too busy with their personal or work life to actually have the time for grooming purposes.


And with that, the list of some of the best beard looks for black men comes to an end.

If you know what you want and what’s best for you, then you can just pick the style for you and instantly transform your look. We hope this article made it easier for you.