Beard Styles with Tips and How to Maintain

Beard Styles

Man with a stylish beard looks handsome. But growing beard according to facial shapes and grooming it has not been so easy. One has to work hard to maintain it. One has to choose the right style that can add an element to the face. Not every style looks great on every guy. Different beard styles complement different facial shapes, hairstyles and personalities. There are several sorts of beard dyes to choose to color the beard. One can look fashionable and stylish by coloring the beard according to his personality.

Beard Styles with Tips and How to Maintain

Here are Some Tips for Maintaining your Beard

1. Use a natural shampoo to wash your beard and never ever use a harsh chemically treated shampoo on your beard.
2. Oil your beard regularly to keep the moisture intact in the beard. Use natural oil to nourish your beard hair.
3. Trim your beard regularly to give it a way to grow healthier.
4. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water to keep the body and thereby the beard hair hydrated.
5. To comb your beard, use a clean and tidy comb. Try to keep your comb personal to maintain hygiene.

How to Grow a Beard?

To grow a beard you have to be patient and resist yourself from shaving and trimming it for a few weeks. When it grows to a certain length, then only you can give it a style or shape of your choice. Make sure you have the right tools for the job. There are many beard grooming kits available in the market to choose from. Trimmer, shaver and edger are required tools to make your beard look resplendent.

Men’s Beard Grooming

Once you have grown your beard, proper care is necessary to keep your beard looking healthy and manageable. A few tips and steps are needed to follow to make your beard look great and awesome. Make sure you wash your beard with shampoo in a week. This will keep your beard clean and it will smell great also. By using beard oil, you can condition your beard to make soft and shiny. Trim your beard when needed to maintain the shape. You need to exercise, eat well, and sleep well to look your beard thick and healthy.

Full Beard

Beard Styles

This type of beard suits a long type of face. The brown color shade at the upper side of the beard makes it elegant. And it looks awesome while paired with a long mustache of the same color shade. This kind of beard making the man look handsome. It is a double colored beard, brown from upside and black from down. It is evenly trimmed and well combed. It is not too long and not too short. The cut of the beard is V-shaped.

Garibaldi Beard

Beard Styles

This sort of beard looks good on a man of strong build-up. This is the thick and medium length of beard with mustache, which is complementing the square type of face. The beard and mustache are colored to match the color of his hairstyle. The light brown color is giving a chic look to him. The beard is looking well-groomed and cuts in a style. The beard is super thick and giving full coverage to chin and jaw-line.

Old Dutch Beard

Beard Styles

Without mustache, this style of beard looks amazing. This is an attractive beard style that makes a guy stand unique in the crowd. It is connected by sideburns and making the chin look broader. Man looks fashionable by adopting this type of beard. It is evenly cut to give a style, just to cover the chin and jaw-line area. The guy is looking graceful in his black beard which is well-conditioned. The texture of the beard hair seems soft and manageable.

Sideburns Beard

Beard Styles

This style looks best on a square face as it hides the broader jawline and highlights the clean chin area. It is an extended form of sideburns that makes one look trendy without a moustache. One can take up this style to balance the form of the face. The growth of this type of beard is uneven and it is of natural black color. Except for jaw-line, the rest of the area is clean shaved, just to make the beard draw attention to people.

Chinstrap Beard

Beard Styles

This style of beard is popular among young guys. This is a cleanly styled beard with a light mustache which makes a man look classic. It preferably suits almost any face type but men with an oval face look romantic in this sort of beard. This beard style joins the sideburns also. The color of the beard is light brown. And the hairs are looking little wavy which gives awesome look. The mustache is connected to the beard and it is well cut into style.

Chin Curtain Beard

Beard Styles

This is a monarchical style of beard.This kind of style enhances the confidence level of man and shows his majestic power. This type of beard covers the whole chin and sideburns too. It looks great without a moustache. It suits men who look hard and tough. The color of the beard is black and it is grown little downward side of the chin. It is the very short length and the density of the hair is light. It suits the face with a broader forehead so that face shape looks balanced.

Brett Beard

Beard Styles

This style covers the chin area and it looks perfect on any facial shape, particularly long face. Beard with this style is appropriate for men who do not want mustache. It adds charm to the personality of a man and makes him more confident. It is neatly trimmed from the cheek area. The color of the beard is natural black and it is evenly grown and cut in short of giving it a fashionable look.

Circle Beard

Beard Styles

This is one of the common styles of beards for men. It is the ring style that covers the chin area connecting the mustache and making the round shape. It can be thick or light as per choice. Men look elegant by taking up a ring style beard. It is unevenly trimmed and the cheek area is also not neatly shaved. There are patches of light hair on the cheek and neck. The color is also not evenly brown. There are some strays of gray hair that makes him look stylish.

Designer Stubble Beard

Beard Styles

This type of beard is quite stylish and manly. The beard is not connected to the mustache and it gives a goatee look. The beard and mustache are enhancing the personality making him look celebrity. This type of beard needs extra care to maintain its shape. This is one of a version of a chinstrap beard. The density of hair strands in this type of beard is thin. The dark brown color makes the beard look amazing. And it is also harmonizing the color of his hairstyle. The cut is trendy and it requires daily care routine to give it a supple look.

Sea Captain Beard

Beard Styles

This is a long and thick beard that covers half of the face. It looks good on men having captain ship quality. It gives a harsh and rocky look. Men look courageous in this style of beard. It looks great on the round face as it balances the shape of the face. The color of the beard is brown with some gray strands in it. The length of the beard is uniform and it is squarely cut to give a unique style.

Goatee Beard

Beard Styles

This type of beard is suitable for men having a round face as it gives dimension to it. It covers the small chin area with mustache keeping the jaw-line and cheeks clean. Gray hair on the beard reveals the maturity of the man. The color of the beard is giving salt and pepper look. The cut is uneven and it is not properly trimmed. And it gives a somewhat messy look that complements the personality.

Van Dyke Beard

Beard Styles

The texture of this type of beard is rough and patchy. The compactness of beard hair is light with thick long mustache which gives an unsmooth look. The color of the beard is light brown that differentiate with the color of his hairstyle. This type of beard is appropriate to those fellows with an oval face. It does not need much caring. Just trimming it timely makes it look better. The cut of the beard is half-circle covering only the chin area. The length of the beard is also kept minimal.

Hollywoodian Beard

Beard Styles

Men with this type of beard give the impression of being strong and confident. The color of the beard is shiny black with wavy hair. It is not connected to sideburns but the width has been extended to cover the full jaw-line. The length has been kept short with full hair grown at the chin area. There is a gap in between the mustache and it is allied to the beard. The cheekbone part is not neatly trimmed. The beard looks attractive as it is well maintained.

Stubble Beard

Beard Styles

This is a short and stiff beard that has not been shaved for a while. This type of beard covers full jaw-line, chin and neckline area. Moustache has not been connected to it. The beard is giving a rough and rigid look. The growth of the beard is uneven and it is trimmed to a certain length. Sideburns are also added to it. The black color of the beard looks stunning. This style is common among youngsters which adds charm to their personality.

Soul Patch Beard

Beard Styles

Going bald with a soul patch beard is a hot trend nowadays. Man with a bald head and with a beard looks dominating and charming. This style of beard is grown below the lower lip and above chin bone. This soul patch beard is looking thick and it is neatly trimmed. It is triangular, adding an element to the broader chin area. The color of the beard is black which is giving an amazing look as the full face is clean shaved.

Balbo Beard

Beard Styles

Thin faced men look handsome in this beard style. The beard is fully grown with a thick density of hair. The beard has covered the whole jaw-line area with thick growth at the chin. The chunky mustache covering the upper lip is disconnected with the beard. The beard at the bottom of the chin is allied to the patch of hairs under the lower lip. The width of the beard is extended till sideburns. The color of the beard is a tint of brown which is complementing the color of the complexion. It is smartly trimmed to give a nice shape keeping the length medium.

Friendly Mutton Chops Beard

Beard Styles

Cheekbone strap beard looks good on square face guys. It covers the broad jaw-line area, giving a balanced shape to the face. This style of beard joins the sideburns, keeping the mustache and chin area shaved lightly, but at the bottom of the chin and the neckline, the beard is trimmed uniformly. The color of the beard is dark brown with some strands of gray hair making the man look handsome. The hair strands of the beard look unsmooth giving the beard a rough-tough look.

Anchor Beard

Beard Styles

One can get a royal look by adopting this style of beard. In this style, the beard is trimmed as such so that it gives a chin strip look. The piece of beard under the lower lip is thick which is grown till the bottom of the chin giving it a round shape. The color of the beard is black and it shaped nicely. The cheekbone and jaw-line part remained clean, shaved, giving the guy a magnificent look. The beard is well maintained and groomed.

Ducktail Beard

Beard Styles

The long V-shaped beard looks good on men having a heart shape or diamond-shaped face. To get the perfect V-shaped beard one have to keep the facial hair on the cheek area properly trimmed and short. The beard here is roughly connected to the sideburns as well as to the mustache. There is a patch of the beard at one side of the lower lip area which is giving a messy look. The size of the beard is medium and it is not uniform in shape. The color of the beard is almost gray with some brown hair.

Hipster Beard

Beard Styles

This type of beard gives a hippie look. This is suitable for people who want to remain in trend. Here the beard has grown long all over the cheekbone and jaw-line area covering the chin part perfectly. The sideburns are also connected. The mustache is also long sitting on the upper lip. The beard is uniformly cut giving it a round shape. The length of the beard is medium and it is of a thick density. The color of the beard is brown to dark brown and it is going well with the color of the hairstyle.

Faded Beard

Beard Styles

Men look young by trimming their beards in this style. This style is common among young guys to be in fashion. Here the beard is well trimmed with the sideburns keeping it till the jaw-line. The mustache is allied to the beard providing it an amazing look. The soul patch under the lower lip is connected to the chin making the beard look thick grown at the bottom chin area. It is well trimmed and groomed making it looks chic. The shine of the black color of the beard is revealing that it is healthy and styled well.

So, these are some of the best beard styles for you to go for and look very stylish. You can choose the best one as per your personality and preference and can look every bit of sexy and heartthrob in social parties and gatherings. Styling the beard can give you a complete makeover and enhance your personality. Trying out new looks is a nice experience and gives you a style statement that makes others follow you. So guys, what are you waiting for? Go bold and opt for unconventional look this time to amaze everyone with your different colors and different looks. These are the coolest styles meant only for you.

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