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Manscaping 101: How To Care For Your Beard

Your beard is not just facial hair hanging off your face. It’s serious business. They say beard is the art of manliness. It’s a responsibility that not all men possess. Having a beard is, therefore, one thing, but keeping it well-groomed is another. 

Whether you’re endowed with beautiful facial hair, you’ll still need to have an understanding of how to keep your beard from going astray. Although beard is no new phenomenon, not all men know how to keep it groomed. If you’re one of those men, then you won’t be for long. 

The following are some simple tips on caring for your beard:

1. Be Patient

A nice crop of beard is not grown overnight. You have to leave it to grow to the length and thickness that goes well with the style you intend to go for. Allowing your beard to grow for up to six weeks could be a great starting point for getting that style you want. It also gives you the leeway to ensure that the hairs are evened out and healthy when you style them.


2. Know When and How to Trim

Trimming a beard gives it shape, character, and style, without which your beard would be just a patch of hair on your face. Suppose you want a professional to do it. In that case, you could schedule meetings with professionals like barber Adelaide, if you happen to be in Australia, or you could look up a local barber in your area. 

When you trim your beard on your own, your aim should be to even it out so that no hair strands are sticking out shabbily. 

The following are easy steps on how to trim your beard.


Step 1: Prune Overgrown Thick Hair

  • Wash your beard.
  • Prune the longest first until you reach your intended size.
  • Remove excess thickets by going against the direction of hair growth.


Step 2: Define Your Neckline

  • Use your finger as a guide by putting it vertically just above your Adam’s apple.
  • Use your trimer to cut a horizontal line above your finger.
  • Trim away the beard below the line.
  • Work your way upwards. 
  • Depending on your style, use the same method to guide your trim lines.


Step 3: Clean-Shave Below Your Neckline

  • Shave off all the trimmed hair below the neckline.


Step 4: Set Your Checkline

  • You can either leave your natural cheek line as it is, or you could adjust it. 
  • If you cut it lower, you’ll give more length to your face. 


Step 5: Shape Up Your Mustache

  • You can trim your mustache to your desired length.
  • Close your mouth and smile.
  • Set a centerline and clear at least 1mm from your lips.

The next time you need to trim will depend on the growth pattern of your beard. Otherwise, knowing how to trim your beard properly will help keep it in check. 


3. Train Your Beard

Trimming will keep your beard well-shaped and styled, but it may not be enough. You have to keep your trimmed hair well-behaved by running a brush or comb to keep it untangled. Regular combing will also train your beard to grow in a particular direction. If you leave it unkempt, you could end up with stubborn hairs that may be wrangled.


4. Regularly Wash

Washing and conditioning regularly could be one of the most important aspects of caring for your beard. It’s recommended to wash your beard at least three times a week with a special beard soap or a medicated shampoo. This helps reduce dandruff, dead skin, and itching.

portrait of handsome bearded man

5. Use Beard Oil

There’re many different types of beard oil available on the market. You, therefore, have to try out a few until you get the one that works well for your beard. The one you select has to leave your facial hair moisturized with a bit of healthy shine. Organic beard oil brands are usually better as they may have fewer possible side effects. 


6. Remember the Mustache

Your mustache is very much part of the epic beard package. You have to take care of it! One way of keeping your ‘stache neat and dapper is by giving it a trim every couple of days or so. This will help keep all the stray hairs at bay. 


7. Stay Healthy

A healthy body leads to a healthy beard. Remember, your beard is made up of protein. And nutrients like Vitamin B5, B3, and B9 are essential for hair growth. You, therefore, have to eat healthy food. Food rich in the fuel your beard will need to grow well are lean meats, egg yolks, nuts, milk, and lots of vegetables. 

Oh, and don’t forget to exercise and to drink enough water. Above all, use specialized beard care products.


In A Nut Shell

Beard will grow naturally, but having a beard is no kidding business. It will have to be well-groomed and maintained to give you the best manly look. Maintaining a beard is easy; Keep it well cleaned, trimmed, oiled, and fueled. You have to love your beard if you want it to love you back.


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